Brothers Aren't So Bad

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Kim Possible was in the kitchen, waiting for her parents to leave. They were going out for their anniversary. Kim, like always would be babysitting her brothers. She actually didn't mind it. "Kimmie, you sure you got everything under control?" Ann called out. 


"Yeah mom! Everything will go smoothly." Kim replied. 


"Just make sure the boys finally take their bath. Who knows how long it's been?" Ann asked.


"I'll take care of it mom. You two have fun!" Kim called out. 


"Thanks honey! We'll probably back at 10:30. Love you!" Ann called out. 


"Love you too!" Kim called out. As soon as they left, Kim had to think of a way to get Jim and Tim to take a bath. It's been at least a week since they last had one. Luckily, Kim and her brothers got along more better. She then had an idea. After getting Jim and Tim clean, she could join them, making her feel both clean and dirty. The good kind of dirty. 


Kim then reached the living room where Jim and Tim were playing video games. "OK Tweebs, mom and dad left me in charge. And I say, it's time for a bath." Kim said with confidence. 


"No way!" Tim replied with disgust. 


"We love being dirty! We're currently setting a record for all time stink!" Jim said with a smile. 


"Fine. Then I guess you wouldn't want to feel both clean and dirty. The good kind of dirty." Kim said, walking away from the boys, seemingly giving up. 


Jim and Tim then put down their controllers and thought about it. "What do you mean by that?" Jim asked.


"Join me in the bathroom in five minutes and you'll see." Kim said, walking upstairs.  Jim and Tim then stared at eachother, wondering what Kim has in store for them. 


"Is this a trick?" Tim asked. 


"Well, whatever the reason, we shouldn't mess with Kim. Not when she's in charge." Jim said. They then went upstairs to the bathroom where they found Kim standing by the tub, full of water. 


"OK boys, strip down." Kim ordered. "And get in the tub and sit apart from each other." 


"Well what's in it for us?" Tim asked. 


Kim smiled. "I have a surprise for you two." Jim and Tim did as they were told. After getting in the tub with Jim on the left and Tim on the right, they then washed each other. Kim smiled, feeling so proud of herself. After they were done, Kim smiled at her brothers who looked on expectedly. 


"OK. Now what's the surprise?" Jim asked, incredously. 


"You'll see." Kim simply said. She then turned on the radio and did a slow dance. She then slowly removed her shirt, revealing a lack of bra. Jim and Tim's mouths dropped at the sight of her perky breasts. 


"Whoa." Jim simply said. 


"Is she not wearing any panties?" Tim whispered. Kim then turned around, showing her behind to Jim and Tim. She then bended down and slowly removed her pants, showing that she's not wearing panties either. Jim and Tim smiled. Kim was a cool sister. 


"Tim!" Jim said, pointing to the water. 


"Yeah! You too." Tim replied. When Kim turned around, she could she the head both of her brothers dicks popping out of the water. 


"Looks like you boys are excited." Kim said with a smile. "Are you ready for your surprise?" Both Jim and Tim nodded. She sat in between them causing Jim's dick to be placed in between her ass cheeks and Tim's dick rubbed Kim's pussy lips. "Ohh..." She moaned. 


"Kim, this is so cool." Jim said with a smile. Kim smiled back as she started moving herself, giving Jim a buttjob and Tim a penis rub. The tip of the boys dicks made Kim wet. She continued moving, making the boys moan too. "Kim, can we do this everytime you babysit us?" Jim asked. 


"Sure." Kim said, managing her best smile. She moved faster and faster. She could feel herself getting close. "OK boys ready?" Kim asked, steeling herself. Jim and Tim nodded, feeling their own orgasms getting closer. "Let's cum! Ready?" Kim then felt her orgasm wash over. Feeling their sister's ass hole and pussy cum against their dicks as enough for them to cum. 


As they start recovering, Kim smiled at her brothers. "Wasn't that fun?" Kim asked. 


"Hick Bicka Boo!" Both twins said in unison. Kim giggled. 



Next time, Kim learns that her parents are taking a second honeymoon. She allows Jim and Tim to sleep with her. 

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