Movie Date

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18 year old Kim Possible was walking through the halls of Middleton High, looking rather sad. It was Friday afternoon. Normally it was her date night with her boyfriend Ron Stoppable. But, Felix had invited him over for a sleepover. Ron was going to refuse, knowing that the last time he ditched Kim to hang out with Felix, she got jealous. But Kim told him to hang out with Felix, promising she wouldn't get jealous.

Kim walked to her locker, looking really sad. She hated being lonely, even on a Friday night. Then, a familiar voice rang out, "Aww! Looks like someone missing her Ronshine." Kim turned around and smiled to see her former rival, Bonnie Rockwaller wearing a caring smile on her face. Ever since the Bonding incident, Kim and Bonnie became nicer to each other.

"Oh! Actually, I let Ron go. After all, he wouldn't be Ron if he didn't hang out with his friends." Kim said, putting her books in her locker. She had a rough start of Junior year last year, with her being jealous of Felix and Yori, the moodulator chips, and even Team Impossible trying put Kim and Ron out of buisness. But, they survived it and lived happily ever together. 

"That's very nice Kim." Bonnie said with a smile. Kim just smiled, loving the new nicer Bonnie. Sometimes it got a little overwhelming, but Kim just liked the new Bonnie. They didn't have to fight over who should be on top of the cheer pyramid anymore, or if that cute boy is gonna fall for one of them. They could just be friends and not rivals. 

"But, it's really going to be a lonely Friday." Kim said, sadly. She hated when she didn't have her Ronshine on her Ronnights. Whenever it was just them, sparks flew when they made sweet love to each other. But now, it was gonna be just Kim alone without any Ronshine on a Friday night. Luckily, Bonnie had a plan to change all that. 

"Well, your suffering is over! Because we're going to the movies!" Bonnie said, beaming.

Kim gasped and smiled. She wouldn't be lonely tonight. "Really?" She squeaked. While Kim always loved her Ronshine, she loved it when she gets a does of Bonshine. No matter whatever the plan was, Bonnie found a way to make their time together even more exciting, with rope, gags, maybe a blindfold, and a few toys. 

Bonnie nodded as she pulled out two movie tickets out of her pocket. "I got two tickets for Fifty Shades of Grey! It comes out tonight!" Bonnie said. Both Kim and Bonnie had the read book series. It was almost like stepping into a dream whenever they read about Christian's and Anatasia's bondage sexescapades. 

"I've been dying to see that movie! Oh, thanks Bonnie!" Kim said, hugging her new friend. Bonnie just smiled and hugged her former rival back. Her hugs are so nice, Bonnie thought to herself. She tried her best not to strip her naked right now in the hallway while school was in session. Mr. Barkin would have a heart attack over it. 

"Don't mention it, Kimmie." Bonnie said, stroking Kim's beautiful hair. She then broke the embrace and grinned over the plans she made for her and Kim for tonight. She had to go through a lot of dealing in order to make these plans happen, but she knew when Kim saw what she had laid out for her, it would be worth it. "Anyway, be ready by 8:00. And I have a special surprise."

Kim grew curious. She knew that Bonnie was probably thinking of going to her place and tying her up, making Kim Bonnie's captive for two days. A tradition they would do whenever it was just them. Something they both enjoyed. Kim smiled with anticipation over what Bonnie probably has planned. "What kind of surprise?" Kim asked.

"You'll find out soon. See ya tonight, Kim!" Bonnie said as she headed off to class.

"See ya Bonnie!" Kim waved. Kim was excited for tonight. But, she still wondered what kind of surprise Bonnie had in store for them. She hoped she was going to be tied up and gagged again just like last month. During a school project, Kim and Bonnie discovered that had an obsession for bondage. It was able to bring them closer than ever. One thing is for sure, Kim couldn't wait till tonight.

It was 15 minutes past 7. Kim was in her room, putting on make up, getting ready for tonight. Her parents were going out to dinner, and her twin brothers were going to a sleepover. Kim told her mom and dad that she might end up spending the night with Bonnie. They didn't mind. Kim was old enough to make her own decisions.

Kim took one last look in the mirror. She was wearing a pink tank top with green jeans. She was sure Bonnie would love it. Then, there was a knock at the door. "Come in!" Kim called out, already knowing who it was.

"Hey Kim! You ready?" Bonnie asked from downstairs.

Kim smiled to herself. "Yeah. Just a second. Or, you could come up if you want."

Bonnie giggled. "OK. Here I come!" Bonnie then made her way to Kim's room. She smiled at seeing her new friend, all dressed up for tonight. "You look so cute." Kim blushed at Bonnie's compliment.

"Hey, I'm really excited at finally seeing Fifty Shades tonight. And I'm even more excited about that surprise you mentioned earlier." Kim said with a smile.

"I know you are." Bonnie whispered before stealing a kiss from the red head. "You ready?"


"OK. Let's roll!" Kim and Bonnie then made their way to Bonnie's car and drove off towards the movie theater.

After 20 minutes, Bonnie's car pulled up to the movie theater parking lot. "We're here!" Bonnie chirped. Kim looked around, confused. While it looked like the movie theater was open, there was no one inside and no one in the parking lot. Bonnie just smiled at Kim. "You know that cute assistant manager? Black hair, white teeth, strong arms?" Bonnie asked playfully.

Kim smiled as she knew who Bonnie was talking about. "Oh! Romeo! Yeah, I know. You've been crushing on him for a while." Kim and Bonnie giggled at that.

"Yeah. Anyway, I always wondered what it would be like to have an entire movie theater to ourselves. So, here's my big surprise! Ta-Da!" Bonnie said with a smile.

Kim gasped. "Really?" Kim squeaked. Bonnie nodded. Kim smiled. An entire movie theater to themselves. "How?"

"I'll show you." Bonnie replied while she dugged her iPhone out of her purse. "Not only Romeo is the assistant manager here, but he's also a huge fan of Fifty Shades. So, I made a deal with him and he said we can have the entire place to ourselves whenever we want, meaning we can use it for sleepovers!"

Kim smiled. An entire movie theater to her and Bonnie gives them a wide array of possibilities. "That's great! And what did you promise him in return?" Kim asked playfully.

Bonnie then showed Kim a video of her; nude, bound, and blindfolded. Kim got excited just watching it. Romeo was standing over her with a riding crop. "Alright," Romeo said. "say it one more time, and I'll let you have the entire theater whenever you want."

"Yes master," Bonnie said with a smile on the video. "You're both great at rewards and punishments."

Kim couldn't help but crack a smile. "Talk about bad acting!" Kim and Bonnie shared a laugh.

"Well, at least it got us this entire theater just for us." Bonnie said, lovingly. Kim blushed as Bonnie kissed her again. After the kiss broke, Bonnie fetched her duffel bag. "Ready for the best night of your life?"

"Yes mistress." Kim said with a smile.

Bonnie smiled. "I love it when you call me that." The two then made their way into the theater. Once they reached the lobby, Bonnie faced Kim with a grin. "OK. First things first." Bonnie simply said.

Kim smiled as she knew what Bonnie was talking about. She started by taking off her pink tank top and green jeans to reveal Kim wearing a lacy red bra with matching panties. "You look so hot Kim." Bonnie said with a smile. Kim blushed lightly as she took off her bra to reveal her perky nipples. Finally, she took off her panties to reveal her shaven pussy.

"Are you sure we'll be alright?" Kim asked nervously. She shivered at the prospect of being caught nude in a movie theater.

Bonnie offered Kim a reassuring smile. "Of course! The windows are tinted, the security cameras are off. We'll be fine!" Bonnie assured. "Besides, I don't ever want to share my Kimmie."

Kim smiled as she knew that her friend, lover, and mistress really cared about her. Bonnie then proceeded to get naked as well. She removed her blue shirt and jeans to reveal a purple bra and matching panties. Bonnie then undid her bra, revealing her own nipples. Finally, she slowly removed her panties to reveal her shaven pussy. "You look incredible. But, then again, you always do..." Kim said.

Bonnie smiled as she stole another kiss from Kim's lips. "So, you need to go before we get inside?" Bonnie asked.

"No. I'll be fine." Kim replied.

"Let's get in the restroom anyway." Bonnie said, grabbing her bag. "I want to start the fun as soon as we can."

Kim smiled and giggled. "Alright. Lead the way." Kim said. Both girls then stepped inside the restroom. Bonnie then reached into her duffel bag and fetched some rope that Kim hoped was going to be used on her. Bonnie then started the process by tying Kim's wrists together with her arms behind her back and the knot effectively out of her reach. Bonnie then wrapped a coil of rope around Kim's breasts, making them stand out. "Ah..." Kim gasped as the ropes tightened around her. Not that anything had changed, but Kim knew that she would never get out of this without Bonnie's help.

"Almost done, Kimmie…" Bonnie said after a moment, taking the trailing ends of the rope one more around and over Kim's shapely hips, securing them together with a knot below her belly button, then pulling them firmly between Kim's exposed pussy lips and once she was satisfied, tying the ends to the ropes that had captured Kim's wrists a few moments before. "There…"

Kim looked down at her body, now bound and secured with Bonnie's ropes. "Bonnie…" Kim breathed, tugging at her bindings only to discover that the slightest movement set off waves of pleasure from the ropes that ran between her moist pussy lips. Looking back over to her caramel-tressed friend, she continued, "This feels amazing."

Bonnie smiled, admiring Kim's statuesque, nude, and excitingly bound form. "I was hoping you'd like it…" she trailed off, stepping closer to Kim to run her hand up Kim's side. Kim couldn't help but shudder in pleasure at the sensation. Bonnie then grabbed Kim's ass playfully, causing Kim to laugh. "Let's get into the theater..."

Kim couldn't help but notice there was something missing. "Wait. Aren't you gonna gag me?" Kim asked, knowing it was tradition for Bonnie to put one of her gags to use whenever she and Kim hung out.

"Now, why would I gag such a pretty mouth like yours?" Bonnie said sweetly. Since there was basically no one here, they wouldn't need to worry, much less use the gags. "But, if you want to..." Bonnie pulled out the green ball gag that was used on Kim last month from her bag.

Kim smiled. "I'll let you know when I want it..." Kim said.

Bonnie then put the gag back into her duffel bag and gave Kim's bare behind a squeeze. "Ahh!" Kim exclaimed with a giggle. Bonnie then twerked Kim's ass, which Kim loved. "You love playing with my tush, don't you?" She asked with a smile.

"You know I do..." Bonnie replied. "I have a special present for this cute little bubble butt..." Kim smiled at that thought. Bonnie then picked up the bound Kim in her arms, and Kim wrapped her legs around Bonnie. "You ready?"

"Yes ma'am..." Kim replied. Bonnie then carried Kim towards the theater showcasing Fifty Shades. As they made their way in, Kim was surprised to see that the front row has been replaced with a full size bed. "Romeo did this for us?"

"Yeah...we can basically sleep while watching it…" Bonnie replied. Kim smiled. Bonnie then laid Kim gently down on the bed and flopped down right next to her. "Hi..."

"Hi yourself..." Kim said with a light blush.

"So, you wanna try my idea for your tushy..." Bonnie asked while tickling Kim's side.

Kim giggled at Bonnie's touch. "Whatever you want mistress..." Kim simply said.

Bonnie then flipped Kim onto her stomach to reveal her ass hole. "I want to stuff your tushy hole..." Bonnie explained.

Kim gave an excited smile. She always wanted to try anal. "Really? With what?" Kim asked.

Bonnie flipped Kim back onto her back. "I have these really cute butt plugs and I want you to choose which one look great in your tushy hole..."

"I get to choose?" Kim asked innocently.

"Sure. After all, it's your night..." Bonnie said lovingly before pulling out a roll from her bag. She then unwrapped it to reveal 12 butt plugs for Kim. Kim looked at all of them. Then, an idea popped into her head.

"Why don't we try all of them first? Then, I'll choose which one I like best..." Kim suggested.

Bonnie nodded at that idea. "Alright...legs up!" Bonnie helped Kim raise her legs and put her ankles between her head. "Let me warm your bum hole up..." Bonnie then proceeded to lick Kim's ass hole.

"Oh..." Kim moaned. "Bonnie..." Kim loved the feeling of her asshole being licked. Bonnie then sucked one of her fingers.

"You don't mind if I warm it up a little further?" Bonnie asked.

"Not at all..." Kim said with a smile. Bonnie then stuck her finger into Kim's ass. "Ahh!"

"You OK, babe?" Bonnie asked.

"It feels great..." Kim said between moans. Bonnie gently moved her finger inside Kim's asshole. After awhile, Bonnie removed her finger from Kim's ass and grabbed the first butt plug. It was a simple light blue rubber one. Kim smiled as Bonnie teased her hole with the plug.

"You ready?" Bonnie asked.

"Yes..." Kim said, tensing herself against her bonds. Bonnie then simply pushed the plug into Kim's ass. Amazingly, it fitted. Kim and Bonnie shared a knowing smile as they looked at Kim's plugged up hole.

"How does it feel?" Bonnie asked.

"Amazing..." Kim replied with a smile. She loved the feeling of her ass being filled up.

"Looks beautiful to me..." Bonnie said, playfully running a finger over Kim's filled up hole. Bonnie then grabbed her camera and took a few photos of Kim's ass and her plug. "Your bum hole looks so cute, Kimmie..."

Kim just giggled before Bonnie reached over to kiss her while running her fingers over Kim's filled ass. Kim could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. After the kiss broke, Bonnie placed her fingertips over Kim's butt plug. "Say bye to Mr. Blue..." Bonnie said playfully.

Kim laughed. "Bye Mr. Blue..." Kim said sweetly with a smile. Bonnie then gently pulled the butt plug out of Kim's ass hole.

"Ready for the next one?" Bonnie asked her captive. Kim nodded. Bonnie then pulled out a similar purple butt plug. They did the same thing with this and a green butt plug; fitted it into Kim's hole, took a few pictures, kissed while Bonnie teased Kim's filled ass, said a few cute words and pulled the plug out.

After Kim tried out Mr. Green, she smiled up at her friend and mistress. "Wow. They were all so great. I don't know which one to pick." Kim said. She loved the way her ass hole looked and felt plugged with those colorful rubber toys.

Bonnie giggled. "Well, you'll just love this next set of plugs..." Bonnie said, picking up a silver metal plug with what looked like a diamond at the end.

Kim saw the diamond end of the plug and just smiled. "Is that a diamond?" She asked innocently.

"A very beautiful diamond for the most beautiful cheerleader in Middleton..." Bonnie teased. "Who is also the cutest..."

Kim just giggled. "What should we call this one?"

"How about...Pretty Diamond?" Bonnie suggested as she started to tease Kim's ass.

"That's perfect..." Kim replied, tensing herself.

"Ready?" Bonnie asked. Kim nodded. "In goes the diamond..." Bonnie then gently pushed the plug into Kim's hole. It fitted. "What do you think?"

Kim smiled. "Normally, I'm not a big fan of diamonds...But this one is really cute..." Kim said.

"It is..." Bonnie said, knowingly, running her fingers over Kim's plug. The girls did the same process as with the rubbers ones. After the silver one, they tried a blue sapphire, and pink ruby butt plug. "Alright, these next ones are a little bigger..." Bonnie said after she removed the ruby butt plug. "Think you can handle them?"

"You know me! I can do anything!" Kim said with determination.

Bonnie smiled as she grabbed the next butt plug. It was pink and looked sort of bumpy, like bubbles. "What do you think we should call this one?" Bonnie asked playfully.

"How about, Pink Bubbles?" Kim suggested as Bonnie teased her ass again.

"Great..." Bonnie replied. "Here we go..." Bonnie then inserted the bubble butt plug into Kim's hole. Amazingly, it fitted. Bonnie was impressed. "Wow! I didn't think it would fit..."

Kim giggled. "Well, like I said before..." Kim reminded Bonnie that she could do anything.

"I bet you can fit anything in there..." Bonnie said dreamily as she teased Kim's filled up ass hole.

"Nothing's impossible for Kim Possible!" Kim joked. She and Bonnie shared a giggle fit. They repeated the same cute process. After the pink one, they tried a blue and purple one, each with the same bumpy bubbles.

"Ready for the last set?" Bonnie asked after she removed the purple bumpy butt plug.

"Yes mistress..." Kim said sweetly.

Bonnie smiled as she grabbed a slightly lager black butt plug. "Let me know if this one's too big..." Bonnie said. Kim nodded as Bonnie gently slid the plug into Kim's ass. Surprisingly, Kim took it well. "Wow...You really can do anything..." Kim laughed at that joke. Bonnie then grabbed a small remote. "Here's a little surprise..." Bonnie said as she pushed a button. Suddenly, Kim's butt plug vibrated.

"Ahh!" Kim gasped. "It vibrates?"

Bonnie nodded as she turned the vibration down to tease. "Let's call this one, Mr. Tickles..." Bonnie whispered. Kim could feel herself getting even more wetter by the minute. After kissing and teasing Kim, and taking a few pictures of Kim's ass, Bonnie then turned off the vibration feature and removed the plug from Kim's ass. They then repeated the same process with a white and pink butt plug, both the same size and with the vibration feature.

"Alright..." Bonnie said after she removed the final butt plug from Kim. She then ran her hands over Kim's smooth legs. "What plug is best for your bum hole?"

Kim thought for a moment before, "I really like Mr. Blue..." She said with a smile.

Bonnie smiled. "Mr. Blue it is..." Bonnie then grabbed the light blue rubber butt plug and licked it. "Ready?"

"Yes mistress..." Kim said sweetly.

"Here we go..." Bonnie whispered as she slowly inserted the plug into Kim's ass. She and Kim smiled at Kim's filled up hole. "You could put your legs down now...If you want..."

Kim giggled. "Then how are you gonna get a better shot of my fourth new best friend?" Kim asked.

Bonnie smiled as she grabbed the camera and took photos of Kim's plugged up ass. They tried a bunch of different positions, with Bonnie helping her bound captive. "Good thing I got a lot of plugs, because from the way your cute little butt looks, you're gonna put those plugs to good use, Kimmie..." Bonnie said, playfully smacking Kim's ass.

"Ahh!" Kim exclaimed at Bonnie's caring and playful touch. "I can't wait..." Kim said, laying back on her stomach with a smile.

"Anytime you wanna a different plug, I'll replace Mr. Blue with any kind of plug you want..." Bonnie said, twerking Kim's ass playfully.

Kim smiled. She loved the fact that Bonnie loved to accessorize her. Kim then rolled onto her back, leaned upwards and planted a loving kiss on Bonnie's lips.

"I'll be right back..." Bonnie said after the kiss broke, getting off of Kim.

"Hey..." Kim said, disappointed.

"I'm just going to get snacks..." Bonnie said with a grin. "What do you want? Popcorn, soda, candy?"

"Whatever you give me, I'll like..." Kim said with a smile.

"Full package then..." Bonnie said before stepping out of the theater.

Kim just laid there on the full sized bed, still amazed over her amazing situation: naked, bound, with a butt pug in, about to watch the hottest movie of the year with her friend, lover and mistress, in a theater all to themselves. Her erotic thoughts were interrupted by the screen where it showed the concession counter. "The previews must be starting..." Kim said to herself.

Then, Bonnie appeared, walking slowly and seductively to the counter. Kim's mouth dropped as she realized it was a live stream of her mistress, in all her naked beauty, getting their snacks. "Hi Kimmie..." Bonnie said with a smile, knowing Kim might be watching.

Kim smiled. Her friend had outdone herself this time. "You're too beautiful..." Bonnie said to the camera. "A pretty girl like you deserves something sweet..." Bonnie then hopped over the counter and opened the candy display. She took almost every candy you could think of out. Kim felt herself getting even wetter. "Whatever should I get you..." Bonnie then sat on the counter and faced the camera.

She then opened a bag of gummy bears. "Gummy bears?" Bonnie asked teasingly. Kim just watched, longingly wanting a taste of Bonnie. After placing a gummy bear in her mouth, Bonnie then placed it on her pussy. Kim licked her lips, wanting a taste of that candy.

"Lollipop?" Bonnie asked, unwrapping one and sucking on it before placing it between her legs. "Licorice?" Bonnie teasingly sucked on her licorice rope and placed it on her wet pussy. Kim almost couldn't stand it. "You know, I'll just give you one of everything!"

Kim smiled as Bonnie put one of every candy into a bag. She walked toward the popcorn maker and rubbed her nipples for Kim. "Butter or no butter?" Bonnie asked.

Kim thought for a moment before Bonnie said, "Butter then." Kim smiled, as though Bonnie knew what she was thinking. She then turned around and gave her ass a shake. Kim just watched, loving the show. After getting her popcorn, Bonnie walked over to the butter dispenser and poured butter onto the popcorn.

She then put a little bit of butter on her finger and placed it on her nipples. She then picked up two popcorn kernels and placed them on her sticky nipples. Kim giggled at Bonnie's food play. Bonnie then walked over to the soda dispenser. "Let me guess...Coke?" Bonnie asked.

Kim nodded. Bonnie then grabbed the soda hose and poured Kim's drink. She got a little soda on herself. Kim just watched with longing, waiting for Bonnie to get back into the theater. Bonnie then grabbed the snacks and left the counter.

As the screen went black, Kim turned around and smiled to see her mistress with their food. Bonnie then set the snacks down and grabbed her camera to take pictures of her submissive. After a few pics, Bonnie then laid down next to Kim on the full size bed. "Ready?" Bonnie asked with a warm smile.

"Yes ma'am..." Kim replied with a twinkle in her eyes. With that, the lights dimmed and the movie started playing.

About 20 minutes into the movie, Kim and Bonnie ate almost all their snacks. “Christian looks so hot...” Bonnie said. “He should wear black all the time...After all, he does his job as Dom properly.” 

Kim nodded. “Speaking of which, I think it’s time for you to get changed into black too...” Kim said with a smile. 

“Really?” Bonnie asked. 

“And since we have this theater to ourselves, I get to watch...” Kim said with a demure smile. All the times Bonnie changed into sexy lingerie, Kim never got to watch her. 

Bonnie smiled warmly. “Who am I to disobey my captive?” Since she was treating Kim to something special, it was only fair that she get to make her captive’s fantasies come true. Bonnie fetched into her bag and pulled out a black bra with matching thong. “Got these at Victoria’s Secret...” 

Kim giggled. Bonnie then stepped in front of Kim and put on her lingerie. Kim couldn’t take her off her. Bonnie looked stunning. “You look so hot...” Kim simply said. Bonnie smiled as she spun around and gave Kim a view of her ass. 

Bonnie then laid down next to Kim and smiled warmly. “You’re too beautiful...” She whispered. “And I really love you’re butt plug...”

“Then I’ll keep wearing it for you...” Kim said as she leaned in and kissed her mistress. Bonnie then embraced Kim as the kiss intensified. She then trailed them down to Kim’s neck. Kim moaned louder as Bonnie cupped her behind and teased her filled up ass. “Bonnie...” 

“Yes Kimmie?” Bonnie asked. 

“Please lick me...” Kim said, wanting a good clit massage. 

“Where?” Bonnie asked as she continued to lick Kim’s neck. 

“My pussy...” Kim replied, the warmth between her legs growing hotter. 

Bonnie smiled. She’s been wanting to do this all night. She then rolled onto her back. “Come here you...” Bonnie said. Kim then moved towards her and sat on her face. “Lay back...” Kim did what she was told and felt Bonnie grab her by the hips. She then started to lick Kim’s pussy, gently.

“Mmm...Yeah, Bonnie...” Kim moaned, loving the slow and sensual feel as she tensed against her bonds. Bonnie then let one of her hands glide across Kim’s stomach. She enthusiastically sucked on Kim’s clit. 

Kim pulled against her bonds, but she couldn’t escape even if she wanted to. Bonnie then used her free hand to tease Kim’s ass hole as she continued to lick her captive’s pussy. “Keep licking me...” Kim said though moans. 

Bonnie then removed her mouth from Kim’s wet folds. “Flip around...” Bonnie said. 

Kim did what she was told and soon, Bonnie had a view of one of her favorite things right in front of her. Bonnie then continued to lick Kim’s pussy while twerking her ass playfully. “Lick me...” Kim moaned. Bonnie then placed her fingertips over Mr. Blue and playfully pulled it out. “Ahh!” Kim gasped. Bonnie then placed her tongue in Kim’s ass hole. 

“My Kimmie...” Bonnie smiled as she started to finger Kim’s pussy while continuing to lick her ass. 

“I’m cumming!” Kim screamed as she felt her orgasm. “Ahh!”

Bonnie grabbed Kim’s ass as she felt her captive twitching from orgasm. After a few moments of heavy breathing, Kim turned her head and flashed Bonnie a weak smile. “That was amazing...” Kim breathed. 

Bonnie smiled at her captive as she picked up Mr. Blue, sucked on it and put it back in her ass. “You know, I really love Mr. Blue...You look so cute with him stuffed in you...”

“As long as you like him, I’ll keep him in as long as you like...” Kim said with a smile. “I could stay like this all night...”

“You could...and you should...” Bonnie said with a grin while lovingly grabbing Kim’s ass. 

“But then again...” Kim said, turning her body around till she and her mistress are face to face. “I wouldn’t be able to do this...” Kim then planted a kiss on her lover’s lips. She then sucked gently on Bonnie’s ear. After breaking the last kiss, the girls then focused their attention on the movie. 

After 40 minutes into the movie, Bonnie went to the restroom, leaving Kim alone. Kim watched the hot sex scene between Christian and Anastasia on screen. She thought they looked hot together. As they continued to go at it, Kim could feel her pussy getting wet again. She wished Bonnie was here right now.

Kim closed her eyes and wished herself into a world of fantasy. She pulled against the bindings keeping her captive as she imagined what kind of dirty, erotic things she wants Bonnie to do to her. "Oh yeah..." Kim moaned erotically. She was so lost in a world of her own, she didn't notice coming out of her mouth, "Fuck me, Bonnie!"

Her fantasies were interrupted when she heard a gasp. Kim opened her eyes to see Bonnie smiling over her. "What did you say?" Bonnie asked playfully.

"I'm sorry..." Kim said with a sweet smile.

"I want to hear you say it again..." Bonnie whispered with a warm smile.

Kim thought for a moment before saying, "Fuck me."

Bonnie giggled before laying on top of her captive. "Who said you can say that word?"

"What? I can't?" Kim asked innocently.

Bonnie smiled warmly, caressing Kim's breasts. "It's just that you sound so cute when you say dirty words..."

Kim giggled as she knew it was true. She wasn't used to saying profanity. "I got a little naughty from watching Christian and Anastasia go at it..."

"Really?" Bonnie asked with a grin. "I knew I wasn't the only dirty girl in the room..."

Kim and Bonnie shared a giggle fit before Kim asked innocently, "Will you fuck me, Bonnie?"

Bonnie smiled. "You're so cute! And yes. Of course I will." Bonnie then planted a kiss on Kim's lips. "And I have just the thing..."

Kim was curious as Bonnie fished in her bag till she pulled out a strap on with a pink dildo and a remote. Kim smiled widely at that. "I knew you like it...And for added fun, you can put any kind of liquid into it, in case you want to be...filled up..." Bonnie said with a grin and blush.

Kim and Bonnie laughed at that. "That actually sounds fun!" Kim said with an excited smile. "We should probably come up with a special word for it."

Bonnie grinned. "And what word should that be?"

Kim thought for a moment. "Pandaroo."

Bonnie smiled. "That's good. And such a cute name..." Kim blushed at Bonnie's compliment. Bonnie then removed the head of the dildo and inserted a bottle of milk. She then screwed the top back on before she put on the strap on. She then approached her submissive with a loving smile. "Where?" Bonnie asked, drumming her fingers playfully on Kim's ass and pussy.

"Well...I think Mr. Blue could use a break..." Kim said, spreading her ass cheeks.

"OK..." Bonnie said as she wrapped her fingertips around Mr. Blue. "Ready?" Kim nodded. Bonnie then gently slid Mr. Blue out of Kim. She then flipped her captive around into a spooning position. Kim then faced her mistress and smiled. "Now, when you want to be filled up, just say the special word..." Bonnie pressed the dildo onto Kim's ass hole. "Ready?"

"Yes ma'am..." Kim said, tensing against her bonds.

"Here we go..." Bonnie whispered as she slowly inserted the strap on into Kim.

"Ahh..." Kim moaned as she felt the dildo slip inside her ass hole. Bonnie then picked up the remote. With one push of a button, the dildo inside of Kim's ass started vibrating. "Ahh!" Kim exclaimed with a gasp. "Bonnie..."

"Kimmie..." Bonnie smiled to herself as she kissed Kim's neck and used one of her hands to tease Kim's nipples. Then, using her other hand, Bonnie started to rub Kim's throbbing clit as she turned the vibrating dildo up to 'high'.

Kim pulled hard against her bindings as Bonnie continued to drive her crazy with kissing her neck and teasing her pussy. Bonnie then inserted a finger into Kim's wet folds. "Ahh!" Kim exclaimed as Bonnie gently moved her finger inside of Kim. "Bonnie...I want you so bad right now..."

"Too bad you're mine tonight, Kimmie..." Bonnie teased back as she turned Kim's head around and planted a full kiss on her submissive's lips. Kim then turned her head back and closed her eyes as she pulled against her bindings, turning another shade of white, all while Bonnie fingered her pussy and the dildo inside her ass still vibrated.

"Bonnie...I want to be on top..." Kim moaned as Bonnie continued to kiss her neck. "Please..."

Bonnie smiled as she removed her finger from Kim's wet pussy and placed into her submissive's mouth, who sucked on it. "Since you asked so nicely..." Bonnie said lovingly. She then carefully flopped onto her back, moving Kim with her until both of them were face to face. "Hi..." Bonnie and Kim both smiled at each other before Bonnie pulled Kim into a kiss, all while the dildo continued vibrating inside of Kim's ass.

As the girls continued to romp and kiss, Bonnie played with one of her favorite things. With her hands on Kim's ass, Bonnie continued to kiss her captive with much passion.

"You wanna cum now?" Bonnie asked Kim after the kiss broke. Kim nodded. Bonnie then flipped Kim into a missionary position as the vibrator continued buzzing inside of Kim.

Bonnie then finally inserted two fingers inside of her captive's wet, aching pussy, and with that, Kim erupted into orgasm. "Ahh! Bonnie!" Kim screamed.

Bonnie smiled as Kim started recovering from her orgasm. "Do you want to be filled?" Bonnie asked. Kim nodded as she breathed heavily. "Say it..."

"Pandaroo!" Kim screamed. Bonnie simply grinned as she remembered how Romeo had her bound and helpless as she has Kim now. With that, Bonnie pressed a button on the remote, spilling the milk into Kim's ass. Bonnie then grabbed Mr. Blue, turned off the vibrator, and quickly removed it from Kim's ass. Then, she placed Mr. Blue into Kim before any milk came out. Kim smiled at her mistress and giggled. "Wow...either Romeo doesn't want a mess of milk, or you really like Mr. Blue as much as I do..."

Bonnie laughed. "The second one actually...Anytime you want your tushy hole licked clean, tell me and I'll suck all that good milk out of you..."

Kim blushed. "I'll definitely do that..." Bonnie then cuddled with her captive as they continued to watch the movie.

After an hour into the movie, Kim and Bonnie just laid together, just cuddling and talking. "Romeo must also have a huge crush on you, just to do all this for us..." Kim said with a smile.

Bonnie giggled. "Yeah, he kind of does..." Bonnie replied. "You want to see what else he did for us?"

Kim nodded. "Yes please..." Kim said sweetly.

"Good. First, why don't we take a shower?" Bonnie asked.

"That sounds great. But, we'll miss most of this..." Kim said, gesturing towards the movie screen.

"Don't worry. Romeo took care of that too..." Bonnie said with a smile. Bonnie then helped her captive up, grabbed her bag and led her out of the theater. Making their way into the lobby, the mistress and her submissive find a door near the next set of theaters. "I should remember this..." Bonnie then entered a code, unlocking the door. "Prepare to be amazed..."

The door then opened to reveal a full size bathroom: Jacuzzi tub, double sinks, toilet. At the middle of it all, a TV screen playing Fifty Shades. Kim smiled. They could still have their fun while getting both clean and dirty. But, as she looked around, Kim felt something was missing. "Where's the shower?" Kim asked.

Bonnie gestured her captive to what looked like a large counter top. Large enough to carry both of them. "Lay down..." Bonnie whispered. Kim then laid down on her stomach, wearing a smile on her face, wondering Bonnie is about to do to her.

Bonnie then pushed a button, and with that, shower jets came on, raining water down on Kim. "Ahh!" Kim exclaimed. She giggled as she felt herself getting wet from the jets. As her hair got wet, Kim turned to face her mistress. "Care to join me?"

"I love to..." Bonnie said with a smile. She removed her bra, letting drop to the floor. Kim smiled as she done the same thing to her panties, leaving Bonnie as naked as Kim was. Bonnie then fished into her bag and pulled out a green 13 inch double ended dildo. She then made her way towards her submissive. Kim then rolled onto her back as Bonnie laid on top of her. Getting her hair wet, Bonnie smiled and kissed her captive.

Breaking the last kiss, Bonnie grabbed the dildo and started sucking on it. Kim smiled at her dom with sweet eyes. "Can I?" She asked innocently.

"Of course..." Bonnie replied, putting the other end into Kim's mouth. As both girls sucked on their ends of the dildo, they felt themselves getting wetter. Bonnie then circled the toy around Kim's wet pussy. "You want this babe?"

"Yes mistress..." Kim said sweetly. Kim then felt the toy slide into her pussy. Bonnie then moved Kim's legs into a scissor position. Once she met Bonnie's legs, Bonnie then inserted her end of the dildo into her pussy. "Bonnie..." Kim moaned.

Bonnie then started fucking Kim, moving the toy in and out of both their pussies, while still in the scissor position. "Kim..." Bonnie moaned.

They continued at it till the toy was buried deep inside of them. Bonnie then flicked Kim's clit. "Ahh!" Kim screamed. "Don't stop..."

Bonnie continued to fuck Kim in scissor position. "Kim! I'm close!" Bonnie yelled.

"Me too! I wanna cum!" Kim yelled. Bonnie continued to scissor Kim, and with one look into each other's eyes, both girls erupted into orgasm. "Ahh!"

After a few moments of heavy breathing, Bonnie removed the toy from both her and Kim. She then flipped her captive around and smiled at her. "That was amazing..." Kim said with a post colital grin.

Bonnie then pulled her into a kiss. The girls made out under the running shower. Bonnie then said, "Shower off." With that, the shower stopped. "So, you wanna be cleaned out?" Bonnie asked, teasing Kim's ass hole playfully.

"No..." Kim said with a giggle. "I don't mind being filled up for a little longer...In fact, I don't mind staying in this bathroom for a while either..." Bonnie smiled as she grabbed towels for her and Kim. After drying her and her captive off, Bonnie wrapped her friend in a hug. "I'm having such a fun night...I never had this much fun at the movies..."

"I'm glad you are...Because we're about to end the movie the right way!" Bonnie said, picking Kim up. Kim giggled at being lifted. "Ready?"

"Lead the way..." Kim said, dreamily. With that, Bonnie grabbed her bag and carried Kim back to their theater.

As soon as they were in the theater, Bonnie laid Kim down on the bed while she fished around in her duffel bag. Pulling out some coils of rope, a pair of leather cuffs, and a blindfold, Bonnie smiled at her captive. Kim turned around and saw that the movie as getting hot and heavy with bondage. She smiled at her mistress. "I think you'll love it..." Bonnie said with a grin.

Bonnie then helped Kim stand up and removed her bindings. As soon as the last of the ropes were gone, Bonnie wasted no time in picking Kim up. Kim smiled as Bonnie led her to the middle row. "OK. Put your legs on the arm rests..." Bonnie guided Kim.

Kim did what she was told, giving Bonnie an incredible view of her still wet pussy. Bonnie smiled as she leaned in and kissed her submissive. She then tied Kim's thighs to the arm rests. "How's that, sexy?" Bonnie asked as she secured Kim's left leg.

"It's perfect..." Kim trailed off. She'd known as soon as Bonnie had secured the last knot that she'd never be able to get loose on her own.

Bonnie then bound Kim's other leg the same way. "Almost done..." Bonnie trailed off, tying the last knot in place. "There..." Bonnie stood back and admired her work.

"This is amazing..." Kim said dreamily. She never done anything like this in a movie theater. And she was glad to do it with her former rival, new friend, and mistress, Bonnie.

Bonnie smiled as she grabbed the cuffs and approached her captive. "Arms behind..." Bonnie guided Kim's arms behind her seat. She then stepped behind Kim and cuffed her arms. "There we go..."

Kim smiled as Bonnie stepped in front of her and grabbed the blindfold. Kim knew her world was about to go dark. She giggled at the prospect of Bonnie taking advantage of her while blindfolded.

"The final piece...for a cute, beautiful, and sexy captive...You ready?" Bonnie asked a smiling Kim.

"Yes ma'am..." Kim replied sweetly.

"Then close your eyes and we'll get started..." Bonnie said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Kim did what she was told and in a instant, her world went dark. "Bonnie?" Kim asked.

"I'm right here Kim!" Bonnie called out from their bed. Kim then heard her mistress approach her. "Just had to get the camera..."

Kim smiled as Bonnie took several pictures of her: bound and blindfolded. Bonnie took a few shots of Kim's wet folds, much to her and Kim's pleasure. After her memory card was full, Bonnie threw her camera on the bed. She then caressed her captive's body, lovingly. "Now, what to do with you?" Bonnie asked with a grin.

"Whatever you want..." The blindfolded Kim said.

Bonnie smiled as she trailed her tongue, slowly down Kim's body, driving the red head crazy. She continued to kiss Kim's body till finally her mouth connected to Kim's pussy.

"Ahh!" Kim gasped as she felt Bonnie's pretty mouth between her legs. Bonnie continued to lick Kim's pussy, darting her tongue in and out of Kim's wet folds. "I'm yours...Yours Bonnie..." She moaned as she pulled against her cuffs.

Bonnie smiled as she blew a kiss across Kim's clit. She then inserted two fingers into Kim's pussy. Bonnie then leaned up and kissed her blindfolded submissive as she gently fingered Kim's pussy. "You wanna taste?" Bonnie asked.

"Please..." Kim begged. Bonnie smiled as she removed her fingers from Kim's warmth and inserted them into the blindfolded red head's mouth. Kim sucked on Bonnie's fingers enthusiastically. "I love this..."

"Well, you're gonna love it even more..." Bonnie teased as she stepped away from Kim to grab something from her bag.

Kim heard Bonnie approach her. She then heard a buzzing sound and realized Bonnie was gonna use a vibrator on her. She tensed against her cuffs as Bonnie teasingly ran the vibrator over her body till she finally reached between her legs. "Ahh! Bonnie!" Kim screamed.

"Kimmie..." Bonnie smiled to herself as she started to tease Kim's hard nipples with her mouth and tongue, while moving the vibrator slowly in and out of Kim's dripping pussy.

Kim then felt Bonnie flick her clit, sending a wave of pleasure up her spine. "Tell me who you are..." Bonnie whispered with a wide smile on her face.

"I'm your captive girl..." Kim replied between moans as Bonnie sped up the motions of the vibrator.

"And who am I?" Bonnie asked teasingly as she gave the vibrator another deep thrust.

"My mistress!" Kim exclaimed.

Bonnie smiled lovingly at her captive. She then slowly removed the vibrator out of Kim's pussy. She then faced Kim and removed her blindfold. With a few blinks, Kim saw Bonnie's loving face. "Hi..." Kim breathed with a smile.

"You wanna suck on it?" Bonnie asked, holding the vibrator in front of Kim.

"Yes please..." Kim said sweetly. Bonnie then put the toy into Kim's mouth and helped her blow on it.

"For being such a good girl, I think we both deserve something..." Bonnie said with a smile. She then kissed Kim's forehead gently before moving to fetch her vibrating strap on. Kim kept sucking on the vibrator while Bonnie fetched what looked like a butt plug and placed inside the strap on. Bonnie then put on the stap on and felt the plug slip inside her pussy.

Bonnie then slowly approached Kim who was still sucking on the vibrator, loving the taste of her own juices. Bonnie smiled as she climbed on top of Kim. "Ready?" Bonnie asked. Kim nodded. With that, Bonnie pushed the strap on into Kim. After getting it settled in, Bonnie then fetched her remote and turned it one, activating both toys inside of Kim and Bonnie. "Ahh!" Kim and Bonnie gasped.

Bonnie continued to move the vibrating dildo inside of Kim, while driving herself crazy with pleasure. Kim continued to blow on the vibrator. As the girls climbed higher to orgasm, the scene with bondage behind them grew even hotter. Bonnie then removed the vibrator from Kim's mouth. "Kim!" Bonnie moaned.

"I'm cumming!" Kim screamed as both girls pressed their lips together once more as they felt their orgasms. "Ahh!"

Bonnie then turned off both toys as the girls recovered from their orgasms. As they recovered, the scene of bondage behind them ended. After a few moments of heavy breathing, Kim and Bonnie smiled at each other with a twinkle in their eyes and a few cute giggles. "That was..." Bonnie began.

"...amazing..." Kim finished. Bonnie nodded as she removed the strapon from Kim. Then, she took it off and helped untie Kim's legs. "I'll keep the cuffs on..."

Bonnie smiled. "Really?"

"Yeah...They feel and look great..." Kim said with a smile. Bonnie then removed the last binding, leaving Kim to move around. She almost fell over, but Bonnie was able to catch her. "Sorry..."

"It's OK...You're tied up right now..." Bonnie said with a giggle. She and Kim both smiled at each other and kissed. After the kiss broke, a deep yawn overtook Kim. "Tired?"

"I want to stay up...But, I think I could use just a little nap..." Kim said.

Bonnie giggled. "Don't worry, sexy...We'll have plenty of time before the second showing..." Bonnie said as she rubbed Kim's bare behind.

"Second showing?" Kim asked with excitement in her voice.

"You'll see...but before all that, let's cuddle and take a nap..." Bonnie said sweetly.

"Sounds good..." Kim said as she laid down cuffed and next to Bonnie, cuddling with her mistress. She then threw one of her legs over her captor's, pressing her still warm pussy into Bonnie's firm thigh, a favorite position of their's. Kim smlied at Bonnie one last time before her eyes closed. The two girls then fell asleep in front of the screen and cuddled.

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