Good Girl

BY : Whiptail
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I’m in so much trouble. Me and Robin are sat in the Snyder living room, waiting for the Professor to come round, required urgently. It’s unbelievably tense. You don’t get it. It’s not like we threw a ball through someone’s window or shop lifted or something. It’s far worse and, the bitter silence just eats at you. It’s the calm before the storm and you know what’s coming. As soon as the Professor comes through the door, much explaining we’ll needed.

First point, I had been missing for a few days. Why? second point, I turned into a dog. Like you do. Thirdly, I’d been caught having sex with the neighbour’s daughter. Who HASN’T been there, right? I mean, freakin’ heck. When the parents burst in, staring at us when we were acting like animals in heat, with their jaws to the floor, I’ve never cum that hard before! I was still throbbing and tingling from the orgasm, when I was pulled off of her, like a mutt. Which is what I had been, right up until I started ravaging Robin like I did. Even now, I can still feel that warm glow and taste Robin's pussy and apple scented lip gloss.

Anyways, I got some explaining to do.

So, like I said, I was turned into a puppy. Like that time Mojo turned the world into dogs. How? I dunno. Some abnormal glitch in changing back. It was years ago, but that's my only theory as to how and why it happened. When I tried to find my voice, all I could do is let out this helpless, adorable howl of misery. That’s when Robin found me: in her yard. I’d started to transform out back, in my own garden. I noticed my teeth had become sharp and my ears had elongated and had pitch black fuzz on them. Seriously, no rhyme or reason. I ran, yelling for help, as I saw the fur spread, all along my body, until I started to shrink down, burying myself in my clothes. I freaked so bad, thinking it was all a dream and that none of this should or could be happening. I scrambled under the fence into next door's yard.

Robin pleaded so bad to keep me. It took a long time and much persuasion and I sat obediently to demonstrate good behaviour, however the parents wouldn’t have it. They broke her heart. They said that I must belong to somebody and that they’d put up a poster to say they’d found a ‘missing puppy’. It’d do for now. At least they wouldn’t throw me out. I couldn’t go home in this state. The professor hates the idea of having pets and Bubbles would surely choke me to death with her obsessive cuddling.

I had no choice.

So, for the next few days, I lived with Robin. Her cat, Ginger behaved a lot different to me than with previous visits. She wasn’t sure of me at first, obviously being a dog, but she gave me a good sniff over and seemed convinced, probably due to my smell, that it was me and I was no threat.

However, when I became the centre of attention, Ginger turned her nose up at me and even bullied me, hitting me and hissing for me to leave certain areas of the room so she could nap.

I missed home. I missed school (Just listen to me. I MISSED SCHOOL!). Seeing Blossom and Bubbles became a joy too and I'd hear how they were still looking for me. That big baby would burst into tears at the drop of a hat, or in this case, the mention of my name. I didn't think they'd even miss me this bad.

One day, having had another hiccup with the puss, allowing for her to dunk my head in my new food bowl (I dare not fight, just put up with it, for the risk of being thrown out), I wondered off upstairs, into Robin’s room to be alone. I leaped up onto the bed, somewhere I was forbidden to be, but whatever, and took a nap, listening to the sounds of water from the nearby bathroom gurgle, as someone had left the bath. Thank goodness I got there just in time to avoid the trauma of seeing one of those old folks naked. Blegh!

The door swung open and my eyes shrunk in surprise, seeing Robin emerge with wet hair and a towel masking her frame lazily.

“Hi Lily-loo” she cooed with a smile. That was the name she’d given me. Lily.

Being a dog for so long makes you understand exactly what it’s like to suffer in the world of overwhelming senses. Sounds, tastes, smells. Everything is so loud and amplified. Despite being very clean, obviously having come from the bath freshly, some steam rising from her body, I could still make out her distinguishable smell.

The first time experiencing it, as a human, it’s so subtle you can barely muster or define it. I just knew, from spending time with her, sitting with her, playing with her, that this was the comforting smell of familiarity. But, as a puppy, it shocked me, how absurdly intense it was, when she found me in the yard. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever smelled. It was an extension of her being, an aura, that I could finally comprehend it on some level more detailed. I could smell her wonder and curiosity, her emotions, I could smell the cereal she had for breakfast, the pencils she had been using to colour a picture. Smells of other people, like her parents, Ginger and my sisters. I was panting, like a starving beggar had suddenly been granted access to an all-you-can-eat buffet. I was salivating. Had I taken a moment to consider my actions, I would’ve been unbelievably embarrassed. I couldn’t help but leap for joy, yap and bark, as I heard her voice when she greeted me. Seeing her kneel down, I clumsily, hurriedly, dashed over, tripping over myself in the process, to get my paws on her. I jumped into her lap and licked at her face, persuading sweet chuckles from her.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I blamed it all on the fact that the instincts of having become a canine is what drove me to such actions.

Now, in the bedroom, despite the fact she was now temporarily masked with other artificial scents, I could still make her out and probably something else, a lot more interesting. 

I realised it the other day, when she was sitting watching telly. I was alerted to something new. Somewhere where I’d receive more information, could appreciate and gain access to other details about her. I was dumb enough to figure my nose had become this new superpower that I could just use as I please, as I found that it ventured somewhere that should be kept much more private.

“Lily!” the girl yelled in shock, leading my head away from her crotch. “B-bad girl”

The scolding did nothing for me emotionally, but I detected something interesting in her reaction. My tail wagged, seeing her cute expression, having turned a deep red from my invasive gesture.

Going to dry her hair, ruffling the towel about her head, she exposed herself to me and, had I had no fur at all, my crimson burning would’ve been known to the world. I burned furiously at her display of her nude body and proceeded to tackle her, seeing that her lower region was fully exposed, not covered, censored, by any clothes at all.

She yelped as she fell down onto the bedroom floor and looked to me with question. She stared at me, through her spread legs and, without taking a second to question even myself, I made my way forward and stuck my nose into her privates. Squeaking, she attempted to pull my head away, but, seeing as how small I was, she may have assumed I was too delicate to be forcefully motioned and her movements were weak. I guessed she was guessing that if I did what I needed to, I’d eventually leave her be. On my end however, I was experiencing something unbelievable. The smell was unfathomable. It struck deep into my core and instantly became my very favourite. It was sweet and alluring and, naturally as one does, when one smells something good, their instinctive is to taste it. So I did.

When she gasped, I immediately retreated. Instant regret washed over me. What the hell had I been doing? Had I completely given in to my new animal instincts?

However, when I looked for some answers, I found that my understanding of what may have been a protest was a mistake. Instead, she spread her legs more for me. I couldn’t believe it. Cautiously, I stepped closer. Was I to be scolded? She wasn’t hurt, was she?

“Come on, girl” she whispered lightly. “It’s okay”


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