Mike Believe's Unbelievable Day

BY : Lennox
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Disclaimer: I do not own PPG. The characters are the property of Cartoon Network and I am not associated with the owners of the show. This story is a work of fan-fiction, was written for entertainment purposes, and is not intended for profit.

The City of Townsville, it was one like no other

It's where the Powerpuffs lived, with their creator and father

Any who'd oppose them was surely a fool

As they would fly around town and seek evil most cruel

The Rowdyruffs, Mojo, the Gangreen Gang and Him

Like Fuzzy and Princess, they'd fall on a whim

But despite all the battles that the sisters had fought

Inside their own arguments they would often be caught


Pokey Oaks was the name

Of the day's destination

A kindergarten school

With a fine reputation

In their bathroom at home

Bubbles adjusted her top

And the shower behind her came to a stop


"I look like a swimsuit model," Buttercup proudly proclaimed

She stepped out of the shower, nude and un-shamed

"More like a Gorilla," Blossom teased and putdown

As she turned the water back on and pulled off her nightgown

Buttercup was mad, annoyed and irate

Her comeback didn't arrive until breakfast she ate

Of her own naked beauty, Blossom openly boasted

Which gave Buttercup the chance to have her sis roasted

"Oh please," she mocked. "Bloss, don't be absurd."

"You simply need glasses. To complete your look, nerd."


On their way to school, the girls would argue and bicker.

While Bubbles hovered in front, her pace getting quicker.

Her peaceful morning

Was now interrupted

With her sisters fighting

That their looks weren't corrupted.


Sick of their antics, Bubbles needed a plan.

Mike Believe was ahead. For this job, the best man.

"Blossom and Buttercup, your dispute is so hearty"

"What you need to solve this is a third party."

"You've got Mike over there, you should go and ask him,"

"And whoever he chooses, this contest they'll win."

The two sisters shook hands

as Bubbles whistled a tune

She was sure that their fight would be over so soon.


At school Mike did not know that their rivalry started

Though he made Patches, he was warm and kind-hearted

Blossom spoke cutely, she made him nervous and squeak

But for Buttercup's turn, she pinched his rear cheek

Blossom floated above him and lifted her skirt

Which now made their encounters much more pervert

She had shown Mike her panties under her dress

While Buttercup fumed, she was far less than impressed

"So you want to play dirty Bloss? That's how it'll be?"

Buttercup picked up a ball to show her ass off with glee.


"This is far from over"

Bubbles dreaded her hunch.

Their rivalry continued

All through to lunch.

Blossom spilt milk on her chest

And licked her lips with a wink

While Buttercup used some fruit

And teased her own oral kink.

"I'm wearing nothing 'down there'"

Blossom's voice in Mike's ear.

So Buttercup lay by her chair

To show off her nude rear.


Her sister's panties in hand, Bubbles only could watch

As Blossom lifted her dress, she grinded Mike's crotch.

Buttercup opened her legs

And Blossom flashed without pause

Buttercup then groped Mike's dick inside of his draws.


And off Mike was taken, in streaks of red and green

To the Powerpuff's home, away from Ms Keane

Their clothes fell to the floor

And Mike was tossed on the bed.

Blossom tore off his pants and left his legs spread.

She knelt in between them

And placed her hands on his shaft

She jerked the boy off,

While Buttercup laughed

She pushed Blossom aside

And she lifted his hips

Just so that Mike's cock could sink into her lips.

She pulled her mouth up, she pushed her mouth down

Leaving her sister to watch, arms crossed with a frown.

Blossom gave them a minute

Before their eyes met

She knew her oral skills were a formidable threat

She risked losing their contest

So she had to act quick

She pulled Mike away,

And she pounced on his dick

Blossom rode the young boy

As Buttercup fingered her cunt

Amongst their love-making

They both heard Mike grunt

Buttercup wanted her turn

She was sick of her thumb

She pulled her sister off

And she lowered her bum.

With Blossom's juices she took Mike's dick in her ass

Where she rode him and begged him for his climax to pass

While Blossom would watch and rub her own clit

She refused to back down, no way would she quit


By the time Bubbles arrived, the boy had been drained

For both Blossom and Buttercup, victory they claimed

They were panting and sweaty, they refused to back off

To break up their stalemate, Bubbles forced a slight cough

Mike lay on the bed in a small white puddle

His head in a daze, his mind in a muddle

Blossom and Buttercup had drained the young male

Their continuous fuck had left him quite frail

Bubbles sat next to him with a warm smile

"Let's get you cleaned up. I'll find your clothes in the pile."

Bubbles helped Mike off the bed and onto the floor

And she showed him the bathroom just out the door

Buttercup complained as neither had won

Yet Bubbles made sure that their contest was done


Without any clear winner for the girls' feud

They were left sticky, sweaty, naked and lewd

Bubbles hoped her sisters would now be better behaved

And thanks to the Powerpuff Girl, Mike's day was saved.

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