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CHAPTER 01 - The Storm


Mabel honestly couldn't remember the last time she had experienced a rain like this - it was quite possible, in fact, that she had never seen anything like it before.

The girl was stood in front of one of the slightly dirty windows in the shop are of the Mystery Shack, her "grunkle"'s roadside attraction/generic tourist trap. This summer, she and her twin brother Dipper were staying with said grunkle, who lived in said tourist trap, in the lovely little town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. But Dipper and Grunkle Stan were currently not here, they had gone away a few hours ago, before the rain had started to get THIS bad. They were on a very important mission: driving around to all the signs for other nearby tourist attractions and manipulating them so that they would point into the wrong direction. Dipper had had moral problems with this project at first, but then Stan had promised to tell him a few secrets about the town's history while they were driving, and that would've gotten Dipper to do anything.

Soos, the Mystery Shack's guy for everything, had gone home already a few hours ago, so right now, it was just Mabel and Wendy in the shop. Wendy was a 15 year old, redhead badass that worked in the Shack to make a little extra money, working the cash register and helping wih all kinds of things around the shop.

Mabel turned around to see the other girl in her usual hard-working position: On a chair, behind the register, with both feet on top of it and her eyes on her phone.

Mabel had to smile a bit at this sight. If there were any other people in Gravity Falls who would have wanted to work for him, Stan probably would've fired her long ago.

"When do you think Dipper and Grunkle Stan are gonna be back...? They've been away for quite a while now..."

"Uuuuh... dunno", Wendy replied, without even lifting her eyes, "I guess it could be a while. They've got quite a bit work to do, after all... the signs for that Gideon guy alone must take hours... that guy's ego's even bigger than his hair..."

Mabel chuckled at that - because it was true. Gideon had actually had a crush on her once... fortunately, she and Dipper had been able to convince him to let it go - for now, at least.

Mabel turned back around to look outside.

The rain was smashing itself against the window panes with all the force the skies could muster, Mabel was almost afraid that the glass might give in at any moment now. At this point, there was probably more water than not-water out there, with no signs of stopping.

It couldn't have been much later than 6pm or so, but they had already turned on all of the lights, because the skies outside were so pitch-black that it might aswell have been night already.

At that moment, the phone on the counter rang and made Mabel jump a bit - she had been so lost in her thoughts.

"Can you take that, please?", Wendy asked Mabel, without lifting her eyes up off the magazine she was now reading, "I'm, uh... kinda busy over here."

"Sure thing!", Mabel said, hopping over to the counter and grabbing the phone.

"Lady Mabelton, Mayor of Mabelland, speaking! How may I not help you today?"

At first, there were a few seconds of silence, then the slightly annoyed voice of a grumpy old man could be heard: 

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop answering the phone like that?? You'll scare off all the customers!"

"Heeey there, Grunkle Stan! Love ya too!"

"Yeeeah, yeah... where is Wendy, by the way?"

"She, uh... she just went to the bathroom real quick", Mabel said, while grinning at the redhead, who was grinning back and mouthing a silent "Thanks!" with her lips and then sent the younger girl a quick air kiss.

"U-huh, sure. Anyway, whatever she is doing, I just wanted to let you know that Dipper and I won't be back home tonight. The storm is getting worse by the minute and there is no point in driving back home tonight. Plus, we're not even done with all the signs yet. We're just gonna crash at some motel tonight and then see you tomorrow."

"Okidokes, Grunkle Stan! Good night - and say good night to Dipper from me, too!!"

"Yep. G'night to you, too. And tell Wendy... I'm still looking for her replacement."

And with that, Stan hung up the phone. Manel had to stifle a grin - in secret, she had always been certain that Stan wouldn't fire Wendy even if he could, and that he probably wasn't even looking for a replacement. He would never admit this, of course, but Mabel was sure that he liked her, too.

"Who was that? Stan?"

"Yeah... he says Dipper and him won't be home tonight, storm's too bad."

"Wow, that bad? Damn..."

"Yeah... oh, and he wishes you a good night!"

"He does? Well... that seems odd, but okaaay... thanks!"

Mabel went back to look out the window. There really weren't too many customers today - for understandable reasons. And really, as if to add to her thoughts, Mabel heard an annoyed groan behind her just a few moments later.

"Uuuuuh... this is so POINTLESS! Look outside! Nobody is even going to show up!"

"Yeah... you're right..."

"Umm... Mabel, say... would you... if I... theoretically, if I left a bit earlier... like, now, for example... would you... you wouldn't tell... Stan - would you?"

Mabel grinned. This was the Wendy she knew and loved.

"Of course not, silly. Just go home, nothing's gonna happen anyway."

"Aaah thanks! You da best! I'm just gonna close up the shop real quick, then."

Mabel watched as Wendy did that, and then, she went to the door to leave. She didn't even have a coat on - when she came here earlier that day, the weather had been just fine.

"You're... gonna be alright, Mabel, aren't you? I mean... all on your own?"

"Obviously! Just go already!"

"Alright", Wendy laughed, "just making sure. Well, see ya, then!"

Wendy opened the door and was greeted with a splash of water in her face. She slid out and quickly closed the door behind her again.

Now that Mabel was alone, she was thinking about how she was gonna spend her night with the house to herself. But just as she started doing that, the door was opened again and the redhead stumbled back in, only that now, her hair was all wet and dripping water onto the floor.

"Oh my.. fuuu-... uh, Mabel... I've been thinking and I... couldn't really leave you here, all alone, with the storm... you know, you... you might get scared?"

"Oooh... yeah, totally...", Mabel replied, trying not to grin. She had seen all kind of weird crap this summer, so a bit of rain was the last thing that she would now get scared by - but she still played along: "It would really... help me a lot if you could stay here with me tonight!"

"Yeah... I thought so. Don't worry, I'll just stay here, then..."

Mabel really couldn't blame the girl, she also wouldn't want to ride a bike to Wendy's house in this weather with not even a coat on.

"Do you need to tell your dad or anything?"

"Pshh... yeah, right. I spend more nights somewhere else than I spend at home, and most of the time, nobody knows where I am."

"Oh... well, okay then."

"Yeah... dude, this is gonna be so much fun!!! This is totally gonna be the best sleepover ever!"

Mabel smiled. Wendy suddenly getting so excited about this got her pretty excited, too. And she was right: Wendy was always fun to be around, so this might really be a great night.

"Yeah! Soo... what do you wanna do?"

"Well... first of all, if you don't mind, I'd like to use your bathroom and... I don't know, get out of these disgusting wet clothes."

"Oh, yeah! Sure! You know where it is, right?"


"Alrighty. See you in a minute, then."



Will be adding another chapter asap. Things will start to heat up soon, I promise!

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