Kim's Pandaroo Adventures

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It was a typical Saturday morning for Kim. She was eating breakfast, her father was at work, and her mother and brothers were out shopping. The, someone knocked at the door. Kim got up from the kitchen table to answer it. She opened the door to meet her boyfriend, Ron. "Hey Ron," Kim said with a smile. 

"Hey KP," Ron said. "Happy Saturday." 

"Happy Saturday to you too, Ronnie." Kim gave her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek. "You wanna come in for a while?" 

"Nah, I promised Felix I hang with him," Ron replied. "Thought I should swing over to bring your present." 

Kim gasped. "A present?" she said with a smile. 

"Yep. One sec." Ron went to his car to fetch something from the trunk. Kim waited with eager anticipation for whatever gift Ron was gonna give her. Her mouth dropped when Ron entered the house with a giant sized plush that looked similar to Kim's Cuddle Buddy, Pandaroo. "What do you think?" 

"Ron, is that a giant Pandaroo?" Kim asked. 

"Yeah." Ron said with a smile. "I saw it at the toy store when I was out shopping with Hana. It basically screamed, 'Buy me for Kim!'. I thought it would go nice with your collection. What do you think?" 

Kim paused for a moment before smiling and saying in a little girl voice, "I love it!" Kim wrapped Ron and her new Pandaroo in a hug. 

"Thought you would," Ron said. "Let's get this Cuddle Buddy to your room." 

"Here, let me help." Kim and Ron each held one side of the giant Pandaroo and carefully carried it upstairs into Kim's room. "Hold on." Kim then went to her bed and lifted her orginal Pandaroo off the bed. "OK. You're good." Ron then placed the giant sized Pandaroo in the middle of Kim's bed. Lastly, Kim placed the smaller Pandaroo back at the head of the bed. 

"Well, you're good. Looks nice, doesn't it?" 

"It's perfect." Kim then wrapped her boyfriend in another hug. "Thanks Ronnie." 

"No problem. Well, I gotta go. Me and Felix are gonna watch the first season of Power Rangers. I'll call you tonight." Ron then left Kim's room.

"OK. Bye." As soon as Ron was gone, Kim faced her new toy and offered a cute smile. "Hi." She waved. Kim turned her head, as if listening to Pandaroo. "You wanna cuddle? OK." Kim then flopped down on her bed and started cuddling her new plush toy. "Mmm...You feel so soft..." She then looked at her orginal Pandaroo. "Oh, don't be jealous. You're still my favorite." 

Kim continued the cuddle fest for a few moments. "What's that?" she asked Giant Pandaroo. "You wanna see me naked?" Kim gave a surprised smile. "Well, how can I say no?" Kim then got off the bed and slowly removed her pink t shirt to reveal her perky breasts. "You like them?" She asked Giant Pandaroo. "I thought you would." 

Kim then removed her shorts to reveal her shaven pussy. "I got it trimmed for Ronnie. You love it? You do? Thank you." Kim the slid back onto the bed and laid her naked body ontop of her giant plush toy. "Mmm...This feels better..." Kim then looked at her orginal Pandaroo and gave a playful smile. "Come here..." She grabbed it and placed it next to her and Giant Pandaroo. 

"You feel better?" Kim asked smaller Pandaroo. "Good...I love you both..." Kim continued the snuggle fest for several minutes, till she got an idea. She then reached for her nightstand drawer and fetched, 'Mr. Purple.' "Giant Pandaroo, meet Mr. Purple. He's gonna help you today." Kim then reached for her strapon and placed Mr. Purple in it's place. 

She then grabbed her giant Pandaroo and placed it's legs into the holes of the strapon. Luckily, it fitted perfectly. "You're gonna be my new play thing..." Kim whispered. She then placed Giant Pandaroo at the head of the bed and laid down, facing him. "Watch me..." she said to smaller Pandaroo. Kim then started teasing her pussy, getting it wet. 

"Pandaroo...I want you inside me..." Kim teased. Kim slowly worked her way towards getting her pussy warm and excited. She then placed one of her fingers inside her now wet pussy. As she slowly fingered herself, Kim gaze was still on her giant Pandaroo. "You better be prepared, big boy..." 

Kim then removed her finger and sensually licked off her juices. She then reached for her lube and rubbed it over Mr. Purple. "You ready?" Kim then inserted the dildo into her pussy. "Ohh..." Kim then postioned herself and started riding Pandaroo. "You're so cute..." Kim then kissed her stuffed animal as she teased her own clit. 

Kim then went faster and moaned louder. "You ready?" She felt her orgasm was close. "Let's cum!" Finally, Kim felt her intense orgasm. "AHHH!!" Kim then placed her arms around Pandaroo as she recovered. After a few moments of heavy breathing, Kim smiled at her new play thing. "Thank you..." 

Kim then removed herself from the toy and licked her juices off the purple dildo. After getting a taste of herself, Kim smiled and wrapped her new friend in a hug. "You wanna take a nap with me?" She then laid down ontop of giant Pandaroo. Kim then grabbed smaller Pandaroo. "I can't forget you..." Kim then fell into a cute sleep with her favorite toys. 


Next time, Kim and her mother Anne read an adult bedtime story and decide to act it out before they go to sleep. 

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