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Disclaimer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters belong to Nickelodeon and its creators. I make no monetary profit from this work it is only for entertainment.


Disclaimer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters belong to Nickelodeon and its creators. I make no monetary profit from this work it is only for entertainment.

Author’s Note: 2014/2016 Movie-Verse - Rated M for a reason! This work contains sexual content, violence, and at times dark themes that will become more developed as the story continues- you have been warned.

Author’s Note: These chapters may go back and forth between actually plot development chapters and drabbles. This started off as just a little brainstorming session meant to help me get over some writer’s block on my other stories. It worked well for that, but it also turned into this…


One universe, Nine planets, Seven seas, 204 Countries, 809 Islands,

and I have the pleasure of meeting you.

~ Unknown


Chapter 1: The Best Laid Plans

April relaxed in the lair. It was rare that they had time these days to be lazy. This evening she and Casey had brought the Hamatos oodles of greasy Chinese and had sprung for a cheesecake. In the years since the Krang the brothers had proven to be useful allies to the police, and it kept them incredibly busy. Not to mention April’s hard earned success as a journalist meant she rarely got to enjoy these kinds of evenings either.

However, even now with the brothers full and happily watching a movie together as a family, she worried. They were growing into such good and wonderful men. By her calculations they were around twenty-two or twenty-three now, and while she could not be prouder as a big sister it did not mean that she did not see the hole in their life. It was contact. They had Casey to pal around with and he was a major go between with the NYPD now, but Casey came home to her. They went home to Splinter.

Not that their father was poor company, but they were denied companionship. Their circle of friends was tiny, and left no room for the idea of romance. This was a thought that had passed her mind more than once, but it never bore any fruit. Splinter had agreed his sons deserved to fall in love, and that it may come in time. The brothers had much more fervent but sceptical answers.

Raph always treated the topic with harsh sarcasm, the toothpick bobbing in his mouth in agitation. Mikey could babble on about the possibilities for hours, but he would slowly grow sad as reality and personal experiences bled into his hopes. Leo scoffed at the idea all together, but his cheeks flushed even as he dismissed it. Donnie was the one who broke her heart.

When the purple banded brother was a teenager he was the most bashful, but he seemed the only one to hold out real hope. Now though, he had grown as quiet as he was tall. All he ever did was work, and he rarely slept which added to her worries. But even more she felt her heart sink when she posed that topic again recently. He had been toiling away in his lab and barely looked up to spare her a forced smile, solely for her benefit.

“I believe it is no longer a probable outcome.” It was a clipped note before he returned to his work.

It had crushed her to see his hopes dashed, and concerned her because it meant he had come to that conclusion for a reason. These days it was especially on her mind ever since Casey had proposed. Her engagement felt unfair, and she did not like to truly celebrate while her family still did not lead a full life. Casey assured her otherwise, but she could not shake the feeling that she was rubbing their noses in it.


“April, babe really you are overreacting!” Casey tried to soothe her.

The reporter was set on her idea though, “I think they need a chance at least for more people in their lives, good people, and if that were to turn to more…”

“Oh, so you are looking to play matchmaker?” He frowned, watching his fiance go about her evening routine.

April smiled, applying her moisturizer, “I just think they need more people. Good people… like Charlie.”

“Charlie?” Casey lifted a brow, watching her in the mirror.

“Yes, we are going to be married, and I know we want to start a family. We barely get to see them as it is. I want them to be able to grow into live full lives. I think Charlie is just the kind of person they need”, April managed to glare while her eye cream set.

“Okay, fine but to be clear when this blows up I want it said I had nothing to do with this”, the officer chuckled trying to imagine Charlie's reaction to the guys or better yet, their reaction to Charlie.


A few nights later, April called her friend up for drinks after dinner. It was late spring, so she waited outside on the patio. It gave her a good view of her friend’s approach. Charlotte Quinn, Charlie, was an unusual figure who could blend in with a crowd. A paradox that only existed between dusk and dawn.

She first met the young woman when she showed up at her office with a latte, a scone, and an article. All the items were damn good. Charlie had been a sought after freelance writer for a year or so, but she had refused a permanent position. Initially, she thought this was a power play, but the more she got to know her the more she found there was a lot more motivating the young writer’s need to be free of strings. Her work was good though, and she lived to research. However, the first time the brunette stormed into her office and thrust a latte in her hand insisting that she drink and eat, and let her finish her argument without interruption, April was both offended and enticed.

Now, she was April’s choice for research assistant and saved her lots of time. Time that she got to spend with the people she cared about. Charlie was a barista in the mornings, a job she had done through college and apparently literally paid the rent since she lived above the place. April liked her, and she was not afraid to admit that she reminded her of herself not so long ago in her zeal to find and tell the truth.

Charlie was less of a people person. She was not one for interviews. The cafe she worked at only had bar seating, and the baristas had a good banter with their regulars, but most people are quiet in the mornings. Charlie slept from lunch till closing time for most people. She worked on her freelancing jobs at night. Her night owl schedule had come in handy more than once when she had been out with the guys and needed help. The parties had never spoken, but they had helped each other a few times already. It brought a smirk to her lips at the thought and she sipped her cocktail.

April’s eyes caught her friend’s silhouette moving through the evening crowd, and the reporter gave a wave to her approaching friend. Her hair fell in long dark chestnut waves and choppy bangs covered her brow and brushed her black rimmed glasses. A smile broke across Charlie’s heart shaped lips, and she made a beeline for April’s table, combat boots splashing through the puddles from the spring showers in snug jeans and a t-shirt. Charlie’s pale jade eyes lit on the drink April had already ordered for her.

“Hey boss lady”, Charlie grinned plopping down.

April rolled her eyes at the nickname, but joined in on their normal banter. It was not unusual for them to get together once every few weeks for a few drinks. They would discuss work and gossip. Charlie was also the only girl April had to bounce wedding planning ideas off of too. April also had a whole different plan this time though.

“I want you to meet someone… well, a few someones”, April smiled from over her drink.

“You know I don’t do interviews”, Charlie’s eyes narrowed.

April chuckled and gave a laugh, “No no! Friends, very close friends of mine. I want them at the wedding, but it may be a bit tricky.”

“Why are they hard to get along with or something?”

“Not really, you have to meet them to see. It's hard to explain, but they are all the family I have left.” April flashed her blue eyes under the seriousness of the subject. “It would mean a lot to me if they met you.”

The freelancer eased back in her chair taking in the weight behind her friends words, her stormy green eyes brooding. When April revealed something it was usually a doozy, history had taught her that. Charlie took a deep breath and took in her friend. A friend of three years who had never failed her. April had asked her for many work favors, but she was struggling to think of one that was truly personal like this.

Charlie gave a nod, “Whatever you say boss lady.”

That was enough to earn another eye roll from the reporter, and another round of drinks to celebrate.


Midnight came and went with only a message from April that she was running late. They knew she was out with her friend from work, the one she often called for information. It always made Leo edgy when April was out with this friend. April never would give her name, and would only admit that this woman was a trusted friend. That was it. No name, and the hundreds of women who April worked with in one way or another at the news station made it hard for even Donatello to track someone down.

Now Raph had suggested they could rough up Vern a bit to find out more, but Vern made a habit of only hanging around when April was there to supervise. He had his reasons, and many of them stemmed from Raphael. The idea brought a snicker from the genius as he leapt to the next rooftop.

This time however they chose to make use of her delaying them. Granted they just had plans to look at some new intel she had, and likely had gotten from her mystery friend. The chance to get a glimpse of this secret person was too much, even Leo couldn’t turn down a chance at a peak. So Donnie was tasked with tracking April’s phone.

Normally, he would never do this. Unless they thought she was in danger, or working on an active mission. They did have a rebellious streak though, and secrets made his two elder brothers a bit twitchy. She may have been their guardian spirit and savior as hatchlings in the lab, their Hogosha, but now they were adults and the tables had turned.

His train of arbitrary validation for their rogue actions ground to a halt as they found their trusted Hogosha.  Their spying was made easy since she was out in the open, something he knew would irk the eldest brother. He disliked April’s lack of concern for safety. They were only a few stories down, and Donatello crouched down to observe.

Across from April sat a young woman in jeans and a dark green t-shirt. Her hair was a collection of messy waves and curls that gathered in volume around her face and flowed past her shoulders. Hair was a big mystery to creatures with scales, so it was something he liked to observe in detail. This woman’s hair was a dark chestnut more brown than April’s and she had blunt bangs that danced across her brow. She also had glasses, black rimmed with that hint of retro cat-eyed glasses. As a fellow glasses-wearer, he approved the choice. He often wished he got to chose a pair that reflected his own taste more.

The woman was very fair in complexion, and she looked a little more “curvy” than April. Their Hogosha was lithe and often worried how she had to look on camera. This woman was deeper in the curves, but as they stood and linked arms he could see her trim waist and limbs curved with muscle and femininity. Her gait gave her hips a pronounced sway even in the combat boots she wore, and drew the eye to the hourglass shape of her frame rather hypnotically.

“Hello, secret friend”, Mikey whispered in a sing song voice with a wiggle of his eye ridges.

Don pretended not to be caught ogling the pair, and moved to follow as they made their way to their next destination. It seemed to be the opposite direction of April’s home, and not towards a subway point, so he would wager it was the mystery woman’s way home. They were surprised when the pair decided to pause in a small park that boasted a basketball court.

“Charlie put that down. You don’t know where it’s been”, April laughed when her friend found a discarded basketball.

Her friend, Charlie, they now learned frowned and snickered. “It's a ball not a bomb, and I don’t plan on licking it. Do you?” She cocked a brow in tease.

April’s eyes flashed for a moment before she burst out in laughter. The pair engaged in a tipsy game of horse. This Charlie seemed nice enough, and the pair looked to just be goofing around. It was nice honestly. Well, it was until his screen lit up telling him of someone approaching.

The women below were too busy arguing over who had actually lost the game and their punishment to see the men moving towards them. It was not until they heard the sound of the gate open to the basketball court that they looked up. Five young men mostly teenagers moved in on them. One stepped forward and gave them a leering smile, “You girls want to play with us?”

April gave Charlie a look and they both tried to sidle away from the men who only drew closer. The man closest to April lunged for her and with their backs to the fence they had nowhere to go. A smack rang out over the asphalt courtyard when Charlie stepped forward to slap the man across the face. The momentary strike only drew a sneer from the man and he snatched the wrist that had delivered the blow. Charlie was yanked to the man and gave a sharp yelp of pain as his grip tightened on her wrist.

“Wait! You don’t want to do this”, April began hoping to somehow defuse the situation when a throwing star wedged its way into the man’s arm forcing his release of Charlie.

Relief flooded her as the sounds of a skirmish surrounded her. A familiar sounds of pain along with the flashes green that came with the brothers. The reporter turned to her friend who was holding her wrist trying to make sense of what she was seeing. She turned to her with confusion as the five men were tossed about like rag dolls.

“April we have to get to higher ground”, Leonardo remarked and gave a nod over to the police sirens headed their way.

April gave a nod, and grabbed Charlie’s uninjured arm, “We have to go with them.”

“What?!” Charlie questioned wide eyed as the four new figures closed in.

“These are my friends”, April tried to stress the importance of her words, and watched her friend try to grasp the information.

“Sorry miss, but we need to move”, Leonardo sent her an apologetic look before scooping her up.

“Hey…”, Charlie raised her voice to give him a piece of her mind when they began scaling a building, quickly. She settled for holding on tightly with her good arm and grumbling.

As soon as they reached a high rooftop Leo set her down carefully. April scrambled next to her and watched as Donatello lingered, clearly eager to examine her injury. Charlie meanwhile sank to a her feet craning her head back to look up at the brothers. She licked her lips and glanced at April from her stance as a human puddle.

“Did I hit my head?” she cooed.

It drew a laugh from the brothers. People often said many things when they caught a glimpse of them. Monster was a popular one. They had gotten alien, and even demon once or twice. But hallucinations from a head injury was a new one.

April smiled and shook her head, and gave Don a pat on the arm. “This is Donatello. Why don’t you let him take a look at you arm?”

Charlie’s head bobbed and pushed up her glasses to observe him. It was a little unnerving to be under her scrutiny. This close he could see her pale jade eyes, and to his surprise she met his gaze and held it for a moment. Then those eyes narrowed, and her voice came back, “Wait are you the Donnie that she is always giving my best research too?!”

Pinned with the question and the fact that she had surged forward to pin him with a glare, he faltered. Her messy waves smelled of sweet apples and there was some layer of sweet cream and coffee to her. No doubt a hodgepodge of her personal lotions and such. Her pale skin seemed to glow and this close he could see the dusting of freckles across her cheekbones. He snapped out of his daze with a not so subtle, “huh?”

“When April asks me for everything I have scraped together on something for Donnie it goes to you.” She elaborated still so close and unflinching.

“Heh”, a smile broke across his features and a hand moved to the back of his head in slight embarrassment. April had never explained that. “It appears I am in your debt. Let me start by taking a look at that arm.”

Charlie huffed but eased back and moved her arm into his waiting hands. She hissed and whimpered at his prodding, but he was happy to find on an initial exam that her wrist was just badly bruised. She would need it wrapped and braced for some time, but it would heal. He frowned at the marks already turning green and purple on her slim wrist. He moved to wrap it with some tape and cloth he had on him for now. Mikey had crept over to introduce himself which had drawn a smile to the young woman’s face.

“I’m Charlotte Quinn”, Charlie paused her attention drifting to the argument between April and the turtle who carried her up.

“You wanna explain why you were here so quickly?” April lifted a brow.

“You delayed, and we got worried”, Leo stated flatly.

“That doesn’t sound like the whole story”, Charlie snickered before a yelp slipped past her lips as Don wrapped the most tender part of her wrist.

“Sorry”, the purple banded brother whispered looking up as he finished. “Is that better?”

Charlie nodded and flashed him a smile, “Thank you.”

Donnie blushed and squirmed under her attention. Now that she was no longer the patient she seemed keen on getting a good look at them. Since he was the closest one he appeared to be her guinea pig. Her gaze took him in in his crouched state and seemed fascinated by what she saw. He was relieved when she didn’t seem obviously disgusted or scandalized instead it was just shock and as that wore off it gave way to curiosity. Mikey was happy to give her a look at his shell and brag about their heroic duty to save damsels.

Charlie gave a giggle and attempted to rise to her feet, but swayed. She was steadied by Donatello who was already pulling down his goggles to get a closer look at her slightly unfocused eyes. Under the light and magnification he could see things were not quite right, but he also was not sure what he was looking for. Charlie squirmed in his hold, shutting her eyes forcefully.

“I’m fine I just have vertigo. It's nothing new.” She urged, but clung to his arm to remain upright.

“What’s wrong with mouthy?” Raphael asked moving closer to see why she was clinging to his brother.

“She might pass out”, Don waved his brother off.

“Well, that’s a delayed reaction they normally faint when they first see us. Don’t freak out now”, the red banded brother scoffed.

Charlie wobbled to straighten, “Don’t you have to fuck up Tokyo in an hour or something, or is your Godzilla dance card light tonight?”

“Watch it harpie!” Raph growled leaning towards the dizzy woman.

“Shove it Gargoyle!” Charlie snapped with a click of her teeth in a threatening bite, and Donatello actively lifted her up to keep her from pursuing any threat towards Raph, and his very thin patience.

To their surprise Raphael began to chuckle, and reached out to pat the woman on the head, “Oh we should keep her. It’s like having a rabid poodle.”

Charlie rolled her eyes, but eeped when the largest brother picked her up seemingly for inspection. His massive hands gripped her waist to hold her up and out to see as he mused aloud, “So, why has April hidden you away? You’re not hideous, and you send stuff to Donnie boy so you must be smart.”

“My what a glowing recommendation”, Charlie frowned, gripping his arms to fight the lingering dizziness.

“I hid her away because I didn’t want her hurt or caught up in anything”, April frowned.

Under the older woman’s gaze the red banded brother set Charlie on her feet again. He gazed down at her and ruffed her chestnut hair, “We could use a little trouble maker.”

Charlie for her part relaxed her glare at the warm gesture, but just as she felt she was done with inquisitions the blue banded brother came closer. The one who April had been arguing with not so quietly moments ago. He dipped his head in a polite acknowledgement before he spoke.

“Miss Charlotte…”

“Charlie”, she interjected.

“Charlie”, he accepted, “I am concerned that what happened tonight could have been planned. April is well known for what she did in previous missions with us. It means if you have been tied to an attack on her they may try to find out who you are or use you to some end. I would like for you to return to the lair with us until this calms down and we can be sure of your safety.”

Charlie blinked before sputtering, “No.”

“Please, miss…” Leo began again but was cut off.

“A lair sounds like where you go to be killed.” Charlie scoffed, and at their exasperated looked elaborated, “Seriously, name one person who went to the Batcave and left in anything but a body bag except Alfred?! Also, I have work to do. I can’t just disappear because some jerk thought two chicks and a basketball looked like good time! Those guys didn’t seem like they were looking for anything more than to be jerks, not like they had been on a mission or something.”

“Wait does that make Splinter Alfred?” Mikey asked utterly confused by her rant.

Leo’s eye twitched in a way that told April he was running out of patience. The reporter made a grab for some middle ground, “What if you just check up on her like you do me?”

“Would you agree to surveillance?” Donnie stepped forward.

Charlie looked between them before throwing her hands up in defeat, “Sure. Surveillance it is. How will that work?”


April watched as Donnie set up a security system around the perimeter of Charlie’s apartment. Mikey was eager to help secure the area i.e. snoop, and Raph was content to remain as lookout. Leo had questions though. He wanted her schedule, and any emergency contacts. The leader also laid out a schedule for their visits which would be most nights.

“You know I wanted you guys to meet her. I was trying to work her up to it tonight, and then plan something”, April quietly confessed as Donatello went about his work.

The tallest brother paused, “You wanted her to meet us?”

April nodded, “I thought she has been such a good friend to me, and with the wedding coming up… I just thought she could be a good friend to you guys too.”

Donatello’s lips pulled into a shy smile. April was always eager to share everything with them, so why not her friends? Charlie certainly seemed like a good compatriot to April. Time would tell if it was a good idea though. She definitely had a temper which strangely Raph had tested and clearly found endearing. The brute had carried their new charge all the way here and their banter had been downright playful along the way. That could also be her demeanor. The younger woman had been shocked and afraid, but not used any of Raph’s “trigger” words to describe them like it or things.

The genius offered a smile and moved to the final room he needed to check. He tried to play it casual as he stepped into Charlie’s bedroom. It was small and taken up mostly by the queen sized bed that lay on the floor rather than a frame. The walls were painted a dark grey and the curtains were heavy likely to block out the sun for her mostly nocturnal routine. There was a worn lilac comforter mussed from sleep, and her laptop lay closed on a lap desk nearby. She had strung lights around the window that was his main concern to create ambient lighting. This room was a clearly the cozy cave of an introvert, a haven created by its owner.

He felt like an obvious intruder to such a private and feminine space. Through the adjoining door he could see her perfumes laid out on the bathroom counter. His cheeks flushed at the glimpse of a discarded lacy bra on the bathroom floor. He quickly stumbled to the window to place a security trigger eager to escape. Until something out of place caught his eye.

Everything about the room was of a dreamy grey and lilac color scheme, so a flash of orange caught his eye. Pill bottles, three large pill bottles lined up neatly on her nightstand. He knelt down to examine them. The names were unfamiliar to him, but he noted them and placed them meticulously back where he found them. He forced a smile to his face when he left the room and April continued trying to smooth over the agreement between Leo and Charlie.


Donatello followed his brothers home from their very eventful night out. Meeting someone new was about as rare as it got, so it made sense that their energy was high. Mikey was babbling happily, and seemed to already have it in mind that they would be very good friends. The coffee shop featuring a bakery below might have had something to do with that. Raph had that smirk that told him the lanky brother that he approved. It was the same one he had when Mikey brought home a stray, mangy cat when they were kids.

Leo even had cracked a smile. Mostly because as they left their new friend had grabbed the fearless leader by the hand. The look on Leonardo’s face when she peered up at him and quietly thanked him. Fearless was not won over, but she had earned his respect with that one. They were rarely thanked.

He left his brothers to wind down. The purple banded brother was still irked by the pills he had seen. Was she sick? They had dozens of refills on the tag, so it would have to be chronic which was rarely good. For a moment, his concern and curiosity warred with the simple question of was it his business? Granted, if something happened, and she did have a chronic illness it would be best to know more ahead of time then when shit was hitting the fan…

From the safety of his lab with the door closed he decided to gamble. It was better to know, right?




Author's note-


So, first thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, and I will update it soon.


This has now been put through its paces by my darling Dragon!


Reviews are incredibly important to me because they are my only real way to gauge the audience.  I welcome all feedback, so please let me know how I did! Thank you so much for reading!




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