A Week to Remember

BY : lilo1013
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Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or any of the characters. I do not make money off this story. This is for entertainment purposes.

Authors Notes: Before anyone judges me, here me out. This is a cartoon. Cartoons break rules all the time. So, Incest should be OK. Also, there's no sex for the first part. There will be for the second chapter.

16 year old Kim Possible stood outside her school with most of the student body, including her best friend Ron Stoppable. She has heard that Ron has pulled off a horrible prank that caused damage to school property. Kim wasn't surprised that Ron was causing mischief, but something about it was really bad. “What did you do to make Mr. Barkin mad this time?” Kim asked Ron, curiously. 

“That’s the thing. I don’t know!” Ron replied. He doesn’t remember what his prank was. And he really didn't. Ron tried hard to remember what he did during the following days after he was rid of being evil from their mission with Drakken and Shego. Then, Mr. Barkin stepped in front of the two with the meanest expression on any teacher’s face. 

“I hope you’re proud of yourself Stoppable!” Barkin yelled. Ron was trembling in fear as Barkin yelled. He hated whenever the school principal yelled at the detention hall of fame worth student, which was him. All the times he caused trouble, Barkin either placed Ron in detention or cooked up some other punishment to make him suffer. 

“Mr. Barkin, please tell me what did I do.” Ron asked. He needed to know because he was having a hard time remmbering. Surely he didn't do anything that awful to cause so much damage to the school. Maybe he was being framed. Or maybe it was when he was evil and became Zorpox. Whatever the cause, Barkin wasn't in a pleasant mood at all. 

“Don’t you act innocent on me! I know you cherry bombed all the toilets in the school!” Barkin exclaimed.  

“What? I don’t remember...” Ron started to say before remembering last week when he turned evil. He invented a special cherry toilet bomb and dropped it into all of the toilets. He was puzzled as to why it didn’t work. When he turned good again, he forgotten all about it. “Oh, I remember now. That was when I was evil. Somehow I though they didn't work. It must have taken longer than expected. Man, that must have been a good prank.” Ron laughed about it, but by the disappointed expressions on Kim and Barkin’s faces, this wasn’t really funny. He sighed. “OK, how much detention do I have?” 

Barkin thought about it for a while. While he knew this action needed to addressed and Ron needed to be punished, he also knew it was gonna be a while before they could clean up the mess that Ron made, which was more important. Also, he could give Ron peremant detention until he graduates, but that would be punishing himself as well. “None.” Barkin replied. 

Kim and Ron were shocked. “None?” They asked in unison. Barkin wasn't gonna give Ron detention? That was unusaul for a principal like him. Ron expected some kind of punishment. Lunch duty, clean up detail, clapping erasers. Whatever came to Barkin's mind. But somehow, he's going soft on the blonde boy. 

“Instead, till we clean the mess, classes will be canceled for a week starting tomorrow.” Barkin explained. Kim and Ron smiled at that. Clearly, Ron did the right thing. For once. “I recommend that you use that time to reflect on the seriousness on what you have done! Got it?” Ron nodded meekly. He knew he done something wrong when he was evil, and he hopes to make up for it. “OK. Go home.” 

Kim and Ron walked home together, happy over their situation. “We got a free week from school! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I liked what you done when you were evil." Kim said before smiling sheepishly. "Except teaming up with Shego and most of the other stuff. That stuff was plain wrong." Kim had good values, and everyone including Ron knew it. 

“Well, you don't have to worry about that. Cause I'm staying clean and good for a long while.” Ron said with a smile. “So, you wanna celebrate by hitting Beuno Nacho?” 

“No thanks. I’m just gonna head to home and take a nap. That mission in Spain last week really tired me out.” Kim said yawning. Last week, Kim and Ron traveled to Spain to fight Senor Senior Senior and Senor Senior Junior who were trying to bankrupt the entire country by hacking their internet. But once again, good prevailed and Kim and Ron won. 

“OK. Catch ya later KP.” Ron said as he and Kim went their separate ways. As Kim walked home, she thought about a very special event coming soon: Prom night. Dancing, dressing up, and boys. Kim dreamt about having that special someone ask her to the prom, and afterwards, they would go home and...Kim then pushed those thoughts out of her head as she approached her house. 

At the Possible household, Anne was in the living room reading a book, enjoying a rare day off. She has actually asked for a week off and got it because sher and her husband James had a new plan of action that they wanted to discuss with their eldest daughter. Anne wasn't thinking about it until Kim entered. “I’m home!” Kim called out. She then entered the living room. 

“Hi honey. What are you doing home so early?” Anne asked. She thought it was a litte peculiar that Kim was not in school right before lunch time. She dealt with stuff like this whenever she would go on missions. Being the mother of a teen hero wasn't easy. But it did had it's perks. And she couldn't be more proud of her daughter. 

“The school’s toilets blew up. Ron cherry bombed them when he was evil.” Kim replied. 

“Really? And he doesn’t remember it?” Anne asked with an amused grin. That goofball, she thought to herself. She liked when Ron was around Kim. She remembered when Kim's best friend turned evil after a mishap with an evil device. Kids today. Anne was happy that Kim had a friend like Ron. He was like a son to her. 

“He can’t remember what he said last week.” Kim said with a smile. She and Anne giggled at that. Kim had every right to be happy, with school being out for one whole week. She dealt with a lot of stuff these past few weeks. Cheer practice, finals, homework. And ontop of that, missions to save the world. Now, Kim would have a chance to breath easily. “So, school’s canceled for a week.” 

“That’s great. You deserve some time off.” Anne said with a smile. And she meant it. Almost every time Kim would come home from school, she appeared exhausted, not wanting to sit down with the family and just go upstairs to do homework. And in the morning, Kim would almost not want to eat breakfast, having sometimes been late for school. 

“Don’t I know it? I’m gonna take a quick nap, OK?” Kim said, already heading up the stairs to her room. All she wanted to do is rest for a while. Anne understood, but still wanted to address the family plan to her eldest daughter. Now that Kim was growing up, there would almost be no way to help her with the world of being an adult. But there was still time.  

“No problem Kimmie. And when you wake up, you, me, and your father need to talk.” Anne said. Kim grew worried as she stopped dead in her tracks. Was she in trouble? Please don't say you told daddy I liked bad boys, Kim thought to herself. He would ruin me. “Don’t worry honey. It’s nothing serious. We just have an idea we want to share with you.” 

Kim breathed a sigh of relief. “OK mom. Love you.” Kim then headed upstairs to her room. As soon as she shut the door, she smiled to herself. Kim then stripped down until she was naked. She then hopped onto her bed, snuggled with Pandaroo, and relaxed. She had a rough week, and was ready to enjoy this free break she’s got. It's been awhile since she got to relax like this: naked, with her favorite stuffed animal, in her own bedroom. 

After about two hours, she woke up from her nap. Knowing her parents wanted to talk to her when she woke up, Kim got dressed into some comfy clothes and headed downstairs. Kim wondered what her parents wanted to talk to her about. She knew she wasn’t in trouble. So, what idea did her parents had? Was it about their next family vacation? Or was it about her twin brothers Jim and Tim? 

She then saw James and Anne sitting down on the couch. “Hey there Kimmie Cub. Come. Sit down.” James said with a smile. Kim did just that. 

“So, what’s this about?” Kim asked. A thousand and one possibilites ran through the red headed teen's head. Please let it not be about sex, Kim thought to herself. She hated whenever her mother or father tried to teach her about the basics and safety of sex. This was the last thing she needed to talk about right before Junior Prom. 

“Kimmie, your mother and I have been talking. We know you’re growing up.” James explains. Kim sighs. It was one of those talks. Why couldn't this wait until summer? Kim thought to herself. But these talks were harder on her parents than they were on her because they knew no matter what, they couldn't stop their little girl from being a woman. 

“We’re aware that prom night will be coming. And there will be a lot of boys. And you’ll want to go with them and-” Anne said before Kim cut her off. She didn't want to do this. Not now. Not next month. She's already been through so many of these sex talks, and she knew the rules. Kim wasn't a fool. After all, her mother gave her birth control pills before her 16th birthday a few months ago. 

“Mom, please. I know myself better. I promise you guys when the time is right, I’ll use the basic protection.” Kim said, not wanting another lecture about sex. She loved pleasing herself when no one’s around and dreamed of losing her virginity with a special someone. One time, her mother caught her naked in her own bedroom masterbuating and decided to buy her a vibrator. 

“We know honey. And believe us, we trust you.” James said. Kim's eyes went wide when he said that. Her father actually trusts her enough to have sex? The only boy he actually trusts to be alone with Kim was Ron, since he doesn't habor any romantic feelings for her. This was a new revelation for the 16 year old. Kim started to form a little smile as she took in the news. 

“It’s just that we want you to enjoy it. You do when you’re pleasuring yourself, do you?” Anne asked. 

Kim thought about that. Ever since her hymen broke, Kim spent a lot of time pleasuring herself in her bedroom. She usually did enjoy it, but for the past few months, she grew tired of it. No matter how many times she squirted, Kim never felt any real pleasure. And with prom night only two months away, she was worried that her date wouldn't give her sweet pleasure either. “To be honest, no.” Kim admitted. 

Anne and James looked at each other, both thinking the same thought and nodded. Now was defiently a good time for their new family plan. “Well, maybe we can help with that.” James said with a smile. They've been devloping this plan ever since Kim broke her hymen, and now they would have the chance to help their daughter enjoy sex alot. 

“How?” Kim asked. Her parents helping her enjoy the pleasures of sex? That seemed a little unorthodox to her. She knew her parents were like her back then when they were teenagers, and they explored the pleasures of sex in their own ways. Kim was feeling a little embarassed that her parents could help her with loving sex. 

“With a special hands on approach. This way, we get to spend more time with you.” Anne explained. “We’ve made a list of things to do with you over the week. If you’re not comfortable, you don’t have to do it.” An added bonus to their plan was that they could spend more time with their daughter, who always seemed busy with school, cheerleading, and missions. 

“What do you say, Kimmie Cub?” James asked. 

Kim thought about it for a moment. On one hand she found her parents teaching her to enjoy sex is both disturbing and embarassing. But on the other hand, she missed spending time with her parents a whole lot. And she knew she was growing up. So, if Kim wanted to learn to have such sweet pleasure in sexual activities before prom, why not learn from two people who have experience in the matter? Finally, Kim smiled. “OK. Yes.” She then hugged her parents. After the hug broke, a thought raced through Kim's mind. "But what about Jim and Tim?" If her brothers were involved in this project, it would be pure torture to her. 

“Don’t worry about that, honey. We’re gonna send them to Florida this week and Nana is gonna watch over them.” Anne replied. She knew that Kim had a sibling rivaly when it came to Jim and Tim. The last thing she needed was them getting involved at such a young age. Kim just smiled as she knew she didn't have to put up with them for a whole week. 

“This might be what I actually need. I do miss spending time with you guys anyway." Kim said. And she meant it. Kim loved her family a whole lot and wanted to spend quality time with them whenever she can. But with school and saving the world getting in the way, that task almost became impossible. "So, when do we start?” 

“Tomorrow. We’re gonna take the boys to the airport tonight.” James said. Good, Kim thought to herself. Once less worry for this week starting tonight. Anne and James both smiled at each other knowingly, happy that Kim is willing to take a chance to learn about the great pleasures of sex and to spend quality time with them. 

“Well, one thing is for sure: This will be a week to remember.” Kim said with a smile. "Well, I'm just gonna chill out in my room for awhile. Love you." 

"Love you too." Anne said as Kim climbed up the stairs. Once she was out of earshot, Anne then frowned and looked at her husband. "James, are you sure we should do this now?" She was beginning to have second doubts about their new family experiment. "I know this was my idea, but..." 

"Annie..." James said with a smile, wrapping his wife in a comforting hug. A move that she loved when she was feeling nervous or uncertain about somethings. "I was having doubts when you suggested this idea, but after some thinking, I figured that not only was it a great idea, but it would show Kimmie Cub that we care for her, trust her, and love her with our whole hearts." 

Anne thought about it, and decided that James had a point. Besides, Kim agreed to the whole thing because she wanted to spend more time with her parents anyway. "You're right." Anne said before planting a full lovers kiss on James's lips. It's been awhile since they kissed like that. "Besides, I can't imagine how other parents teach their children about enjoying sex." 

James chuckled at that. "Yeah. We're the exceptional group of the bunch alrighty." James said before placing a full kiss on Anne's lips, and soon the married couple was in a full steamy makeout session. They never did this since they had Kim. It's been awhile, and now it was time to make up for lost moments together. 

"When are we supposed to drop the boys off at the airport?" Anne asked, breaking the kiss for a moment. 

"Not until six tonight." James said with a sly smile. "And they don't get out of school for another two hours." Anne smiled as James wrapped his arms around his wife and they kissed again, falling off the couch due to the intensity. 

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