Ten Days With Shego

BY : lilo1013
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AN: I know I said I wouldn't do KiGo, but I changed my mind. They look hot together.

Kim Possible sat in her room, wondering what to do. It was summer and she had recently graduated from high school. Her boyfriend Ron was with his family in Paris for two weeks, her mom and dad are visiting her Uncle Slim and her twin brothers were at summer camp. So, Kim would have the house to herself for two weeks. She actaully hated being alone. She could call her cousin Larry or her BFF Monique, but they probably had othewr plans. It was Friday and she had nothing to do. The last time she had a problem like this, her arch foes Dr. Drakken and Motor Ed teamed up. 

That's when Kim got the thought. 'I wonder what Shego's been up to.' Kim hasn't seen her former arch foe since Graduation when they both hepled saved the world from a alien invasion. Both her and Dr. Drakken got an award from the UN for that acheivement. Ever since, she's vanished. She hasn't been causing trouble, so no need to hunt her down and kick her butt. But, she really wanted someone to talk to. And she's curious. Has she rejoined Team Go? Is she still with Dr. Drakken? So many questions flooded her mind. 

Finally, she picked up her Kimmunicator to contact Wade. "Hey Kim." Wade said. 

"Hey Wade," Kim said with a smile. "I need you to track someone." Kim knew her friend was a tech genuis and could track anyone on a worldwide scale. Surely he could track down Shego. 

"Sure? Who you need?" Wade asked. 

Kim was a little nervous to admit who and why. But, she answered, "Shego." Wade's eyes went wide.

"Shego? Why?" Wade asked. 

"No reason." Kim said with a blush. But, Wade wasn't buying it. 

"Kim..." Wade said with a arched eyebrow. 

"OK." Kim said sheepishly. "I want to talk to her. See how she's doing. That, and I'm bored." 

"Like when Ron and Felix were hanging out constantly?" Wade asked. 

"Yeah." Kim blushed. 

"Not that I have a problem with it," Wade said. "But are you sure it's a good idea? Talking with someone who tried to kick your butt?" 

"Yes." Kim said with incredulity. "She hasn't done anything bad, right?" 

"Well, yeah. No reports of her doing any crimes." 

"Good. So, can you do it or not?" Kim asked. 

"OK. I'll track her and set you up a chat with her." 

"Please and Thank you." Kim said with a smile. She then turned off the Kimmunicator and laid down to take a nap. Soon, she would get to know what her former arch foe has been up to. After 30 minutes, The Kimmunicator beeped. Kim woke up with a smile. "You got her?" She asked. 

"Yep. I also got a video chat ready for you." Wade said. 

"Good. Patch her through." Shego's face then filled up the Kimmunicator. 

"Kim?" Shego asked, surprised to see her former enemy's face again. 

"Hi Shego. You look great." Kim said with a smile. Shego smiled back. 

"Thanks. So, what you been up to, princess?" Shego asked before blushing. That was a nickname that she used to call Kim when they were fighting. "Sorry." 

"It's OK. You can call me that. It's cute." Kim said. "Well, my boyfriend and family are gone for two weeks-" 

"And you're really bored so you thought to call me?" Shego said, cutting Kim off. 

"Yes." Kim blushed. 

"Aww... Kimmie, that's so thoughtful." 

"Really? You know, if you're busy I could call back later." 

"No. No. It's fine." Kim smiled. "So, you wanna guess what I been up to?" 


"OK. After Drakken and I recived that award from The UN, he basically gave me a huge share. So, I quit villainy, and moved to this big house Las Vegas." 

"Really? How big?" 

"Try fit a swimming pool into the swimming pool big!" Shego joked. Kim giggled at that. Then, Shego got an idea. "Hey, why don't you come over?" Kim gasped. Alone with her former arch foe in a big house? That was exciting. 

"Really? How long can I stay and when can I come?" 

"As long as you want and when you want. After all, I really would like to spend some time with you. Not in the kicking butt sort of way," Kim giggled. 

"How about I stay for ten days and come by tommorrow?" 

"That'll be great! I'll text you the address." 

"Alright. I'll have Wade set me up a ride." 

"Great. See you princess."

"Bye." Kim then turned back to Wade. "Can you get me a flight to Las Vegas for tomorrow?" 

"Are planning to gamble a little?" Wade joked. Kim giggled. 

"No Wade. Shego invited me to stay with her for ten days while Ron and my family are gone." Wade was creeped out by this, but decided not to question Kim.

"OK. I'll have it set up."

"Thanks Wade." Kim then set down the Kimmunicator and took another nap. She wouldn't have to be bored cuase shw was going to hook up with her former enemy and new friend.

Shego stood in her bedroom, naked, looking at her nude body in the mirror. She admired her green breasts, curvy ass and shaven pussy. She was going to love it more when Kim came to see her. "Kimmie, I can't wait for you to come and play with me. Tomorrow's gonna be a great day. I better go warm up my toys."

I apologize for lack of sexual content. Next chapter, I promise there will be more action.

Next time, Kim begins her ten day vacation with Shego. Once she feels confortable, Shego reveals a secret she's been holding a long time. Little does she know that Kim would be more accepting of it than she thought.  



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