Haunting Mystery

BY : Sanosukeskitten
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Disclaimer: I do not own Scooby Doo or Scooby Doo and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery. I am not making any money from either show and movie. This is fiction, I have never met or personally know the real life rock band KISS.

A/N: Please note that the songs Beth and Christine Sixteen are owned by KISS, I do not have any rights or receive any money for the mention of the songs.

It wasn't the first time equipment malfunctioned on stage, but it was the first time that Catman found his earbuds breaking up, unable to hear his bandmates as they sang. He knew he had to sing Beth in a bit, but how could he when he could hardly hear at all now, the drums loudly ringing in his ears.
"Eric, can you hear this? Twist your torso a bit if you can."
Catman twisted in his seat, grateful for the man behind the scenes who was able to fix the error. He heard another voice.
"This is the fifth time tonight that their earpieces cut out...I could understand something not being plugged in correctly, or an old piece of equipment but these are brand new..."
His eyes wandered int he direction of his bandmates lover, seeing her standing off to the side with a tablet in her hand. Next to her, he could see his own lover. His eyes widened, starting the song Christine Sixteen, seeing wind pick up the girls hair and lay it back down, only he knew it wasn't Guardian this time, she was out in the tour bus, feeling ill. When he looked back down at the band, he could see that Spaceman saw the same thing. 

Once the show finished, they had all sorts of problems from malfunctioning equipment to the blood Demon was to spit out is actual blood. Of course the Army thought it was part of the show, but the band knew better, meeting backstage.
"Tonight was weird." Spaceman said, holding a hand out.
Catman happily ate his tuna sandwich, hungry after working up a sweat on the drums, nodding his head and looking at Geisha who was trying to fix Starchild's guitar. 
"Weird isn't the word for it..." She said, looking at her older sister and handing her the guitar. 
Samurai sat down to fix it while Demon looked at the electrical equipment. 
"I get the feeling we'll be seeing that dog and that group soon." He grumbled, "I do not like this...And Spaceman didn't do this."
"I can't do something like that, I'd actually have to start my powers up in order for it to even happen!"
Starchild himself was busy scanning the rest of the stuff, finding so much wrong that he was extremely concerned.
"This stuff needs to work before the next leg of our tour in September!" He cried out, annoyed. 
Finishing off the last of his sandwich, Catman decided to step outside, wondering if he couldn't find any clues out there. But of course, once he did...
"Mr. Catman sir!" 
Catman instantly froze in his spot, recognizing that voice and looking over. Of course. Shaggy and Scooby ran up to him. Behind them was the rest of the gang, and a disgruntled Fred, followed by Guardian, who yet again, looked sick.
"They wanted to find you guys...they could tell that something went wrong during the concert...I'm going back to the bus before I puke everywhere."

"We noticed the concert wasn't what you four usually put on, so we decided to help. We figured it was a mystery after all." Velma said, a finger in the air and a smile on her face, "Besides, I'm' sure we can figure it out."
"Sorry...Velma is entirely no nonsense. If it's a ghost, she's sure that it's a person in the mask."
"And it usually it." Velma retorted to Daphne's response.
The group looked at each other, realizing they would probably need help once again. Spaceman sighed, then noticed he felt weaker than usual. Like his energy was being sapped. He put a hand to his forehead, closing his eyes. 
"Spaceman, are you alright?" Starchild asked. 
"I don't know...I'm gonna go see how Guardian is holding up..." He said, leaving the group. 
They watched him leave, all concerned.
"It's not like him..." Demon said, frowning.
"We're all pretty healthy...and Tommy wasn't showing any-"
"Tommy?" Fred asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Spaceman is only Tommy's stage name, his real name is Tommy." Starchild started, "But this is weird for him."

Spaceman found Guardian outside the bus, staring up at the top floor of the old building they performed in.
"What is it, little lady?"
"Tommy...someone's up there."
Spaceman looked up, only to see shadows going across a room they believed was locked.
"It's not Windstorm, she's in there with-"
"Spaceman! Guardian!" 
They both turned to look at Daphne and Geisha running at them.
"Catman's acting weird!"

Upon arriving back in the room, despite feeling weak, the two lovers were shocked to see Catman fighting Demon.
"Eric! Eric snap out of it! Nothing is in there!"
"IT IS!" Hissing, growling and slashing at anyone who dared cross him, Catman tried his hardest to get away. 
His hair was fluffed out, he was fighting hard, acting as if something was daring to attack him. A snarl escaped him, and he clawed Demon's face, running away when the older man let go to protect himself. He ran to a corner, crouching down and staring into the spot, growling and meowing, licking his lips. He acted scared. Scooby, next to him, was barking in that general direction, both seeing something no one else could see.
Demon himself wondered what was up, his bandmates, including himself, were acting weird. He could feel power pulsing through him, and while he felt that, he noticed Starchild seemed to be trying to cover his eye. What was going on? What was there that was doing this to him and his friends?

Watching the window, Starchild and Fred talked back and forth.
"Something is wrong with us..." The rocker started.
"What do you mean?"
"...My powers are acting up....I'm forced to see things I don't want to, let alone using my powers. I don't even try. Demon is stronger, Catman is freaking out, and Spaceman is drained of his energy along with Guardian."
Fred stared at him, wondering.
"There's something paranormal about this old building...there's more to it."
"You mean to say you think there is more of it?"
"Underground...I keep seeing flashes of an underground, and Eric-"
"...Sorry, I forgot you're not in the KISS Army...Catman...is very iffy near parts of the building. Like what you saw earlier, he was worse when we first came here, screaming, even made himself vomit from it."
Fred looked at him, and smiled, "We're teaming up again, aren't we?"
Starchild smiled back, giving him a thumbs up, "You bet!"

Windstorm stared at the building, trying to decide the best course of direction. Her wind powers always stalled out, leading her to dead ends everytime. She growled, unable to find a consistent direction. She would have asked Starchild to give directions...but even he knew he couldn't. For once. A hand on her shoulder jumped her, and she whipped around, ready to blow whoever it was to the sea. 
"Woah!" Geisha held her hands up.
"Kris! What are you doing!?"
"Sorry...Eric's spazzing out so much that I couldn't take it no more..."
"Oi...I can't find an entrance..." She said.
They heard a creaking and turned.
"...Say that again."
"I'm good..."

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