Kim, Bonnie, and Ron's Spring break adventure

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College student Kim Possible was gazing out her hut window, marveling at the beauty of the wonderful afternoon on the island. She just couldn’t believe that they were here and how they got there. It was no more than two weeks ago when Kim and Ron saved the life of a resort hotel owner. Normally, Kim would basically take no reward for all of her good deeds, being modest. But, the resort owner was so grateful that he wanted to rent out the resort to the young couple for a special private vacation.


Kim and Ron amazingly accepted and requested that one of their friends join them. Now, here she was; on spring break, with one of her BFFs and her BF, wearing nothing but a loose fitting long sleeve white shirt and a white thong, taking in the view of their ten day tropical paradise.


Kim was lost in her gaze that she didn’t notice her former rival and new BFF, Bonnie Rockwaller, wearing a black one piece bikini, come up from behind. She then hugged Kim. “I just can’t believe you got us this whole resort!” Bonnie said happily.


Kim couldn’t help but giggle as she turned around to face Bonnie. “No big, B. After all, it’s nice to finally get away from everything and just do what we want.” Kim said.


“I know. That reminds me, where’s Ron?” Bonnie asked.


“He’s at the beach.” Kim said, pointing to the strip of sand and water, where they both see Ron swimming. “Don’t worry, he’ll be back. After all, he can’t resist any of this...” Kim said, shaking her behind, causing Bonnie to giggle.


“You got that right!” Bonnie teased. “And I hope he gets the message, when he sees that you ‘forgot’ to pack our clothes.” Kim and Bonnie shared a giggles fit over that.


Kim then saw Ron getting out of the water and approaching their hut. “Here he comes...” Kim whispered.


Ron then entered the hut and his mouth dropped when he saw Kim and Bonnie bending their behinds over for him to see. He figured out that Kim was wearing nothing but a thong and a sheer shirt blowing in the wind, Bonnie a simple on piece bikini, and he couldn’t take his eyes off those firm and round butts of both his girlfriend and her new BFF. And that's not Rufus in his pants, he's on the beach enjoying the waves and figured out her plan before Ron did.



Knowing Ron's taking a peek behind them, Kim and Bonnie both wiggle their butts to see if he gets the message. And to really put him in the mood, Kim bends over and moves her bum from side to side, a bit anxious to see what he'll do from behind without them looking. Grab their butts and give them a gentle spanking? Rub Kim’s vag with his fingers or tongue? All three of them do some grinding? Just watch? Or is it going to be like that one time during a mission where she simply bent over and he just put it in all of a sudden and the two had a quickie?


Ron then approached the two girls, with his focus primarily on Kim. "You're a naughty KP," Ron tells her with his suspicions confirmed.


Kim and Bonnie just giggled at that. “Are you gonna spank me?” Kim asked innocently.


“Oh, is that want you both want?” Ron asked. “Well, that’ll be for later. But first, I want that booty.”


Kim and Bonnie then laughed as Ron got on his knees, grabs Kim’s butt and gets a nice feel for it. Kim just smiled at her loving boyfriend. Then out of nowhere, he gets a good taste of her buns with his tongue.


Kim giggles at the pleasant, soft tickle. Bonnie just simply smiles. “Can I have a taste?” She asks. Ron nodded, and soon, the two were licking Kim’s butt.


“Ohhh...” Kim sighed happily. “You both like that, don’t you?”


“How could we not?” Bonnie asked. “You got the cutest, firmest, and best booty on the island.” They continued the tease fest for several minutes, till Kim stands up. Without saying anything, Ron then grabs her butt with one hand, gropes one of her breasts with another while he licks and kisses her neck intensely.


“Ron...” Kim moaned. Bonnie then leans in and kisses Kim with much passion and gropes her free breast. Kim was loving every moment of this vacation. She dragged Ron all the way out here because lately she wanted it pretty bad. They've had to fight the urge to do it on campus, on missions and in public, all while keeping their sex lives a secret from everyone. And when they couldn't fight it, they came awfully close to getting caught and had to get it over with, which killed the mood more than anything.


But it looks like Ron wanted it just as bad as she did. All the times they had to hold back, and now he's letting it all out. And Bonnie, now no longer enemies with Kim, wanted to join in the fun with them. Kim was more than happy to let Bonnie join in on their sex games. Ron then slows down and caresses her more slowly, and Kim let’s Bonnie’s fingers make their way down to her sheer panties, and Bonnie starts teasing Kim’s pussy.


“You loving this?” Bonnie asked, rubbing her fingers over Kim’s clit.


“Yes...” Kim sighed. As Ron worked his kisses up to her neck, Kim then turns around, the two gaze into each others eyes before sharing a real kiss... while groping each other down there and playing some tongue hockey together. A light tug on Kim's shirt is enough to snap it open, allowing her to show off her breasts to Ron during Spring Break in her own way. Bonnie then gropes Kim’s ass and kisses her neck.


After a few minutes of teasing, kissing, and groping, Kim breaks the kiss and pulls her panties to the side to reveal her shaven pussy. “Alright, I want the both of you to use your tongues for something other than kissing...Something I know you’re both good at…” Kim teased.


Ron and Bonnie both looked at each other and realized Kim wanted them both inside of her. “Anything for you, my lady...” Ron said. Kim and Bonnie giggled at that before stepping inside their hut.  



Soon, Ron and Bonnie go down on Kim before Kim and Ron go down on Bonnie, and Kim and Bonnie go down on Ron... Well, you get what I mean. Stay tuned. 

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