Gaz's new friend

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Gaz’s new friend

(Invader Zim/Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy crossover)

“Video games bore me” Mandy sighed as she sat on Gaz’s couch next to the Goth girl watching half-heartedly as Gaz blew through multitudes of enemies on her TV screen, having met a month earlier when Mandy and Billy had moved out of Endsville to attend the same Collij that Gaz attended the blonde and purple haired girls soon found kindred spirits in each other becoming fast friends, sharing the same views on many things as well as having their own lovable idiot each

One thing that they didn’t agree on however was Gaz’s love of video games, Mandy seeing them as an annoyance and simply ‘beep boop’ lights on the TV screen whilst Gaz loved them with a burning passion so whenever Mandy hung out at Gaz’s house she usually just ended up sitting bored next to Gaz as the Goth lost herself in her newest game

Realizing that Gaz was just outright ignoring her when the Goth just grunted at her comment Mandy rolled her eyes and got up from the couch to get herself a drink “damn she’s a lousy host, at least last time she called that alright looking pizza guy over, he was fun for an good twenty minutes” she sighed internally as she opened the fridge to grab a soda, whilst she was still as outwardly abrasive as she was as a child Mandy had grown to at least enjoy sex and wouldn’t turn it down when she was craving it or at least was extremely bored

Cracking open the soda Mandy then moved to sit on the kitchen table as she took a sip of it “should have let Billy or Grim tag along after all” she pondered before hearing footsteps behind her “finally done with your little game?” she asked glancing over her shoulder expecting it to be Gaz coming to get a drink of her own

Instead her eyes met Dib as he strolled into the kitchen wearing nothing but a t-shirt and loose boxer shorts drawing her eyes to the noticeable bulge he had in them “you’re Gaz’s kinda brother right?” the blonde asked making Dib jump as he was relatively half asleep from a nap and hadn’t noticed that she was there

“Huh? Oh yeah I am, you’re Gaz’s friend right?” Dib replied “Mandy is it?”

“So she has told people about me, honestly I was starting to think that I was the only person she could stand to talk to” the blonde commented taking another sip of her soda

“Yeah Gaz is a little standoffish at best, it takes a long while to get in her good books, hell I’m her brother and it took me years to get her to remotely like me, does have a couple other friends but they’re…not exactly normal”

“You mean the Aliens right?” Mandy replied nonchalantly to which Dib’s eyes widened in shock “oh please, I’m friends with the Grim Reaper, Aliens are nothing new to me”

“Oh, that’s refreshing, most people are too stupid to remotely realise that Tak and Zim aren’t human”

“Indeed, people are stupid” Mandy agreed taking another drink of her soda as Dib got his own, the blonde rolling her eyes along his lithe but toned body before settling on the bulge in his boxers quickly coming to a quick decision to quell her boredom “Gaz says you’re pretty big down there, care to prove it?”

Having taken a swig of his drink Dib nearly choked on it from Mandy’s question, coughing harshly before clearing his throat “excuse me?”

“You heard me” Mandy replied calmly but firmly as she set her can down and hopped off of the table making her ample bust bounce in its tight constraints of her dress, the sight of which made Dib swallow thickly “get it out and show me” she stated as she advanced on him to which he backpedalled against the counter

“W-whoa, we’ve only just met! And Gaz is in the next room, she’d kill me if she found out I had sex with her friend without her say so!” Dib tried to protest to which Mandy just ignored him grabbing hold of his boxers

“Fine, I’ll do it myself” the blonde scoffed ripping his underwear down his legs to reveal his meaty dick to which she grasped hold of it to inspect it “not bad, a good eight inches flaccid” she commented holding it up against her forearm “but I like it bigger so let’s see just how big you can get”

With that Mandy slid down to her knees stroking Dib’s cock with one hand whilst pulling her dress down with the other to let her huge J cup tits bounce free, the blonde smirking as she felt Dib’s cock swell and harden in her grasp “there we go, that’s more acceptable” she breathed, her tone still cold and firm despite the fact she was jerking him off as she then leaned in to plant headed kisses along his shaft and on his cock head

“Oh fuck” Dib groaned as Mandy then encased his cock between her breasts, his legs shaking as he clutched the counter behind him

“Seriously? Your dick goes between a pair of tits and you’re about to lose it? I wouldn’t have bothered if I knew you’d be this weak” Mandy scoffed as she pumped her breasts along his shaft, if his dick didn’t feel so good between her tits she’d have just stopped then and there so Dib was lucky in that regard “no wonder Gaz has you so pussy whipped”

As if on reflex from the insult Dib grabbed hold of Mandy’s breasts making her eyes widen with surprise for a moment “hmm, you seem to have a backbone after all” she commented as she reached down to pull the bottom of her dress up exposing her little slut and thick bubble ass whilst Dib fucked her tits “come on, show me you’re a man, use my tits!”

In the living room Gaz bit her lip as she tried her best to remain focused on her game, the Goth having noticed Mandy leave her side but didn’t pay much attention to it until she picked up on the obvious sounds of sex in the kitchen, now her cunt was aching with arousal and it was becoming harder and harder to focus on killing the current boss of her game

Upon hearing Mandy order Dib to fuck her mouth as well as her tits Gaz’s thumb slipped from the joy stick causing her to lose yet another life to the boss “fuck this, if that bitch is getting laid I’m getting some too” she hissed pressing pause on her game before throwing the controller away, the Goth slut promptly shedding off what little clothing she had on as she stood before proceeding to march into the kitchen

Upon entering the kitchen Gaz found that Mandy had brought Dib to his first climax with her tits and mouth, the blonde letting him fill her mouth completely with his seed before she pulled away to let him finish on her face and bust, Mandy letting out a small barely audible hum of approval as she gulped down his cum not wanting him to know that she enjoyed the taste and feeling of his cum on her tongue

“You two done yet?” Gaz spoke getting both of their attention as she sauntered into the room “if you were that fucking bored you could have just asked to get Dib up for a fuck session” she smirked grabbing hold of Dib’s still rock hard cock to stroke it “as much as I love video games nothing beats a ride on this fat fuck stick”

“I told you several times that I was bored and wanted to do something else but you were too preoccupied” Mandy deadpanned as Gaz stroked Dib’s cock harder before moving to straddle his cock, facing Dib as she stood on her tip toes rocking her hips to rub her cunt back and forth along his rigid length “and once again you’re not listening to me” she sighed rolling her eyes before leaning under them to lick and suck at Dib’s large balls to keep herself occupied

Biting her lip as Dib’s girth spread her cunt Gaz pumped her hips faster, winding her arms around his shoulders crushing her breasts to his chest as it seemed she intended to work herself to her first orgasm on grinding alone “fuck you’re so wet” Dib groaned as he reached around to grab hold of Gaz’s fat ass, making the Goth girl bite her lip as she reached back as well to spank herself

Grinding down on him a few more times Gaz then reached lower to guide his cock into her dripping slit, letting out a long lustful moan as she was stretched to her limit around his girth “fuck yeah, take that fucking hole” Gaz moaned spanking herself again as Mandy sucked harder on Dib’s balls

Running her tongue around his balls Mandy then pulled away to watch as Dib moved Gaz along his cock like a fuck doll, her thick thighs wrapping around his waist as she threw her head back with a scream of pleasure “impressive” the blonde commented watching how Gaz borderline melted on Dib’s dick, she had definitely picked the right guy to fuck if he could get the Goth slut to scream like that

Digging her nails into Dib’s shoulders Gaz showed off just how strong her legs and hips were as she started moving herself along his horse cock, her stomach bulging all the way to her rib cage every time she slammed herself down and it wasn’t long before her first orgasm made her head spin

As Gaz came hard on his cock Dib proceeded to carry her to the kitchen table, lying her down on her back before taking hold of her legs to spread them wide, Gaz proceeding to reach up to grasp the edge of the table above her head letting her tits bounce as Dib thrust into her hard and deep not letting her orgasm die down

“Ah fuck, that’s it, fuck that cunt!” Gaz panted watching as Dib’s cock stretched her to her limit making her stomach bulge out with every thrust “you’re finally learning how to use a slut! Fill my hole with your fucking load!”

Watching somewhat impatiently Mandy then raised an eyebrow as Dib came, his second load seeming to be no smaller than his first showing an extremely fast refractory rate “now I’m starting to see why you put up with him” she commented as Dib then pulled out cumming all over Gaz’s stomach and tits as the rest of his seed poured out of her abused cunt

“He has his uses” Gaz panted as she scooped up some cum from her tits and licked it from her fingers “come on, your turn” she then grinned eyeing Mandy’s glistening cunt

“Fine but anal only, I’m not risking having his kid” Mandy stated trying to sound as disinterested and distant as possible but couldn’t hide that she was interested as she stared at Dib’s still hard cock whilst turning around to bend over the counter “come on then, make yourself useful” she instructed trying her best to hide her gasp as Dib moved behind her and pressed his cock to her tightest hole

Gripping the edge of the counter Mandy bit her lip as Dib then pushed deep into her thick ass making her stomach bulge around his girth “fuck…” she gasped, her breath shaking as she tried to hide the pleasure she was feeling from the penetration, her toes curling against the floor as her breathing quicken, her bust heaving as Dib started to thrust into her

As Dib thrust balls deep into her ass Mandy then gasped as she felt a hot wet tongue on her cunt, looking down to find Gaz sitting between their legs running her tongue along her dripping slut “you…mmmph…you bitch…” she hissed as her body began to shudder, the attack on both of her holes building up her orgasm much faster than she had expected and within minutes she was cumming harder than ever before

With Mandy’s ass squeezing tight around his cock Dib didn’t last much longer, groaning as he came hard in the blonde’s ass making her let out an uncharacteristically blissful sigh as her insides were warmed by his seed

As Dib pulled out Mandy quickly put her cold façade back on fixing her hair as she stood up “that was...somewhat satisfactory, this visit wasn’t a total waste” she borderline complimented making Gaz smirk

“Yeah, yeah, I bet you five bucks you’ll be back here in the next three days and it won’t be to hang out” the Goth slut smirked to Mandy just rolled her eyes

She lasted two days before knocking on their door

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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