A Truly Unforgettable Luncheon

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A Truly Unforgettable Luncheon

It was an ordinary day at Springfield Elementary. Principle skinres gets salsaritas for lunch and has to make anal endeavors in run-down bathroom. Outside bort and milhaus are skipping class and making out and fondling middle nipple in milhauser chest. Skanner pops a boner at the prepubescent frenching session and ducks into the stall to commence dong juicing. Unbenownst to our hero, beort lights a cherry bomb and tosses it into the pod. Srekinn only has time to cover his log cabin before the blast.

Mart and bilhouse run out laughing and vacate back to the class of krabapbpable before they get for in more of the trouble. Skrinner emerges from the stall encased in cherry smoke and bazooka juice. He only thinks one thing, “ Snuper intendents chimer1” He says as he leave room of bath. Chilmer cums though the main door.

“Skrnier, I have cummed for the faculty luncheons, says cheelmers triumphantly.”

It was true. Serymor had forgotten about the school faculty luncheon. They proced to the faculty room.

“Well, superintendent, I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon,” goes sey.

Thney open door and see the sight. Almost all the food is taken, penises are drawn on the wall, and someone didn't make anymore coffee and they just left the pot empty but still turned on. The only thing left on the table is a hambirger.

It was probably Mr. Largo that leftied the pot on” thnks skeymor, that fucker..”.

“Oh, ye gods, the luncheon is ruined! Exclams skemmer.

What sknni doesn't realizes is that he forgets to pull up pants after the bathroom excursion and he bends down on the window to tie a shoe. Sysmor exposes the heavenly gates of his manly, untouched cock landing strip to chalms.

Chelmer is engulfed in the euphoric sight and with all of this might, ripped his pants off in one yank to unleash his ass torpedo, revealing half balding grey pubic laced scrotum. Head is brite red and dripping copious amounts of mayo. He decides to put it in skrinker hamburger. 

“Sinnkers!!” shouts chimerls.

“Superindents, I was just strecthing my calves on windowseal. Isometric exercises. Care to join me? Goes Seym.

Chelmer wasn't buying into his shit, so skrinmer tries to leave through the window. Chalms uses mach speed to reach syemsour. He grab the hamburger on the table and procedded to shove the morsel into seym's uncharted anus. It popping the colony of ballooning hemmroids encircling his magic stick reciever and exploding a field of land mines left from the war. Together, a amalgamation of hamburger, shrapnel, blood, and pus is formed to make sweet-smelling lubricant.

Garys plows his dick into the pronciple's ham flower  and proced for passion love making for the next five hours, especiallly during recesses. Steam begins to come under the crack of the door and balls start slapping. Chaltmer get his ham fully steamed and pulls out to cum on skins back.

“Well, syemos, you are an odd fellow, but...you steam a good ham,” chirps the chalms. He climbs through the window and makes a three hour trek home in broad daylight.

Skeymor gives him the thumbs up and pulls his pants up. He opens the door to see barg and milhouses on an other side. They have drilled hole into the door and had the school camera peering throughti it. The mad passion had recorded by them. They both lay on ground laughening. Skenris gets the anger swelling in his dick and he grab by the shirt and take them to the office for the long, anticipated “talk.”

After 30 mintutes of raw underage anal excavations, barts and milho emerge shivering and sore anuses with hamburger dropping behind them. They then go home and cry themselves to sleep. Syemores then goes home to his mother. Agnes calls for the smey but he is tired and goes to th room. 

He pulls out his wank bank fodder pictures of barts, milhoe, and groundskeeper willie from under his bed and adds the video tape from camera to it. He laces pictures with leftover krusty burger sauce.

Ag is sleeping and skan comes in with butcher knife. A an hour later he takes his mom out of the oven to make more hamborger. Now, there will lenty of lubricants be at the schools for more luncheon and prostate punching. 

Happy Valentine's Day. 

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