Eternal Erasure

BY : 3ww
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Disclaimer: I don't own Gravity Falls or the Gravity Falls fandom. This fic is written purely for fun and I do not make any money from it.

WARNING: This first chapter is fairly harmless, but there will be very explicit and specific sexual themes later, for example incest (pincest, in this case) and unconsenting sexual actions, and also some very specific fetishes like urine.
HOWEVER, there will be a warning at the beginning of every chapter IF it contains such extreme themes. So don't worry, if you don't like some stuff, skip it. I'm also not a fan of a lot of those things, this story is kind of a challenge to myself to see what it's like to write more extreme/depraved fics. But, like I said - read the individual chapter warnings, and you should be fine.



CHAPTER 1: Between Genius And Madness

(chapter warnings: small HINTS at incest, but nothing big)



Mabel looked at the device in her shaking hands. Surely, this was the greatest treasure she had ever possessed - probably the greatest treasure ANYONE had ever possessed.

Granted, it didn't look like much... its appearance was just that of a completely normal measuring tape. However, hidden within this inconspicuous little thing, there were unimagineable powers: whoever had this device could travel through time.

Mabel had stolen it from a time traveller called Blendin Blandin. He had been accused of losing it, of course, but that guy had already had one hell of a criminal record before, so at this point, one tiny transgression more or less really didn't make a difference anymore.

And Mabel... Mabel had huge plans with this thing. Nobody else knew that she had it... and she wanted it to stay that way.

The girl had to laugh a bit, because for a moment, she had thought of all the amazing things that could be done with a device like this if it had been in the hands of someone actually responsible and someone who even WANTED to do great things with it.

But Mabel? She wasn't going to do any of that. She COULD have, sure... but in her opinion, there were so many much more desirable ideas for what to do with this...

Because... the problem was this: recently, Mabel had had some very specific... issues. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single second of her existence, the girl thought about one thing, and one thing only. Mabel was... horny. PERMANENTLY horny, do matter what she did.

She had found out pretty much every single thing that there was to find out about this stuff on the internet, so Mabel now knew about all the words and techniques and fucked up fetishes.

But that hadn't been enough for her.

She began masturbating as often as she could. The girl had been doing this before already, but only sometimes. Ever since this sudden extreme arousal all the time, however, she now did it more or less excessively. Every morning before breakfast, every night when she was already in bed, and inbetween, as many times as she could, no matter where she was. And a few times, she had actually woken up in the middle of the night from too much arousal. Then, she would finger herself until she'd cummed herself back to sleep.

But this extreme masturbation hadn't been enough for her, either.

The girl needed something... more. She needed to do things... to other people, and have other people do things with her.

And now... she finally had the possibility to do so.

With this time machine, she could now do as many abnormally fucked-up things as she wanted to... as long as she travelled back in time and erased everything afterwards, it would all be fine - because nobody could ever find out.

Mabel could not have described just HOW MUCH she was looking forward to this... from now on, for as long as she held this device , her days and nights would just be a tempest of pleasure after pleasure, whenever and however she wanted it...

And it was going to begin... right now.


Mabel put the device back into her pocket, took a deep breath, took hold of the doorknob - and opened the bathroom door.


She knew that Dipper was in there right now, he had gone in just a few moments before. This was the perfect way to test this out, if it really all worked.

And if, for some reason, it didn't work after all, Mabel would still be able to play it off as an accident. Some of the other things that the girl had already planned, however... they were so depraved, there was no way she could simply talk her way out of those.


Mabel took a step into the bathroom, and Dipper noticed her.

"WHOA! Mabel! Knock next time!!"


Mabel knew that she should try out the time machine immediately - but it just was a really great sight that offered itself to her... Dipper was just busy getting up from the toilet, and so, the girl could just see... everything. And - for his age, Dipper really was surprisingly good-looking between his legs... Mabel's brother's dick had a reasonable length... but the WIDTH! That thing was so amazingly thick, Mabel just wanted to go over there at once... and... touch it...

But luckily, Dipper ripped her out of her thoughts once again.


"Mabel!! Are you deaf? Get out!!", he yelled, looking embarrassed and trying desperately to cover up his crotch.

"Totally, totally, bro... just... oooone second...!", Mabel said, while pulling the measuring tape out of her pocket, "well... one minute, actually... that should be enough, hm?"

"What? Mabel, what... OH GOD, is that-?? Mabel, where did you GET that? Are you insane?"

Mabel let go of the tape, activating the time travel mechanism.





Mabel stood in front of the bathroom door again, holding the measuring tape in her hands.


She turned around and walked towards their shared bedroom, and just as she did so, she could hear her bro flushing the toilet.

She sat down on her bed, trying very hard to look innocent when Dipper walked in.

"Soo, Dippington... any... unusual things happened on the toilet?"

"... What?"

Mabel just grinned at him.

"... You're weird", chuckled her brother, as he walked towards his own bed.


Mabel screamed out loud out of happiness.

"MABEL! Geez, what got into you?", Dipper yelled, terrified.

Mabel jumped up from the bed and bounced towards Dipper, grabbing him by the shoulders and laughing at him.

"AAAHAHAA!! DIPPER, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS?? Ooooh, Bro-Bro, I will have SO much fun this summer... and you, or anyone else, will be unable to stop me from it!! I... I'm going to fuck you... until you're numb and sore. And Wendy, and Pacifica... and everybody else in this town!! Oh god, it will be amazing... fuck, I just can't wait to have your dick inside of me and..."

"MABEL! GROSS!! Is this... are you trying to be funny??", Dipper yelled.

"You wish", grinned Mabel, as she pulled out her tape and jumped another minute back.




"... You're weird", chuckled her brother, as he walked towards his own bed.

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