Widdle Wuna

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Lori glared at her watch impatiently before looking around the quiet, empty living room. Even though she only had three hours of sleep, she still managed to be the first one downstairs; mostly thanks to several cups of coffee. Everyone else was lucky enough to have a full night’s sleep, yet she was the only one who was responsible enough to finish her morning routine and be ready to start the day. She massaged her sore, darkened eyelids with her fingertips, praying that her sisters will be downstairs soon so that she can get this morning over with. Soon enough, though, the sound of rapid, clomping footsteps rumbled down the stairs and Lynn soon appeared triumphantly in the living room.

“Boo yeah! First one down!” Lynn cheered before she noticed Lori staring at her disapprovingly from the couch.

“Not quite, twerp,” Lori said as she rolled her eyes. “Now sit down while we wait for the others.”

With a huff, Lynn sulked over to an empty armchair just as Lana and Lisa began trudging down the stairs. Luan, Lola, and Leni straggled behind them shortly afterwards. As everyone assembled in the living room, Lori began counting heads to see if everyone was accounted for.

“We’re still missing people,” she grumbled. “Where’s Lucy?”

“I’m here,” Lucy’s voice appeared from behind the couch, eliciting yelps from several of the sisters. “I’ve been here almost as long as you, Lori. Also, by the way Lynn, you were actually the third one downstairs.”

“Oh come on!” Lynn cried as she crossed her arms.

“All right, enough,” said Lori. “Who else are we missing?”

“I think all we’re missing is Luna,” Luan spoke up. “And… Lincoln.”

An uncomfortable silence washed over the room at the mention of the second name. The sisters all exchanged nervous glances as they remembered how much grief the family had been put through due to one eleven year old boy. Lori looked over at Lisa, who only gave her a brief, acknowledging gaze before returning her attention to her clipboard. Only the two of them knew of the events that transpired during the night, of how Lori finally ended the nightmare that plagued the Loud House. Lori suppressed a shudder as she imagined Lincoln’s corpse still lying in the crib, drained of all color and reeking of stale feces. Though, the humid, bacteria-ridden environment of the bedroom no doubt sped up the process of decomposition, so she could only try and visualize the ways in which death had distorted and decayed her brother’s body. The worms in his intestines wouldn’t help matters either; they’d have already begun consuming him from within and laying their eggs all across his pale, rotting flesh. Lori knew that mess wasn’t going to be easy to dispose of, which is why she planned to return home immediately after dropping everyone off from school so she could dedicate the whole day to eliminating all traces of Lincoln’s body. She didn’t feel that many questions would be asked about it; nobody seemed to care about Lily’s disappearance, after all.

“All right,” Lori said, breaking the silence. “I’ll go upstairs and grab them.”

Lori went upstairs and looked down the hall to find that the door to Luna and Luan’s room was closed, causing her to pinch the bridge of her nose. Luna was always one of the last ones to wake up, but sleeping in for this long was unacceptable. Filled with the intent of giving her a thorough chewing out, Lori stomped over to the room and threw the door open only to find that nobody was inside. Confused, she glanced over her shoulder towards the bathroom, which was similarly empty. It felt strange to believe that Luna would be hiding in one of the other bedrooms, but Lori knew that she had to be upstairs somewhere.

“Luna?” Lori called out. “Where are you?”

A muffled thump came from the end of the hall, seemingly in reply to her calls. Lori spun around and stared down the hallway and her eyes gravitated to the singular door at the very end, Lincoln’s room. The faint stains and crayon markings that marred the door were enough to make Lori’s skin crawl as memories from last night started flooding her mind, but there was one small detail that made her heart freeze within her chest.

The door was slightly ajar.

She was absolutely certain that she closed the door completely when she left in order to minimize the chance that someone would see what was inside. However, Lori wasn’t so much concerned about that as much as she was worried that whoever opened the door was still inside the room. Swallowing the anxiety and fear that had collected in her throat, Lori cautiously made her way towards the door and gently pushed it all the way open. The smell inside was worse than she imagined and caused her to gag reflexively and violently. The underlying odor of urine and feces was already expected, but her nostrils were not prepared for the rank stench of rancid flesh and other byproducts of decay. Lori pulled her tank top over her nose as she approached the crib and nearly gagged again at the sight within. Lincoln’s body was nowhere to be found. Instead, a large puddle of putrefied bodily fluids stained the sheets where his corpse once was. The fluorescent bodies of hundreds of tiny, white worms and maggots shone in the darkness of the room as they squirmed helplessly around the ring of the puddle while several others lay drowned in the middle of it.

“Hi Lowi,” a voice emerged from behind the crib.

Lori screamed and shot backwards towards the door, gripping the doorframe tightly as her heart rattled inside her ribcage. The unknown voice gave way to giggling as a large, shadowy form crawled out from behind the crib and plodded towards Lori. As the light from the hallway gradually dispelled the darkness around the figure, Lori’s entire body chilled as she recognized who it was.

“L-Luna?” Even though the voice passed through her own lips, Lori was slightly shaken that she didn’t recognize it as her own. It came out strangled and whispered, less like an actual word and more like an exhaled breath of air.

“Dat’s me, dude!” Luna’s raspy voice answered. Her smiling face, still adorned with the crisscross scabs and scars from her unfortunate encounter with Lincoln a week ago, glowed distinctly against the shadows of the room. She crawled about the room aimlessly while continuing to giggle. Lori fought the urge to faint as she laid eyes on the plush, white diaper that covered Luna’s waggling butt. This couldn’t be happening, she thought. This must be a fever dream brought on by too little sleep.

“D-did you see Lincoln in here at all?” Lori asked, each word being forced through her constricted throat and out of her mouth. “Where is he, Luna?”

Luna casted a glance over her shoulder and wiggled her diapered behind in reply. She smiled widely, exposing two rows of teeth that were flecked with bits of dried, rust-colored blood. “Wincoln’s not hewe anymore. I’m the baby now, dude.”

Lori wiped the cold sweat that had collected on her forehead. Her knees began to wobble underneath her and she clamped her free hand to the door frame to avoid falling down. All sense of matter drained from her head, making it hard to keep it upright and leaving her vision blurry. She felt so detached from everything around her that she didn’t even hear the pitter-patter of tiny footsteps rapidly approaching from behind her.

“Heaven help us.”

The unexpected voice shocked Lori from her daze and she tightened her grip on the doorframe. She shakily turned her head to see that Lisa was standing beside her. Behind her glasses, the young girl's eyes were uncharacteristically wide as she stared uneasily at Luna. Luna returned her sisters’ stares with an oblivious grin as she ceased her crawling and sat down on the floor. The crinkling of the diaper pressing against the carpet was combined with the mushy, squishing sound of both solid and liquid waste being crushed underneath Luna's ass.

“It is contagious,” Lisa whispered.

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