I Love You Mommy

BY : lilo1013
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Setting: Possible Living Room

Theme: Too much Tube

Kim Possible was in the living room looking bored. Her boyfriend Ron was grounded for a week. It's Friday night and all her other friends have plans. Kim just thought she might watch some TV, take her mind off boredom. After a few minutes of channel surfing, Kim's mother, Dr. Ann Possible came into the lving room. Kim smiled. "Hi momma." She said sweetly. 

"Hi Kimmie." Ann said with a smile. "Friday night? No Ron?" 

"He got grounded." Kim said with a pout. 

"Aww..." Ann cooed, sitting down on the couch to hug her daughter. 

"Didn't you have to work late?" Kim asked, not that she didn't love having her mom home. 

"My schedule's got rearanged. And your father is taking the boys to Montana to visit Uncle Slim." Ann explained. Kim smiled. More mom/daughter time. "What have you been doing?" 

"Just watching TV." Kim said. 

"Well, that's not a good way to beat boredom." Ann said with a demure smile. Kim giggled. Ann took the remote from Kim and turned the TV off. "Now that that's out of the way, what do you want to do, Kimmie?" 

"Let's take our clothes off." Kim said. Ann smiled as she and her daughter took off their clothes. Kim was wearing a pink bra with orange panties, while Ann was wearing a simple white bra with matching panties. After they were nude, Ann tickled her daughter. "Mommy! Ha ha ha!" She giggled. Ann just loved this. Like when Kim was a baby. Ann then wrapped her daughter in a hug. 

"I really love spending time with you baby. I miss you." Ann said, close to tears. Just then, Kim got an idea. 

"Hey, I have a plan that might work for us. Whenever Ron's not avaible and Daddy and the Tweebs are gone, we can do our own thing." Kim said. Ann smiled. 

"That's a great idea, Kimmie-Cub. Just relaxing, watching a movie, going out, or even taking a nice hot bath." Ann said. She then pulled Kim in close and kissed her on the lips. 

"Mommy..." Kim moaned. She loved this. It was so wrong. But they didn't care. They loved each other. That was it. Kim will always be faithful to Ron. Same with Ann to James. But, they want a special connection. They want to savor this moment forever. 

After the kiss broke, Ann laid Kim down on the couch. "Let me show you how much mommy loves you..." Ann said, circling her finger over Kim's shaven pussy. 

"OK." Kim said. Ann then licked Kim's pussy. "Momma..." She moaned. Ann started with teasing, gentle licks. Kim just whimpered. She loved her mother's tongue on her pussy. Ann then sped the motions of her tongue, making Kim moan louder. 

"My baby..." Ann smiled to herself. She then buried her tounge in her daughter's wet pussy, the adding effect to drive Kim to orgasm. 

"I'm cumming!..." Kim screamed, with her mother's tounge still teasing her pussy. When Kim finally came, she let out, "Ahh!!" 

Ann held onto her daughter as the aftershocks of the orgams faded and with a kiss above Kim's shaven pussy and a final lick of the lips, a wet faced Ann looked up at her now glowing daughter. "My princess..." Ann said with a grin. She then grabbed a now giggling Kim and stradled her in her lap where she planted a loving, yet slightly wet kiss. 

"Mmm..." Kim moaned, returning the kiss. "Thank you, mommy." She said with a little girl's smile. 

"You're welcome, baby. You're my princess. My baby girl. I love you so much." Ann said, cuddling with Kim on the couch. Kim and her mother knew that this was the start of something new. A new loving bond. 

"I love you mommy..." Kim whispered. 


Coming soon, Kim and her mother play in the back yard, where they resmince about old memories. Then, thanks to a new fence system for privacy, they get naked again and play with each other some more. 

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