A Different Person

BY : RandomRedneck
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“Yeah, different person...”


Beth stared at herself in the mirror. Had she accepted the offer? Was this the real her? And if not...


“You think no panties would be overkill with this outfit?”


Did that makes what she was feeling right now acceptable? Was this from the real Beth, was it a weird clone thing, both? Whatever the case, Summer was driving her wild right now.


“Maybe. You could go with one of those lowrider thongs.”


The outfit Summer was wearing would make anyone drool. The top barely covered her tits, and the jean shorts hugged her round ass, leaving her gorgeous cheeks poking out of the bottom.


“Yeah. Bright red. I could make a guy cream himself just by bending over.”


She did just that, bending over in front of Beth to adjust her shoe. Without thinking, Beth grabbed two handfuls of that perfect ass.




Summer sprang up, spinning around to find only Beth standing there.


“Mom, what the fuck? I know I’m hot as Hell, but don’t get all Appalachia on me. That’s just weird.”


Beth bit her lip, not even hiding her attempts at scoping Summer up and down.


“Mom, what is wrong with you?”


She took a deep breath.


“A lot. Namely, I might be a clone. It’s a long story, but...yeah. I might be a clone. And since I might now be the real Beth, and you’re in that outfit...”


Summer finished the train of thought for her.


“You thought cause you might not be the real you, you could get yourself a piece of this?”


Beth nodded. Summer sighed.


“Normal girls don’t have to put up with this. I mean, seriously. You have the weirdest incest fetish. Yeah, I know about it. You should really invest in earbuds. Cause the porn you watch isn’t as quiet as you think it is. Can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing ‘Fuck me hard, daddy’ 4 nights a week.”


Beth made sure to take a mental note about the earbuds.


“So...is that a yes or a no?”


Summer pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration.


“Jesus. I’ll give you 10 seconds of making out. And that’s all you get. In the dressing room.”


She practically dragged her into the dressing room.


“Let’s get this over with. I know 10 seconds of kissing your daughter will weird even you out.”


Beth gulped and took a few steps closer to an impatient looking Summer.




She closed her eyes and grabbed her by the shoulders, shoving her tongue roughly inside her mouth with a sloppy kiss.


God, she is such a weirdo. She’s kissing her own...oh, wow. That wasn’t bad right there.”


The 10 seconds passed, and Beth pulled away as agreed.


“Thanks, honey. I know this is weird, but-”


It was Summer’s turn to initiate a sloppy kiss. Shoving Beth against the wall as she aggressively frenched her. She broke off the kiss, staring with a mix of annoyance and lust.


“You just had to be a good kisser, didn’t you? Now you’ve got me into this crap.”


She quickly untied her top, tossing it aside.


“Suck on them, slut. Now.”


Beth was in heaven. Not only was Summer on-board, she was a total dom. She hadn’t been this turned on in years.


“Yes, ma’am.”


She locked her mouth around her left nipple, suckling and licking like a woman possessed. Summer stopped her after a few moments.


“Clothes off, whore. Now. All of them.”


Beth was practically panting at being bossed like this. She unbuttoned her pants, letting them drop around her ankles.


“Really, pink? What kind of immature slut are you? You don’t get to keep those. Give them to me.”


She shimmied her panties down her legs, tossing them to Summer. Who ripped them in two.


“You don’t get to wear panties today. Lose the rest before I take all your clothes and leave you here.”


She tore her shirt off over her head, ditching her bra in almost a flash.


“You’re pathetic. But you’re so fucking hot.”


She grabbed her own two handfuls of her breasts.


“You like your daughter touching your tits? I bet you do. On your fucking knees.”


She dropped to her knees almost instantly. Summer unzipped her shorts.


“Pull them down, bitch.”


Beth grabbed her shorts, pulling them down her legs to finally see Summer’s bare womanhood.


“Lick, freak. Make you daughter cum.”


She didn’t have to be told twice. She buried her face in her pussy, her own hands manhandling her own like a dog in heat.


“God, you’re good at this. Stupid whore likes to eat OH MY GOD!”


Summer slipped in her bossy shtick when Beth hit a particularly sensitive spot. She did her to keep composed as Beth mouth-fucked her like a madwoman.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Don’t stop you stupid whore. I’m nearly there.”


Beth hit that spot yet again. And that sent Summer over the line,




Summer had to fight to stay standing as her orgasm washed over her. As she came down, she looked down at what could be mom. She knelt down, grabbing her by the neck.


“You’re my whore now. When I want it, you will fuck me. Do you understand?”


Beth nodded, looking like she was in heaven. Summer slapped her. And kissed her.


“Good girl. It’s time to go home. Get dressed.”


She reached for her clothes, but Summer stopped her.


“Not those.”


The changing room door opened. Summer in her regular clothes. And Beth squeezed into the slutty outfit that had led to all this.


“You’re wearing that all around town today. Let’s go.”


She slapped her ass. Clone or not, Beth was super psyched this had happened

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