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It was too late to say anything and, even if she did want to, Robin would have found it physically impossible to do so anyway. The girl's face was being kept tightly between the tomboy's legs and the thrusting was becoming so intensely rough, the chocolate haired maiden feared she may get her nose broken if not careful.

However, she had only herself to blame.



"Mommy will be calling me in soon. It's getting closer to dinner time" Robin informed dimly.

The two spoke through the fence dividing them in the garden. Since the incident a month ago, the parents were being careful to keep a close watch on them. The Professor and Mr and Mrs Snyder had debated what to do privately for a long time, each side reaching breaking points, where they accussed the other party of wrong educating their offspring and putting 'dirty thoughts' in their children's heads. How else would they have learned such vile behaviour?

"We'll... uh... meet for our usual thing, huh?" pried Buttercup anxiously.

Since that day, the two had also began experiencing strong sexual cravings for each other. The Professor on numerous occassions had caught his daughter masturbating in the closet or experiencing wet dreams and Robin was no different. The more they were restricted in their contact with one another, the more intense their desires became. They missed each other: the engulfing smells, the addictive tastes, the overwhelming feelings, hearing each other's voices and their skin slapping with thrusts of hips.

Despite the attempts to distance them, they still found ways to get to each other, Buttercup often seeking chances to essentially kidnap the Snyder's daughter and escort her to a secret destination each time to ravage her. The parents, upon seeing their child's return to their doorstep, would retreat in dismay and shock seeing how their darling's hair was frizzled and messy, her cheeks glowing a rogue, her clothing creased and a rich smell of sweat and sex mingling in the air. Little Robin, all the while, would offer a guilty, but, nontheless, sweet smile of embarrassment, knowing how clearly evident it was that she had yet again taken off to make love with the passionate rebel. It resulted in the parents giving in reluctantly and allowing the behavior, as long as it was kept private and according to a set time. It was undoubtedly a disturbing concept for each party to imagine, during the night, that their young daughter would be fucking the other relentlessly in their bed and their young, ecstatic cries of pleasure would ring through the quiet house, however that was never the case.

Buttercup had assured them where they went was discreet and very much private. As for the siblings, Blossom and Bubbles, they understood very little of what was happening. The redhead had a hunch it was something taboo and getting information about it from anyone was like pulling teeth. Little by little, they managed to bleed some details from their neighbor during recess and, from what they learned, decided some things were better left unknown and what they did know resulted in them not quite being able to see their boisterous sister in the same way again.

"You betcha" smiled Robin, bouncing on the balls of her feet excitedly. Already her love's face was beginning to burn a light red from excitement. "But, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"You know I'm not made of china, right?"

Perplexed by the question, the raven haired puff tilted her head, rubbing the back of her own head a tad "Err... yeah"

"Then... why do you treat me as if I might break?"

It was an odd analogy, however it was understood very vividly, making Buttercup swallow an uncomfortable lump in her throat, as she paused and considered her answer.

"Because... I don't know how much you can handle. You CAN break... you WILL... if I'm not careful"

"I know you won't"

"No, you don't" the puff replied quickly, firmly, with a frown.

"I'm not asking you to hurt me deliberately... it's just... I know you're holding yourself back sometimes and I wanna make you feel good too"

The truth was that Buttercup was afraid. She was afraid she'd turn into some animal, that would abandon boundaries and give in to what only she wanted and not what her crush wanted.

"I don't want to risk anything"


Her plea was quiet, soft and was delivered with eyes that shimmered so cutely that it made the butterflies in the tomboy's chest resurface more intensely. Crossing her arms, looking down at the ground, her face turned a rich crimson, thinking. The sheer thought, the fact, that her girlfriend wanted her to fuck her harder...


When the time came, the powerpuff had made her decision. She wanted to make Robin happy. Leaving from the back door, she was caught off guard by the Professor's voice, advising her to come home by a particular time. She had a curfew after all. She snuck a glance at the man who grimaced as he shut the back door and Buttercup felt a sting of guilt for making her father feel this way.

Taking off, to their usual destination, being in a certain woodland area, the ravenhaired hero laid her girl down on the usual, smoothed out tree stump, reserved for their passions, and leaned to kiss her softly. The gesture instantly inginited their lustful motives, like a flick of a switch, and their brains hardwired into the situation, wrapping their arms around each other.

Occassionally, the tomboy groaned and shuddered pleasantly, as Robin bit and licked along the side of her neck. One of her most sensitive spots. It was adorable to hear the tough-as-nails fighter coo and whimper. Robin enjoyed that the tomboy wasn't too proud to surrender her dominant position once in a while, and granted her the opportunity to be on top. Buttercup often regarded her efforts as adorable, as she obviously couldn't maintain as much strength and stamina as she had and, through her efforts to mimic the immense speed that the puff delivered, would quickly wilt under the pressure and surrender to her own weaknesses and collapse on the semi-satisfied puff, sweaty and exhausted. What turned her on the most was when Robin was so rough when she was on top. Again, she raised the bar too high for herself, but the concept of Robin wanting to, essentially, make Buttercup her 'bitch', drove right into the tomboy's core and she's shiver in delight with the anticipation, as Robin would go to spank her, nip her nipples and even scratch along her body lightly. She was a kinky cookie.

However, tonight, the roles would be reversed and now, it was time for Buttercup to play as the big bad boss. Pushing her girl off her, onto the grassy forest floor, almost too forcefully, she grinned and began hastily pulling off her lime green panties with a lacy bow, her desperation indicating a hunger, as if she hadn't made love to her in forever, when it had only be a mere 24 hours. Their explorations were absurdly frequent and patterned throughout a single day, sometimes multiple times. Desires would rise at odd moments and Buttercup recalled a time where Robin sucked her clit in the school bathroom. During her urgent undressing, Robin rubbed her head, a little startled from the rough movements, but, it was what she wanted. Snapping back into reality, she found the powerpuff stark naked and in front of her, grabbing a fistful of her beautiful, hazel locks and guiding her face firmly between her legs.


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