Drunken Mistake

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"Kim would you bring me a set of clothes? I'm going to take a shower." Ron moved to start the shower waiting for Kim to bring one of the many sets of clothes he had stored in her room for this specific reason. The mission wasn't difficult by any means but being as clumsy as he was his clothes were destroyed often enough. "Don't make a mess Ron I dont want to get in trouble for you making my parents shower dirty again." She said through the crack in the door as she passed his clothes to him. Closing the door he turned on the shower washing away all the sweat and dirt from that nights mission.

"Showers after missions always feel the best." Ron said to himself exiting the shower and reaching for a towel next to his clothes.

A soft moan stopped him in his tracks. Looking to the side towards the door Mrs Possible was standing there just staring at him. 'I can't believe she saw me naked!' Ron quickly grabbed the towel to cover himself.
"I'm sorry Mrs. P! I didnt know you were there!" Ron blushed heavily but she hadn't moved or looked away.
'Why is she still staring at me?' he contemplated before looking down at the nearly empty bottle of wine in her hand.
Wordlessly she started moving towards Ron. Swaying slightly obviously more than just a little intoxicated. She slowly looked Ron up and down stopping just inches from his face. 'Yup she's drunk' Ron thought smelling the wine on her breath. "Mrs. P I'm sorry I didn't realize you were home. I would've used a different shower if I knew." He attempted to back away from the woman but she just followed closely till his back met the bathroom door.
"Shhhh..." She trailed her finger tip from his chin down his chest and stomach ending at the edge of the towel. "Mrs. P you can't..." he was interrupted by her finger looping behind the towel and pulling it from his hands.
'What is she doing?! She's drunk this can't happen!' his thoughts came to a halt as she knelt down maintaining eye contact with him let his growing cock rest against her face. She rubbed her nose against it taking in his smell mixed with the soap he just used to clean himself.
Anne moaned quietly enjoying the feel of the heat radiating off the cock of her daughters best friend. She knew this was wrong. A little voice in the back of her mind was screaming at her to stop but the alcohol was making it impossible. Anne put the bottle down before dragging her nails down his inner thigh. She enjoyed the shiver that ran down his leg and how his cock jumped slightly. She felt something wet on her forehead. drawing her head back slightlty she saw the string of pre-cum that went from the tip of his cock to her forehead.

On her hands and knees she brought her lips to the base of his cock licking it from base to tip. She took the tip into her mouth using her tongue to clean the precum that covered it. Letting out a small moan she took the rest of his cock in her mouth not stopping till her nose was firmly pressed against his stomach. Ron was panting heavily unable to process how the mother of his best friend was currently doing her best to swallow his cock.

She loved it. The smell, the taste of him was intoxicating. She moaned at the feeling of his throbbing cock burried in her throat. She qucikly started bobbing on his cock. occasionally she'd allow his cock to leave her mouth just for her spit on the tip and run her tongue along the bottom of his shaft. She loved making blowjobs sloppy and wet. Ann's saliva was dripping off her chin onto her shirt.  Ron's moaning was increasing in volume but in her drunken state she didn't care at all. Hearing his approving sounds was just making her more arroused.

She barely noticed his hand reach to the back of her head and grab and handful of her long red hair. He fisted her hair and started forcing her deeper and controling the way she was sucking his cock. She moaned on his cock enjoying how he was taking over. Feeling his cock twitch she knew he was getting close. Pulling his cock out of her mouth she ran her tongue from the base to the tip on every side before focusing on the head of his cock just inside her lips. He moaned loudly and he shot his cum inside her mouth watching as she swallowed at every chance she could before pulling it out of her and letting the last few ropes of cum land on her face.

Ron was shaking. "Mrs. P that was amazing." He told her breathlessly.

The alcohol had turned off any ability for her to think clearly. Her head was swimming. Even though she was incredibly horny at the moment. Ann couldn't process what had really transpired. Standing up she stumbled to the bed before passing out.

Gathering his clothes Ron got dressed and left the room unsure of what to think. All he knew was that he enjoyed every second of it. He always thought Kim's mom was incredibly beautiful. 'She's married!' Ron was freaking out. 'She's Kims mom and this is just so wrong!' Trying to calm himself he assured himself that it wasn't something she'd remember in the morning and something he shouldn't bring up ever again.


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