Demon, Calm Down

BY : Sanosukeskitten
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Disclaimer: _I do not own Scooby Doo or Scooby Doo and Kiss_ Rock and Roll Mystery. I am not making any money from either show and movie. This is fiction, I have never met or personally know the real life rock band KISS_

A phone vibrated a bit early that morning, making one of the men reach up to the shelf next to his bunk, feeling around for it while the arm that was wrapped around his waist moved to squeeze him tighter. 
"Someone answer that fucking phone." A rough voice came from the bed across the bunk room. 
"I'm trying Demon..." 
A hand reached up against the drummers, shutting it off. 
"Sorry, but it's the alarm, we have to get up Gene."

"Try not to burn the eggs Spaceman!"
"Sorry, Guardian!"
"WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG!?" Demon bellowed out, hungry like the rest.
"I'm sorry! I think the griddle-"
"Not you Gene..."
"Let's just...let's go out to breakfast..." Guardian said, after looking at the mess her lover created.
"For fuck's sake!"

Starchild and Demon worked to put the instruments on the stage while the help was on break. To Demon, Starchild seemed a bit more clumsy than usual.
"I'm sorry Gene! My hip is killing me today!"
Sighing, he controlled his temper, until Starchild knocked his bass over.

"Is it just me...or is Demon in an especially bad mood today?" Samurai asked.
"You mean in terms of him dropping the f-bomb every six seconds?" Catman asked, turning his head after hearing the bass guitarist drop another one.
"What put the guy in a bad mood?" Samurai asked.
Everyone shook their heads, completely unsure. Sighing, and thinking to herself, Samurai decided she had to figure out what was going on.

Finding him was one thing entirely, his anger...not even o the charts. He was just seething with anger. But why...
"Oi, hey, take it easy big boy, what's going on dear?" She asked, wrapping her arms around his arm.
Sighing, he knew he couldn't be angry at her.
"I don't know...I'm just pissed."
"When are you not pissed?"
"Well, you usually are, but today even more so."
"Seems like anything that could go wrong, went wrong!"
"We have those kinds of days. Calm down, dear."
Demon looked at her, sighing and leaning his head on her shoulder. She was right, he had to calm down before he burnt the tour bus down. Again. They interlocked fingers, and she rubbed his other arm. Without his armor, Demon wasn't as big as he appeared to be. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, petting down his hair. 
"Just one of those days, huh?"
"I guess..."
He looked up at her, making a face before looking back down. She smiled, hugging him. 
"Calm down a bit. I'm sure you can get that anger out an entirely different way."
"How so?"
"I'm sure you can figure it out." She said, letting her arms wrap around his chest. 
He looked up at her, sighed, but for the first time, that day smiled. She smiled at him and moved to sit in his lap. He looked at her, trying to read her face. She didn't give him much of a clue. She gave him a kiss, and he finally got it. 
"Got it now?"
She smiled, pressing up against him. His arms wrapped around her body, keeping her against him. Smiling down at him, Samurai took out the top knot that he put in his hair. He felt his hair fall randomly, shaking it out of his face. She laughed at him, making him smile. He put his hands on her waist, kissing her. She kissed him back, using her tongue. She laughed as he wrestled tongues with her.
"No fair! You would win anything to do with your tongue!"
Laughing, she hugged him. She gave him a kiss before she started to strip him down. 
"Careful with my costume!"
"Why, cause it costs more than my house?"
"What house..."
"Point taken."
She smiled as she got him down to his underwear, stripping down herself then sitting in his lap yet again. He put his arms around her, kissing her, meshing his lips against her soft black ones. She kept her arms wrapped around his shoulders, keeping him against her naked body. He smiled, nuzzling her, kissing her, feeling her skin beneath his fingers. She felt the calluses on his hand from the guitaring he did constantly. She felt the scratches but didn't mind, knowing he couldn't help that. Her back arched, pressing her torso against his. She put her arms behind her head, lifting her long black hair, popping her breasts out towards him. 
He took a nipple into his mouth, her hands messing with the band of his shorts. He could feel that she wasn't going to take those off, but let him out instead. He was right when she pulled the front part of his waistband back as he felt himself pop out. She threw her head back, her hands holding her breasts up as he continued his torture on them. Her nipples stood hard, poking out as she once again put her hands behind her head, this time slightly twisting. He held her waist, pulling her close to him. 
His hands moved to circle behind her, keeping her close to his body. Her warmth drove him nuts, even more so than usual. She gave him a smile and he picked her up, carrying her over to the bed, not really wanted to bounce her while standing. He let her drop to the bed, making her bounce and heard the bed creak and groan. A normal noise for them. He put his knee on the bed, climbing onto it and getting over it, arms blocking her in. She put her hands on his shoulders, kissing him over and over in many different ways. Her nails dragged against his skin, wanting him. He finally gave it, inching down her body, making her wiggle in anticipation, knowing what that tongue could do.
He looked upa t her before going down on her. Her back arched and she moaned as she felt his tongue drag up from her entrance to her clit, her hands rubbing her body, fingers splayed against her thighs. He reached up, interlocking fingers with her. His tongue continued to torture her lady parts, making her sigh and moan, her back arch and her thighs tense up. She groaned, her head moving side to side as she got closer to her release. She arched her back, belly tightening into a ball as he pressed the tip of his tongue against her clit. 
She arched her back, waiting for her release when he pulled away, making her glare at him.
She put her hand on her face, not sure how to respond to that. Lowering her hand to her mouth, she just simply looked at him, making him look at her and sweatdrop.
"Ah, sorry?"
"Shut up and get to work."
He laughed, getting over her. She kissed him before he slid deep inside of her, earning a slight moan out of her. He had to laugh over how outside the bedroom activities, Samurai was headstrong, but during sex, she was one of the quietest he had ever come across. She was also one of the most loving he had ever had. 
That damn woman. He was gonna end up burning them both up if she started that crap again. He kissed her, rubbing up against her. She let a small sigh out, clinging to him. He held onto her, feeling her body shift a bit under his, trying to work with him, to create their rhythm. Once she found it, he enjoyed it immensely. He kissed her, using his tongue to gain entrance to her mouth. She opened her lips, letting his long tongue in to play. She just hoped he didn't try gagging her again. She'd kill him. He moved his hips a bit faster, making her moan and sigh. 
Her nails dug into his skin, causing him to sit up quickly.
He rolled his eyes, putting his hands down by her head, moving his hips yet again. He watched as her breasts bounced, licking his lips before taking a nipple in. She arched her back, gritting her teeth together. The two sensations he was giving her was causing a mass amount of pleasure in her body that she nearly couldn't handle. Her hand came up to play with the other breast, only to lay it on top of his. She squeezed his hand, forcing him to squeeze her breasts. He groaned, feeling her soft flesh under his fingers. She rolled her hips up, meeting him thrust for thrust. Groaning, he kissed her, moving to her neck, leaving marks all over. 
She constantly kept trying to stay quiet, not liking to make so much noise and alert everyone to their doings. No one needed to know anything. Not at all.
"Would you move faster?!"
He laughed, moving fast as he could. It was to a point that Sierra couldn't move her hips to match, but found herself bouncing. She kissed him, hiding her moans, her body pressing against him. He held her to him, arms tightening around her torso. Her own arms tightened around him. He just hoped neither would kick in their powers if they kept this up. 
She started to beg, vying for her orgasm he was so far denying. She scratched his shoulders, bit him, but he was staying at his pace. She could kill him. Couldn't she ever.
"Would. You. Just. LET ME CUM ALREADY!?" She yelled at him, the loudest he swore she ever had been so far.
He recoiled back a bit, eyes wide. 
"Alright, alright, sheesh."
He put his hands under her rear, raising it a bit as he thrusts deep inside of her, making her gasp out and her eyes widen as he hit her spot. He felt her tensing up, watched her face contort and her hands grip the bedding. The more he moved, the more she tensed up. He knew it wouldn't be long now...for either of them. He grunted, digging his fingers into her legs. He knew he would leave bruises, but right now he didn't really care. He felt himself getting ready, panting, listening to her pant and softly moan. Gritting his teeth, he gave one final thrust, feeling her shudder around his shaft. 

Doing the bedding was nuts, but Samurai wasn't about to let the guys know what went on in that damn room. Though she was sure they already knew. KISS wasn't full of idiots, far from it, but she knew they wouldn't mention anything.
"So I take it last night was a good stress reliever."
Or so she thought.
"Geisha you bitch..."
"Calm down, Sierra."
She sighed and rested her head on her twins shoulder, letting the other rub her shoulder. 
"He's not really all that pissy today, I'll have to try that on Eric when he gets pissed at his drums...if he doesn't beat the hell out of them."
She smiled. 
"Well, I'm sure, within the next three days, I'll have to do this all over again."
"Just don't' use up all the detergent, huh?"

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