Catman's Surprise

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Disclaimer: I do not own Scooby Doo or Scooby Doo and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery. I am not making any money from either show and movie. This is fiction, I have never met or personally know the real life rock band KISS.

The room was full of them. Six people putting on makeup. Geisha looked up at her lover, whose hair was up and head turned to the side, rubbing on the white facepaint. He looked at her and smiled. Her own makeup didn't take long. Her sisters, however, Samurais took much longer and was still fixing up the rougher edges with the help of her own lover, Starchild.
Catman was now applying the black around his eyes having own his cheeks and nose. She picked up the green and helped him apply it then proceeded to put on his red paint on his lips. She had to giggle how it was lipstick.

"I don't understand this damn chord..."
"That's because that's mine, Demon..."
"How the hell did you get Starchild's sheet!?"
"I don't knowface paintbut I'd like to know how I got Catmans."
Geisha held her face in her hand, trying to figure out how they even managed that. The four men had to switch their sheets around until they got the right one.
"So who set it up..." Demon asked, smoke coming out of his nose. 
"I believe it was Shandi's job but she's out sick today, so she had a cover and well, they are new," Samurai said, reading a book next to her sister. 
The group gave her a bored look, yet annoyed. She shrugged, watching as they started rehearsal, taking a few hours. By the time it was done, Spaceman had a broken string, Demon's bass needed tuning, Starchild's microphone needed to be rewired and Catman needed another drumstick and an Advil.

"Kinda glad we keep the extra equipment. Catman mind not nearly landing on me?"
"Why are you even right where I tend to land?"
"Because I was sitting here tuning Demon's bass."
Catman sighed, his head pounding. He really needed that Advil. He sat next to her, holding his head.
"Maybe you guys shouldn't use those amps and speakers for the concert. This is the third day you've given yourself a headache, oh, and less coffee is nice."
"I like my coffee thank you."
"...Wait, have you even been drinking any the past few days..."
"Not much...Your ears are ringing aren't they?"
"Quite a bit..."

The next morning Geisha was sure to have coffee with honey for her lover. She handed him the cup as he walked face paint.
“He better not get hyper…” Demon grumbles, making her smile.
“You know him well as I do Demon.”
The older man grumbled, making her laugh while she watched her lover slowly become hyper. 
“WHO GAVE CATMAN COFFEE!?” Starchild yelled out, looking over his shoulder at the hyperactive cat-like man.
“Who else? Geisha did.”

Of course, she wouldn’t miss the concert for anything in the world, peeking out from behind a curtain to see mainly Catman as he moved his hands and arms faster than anything she has seen.  He definitely fits the Catman persona. She was getting pictures of them all to share on their site when he looked over at her just as she snapped a picture, smiling. She jolted, getting that feeling of being caught although they knew she was going to do this for them. When she fumbled and picked up her camera, he was back to watching his drums.
Annoyed at him and herself, she quickly checked her camera to make sure it was still working, but little did she know, he had plans for that one of his things.

Geisha was sleeping when a figure slipped into her room at the hotel, reaching for the bag she kept on the chair, pulling out her gear and setting it up, knowing exactly what they were doing.

Something was brushing her hair out of her face, and she wondered what it was when a little lick woke her up. The tongue flicked across her lips, her eyes springing open. 
“Who the hell is in my room!?” She asked, hearing a purr and growl, “Dammit it one of those nights again? What have you thought up this time?”
“Nothing big.”
“No tricks?”
“Not at all.” The husky voice said, accompanied by a growl.
She smiled, knowing what was coming anyway. He moved a bit, trapping her body between his legs, sitting on her hips as his hands came to rest on the straps of her tank top, slowly pulling them down as he brought himself down to her lips, taking them with his own. Moonlight shone through the room, lighting it up. He enjoyed that, knowing that the moonlight would offer just enough light for her camera. He kissed her lips, biting them. He wanted her to feel pain, his claws slowly dragging down her arms but not quite breaking the skin of blood.
She could feel heat pooling between her legs just from his touch, knowing something was growing hard between his own legs. He rubbed up against her, wanting her to feel it, to capture that look on her face. She arched her hips off off the bed, trying to feel more of it. She needed to, but he would pull away, smirking, fangs showing. She reached up, pulling him towards her, giving him the passion he wanted. 
He was rather impressed, however, she still didn't know what he had done. He let a growl out when she finally rubbed against his stiff member. He let a soft and short moan escape his lips. Pleasure shot through his belly and down. Of course, she was sure that if she did that again he was sure he’d come. 
“Don’t do that or I will come. I'm too far into this. Give me some time, let me pleasure you first.”
“Don’t push yourself into a corner dear.”
“Not quite time for that babe.”
He smirked, then kissed her, putting a hand on her now bare breast. She bit her lip, feeling those claws dig in. She grits her teeth as he bit her lip, leaving marks all over while he slipped his hips away from her, trying to keep himself intact. He didn’t want to blow so soon, as he wanted to draw this out, also he had to keep her eyes on him only, and away from the red dot in the corner.
“You’re taking too damn long Eric…”
“I’ll take as long as I want Kris.”
She groaned, letting her head hit the pillow as his lips moved down to her breast, taking in a nipple. She moaned softly, arching her back, trying to get to him again but he moved once more, smirking. She glared at him, looking at him as he continued down, his lips and teeth at the soft skin of her belly. He used his teeth to pull the ties on her pajama bottoms. He pulled them down, in the same way, taking them off. She could tell she wouldn’t be wearing those anymore. He pulled her panties down in the same fashion, able to smell her arousal.
“Take it easy Eric, those are my favorite.” she said nervously.
He only smiles as he put her legs on his shoulders delving down and kissing and nipping her inner thighs. 
“Damn tease…” she grunted out, wanting him to please get started.
Eric lingered near but was sure to not touch her most intimate area. He brought a hand up after making sure her legs would stay there and inserted a finger ever so slowly. Kris moaned out softly nearly with just her breath as he moved it, being absolutely sure to born touch her clit. She just wished he would hurry, she really needed it. The longer he took, the more she knew she'd e faster to her own orgasm. She wanted to grab his head and force it between her legs, but she knew he wouldn't stand for that. There were some nights he had to have it his way or the high way. 
He smirked when he felt her wiggling, giving attention to the other thigh. She whimpered, cursing him silently in her head. If only he would do what she desperately wanted, but damn that cat. If he didn't give it up soon, she was gonna knee him in the balls. Just as she was about to move her leg, she felt his tongue in a very intimate and sensitive spot. She thrusts her hand down, grabbing the back of his head, making him wince as she pulled a bit too rough. He quickly put his hand on her wrist, forcing it away from him and laying her hand on her own belly.
She took in a sharp breath when she felt him nibble gently on her lower lips, knocking damn well what he was doing. She could just kill him. Or kiss him. She wanted to yank him up for that kiss, but she didn't want to interrupt the pleasure she was feeling. 
"I swear I'm gonna kill you..."
"I prefer a kiss."
"Damn you."
He chuckled, leaving her hanging as he slowly crawled up her body. He smiled down at her, resting on his arms and crossing them behind her head while she raised one hand, coyly flipping him off with a smirk on her painted face. He had to laugh, knowing the hell he was putting her through. 
"You're a fucking sadist, Eric."
He closed his eyes, then opened them cat-like, a smile slowly spreading out, making her regret that when the teeth started to show. Now she's done it.
"Oh...shit..." She said as he quickly undressed. 
He suddenly bit her shoulder and pushed himself inside, making her cry out in shock and pleasure. She quickly caught the shriek that threatened to pour from her lips. The bite nearly hurt, but the pleasure outdone it. She moaned loudly as he begun to thrust, being sure to angle her hips. He smirked against her skin, enjoying that near screaming she was doing. She felt his claws on her thighs, knowing that one wrong move would cut her, and she internally cursed him for enjoying pain.
He dragged them up her legs, making her move her legs so that they were straight up in the air. She glared up at him, now realizing he had a trick up her sleeve, and realized that she might want to look around the room. Once he realized that was what she was about to do, he quickly moved faster, making her look straight at him with wide eyes and his name on her lips. His fangs showed as he smiled, a green glow starting to appear around his body. She knew her own would activate due to them being one, and within moments her own pink glow started. 
She knew she couldn't stop it, not with what he was doing. He was going to drive her insane. She arched her back, moaning loudly as he begun to pound into her, smirking all the while as he watched her reaction. He watched as she arched hard enough for her head to tilt back, watching her breasts as they bounced each time he thrusts into her. She gave a cry, feeling him hit that spot. He grabbed her wrists, pinning her down with his body. He couldn't help but moan, the feeling of her walls becoming wetter and tighter around his shaft. 
He wouldn't let her up, no matter how much she fought, her hair becoming a damp mess on the pillow and strands of it crossed her face. He loved it, every bit of it. He pressed harder, bruising her skin beneath his hands, thrusting fast as he could. He let a moan out, unable to hold back the catlike growl that came with it. He let a meow out, burying his face in her neck. 
"Damn you..."
He chuckled, then his hand reared back, and she felt a stinging sensation on her ass after hearing a skin to skin noise. It took her a moment to realize he had slapped her in the ass. 
"Ow! You son of a b-mmph!"
His lips covered hers, his teeth grazing against her lip as he pushed his tongue inside, keeping her from saying it and earning herself, even more, slaps, even though he knew he'd love that. He loved causing pain, loved embarrassing her during sex. Loved it all. Why he didn't know, he just knew he did. He bit, making her cry out and hitting his shoulder.
"SON OF A C-OW! CATMAN! OW OW OW! Stop biting!" She begged, feeling his teeth pinch her skin with each bite anywhere he could reach.
He found her breast, biting down on her nipple and making her cry out, her walls tightening around his cock. He pushed in deep as he could, holding onto her ass. His fingers pinched, creating lines in her rear where he was clearly holding her. He slammed into her, gritting his teeth and letting out an animalistic growl. Her eyes widened, arching her back and crying out. He brought her closer and closer to her orgasm, her belly heated and the muscles near her pelvic tightened. She whimpered, feeling him becoming rougher, his items on her breast hurt, but her womanhood because tighter and tighter until she released, his name tumbling off her lips.
He smirked, kneading her other breast in his hand. She groaned, knowing he was nowhere near to his orgasm, but she is damned if he took all the glory. She arched her back, unable to move lest she has another orgasm. 
"Eric slow down!" She begged, but he wasn't listening.
He needed to be this fast, needed to feel this. She reached up, able to slip her hands out of his sweaty grasp and put them on his back, threading her fingers through his long hair. She gave a tug, making him moan in pleasure, feeling the pain ripple through his head from the pulled roots. He let his head tilt back as she continued pulling. He knew she was trying to get him to stop, but even she suddenly realized this was what he liked. She realized her mistake too late.
He took hold of her wrists, and slammed them against the bedframe, making her cry out as he went as fast and hard as he could. She felt that feeling in her gut, tightening and warming up, tensing up in her thighs and clit. She could feel pain shooting up her arms, knowing he was strong enough to stop her from moving. 
"Careful, you're bruising my cervix!"
"I don't really care."
"So I see..."
He gave a hard thrust, making her scream out. The ball of tension in her belly to her groin became tighter, threatening to snap once more. She gripped his thighs, arching and gritting her teeth. He smirked, feeling her fingers digging into his skin. He himself could feel his own ball of tension getting ready to break apart and let loose. He curled up around her, bringing his knees up and tightening his arms around her. She knew he was that close, putting her hands in his hair and tightening, kissing his lips. He licked her bottom lip, nibbling and sucking as he moved. He gave a grunt, moaning, knowing what was about to happen.
"Please come, please come, I know you have to, I know you're going to!" He begged. 
She moaned loudly, that ball finally snapping. He felt something wet on his legs, looking down to realize she was squirting him, unable to hold herself back. He laughed, unable to believe that he got her that far. She herself was quite embarrassed. She went to push him away but he pushed instead, filling her up and making her clench her fists. He groaned, feeling how wet it was when he pushed against her body. He shook, feeling something low and deep coming from his chest and belly. He knew it would come soon, but first, he had to come. 
He gave a hard thrust, biting his lip, shaking slightly, mewling. She heard him coo, heard that cat-like noise come from his body. His hand came up, putting them on her head, thrusting and panting, moaning and mewling. She heard a roar from him, his body light up green. She kissed his lips, enjoying the taste now that she wasn't tasting makeup.
"Come on, Eric, I know you have to come." She moaned out, making him moan in return hearing his actual name escape her lips.
He moaned loudly, hearing his name roll off her lips in a moan close to the throes of passion. He was so close, and the moment he felt her walls squeeze him while having her own climax and hearing her scream his name, his body let it go, the ball snapped and he spilled himself inside of her. He fell on her, his body weight hurting but she didn't seem to mind, wrapping her arms tightly around her spent husband.

The noise woke her up, bringing her out of a dead sleep. Geisha sat up, hair messy. It was then she realized there was a camera in her room, cursing him quickly. But that wasn't what woke her up...
"What ist hat...wait." 
She quickly turned her head to her lover, realizing for the first time in a long time, he was purring. She put her hand on his comforter covered shoulder, feeling the slight vibrations from it. Smiling, she reached up to pat his head, hearing the purring get louder and his body curls up against hers, bunting her chin. She chuckled to herself, letting him press his body against her as she fell back to sleep, nuzzling in his soft brown hair. 

Fooling around after rehearsal, Catman found himself having to bring his powers to light as he went running from the flame that followed him in a panic. He hadn't meant to hit Demon in the head with a drumstick, but he did none the less, and in front of the group of teenagers that they once met. 
"Now would be a good time for your sister to show, wouldn't it?" Daphne asked Geisha and Samurai, both who nodded, wondering where their older sister was, and for that matter, where Spaceman went. 
Both sighed before Geisha jumped in to help her lover and stop the man she was supposed to protect.
"DEMON! CATMAN! BOTH OF YOU HAUL YOUR ASSES OVER HERE!" She yelled, making them both stop in fear while everyone laughed.

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