Nude Sisters

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As the sun peeked through the windows of their bedroom, Lilo wakes up with a smile. 'Another beautiful morning in Kuai.' She thought. Lilo then turns around to find her best friend, Stitch, still asleep. Lilo loved sleeping with her alien friend. Over the past few weeks, her feelings for stitch has grown beyond that. She dreamed of them getting married, having sex and raising their own kids. Lilo just ran her fingers through Stitch's blue fur. She knew Stitch was a heavy sleeper. His blue fur felt so good to Lilo. Lilo wondered what would it be like to cuddle with her alien best friend, nude. Lilo always wanted to try it, but was nervous. Pushing the thought aside, Lilo went downstairs to get breakfast, leaving her best friend to sleep. 

Lilo then walked to the kitchen to find her older sister Nani making breakfast. "Morning Nani." Lilo said with a smile. 

"Morning Lilo, honey. I'm making pancakes." Nani said with a smile. 

"Great." Lilo said. She and Nani then sat down and ate their breakfast. "Where are Jumba and Pleakley?" She asked. 

"They went to the library. They'll probably be all day. How's Stitch?" Nani asked. 

"He's sleeping. Speaking of which, I need to talk to you about something." Lilo said as she finsihed her pancake. 

"OK." Nani said as she put the dishes in the sink and headed towards the living room with her younger sister. The two sat down on the couch. "What is it?" 

"I really like sleeping with Stitch. In fact, I always wondered what it'll be like to sleep with him naked. The problem is, I'm too nervous." Lilo said. Nani just smiled at her baby sister. 

"I had the same problem with David." Nani said. Lilo's eyes went wide. Nani never told her that.

"Really?" Lilo asked. 

"Really. Luckily, Mom and Dad were able to help me with that problem." Nani explained. 

"Really? How?" Lilo asked. 

"Did you know Mom and Dad were nudists?" Nani asked. Lilo couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her own parents used to run together, naked. 

"I didn't know that." Lilo replied. 

"Well, they told me that while we were gone, they would do almost everything together, only without clothes. They even go to private places on the island where no clothing is allowed." Nani explained with a smile. Lilo smiled back. Whatever Nani's idea was, she was already liking it. "So, here's my idea: whenever Pleakely and Jumba are gone with Stitch or with Stitch asleep, we can get naked and do what we want." 

Lilo let the idea set into her little head. It was a good idea. "That's great Nani." She said with a smile. "And what about those priavte places?" 

"You'll see them later. OK. Let's do it." Nani said. With that, both sisters took off their clothes. Lilo's consisted of nothing more than a night shirt and underwear. She got naked quickly. Nani's clothes conisted of a shirt, pants, a huge lacy bra, and matching panties. Nani then removed the last of her clothing, leaving both sisters nude. 

"Wow. This feels good." Lilo said with a smile, enjoying the feeling of not having any clothes on. "So, what do we do now?

"Whatever we want." Nani said with a smile. Lilo then got an idea. 

"Can we cuddle right now?" Lilo suggested. 

"Sure baby." Nani agreed. Nani then laid back on the couch and Lilo climbed on top of her sister's large boobs. Nani smiled as she and her baby sister snuggled together. 

"I love your touch Nani." Lilo said loving her sister's hand carressing her baby skin. 

"Thank you honey." Nani said with a smile. "Tomorrow, we'll go to one of those private places I told you about."

"That sounds good." Lilo said. Nani then picked up her siter and gave her a long, passionate kiss on the lips. Lilo then pulled away to yawn. "You think it would be OK to take a little nap, right now?" 

"Sure. Library dosen't close till seven thirty anyway." Nani said putting her sister in a comfortable position on her chest. 

"Yeah. And Sitch is a heavy sleeper anyway. He'll be fine." Lilo said. The two nude sister's then closed their eyes and fell asleep, dreaming beautiful dreams. 


Next week, Nani takes Lilo to a special park, where no clothing is allowed. There, they have way more fun. 


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