Zone-Tan and Shadow

BY : ExtraThiccHentai
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It was night time, and Zone-Tan had returned from working on another episode of ZTV News. The she-demon was asleep with the bed-sheets wrapped around her body. A smile formed on her face as she dreamed of torturing Dave while kissing her long-time crush Harry Partridge.

Meanwhile a black mist flew up to her bedroom window and fazed through the glass. It made it's way closer to the sleeping woman and slithered under her bedsheets before moving up towards her.

"Ahh..." Zone-Tan moaned in her sleep as she felt a sensation on between her legs. Her body tossed and turned as the sensations grew and as her breathing became heavy.

Suddenly she shot open her eyes and became face to face with a pair of red eyes. The woman let out a small scream and punched the intruder in the face. The intruder back away and held himself in pain.

Zone-Tan widened her eyes in surprise as she recognized who had sneaked in her room. "Shadow? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"What, I can't visit my FWB when I'm having one of my urges!?" Shadow said, glaring at her.

"You could have at least called me, instead of being an asshole and scaring me like that!" the woman said.

"Ugh, fine! Can we just do it already! I can barely contain myself!" Shadow said.

Zone-Tan sighed in annoyance but got on her hands and knees and giving her butt a shake, although with an uncaring look on her face.

Shadow immediately got behind her and pulled down the woman's purple panties revealing her entrance. He growled and sniffed the air as he was able to smell the woman's juices.

Shadow teleported away him pants and boxers and entered Zone-Tan, who let out a suppressed moan as Shadow's member stretched apart her walls.

"Oh I missed this, so much!" Shadow said and pulled back out before plowing back in.

"Ah..uhh..f-fuck..." Zone-Tan moaned as the teenage boy moved in and out, her ass bouncing against him.

Shadow decided to move faster, having Zone-Tan moan louder and began to meet his thrusts. Soon enough they felt their climaxes nearing and Zone-Tan moaned loudly as Shadow filled her up.

The two friends with benefits snugged against each other and fell asleep.

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