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So I have two versions of a similar story idea. This is the NSFW version, and it’s a bit more twisted than the SFW version. Like… really twisted. Which is why it is coming here! ^^

I feel slightly safer here.

Here the Chapter Starts

Being the only child to a couple can cause a lot of stress and expectations, perhaps even sheltering. For Vladimir Masters, the only child of Alexei Masters and his second wife, Alyona, that stress was much greater. Given the fact that he is also an omega, his father was even harsher. His first wife bore no children and Alyona miscarried two before Vlad was conceived.

That isn’t to say that they did not try for another. Though when she miscarried the child after Vlad, her health became too frail. Pregnancy became a danger. If Alexei had his way, he would divorce Alyona, as he did his first wife. He would marry again, then use his third wife to try for a new child. A alpha child, hopefully.

Alyona, though, refused to divorce. Nothing Alexei did would convince her otherwise. No bribes. No threats. Absolutely nothing!

Which put Vlad between two parents that did not even get along. A father that pushed him to learn as much as possible about the family business, no distractions (such as friends) allowed! And a mother that refuses to do as her husband demands, if only out of spite. He learned how to create his masks at an early age.

There was no overly sheltered life for him, just nothing but education. Privates tutors and lessons, occasionally a break for meals. This was his life. Upon reaching puberty, the only change was his mother bringing him heat suppressants after his first heat.

While his mother may hate his father, she adored Vlad to the point of nearly spoiling him. She would slip him sweet treats during his lessons or buy him a new (completely fictional) book to simply enjoy. He always had to hide those books, though, because his father finds them to be a waste of time and would destroy them.

During his late teenage years, he thought he made a real friend, the omega son of his father’s business partner, the youngest of three with two older alpha brothers. Gregor. It was interesting to speak with the boy, getting a new viewpoint of the world. Though he thought it odd when he would randomly disappear during his visits for at least a couple of hours. The first time it happened, Vlad brushed it off as the other omega getting lost in the mansion. It is quite large.

The fourth time it happened, he went in search of his friend, concerned for the omega since he mentioned his heat starting soon. The scene he found his fellow omega in was not what he was expecting at all. He was kneeling on the bed, his face in a pillow as he moaned deeply, biting at the case of the plush object. Mounting him was Alexei, grunting and groaning as he thrust his cock into the wet hole that sucked him back in so greedily.

Neither noticed him when he entered, engrossed in their savage rutting. His father looked more like a beast mounting a bitch. From the sounds of it, his slamming of the door was only responded by the sounds of the rough mating moving from the bed to the door, Gregor crying out wantonly for Alexei to pound into him harder. Faster.

If Vlad were to guess, the move was probably Alexei’s idea, thinking it was Alyona that walked in on them and just wanted to piss her off more. If it was his mother, she wouldn’t leave the room without screaming at them first. And if she did, she would tear the door off its hinges upon hearing Gregor beg for Alexei to come inside him.

He ignored Gregor after that, only acknowledging him long enough to direct him to the master bedroom as viciously and poisonously as possible. Telling the other omega to go bed the man of the house like he was originally intending to do. To leave him alone, he wants no more of it. The pitiful look directed at him only made his rage boil more, causing him to snap out at one point.

It was just supposed to be a shove to get the other omega away from him. He didn’t mean to push Gregor down the stairs. Even through his anger, the blood he saw and the screaming cries Gregor emitted haunted him.

His father was furious when he found them like that, raging at Vlad as Alyona stood guard over her son. Gregor was taken to the hospital. Thankfully, nothing was broken like Vlad originally feared. However, the other omega lost the unborn child he was only two weeks along with. Vlad’s half-sibling.

In a near instant, Vlad was shipped off to a boarding school until he graduated with a high school diploma. During those miserable two years, he was told through a letter from his father about his mother’s death. ‘Unknown causes’ sounded too suspicious to Vlad, the teen suspecting foul play. Before her body was even cold, the omega Gregor became his father’s new bride. The very idea of that homewrecker becoming his new mother figure was something Vlad hated more than anything. He was even pregnant before the honeymoon!

College couldn’t come fast enough, in Vlad’s opinion. His younger half-sister was born three months before he was finally able to leave. Originally, he requested a room in the dorms, no roommate preference. But someone messed up the paperwork somewhere, and he ended up sharing his dorm with a rather large alpha named Jack Fenton.

There are many points in his life where he actually hates his life.

Here is a line!

Loud. Boisterous. Highly energetic. Annoying. Crazy.

Many words can describe Jack Fenton. But Vlad had to admit, he is all that and brilliant. Adventurous. Fearless. He also has a rather unhealthy obsession with ghosts, but Vlad never pried into that. Even with an average of B Plus throughout his classes, Vlad knows the alpha is a genius in his own right. No average intelligence could create what Jack creates, which would work properly if he calmed down and took his time.

It got to the point of, in an effort to save the room from another explosion, Vlad helped him with his inventions. To the omega’s surprise, his help wasn’t brushed off because of his biological status. In fact, Jack welcomed his help with a bright smile, even swallowing his ideas and theories like they were those sodas he enjoys so much.

Most omegas are overlooked, disregarded, and ignored. Unless the alpha vying for their attention was after sex. Even if the omega was a genius of extraordinary levels, by the end of the day, they’re still just another omega. All an alpha would see is someone to use as a cock-sleeve, like his father does with the homewrecker.

Jack, however, seemed to be of a different mindset. He took Vlad’s opinions and theories, actually thought about them, and gave back his own ideas and thoughts. Most times, their conversations were either debates or brainstorming. Vlad found himself enjoying every one of them.

It didn’t hurt that the alpha was very nice to look at. Covered with thick muscles that made any collision with him feel like running into a steel wall. Nothing like his father, who was squishy looking with a rapidly developing potbelly from feasting on rich foods. His clothes were also a bit baggy, hiding the build from others and also making himself look fat more than muscular. That just made others underestimate him, though. Sometimes, Vlad would find himself leaning over the alpha’s broad shoulders as they poured over a new sketch or collection of calculations for another invention he just thought of just to feel the muscles under him.

Little things, too, were being brought to Vlad’s attention. The way Jack would stick out his tongue as he scribbled out whatever he was thinking of. His enthusiasm upon completing a new invention. Even the small murmurs while he slept brought small smiles to the omega in the middle of the night.

All these were actually scaring him. The only affection he ever received before was from his mother, who doted on him and always found ways to make him smile. He hadn’t really been exposed to anyone beyond tutors and family until he was sent to the boarding school. Even there, everything was so strict. Everyone was an ‘acquaintance’ because ‘friends invite a knife to the back’. He wasn’t sure how to handle friendship, if that was what the heat bubbling in his belly was whenever Jack gave him his undivided attention.

Of course, Jack was completely oblivious. Always smiling and laughing and trying to include Vlad in everything, giving him two nicknames instead of the one he usually assigns people. V-Man and Vladdie. He blushed upon receiving the names, embarrassed but pleased. It was always ‘Vlad’ or ‘Vladimir’ in his family. The silly nicknames actually sounded nice. Jack gives just about everyone he meets (and decided he likes) some kind of nickname, but Vlad has two.

Due to his lack of knowledge in the area, his first dream concerning Jack was strange and worried him, especially since he woke up with a erect penis and a leaking hole, his pheromones giving off the scent of desire. Jack, however, is a hard sleeper and managed to not react as Vlad took a quick shower to rid himself of the smell. He stared for longer periods of time. Got jealous whenever Jack was around others.

Yet another point in his life. As much fun as he is having, as much as he is enjoying it… he hates his life.

Here is a line!

"Jack, are you sure about this?"

"It’s easy! Don’t worry so much! What, is it your first time or something?"

"Yes, it is! I don’t know what to do here!"

"Take this in your hand."


"Grip it really good."

"I got it."

"Now move your fighter over and smash some buttons!" Jack instructed, practically bouncing in place as Vlad played his first arcade game.

The graphics were grainy and pixilated, but the fighters were developed enough for Vlad to keep his eye on his own. Hardly two minutes into the round, his fighter fell and the large red letters of defeat stretched across the game screen.

He groaned as he pushed himself away from the game, pouting with his slim arms crossed. "I am terrible at this!" he exclaimed.

"No, you just need some practice," Jack reassured with a laugh, clapping his large hand onto Vlad’s shoulder. The slim omega almost buckled under the force. "Come on, let’s try something else!"

"Can’t we just grab the food we’re supposed to get and go back to the dorm?" Vlad begged, kicking the ground.

Upon spotting the arcade, Jack was insistent that they try out a few of the newer games that were out. Like the new fighter game, inviting Vlad over to play as well when he saw the curious expression and misread it. This kind of scenery, while strange to Vlad, was not his kind of scene. He was a quiet and reserved type of person, and this place was loud and bright, screaming children and chimes of victory alongside buzzes of defeat. It was simply too much for a person like Vlad to suddenly be thrust into.

Though he wanted to run around the arcade some more, to reconnect with his inner child, Jack could see that Vlad is uncomfortable. So he nodded, holding up his arm for the omega to seek shelter as he guided his roommate from the building. Once about a block from the arcade, Vlad relaxed but didn’t move from his spot at Jack’s side.

"Can we stop by the pharmacy, too?" Vlad asked lowly. "I need to get more suppressants. I’m almost out."

"Sure thing," Jack accepted with a nod and a grin. Though his inner alpha wanted to deny the omega, to allow a heat to come over him for breeding. Jack wasn’t going to deny Vlad a comfort like that.

Those suppressants were how Vlad could pass through the school without being bothered. They lessened the amount of pheromones that signaled him being an available omega, ready for mating.

As soon as Vlad entered the dorm the very first day, he could smell the pheromones coming off Vlad. The scent alone made his inner beast purr in delight, whispering suggestively about the omega being such a pretty little mate, planting pictures of Vlad in the throws of passion. A lot of nights, he had very erotic wet dreams about his roommate, but always tried to make sure that nothing was obvious about those nights.

Vlad is his own person, not some sex toy. He won’t treat him as such. And despite what his father always said about omegas, Vlad is highly intelligent and is fun to bounce ideas off of. He’s a lot more than some 'bed-warming whore only made to pop out babies'. How could anyone look at someone like Vlad and even think such a thing? Or any omega, really? They’re still people, so should have equal opportunities like alphas and women.

"What kind of dark thoughts are in your head?" Vlad teasingly asked.

Jack jumped in surprise, blinking down at the omega and giving him a grin. "Just some thoughts," he brushed off then looked down to where his arm was still around Vlad’s shoulders. "Whoops!" he exclaimed, taking the arm back. "Didn’t mean to keep that there. Hope it didn’t make you too uncomfortable."

Vlad looked at him curiously, wondering why he removed the limb so suddenly. Slowly, he shook his head. "No," he replied. "You can put it back, if you want."

It startled Jack a little bit, but his arm had a mind of its own, going back to the space it vacated. Almost hesitantly, his hand went to the omega’s shoulder, his thumb gently rubbing the smooth skin of Vlad’s neck. He hummed lowly in response, leaning into the caress.

"We can just get the food today," Vlad murmured, the words slipping out without his approval. "I have enough suppressants for the rest of the week."

"You sure?" Jack asked.

"I’m sure."

Here is a line!

Neither was quite sure how it went from a calm walk from the store to a heated make-out in their dorm. Paper bags of nonperishable food were dropped to the floor, cans of vegetables and fruit rolling on the thin carpet. One lone can rolled until it bumped into a shirt crumpled on the floor, a large boot next to it. The partner of that boot only inches away, lying on its side from the force of the feet kicking it off.

On the bed laid Vlad, his yellow and green shirt already banished to the floor as firm hands rubbed into his sides, lips suckling on his neck as he panted and moaned lowly. Those thick fingers massaged down his torso as he grasped the head hidden into the crook of his neck, bringing Jack’s face back to his own for a searing kiss, tongue dancing in wet heat.

Tugging on the fabric he could grip from the broad shoulders, Vlad slipped the obnoxiously bright orange shirt off the alpha, separating them for only a second before their lips reconnected. Thumbs traced his abdomen, sending coils of pleasure across his belly before the thumbs slipped under his pants and started pulling them off. Panting, Jack left Vlad’s lips, though the omega did chase him until the other’s mouth latched onto his chest.

His nipple was pinched between teeth, flicked over by the tip of the tongue, then suckled to smooth the stinging before moving over to the other one. Vlad moaned loudly at the repeated action, his back arching off the bed as his hands gripped the dark hair of the alpha.

The thumbs had success at slipping the pants off the slim legs, leaving the omega in just his boxers. His legs spread, wrapping around the hips rolling against him. He could feel the hardened member still underneath the alpha’s clothes, a slight warning to the size of the heated flesh. Vlad paid no mind to it as Jack slowly slid further down his body, planting a trail of butterfly kisses down his chest, his tongue playing with his bellybutton briefly before taking the waistline of his boxers between his teeth.

Chewing on his bottom lip, Vlad watched as Jack eased the boxers off him with his teeth, all the way down until his feet slipped through, allowing the larger man to throw the clothing away with a jerk of his head. Then he was back between Vlad’s legs, lavishing the erect cock with his tongue. Occasionally sucking on it, he glanced up at his omega, relishing the taste in his mouth and the sight of Vlad’s flushed face as he panted into the back of his hand.

"Jack," he moaned, pleading. "Jack, get back up here."

Giving the erection a hard suck that left the tip an angry red, the alpha climbed back up the slimmer body. "You want to stop?" he asked, panting. If he wasn’t told to stop now, he doubts he would be able to later.

"No," Vlad answered with a smirk, pushing Jack in a silent signal to lay on the bed and on his back. "I want to suck you off while you prep me for a good fucking."

Oh shit, Jack thought in desperate want as Vlad straddled his chest backwards, leaning over to play with the waistline of his slacks. Jack’s hands found the plump globes of the omega’s ass easily, rubbing the soft flesh as his eyes trained onto the puckered hole leaking wetness. The tips of his index fingers teased the edge of the hole, his hips lifting enough for Vlad to push his slacks partially down his legs.

"Oh god," Vlad moaned, his petite hand wrapping around the thick cock that sprung forth from its confinement. "It’s so big." His tongue darted out, licking at the head. "Is this going to even fit?" The head disappeared into his mouth, his tongue wiping a bead of precum off the slit as his moaned loudly, his eyes rolling back as he sucked on the glans.

"Keep sucking like that, and it might," Jack chuckled, one hand rubbing the quivering entrance as his other kneaded the buttocks it held. "And if get you prepped right." One finger slid in, though under much protest as the ring of muscles clamped down when he was only a knuckle deep. Vlad swallowed more of his cock, but let out a pitiful whine. "Relax, Vladdie, or this will hurt."

Pulling off the cock, Vlad gasped briefly, looking to Jack over his shoulder. "How often have you done this?" he asked curiously.

"With girls, twice back in high school," he answered honestly. "Haven’t with an omega. You?"

The other shook his head. "I never even kissed anyone before today," he confessed.

"Are we going too fast for you?" Jack inquired, his finger withdrawing.

"Maybe," Vlad panted, though pushed his hips back into the hand still groping him. "But I’m feeling a bit brave right now, Jack. If we don’t do this now, then I don’t know if I could get the courage to try again." He lowered back down, taking the still hard cock into his mouth and twirling his tongue around the head.

Jack hissed and groaned, pulling Vlad back enough until his back was straight and his knees were on either side of the alpha’s head. Vlad was stretched out completely to keep the dick in his mouth as he started bobbing his head, one of his hands rubbing the shaft that he couldn’t get into his mouth yet while the other played with the heavy scrotum.

With one hand gently grasping the hard penis, Jack started pumping it as his tongue darted out and licked at the wet entrance. Vlad moaned lowly, hips rocking back. Slowly, the alpha wiggled his tongue past the ring of muscle, pushing it in as far as he could reach before pulling it back and shoving it in again. His dick vibrated as Vlad moaned around it in his mouth, his teeth scraping the sensitive and hot flesh. He groaned in response, his tongue rubbing the tight passage while sending the same buzzes he was feeling on his cock into Vlad’s body.

Slowly, he introduced his finger to the passage again, slipping it in alongside his tongue. When the walls were loosened enough, his tongue retreated and was replaced with a second finger. Vlad flinched, whining softly as he swallowed half of the thick penis that was trying to ram down his throat. Still, he willed himself to relax, allowing the thick fingers to scissor him enough for Jack to slip in a third finger.

Vlad tensed upon the third one entering him, slight burns of pain lacing together with the pleasure. Slowly, they stroked his walls in search of something. He wasn’t sure what. Then they found it, a spot deep inside that caused him to jolt off the cock and cry out in pleasure. His hand kept firmly pumping the hard penis, spreading the precum leaking from the tip as he rocked back onto the fingers and emitted sounds he wasn’t aware he could make.

Then the fingers were pulled out, dragging along his inner walls. Confused, it took him a moment to realize that Jack had moved him off his body and onto the bed. "Wait, wait, wait," he protested as he felt the large hands gripping his waist and the thick cock rubbing along his crack.

"Vladdie, not sure if I can stop at this point," Jack groaned, still rolling his hips, the tip of his dick pressing against the prepared hole that was leaking lubricating juices.

"Just one second," he panted as he rolled over until he was on his back. "I didn’t want to be taken from behind for my first experience."

Jack chuckled lowly, one hand gently gripping a leg while the other guided his cock into the tight ring. He groaned lowly as Vlad hissed at the intrusion. He tried to keep his body relaxed, but that thing is much larger than the fingers and it felt like it was trying to tear him in half!

"You’re doing fine, Vladdie. Relax. Just ease up or it will really hurt." A growl into his throat, teeth nipping skin. "So beautiful. Relax for me, babe. I’m going to make you feel real good."

Slowly, the calming words soothed his nerves. His body started to relax, tensing momentarily as Jack inched in little by little. When he was full inside, the alpha settled between Vlad’s legs, waiting for the slimmer male to adjust. Swallowing thickly, Vlad pushed his hips against Jack once the pain ebbed away. He felt a sharp sting from the movement, but he nodded. Jack started off slowly, pulling out only half way then slipping back in.

Vlad flinched at each gentle thrust, whimpering softly as he bit down on his lip. Soft kisses landed on his neck, words of encouragement caressing his ears. Then the spot was hit again. He let out a strangled cry, yet did not fail to notice the grin on Jack’s face.

The alpha shifted until he was on his knees and Vlad’s legs were being held up by the bend of his elbows, the strong hands gripping his waist firmly. He pulled out then rammed back in, making a larger effort to hit that sweet spot head on. Vlad’s legs opened wider as his hands clutched the blanket under them. Finding the angle just right, he started to increase his speed.

Skin slapping skin echoed into the air, sweat clinging to the bodies. Moans and groans alongside the slaps, panting was the only sign of breathing being allowed. Pausing for only a moment, Jack allowed the legs to settle at his waist as he leaned down, Vlad’s arms wrapping around his neck and their mouths clashing together as the alpha picked up his speed even more.

The omega broke away first, biting his bottom lip as the spot was struck over and over again, the heat coiling in his belly threatening to burst. "Jack," he moaned, gripping the dark hair and yanking it. The alpha growled back in response. "Jack, I’m close. Fuck! I’m going to come!"

"Then come for me, Vladdie," Jack encouraged, his thrusts becoming quicker and harsher as he felt his own peak rushing at him. His hand wrapped around the penis between them, jerking it roughly to encourage the omega to burst.

Choking on soft sobs, a mixture of pleasure and pain (though one definitely was outweighing the other), Vlad cried out as his climax washed over him. White sprayed from his member, coating their stomachs with the thick fluid he released. Jack, on the other hand, wasn’t done yet. He started pounding into the omega even harder, gripping his waist and pulling him back onto his lap as he shoved his cock into the tightening walls still spasming around his burning penis.

Holding Vlad in place, he pushed in as far as he could go, groaning deeply as his flooded the hot passage with his essence. Two additional deep thrusts released more into the moaning omega, his teeth biting the inside of his cheeks to keep himself from biting the other hard enough to draw blood.

He managed to catch himself from completely dropping on the panting omega under him, the two exchanging uncoordinated pecks to their faces and neck. Then Vlad groaned, wiggling his hips to pull away only to hiss in slight pain. "Jack," he growled, nipping his ear harshly.

"Ow!" the alpha yelped, jerking back and rubbing his ear. "If you’re like that after sex, I may have to work harder to wear you out."

Vlad slapped his hairy chest with a scowl. "You’re knotted," he informed.

Blinking, Jack rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "Oops…"

"Oops?! Jack, you’re knotted inside me!" he exclaimed then dropped himself back onto the bed and covered his face. This was exactly what his father always suspected would happen to him one day. Hence the reason why he wanted an alpha son so badly, there are lesser instincts to argue with. His breathing picked up, bordering hyperventilation as Jack rolled them onto their side for comfort.

"Hey, hey," Jack soothed, petting his hair. "It’s okay, Vladdie. At most, thirty minutes and it’ll be gone. Hey, it’s all right. I didn’t hurt you or something, did I?"

"No," Vlad choked out. "I just became the exact example of why my father wants a damn alpha heir so badly!" He let out a weak sob as the hand petting him settled on the small of his back and rubbed gentle circles. "Jack, what if I get pregnant?"

The alpha shrugged. "Then you get pregnant," he answered as though it were the simplest thing to say. He laughed at the glare Vlad sent him. "Vlad, if you have a baby, we’ll work through it. Okay? I’ll take care of you both. You got nothing to worry about!"

"Other than being disowned," the omega muttered into Jack’s shoulder.

No doubt that Alexei and Gregor would try for another baby once the girl is grown enough. That one may be an alpha, meaning that one would get the label of ‘heir’. Getting pregnant out of wedlock, from some alpha that doesn’t have any form of ‘decent’ background suggesting money or fame. He would be disowned for sure.

"Hey, you’ll still have me," Jack reassured. "Right?"

Vlad snorted, giving the grinning alpha a small smirk. "You knock me up with your baby, you better take care of us," he warned, only slightly joking.

Jack laughed, pulling Vlad closer to him in a tight hug. "You got it, babe!"

Here the Chapter Ends

So we’re just doing a college section first, then moving onto the Danny Phantom section. From ‘Bitter Reunions’ and on. Maybe something in between to glance into the life of Vlad after the accident. We’ll see. Let me know what you think! ^^

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