The Man of Middleton

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Author's note: Doing this as part of an request. No sex for this chapter. It'll come later. 


18 year old Kim Possible was at Club Banana, stacking clothes. She was glad to finally be out of school for spring break. Kim was even more excited because her parents and brothers were going away for the whole week. No parents or annoying brothers meant a whole load of fun things to do. “You excited for this week, girl?” Kim’s BFF, Monique asked.


“You know it. No rents or tweebs to get in the way.” Kim replied with a smile.


“Sure you and Ron made plans. Not that you already done it.” Monique joked.


“Done what?” Kim asked, confused.


Monique looked at Kim with wide eyes. “You know. Sex.” She whispered.


“Oh.” Kim said, now catching on. “Actually Monique, we didn’t really do it.”


“What?!” Monique asked, shocked. “You two have been a couple for almost exactly one year, and you never had...” She paused before whispering. “”


“I try to set the mood and the pace.” Kim said. “But, then after we almost get right down to it, he says that he has to leave, making some stupid excuse. I wonder why is he so afraid.”


“I have a couple of theories.” A familiar voice said.


Kim and Monique smiled at the sight of Bonnie walking in. Normally, they would simply gag at the sight of her. But, ever since the bonding incident with Professor Dementor, Kim and Bonnie have become good friends. Later, Monique accepted the friendship and became friends with Bonnie too.


“OK Bonnie. What do you think is the sitch with Ron?” Kim asked, curiously.


“First of all, maybe he’s too nervous.” Bonnie said.


“Could be true.” Monique agreed.


“Well, Ron is always nervous over new things.” Kim said.


“You’re not gonna like this theory. Two: He could be cheating, and you don’t know it.” Bonnie explained.


Monique simply shrugged over that suggestion. “Bonnie, I know Ron. And he would never think of it. I’ve always been his first love.” Kim said.


“And finally, three: He’s gay. And he didn’t want to come out because he didn’t want to hurt your feelings. He’s basically using you because you’re popular.” Bonnie said.


“OK. Now that theory is ridiculous.” Monique said.


“Yeah. No kidding. Have you ever seen Ron gawk at a boy?” Kim asked.


“No. But then again, who knows what is possible?” Bonnie simply asked.


Kim thought hard about all this: Is Ron nervous, cheating, or gay? All these had to be stupid but plausible reasons. There had to be a simple explanation. “OK. You know what? I’m gonna talk to Ron. Monique, is it OK if I clock out early?” Kim asked.


“Go ahead girl. Do what you gotta do.” Monique simply said.


“And if anything comes to worse, we’re here for you.” Bonnie said.


“Thanks Bonnie. Thanks Monique.” Kim said as she left Club Banana and went straight to Ron’s place.

Ron Stoppable was inside his house, saying goodbye to his parents and little sister, Hana. They were also going away for the week. “You sure you’ll be alright by yourself, Ronald?” Mr. Stoppable asked.


“I’ll be fine. And I’ll make sure not to burn the house down before Sunday night.” Ron said.


“That’s a good answer.” Mr. Stoppable said before wrapping his son in a hug.


Mrs. Stoppable then came downstairs, carrying Hana. “You wanna say goodbye to a certain somebody?” Mrs. Stoppable asked.


Ron smiled as he picked up Hana. “You be good for mommy and daddy, OK?” Ron asked before giving Hana a kiss on the cheek.


Hana giggled as Ron gave her back to his mother. “Well, gotta go. See you Sunday night.” Mr. Stoppable said as he, Mrs. Stoppable, and Hana walked out the door.


“OK. Bye.” Ron said as they left. He then laid down on the couch, simply chilling. Almost five minutes later, a knock was heard. “Dad must have forgotten something.”


He opened the door to find his girlfriend Kim, wearing a tweeked look. “Are your parents gone?” Kim asked.


“Yeah. They just left.” Ron said, confused.


“Good. We need to talk. Upstairs.” Kim said. She then grabbed Ron and headed upstairs to his room. She then locked the door behind him.


“OK. Why are you tweeked?” Ron asked, confused and scared.


“Because I wanted us to make love for almost four months, and every time I make the move, you simply dodge it! WHAT IS THE SITCH?!” Kim yelled. She then took a breather before continuing. “Listen, you don’t have to lie to me. Whatever the reason, I’ll still love you.”


Ron now realized what was going on. He knew the problem, but he was too nervous. Finally, after a few moments of thinking, he sighed. “OK. You want it Kim? You got it.”


He then pulled down his pants. Kim gasped when she saw the results: Ron penis was above average for any male she encountered. She couldn’t believe how big he was. Not even Josh Mankey had a dick that size. “Ron, I didn’t know.” Kim said in awe.


“Well, now you do.” Ron said, pulling his pants back up and sitting down on the bed. “It was the reason Zita broke up with me.”


“Seriously? I thought you two just drifted apart.” Kim said, shocked.


“Well, she wanted to take it to the next level. But, when she saw my size, she thought she couldn’t handle it. So, we broke it off.” Ron explained.


Kim now felt horrible. She shouldn’t have approached Ron looking so tweeked. “Ron, I’m so sorry.” Kim said, bowing her head down.


“It’s cool. You have every right to be tweeked Kim. I know you wanted me to make love to you. And I wanted to. In fact, I had a strong fantasy about it.” Ron said.


“What fantasy?” Kim asked, curiously.


Ron took a deep sigh before continuing. “Not only me making love to you, but also making love to other girls, and them making love to you too. Girl on girl, and girl on boy. A...the ‘o’ word.”




“That’s it. But, I’m afraid that you can’t handle it too. I don’t want to hurt you. Or...Look, I get the fact that you wanna break up with me now.” Ron said, tearing up.


Seeing Ron so sad made Kim tear up too. “Ron, I don’t...”


“Just go away.” Ron whispered.


Kim then walked out of Ron’s room and out of his house.

Later, at Beuno Nacho, Kim was talking to Monique and Bonine about Ron’s fantasy and dick size. “Shut up!” Monique and Bonnie said.


“How big?” Bonnie asked.


“About twelve inches. Maybe more.” Kim answered.


“And he’s just afraid of hurting you?” Monique asked. “Girl, I been with guys with that length, and I’m still standing.”


“You know what? I’m gonna make this right. I’m gonna show Ron he shouldn’t be afraid.” Kim said with a smile.


“Wait. I have a better idea.” Bonnie said with a grin.


“We’re listening.” Kim and Monique said.


“OK. You said Ron had a fantasy about a big orgy with other girls, right?” Bonnie asked. Kim nodded. “And your folks are going to be out of town, right?” Kim nodded. “Well, let’s throw a big spring break sex slumber party! We could invite some of our girlfriends, do sexy stuff, and get a taste of your boy’s boner. What do you think?”


Kim took a moment to think real hard about all this. She wanted Ron to make sweet love to her. Kim also wanted her boy’s fantasy to come true. So, it was a great idea. “Let’s do it! What do you think, Monique?”


“I’m game girl! Let’s have some fun!” Monique said with a smile.


All three girls shared a giggle fit before starting to make their plans.

Coming soon, Kim, Monique, and Bonnie go shopping for their slumber party and test out everything. Soon, two sister join in the fun, leading to a hot fivesome. 

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