Love or Obsession

BY : JoJo
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Steven Small felt a throbbing in his head as he slowly fell into consciousness. He moved his head slowly from left to right feeling as if a fifty pound weight was sitting atop his neck. He groaned as his eyes adjusted to the dark interior of wherever he was.  He moved to grip his head, but found he was bound to a chair this giving him a jolt of fear clearing the fog from his mind. He looked deeper into the darkness recognizing his home and there was someone there staring at him with burning yellow eyes. Steven began to pick out features of his captor. They were thin, but tall from the curves he could see he discerned that it was a girl and a young one at that. Atop their head there was a plume of blond hair that encircled their head cut to above their shoulders.

Stevens’ eyes began to widen as he recognized who those burning yellow eyes belonged to knowing that under normal circumstances those eyes would be a rich amber color. “Sarah!” He attempted to shout, but the gag in his mouth preventing him from speaking. Sarah stepped forward into the light of the moon coming through the window. She was wearing a sleeveless orange turtleneck sweater and black skinny jeans above a pair of black and yellow tennis shoes, and her hands encased in black leather gloves . “Hey Mr. Small I’m real sorry about having to knock you out like that, but with your drug use I wasn’t sure how much of a tolerance you’d have to it.” She said smiling coldly at him. Steven knew this day might come; he’d hoped and prayed it never would, but now it had.

Sarah noticed the crestfallen look on her counselor’s face and shook her head sadly clucking her tongue as she did so. “Don’t blame yourself Mr. Small you tried to help me I know it’s just, I don’t want to be helped. I like the person I am and so will he. I know he will!” Sarah said her eyes glowing fiercely in with the certainty of her words. “I just can’t have you in the way anymore, and I know if I left you alone you’d try to stop me, so I have to remove you first.” Mr. Small ranted against the gag really he wasn’t saying anything, but he needed Sara to get closer to him so he could stop this. Sarah looked at her counselor’s strained and red face as he mumbled harshly against the gag. Sarah shrugged as she walked over to him.

“I suppose I’d like to hear your words of advice one more time. Even though I have no intention of listen-ooof!” As Sarah was speaking she’d stepped close enough for Mr. Small to deliver a kick to her stomach sending the girl falling to her knees winded as Steven tipped the chair backwards braking one of the struts allowing his hands to get free from the bindings. He reached for the gag before moving to stand up. As he did so a lance of pain shot up his left leg. He cried out looking backwards seeing a knife plunged through his leg and into the floor effectively pinning him there.  Steven looked from his ruined leg to Sarah her hand gripping the hilt their eyes locking for a moment before both moved. Steven Small may be a pacifist, but he was no pushover his years of Yoga and body conditioning had made him limber and powerful. But even this was no match against Sarah’s burning resolve as she launched herself at Mr. Small colliding with him as he hands wrapped around his neck squeezing with python strength.

Mr. Small scrambled for a moment lost at the ferocity with which Sarah was attacking him. In all his time with the young girl trying to cure her obsession he’d never thought she’d resort to violence. For the past few months he’d thought he had effectively cured her, but it seemed to have all been a ploy. Sarah was playing him until she had what she needed for whatever plan she had in store. Steven couldn’t let this stand at this stage Sarah was a danger to herself and others. Mr. Small struck out delivering a punch to Sarah’s side repeatedly driving his fist into her side again and again, but to no avail Sarah would not let go of his throat her fingers digging into the skin of his neck. Steven’s blows were becoming less and less powerful as the lack of oxygen weakened him. Lights burst across his eyes as his heart thundered in his chest each beat weaker than the last. Sarah seemed to have tired of this as she drove her knee into Mr. Small’s stomach pushing out whatever was still in him as he slipped into unconsciousness.  Sarah pulled her hands shakily from Mr. Small’s neck seeing the bruising. She grits her teeth. “You just had to make this difficult didn’t you!?” She shouted angrily wishing she could vent her anger on the unconscious man, but she couldn’t risk leaving anymore evidence. Already she’d had to injure his leg blood on the floor she could only hope the fire dealt with after all she was taking her weapon with her. 

Sarah grabbed Mr. Small by his injured leg pulling the knife free with as little further damage as she could. Sarah cleaned the knife before depositing it in a Ziploc bag stowing it in her pocket as she began the process of dragging Mr. Small to the couch. Once she’d positioned him as best she could she went to his dried herbs spreading them around Small’s prone body on the couch and floor before taking a candle and lighting it making sure it took hold. She let it burn for a moment before setting the candle down on the table staring into it so as to steel herself for what was next.

She took a deep breath casting her eyes on Mr. Small for the last time. “I’m real sorry it had to be this way Mr. Small, I really am, but if I want us to be together you have to be gone, but don’t worry you won’t be the only one. There are so many rats in the way of what I want, and I will stab, tear, and burn them all the way until I get to him. You were simple the first.” She spoke before tipping over the candle watching it tumble to the ground striking the dried herbs there as each one burned to life in turn burning another until the fire spread licking at Mr. Small’s bare feet before catching onto his pant leg. Once Sarah was sure the fire wouldn’t go out she exited out the back door locking it behind her as she moved further away from the murder scene.

Every so often Sarah would cast her sights back to the house whether to make sure her did was done or in regret even she didn’t know, but as she saw the black plume of smoke she knew for better or worse the deed was done. She yawned stretching in the darkness of the night thinking about heading home, but she couldn’t no after what she’d done for them she had to see him. Sarah turned left heading away from her home and to another’s she knew the way there blindfolded and soon she found herself in front of a blue two floor home. The windows were dark telling the world the inhabitants were asleep. Sarah made her way to the right side of the house planting her hands and feet in footholds she’d put there and made her way to the second floor bedroom window. Once she was there she gripped the window easing it open letting in the chill of the cool night air as she slithered inside.

Sarah stalked up to the bunkbed that held her love looking down at him her eyes softening the yellow eyes of anger cooling to the liquid amber of love. She stroked his head feeling his soft hair run through her fingers. She could feel her loins moisten just at this small intimate contact. She leaned forward puckering her lips, but stopped herself shaking her head. No not yet not like this, but soon my love, very soon. Sarah thought to herself as she slipped back out into the night closing the window as she made her way home taking a short detour to ditch the knife in a sewage outlet.

Once home Sarah got out of her clothes and put them in a trash bag storing it under her bed for now. She’d get rid of them no her way out tomorrow. Lying down in her black panties and under the covers thoughts of him ran through her mind soaking her panties. She desperately wanted to pleasure herself, but she fought the urge she needed sleep now tomorrow would be a trying day, but it was all for him in the end the man she loved more than anything. As Sarah slowly drifted off to sleep the sounds of sirens rang out through the night no doubt disturbing the sleep of others, but to Sarah it was more like a song of congratulations.

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