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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Scooby Doo or Scooby Doo and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery. I am not making any money from either show and movie. This is fiction, I have never met or personally know the real life rock band KISS.

The girls sighed as they set up the stage, the same ole thing each time. Only this time, they had the help of a certain group. 
"Hey, how do you screw this thing on?"
"On the top Shaggy..." Geisha took over, quickly setting up Catman's drums. 
The thin man watched as this short woman expertly put together the whole set, gently setting down a set of drumsticks in a black bag, then taking two of them out.
"Why did you remove two?" He asked.
"Because these are the ones he uses for Love Gun. When he comes onto the stage, he is usually carrying his sticks."
Shaggy blinked, then followed her off the stage for the drum to group with the rest. Geisha watched as her sisters quickly performed a sound check. 
"Ey! Geisha, get Demon's guitar, we're going to do Deuce and Strutter. What song from Sonic Boom should we do?"
"How about Spaceman's song, When Lightning Strikes?"
"Good enough."
Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, and Daphne watched as the four girls easily performed the two songs, leading into Wavestorm performing Beth.

"Weird. I know Geisha tightens these..." Catman tightened the bolts on his set, quite annoyed. 
He looked down to see Starchild retuning his guitar, Spaceman restringing his, and Demon nearly burning his own after finding it bent. He finished up, concerned. The instruments weren't ready, but that was highly unusual. He sighed and sat back, feeling the stool he was on the wobble. Catching his balance, he looked around to see the rest of the group looking at him.
"Catman, are you alright?"
"Yeah...the stool is loose I guess." He got up, flipping the chair on its head to see that there were no bolts, "What the...GEISHA!"
She ran up the stairs, "What's going on Catman?"
"What the hell happened to my stool!?"
"I don't know, why what's wrong with it?"
He showed her, livid. Just as Geisha went to bend over to take a look, the stage shifted on them.
"Catman! Geisha!" Starchild cried out, watching as his friends clung to what they could, not wanting to fall. 
Spaceman jumped up, not sure what he could do to help. He just wanted them ok. The Demon ran over, grasping the leg of the stage, trying to keep it up, but his hope was dashed as they bent, making the two up there screaming. Looking around, Catman tried to find something he could fly them to, only to have it continue breaking apart. 
"You're gonna lose your drums!" Guardian yelled out, ready to blow them back.
"Let them fall! I have more sets here!" Catman said, more concerned about his wife's and his wellbeing and safety.
He could tell this was going to be tricky, and just as the whole stage gave out, Catman grabbed Geisha, but they didn't leave in time, going down to the stage. Protecting them best she could, Guardian rushed forward with Samurai, worried about their sister. The drums moved as Catman and Geisha emerged, gasping and covered in blood. 
"Jinkies! What happened in here?!"

Healing up quickly thanks to her sister, Geisha kept a hand on Catman's arm, feeling the muscle below the skin. He looked at her. They knew this wasn't good, already having to call the concert off due to malfunctioning equipment, including having to release a statement, from Starchild, that their drummer was hurt in an accident on stage during sound check, giving them plenty of time to figure what happened. 
While the fans were upset about the show, KISS fixed it for them, opting to play the next weekend, and for those who had to travel, Starchild personally paid for their rooms for them to stay there. 
"Something happened...and this is probably the first of it." Spaceman said, picking up the medical kit with Guardian. 
"What if someone else gets hurt?" Fred asked, clearly concerned despite not liking the band. 
"Hopefully no one else does, but how someone had the time to go in and mess up Catman's drums is beyond me, and the stage!"
Worried about the postponed concert, and the safety of everyone involved, Starchild instantly requested that everything was taken down.

Inspecting all the equipment as it was being taken down, Starchild found many issues. With the help of the Scooby Gang, they made a list of everything.
"I'll admit something," Geisha started, "The fact Demon's guitar was only bent...means we're against someone with weak arm strength."
"How do you figure that?" Velma asked as Wavestorm stepped in.
"Because Demon's guitar is one of the heaviest we have. Between the armor and guitar...Demon himself will weigh quite a bit."
"Speaking of weight...did anyone check the harnesses?"
"Er...I don't think so." 
Daphne inspected one, noticing how it appeared cut on the side and stitched. She pointed this out to Guardian, who put it on.
"Spaceman, stand over there, you have the less amount of crap on you that can harm me."
"What are you going to do!?" 
"I'm gonna run at you, and chances are I'm going to fall. I want to test something."
Getting into the spot she pointed at, Spaceman was clearly and rightfully nervous as his lover took off running at him. They all watched as the harness snapped, breaking and sending her flying at him. She fell against him, landing hard against his chest, earning a  collective gasp out of everyone.
"Ok, that's it! Someone has been messing with everything!"
They all instantly started checking all the equipment, finding everything broken or messed with.
"Someone's sabotaging us..." Demon said.

That night, Geisha and Guardian put together a list of suspects.
"What about Angela?"
"No...she's got massive strength in those arms, she's KISSterian, remember?"
Watching them was Starchild, making a list of his own. The look on his face could easily suggest murder. He had a suspect in mind, and they were always having falling outs with the guy. Especially since this concert was for charity.

"Are you sure Starchild?" Catman asked.
"I know we've been having falling outs, but this could easily escalate to murder!" Spaceman pointed out.
"I do not like this..."
"I think for once Demon, that was a more appropriate time to say that." 


A/N: I do not own the rights to the songs Duece, Beth, When Lightning Strikes, or Strutter, or the entire album of Sonic Boom. They belong to KISS. I can't even sing the dang things. 

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