Lady of the Night

BY : Sage_Tarragon
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My first story on this site, very much outside my comfort range so feel free to critique.

Secondary disclaimer; Scute, plastron, carapace, I know the anatomy terms, Day does not.

Trash out, bed made, money locked up, robe tied, cigarette lit.

Someone knocked on the door. Day flinched and took a long drag from her cigarette before dousing it and moving from the bedroom, through the kitchen, to the front door of her cheap apartment. She checked the peephole but, as usual, whoever it was avoided being seen. She unlocked the door but left the chain in place as she opened it.

Peeking out, she still didn't see anyone. "Can I help you?" She purred, hating herself for flirting at empty hallways.

"You, uh, workin' tonight?" The voice was deep. Whoever it was stayed pressed up against the wall on so Day couldn't see them even if she shifted around.

"Mmm." Day mulled it over, trying to sound horny. "I don't think of it as 'work'."

"Cute." The guy said. A cynic. She hated cynical clients.

"I suppose you get your jollies by talking business?" Day teased.

"They say you'll do anything for the right amount."

"A girl's gotta eat." Day admitted.

"How far does 'anything' stretch?"

Day's mouth twitched. "No further than three." She said. She couldn't help it, she was actually teasing him now.

She heard a scrape against the wall. Briefcase? No, to loud for that. Equipment? Crap, had word on the street hooked her a real deviant?

"Just me." He stepped to where Day could see him in the gap between the door and the wall.

Day froze. He wasn't human. Right about her height, thick muscles, and distinctly not human. He was green, hairless, and other than some bits of leather and a scrap of red he wore nothing but some kind of armor that appeared to be part of his body, a human sized turtle. And he wanted to fuck her.

Day closed the door.

By the time she'd removed the chain and opened it, he had already turned and started down the hall. "I charge extra for kinky shit." She said.

The turtle turned and stared at her, shock evident behind that red mask of his before he covered it with a glare. "I got it." He assured her.

Day stepped back. He entered her apartment warily and gave her a sidelong look as she secured the chain and locked the door. Secure in her territory, she turned and looked him over. The skin that was visible looked tough, she was going to have to alter her approach. The turtle shifted under her gaze. Skittish. She could handle skittish. "Sugar," Day said softly, soothing instead of enticing. "I'm going to have to ask you to ditch the knives... unless, that's your thing?"

Starting at the shoulders and moving up into his neck, the green skin darkened. Without a word he removed the blades from his belt and placed them on the kitchen table. Day couldn't even be sure the edges were sharpened, they looked like pitch forks. Once he was apparently disarmed, Day smiled and stepped closer. "That's better. A girl has to be careful, you know." She reached out and touched his arm, he flinched. Ignoring the flinch, she gently ran her fingertips over the skin of his arm. It was dry and just a little rough, how very strange.

"Now tell me," Day kept her voice soft, "What is it that you want, exactly?"

The darkening of his skin became more pronounced, his blush seeping up into his cheeks. Day decided that, for all the strangeness of his face with its blend of humanlike and reptilian features, the blush was endearing. "Just... just the usual." He said, his pride preventing a stammer.

Day's mouth twitched again. Fortunately, he was careful not to look at her so he missed it. One hand still resting on his arm, she put the fingers of her free hand to his face, tracing the jawline and ignoring another flinch. The bone didn't quite follow the line a human's might, but it was still strong. She imagined he was usually quite the stubborn one.

Gently, she used her fingers to guide his face toward her, forcing him to look her in the eyes. His were a deep amber, a shade she was pretty sure never occurred in humans. "The usual?" Day asked. "You mean you want me to..." As if thoughtful, she licked her lower lip, just a little. His eyes traced the small gesture. "To take you to bed?" She traced her fingers from his jaw down over his throat. "Maybe undress for you?" He shivered under her touch. Her fingers tapped against the top of the armor on his chest, her finger tips finding a collarbone just beneath the armor. Day traced the line made in his skin by his armor and the bone beneath, earning another shiver.

She used her other hand to loosen the belt of her robe, slick nylon cloth revealing the lingerie underneath. His eyes followed the movement of her robe sliding open first over the black and red lace of her bra barely covering fairly good sized breasts, the bare skin of her flat stomach, and then the garter belt she wore. The garter belt held up black stockings that set off her best feature, her legs, but did nothing to hide the fact that Day wore no underpants of any kind. She watched the moment he realized this, his eyes widening and his breath catching.

Human or not, he was certainly a man.

“And then, you want to…” Day let her voice trail off.

The turtle closed his eyes and swallowed. A man of pride. “Yeah.” He managed.

“Mmm.” Day took his hand, warm despite its strangeness, broad despite not having enough fingers, and gently guided him to the bedroom. He followed her as if in a daze.

He stood in the middle of her bedroom, staring warily at the bed while Day closed the bedroom door. She paused behind him for a moment, taking in the dark pattern of the shell on his back, before taking his hand again. Day guided him to the bed, and then gently pushed him down to sit on the mattress, a gentle tap on the armor of his chest was all that was needed to convince him to lie back.

With a soft shrug, Day let the robe slide from her shoulders to pool on the floor. She then crawled onto the bed over him. “Forgive me.” She purred, looking down at his expression of fear and pride, so familiar. “A girl needs a minute to get warmed up.”

“What…?” He grunted.

Day leaned down over him and paused, exhaling and inhaling slowly so her breath trailed over the skin of his throat and shoulders. She wasn’t sure how sensitive his skin might be compared to a human’s, but he shivered and she took that as a good sign. Carefully, she flicked at his throat with the tip of her tongue -dry and just a little rough, salty but not like a human’s. Now, more out of curiosity than business, she licked his skin again. Definitely different than a human’s, but…

He grunted softly. Day smiled, she hadn’t enjoyed herself in a while, maybe she could indulge her curiosity.

Day used her lips, tongue, and teeth to explore the skin she’d traced with her fingertips a minute ago. When she returned to the armor, Day ran her hand over the first plate. She hesitated and looked up to where the turtle’s amber eyes were staring at her, hesitant and a little overwhelmed. “Can you feel this?” She asked, gentle and without judgement.

“Not… not a lot… warm.” He managed.

“Hmmm.” Day mused. She ran her hand over the plates. They were rough, like new concrete or worn old bricks. Not painful, but not very pleasurable either. “I suppose I’ll have to find something…” She smiled coyly and raised an eyebrow. “More sensitive?”

His face went blank. “What?” Day slid back on the bed, settling herself between his legs and focusing her attention where most men had their equipment. “Wait a minute…”

The turtle had a tail.

Hiding her confusion behind a mischievous smile, Day considered. She trailed her fingers down the last plates of his shell and traced lines along where the skin joined the bottom of his shell.

The turtle growled something, Day wasn’t sure it was English. His legs shifted, but Day refused to stop trailing her fingers. She stroked his legs, absently taking note of any places that seemed to elicit stronger reactions while she dealt with the issue of his manhood, turtlehood?

His tail was thick at the base, but tapered smoothly and didn’t seem promising as a foreskin. In front of his tail, however, the skin was thick and wrinkled. Definitely inhuman, but…

Day rested a hand on the gathered skin.

“Wait a minute…” The turtle repeated, and then groaned loudly, failing to hold it back by gritting his teeth.

Day’s coy smile became more authentic. “Is this sensitive?” She asked, stroking the skin again. It was smoother than the skin of his arm or neck. As she stroked it, the skin bulged, and then a wrinkle slid aside to reveal what was unmistakably a penis. “Oh.” Day said. Whatever pretenses she might have been using at this point slid away. She was genuinely curious, intrigued by her client’s anatomy. Day took the penis into her hand.

“Don’t!” The turtle started, and then lost himself to another groan.

The penis twitched and grew under Day’s hand, swelling still further as she stroked it. “Wow.” Day shifted so she could bring both hands to work on him, stroking as he continued to swell and lengthen. She marveled as the skin stretched.

“You… don’t… hav’ta…” He wasn’t looking at her anymore, his eyes were shut tight as he tried to talk around the sensation of a woman rubbing his penis.

Day noted how his accent, almost unnoticeable at the door, thickened until it was distinctly Brooklyn. She liked it.

Leaning forward, Day blew on the tip of his penis. He groaned again, the tail beneath twitching. “Hey…” Day asked, against her better judgement. “What’s your name?”

“Eh?” He panted, opening his eyes again.

“You’re name?” Day asked again.

He lay there for a moment, supported on his elbows and panting. “Name.” He repeated, the amber in his eyes glowing like flames. “Name’s Raphael.”

“Raphael.” Day tried the name on her tongue. She liked it. “Raphael.” Day repeated, and then she dipped her head and wrapped her tongue around the tip of his cock.

“Fuck!” He spat, bucking once.

Day ignored him. She brought more of his penis into her mouth and sucked before drawing back to play with the tip again with her tongue, then taking him in again. He was far too large to take in entirely, even if she could deep throat, but she knew how to extend the feel for her Johns by using a hand -two in the current situation.

Surprisingly, he got bigger. Day was forced to stop sucking him off and settled for pleasuring him with her hands and tongue. Lacking a recognizable ball sack, Day payed some attention to his tail. Her spirit of discovery was pleased to see this was an effective way of sending him into a bout of cursing. The turtle -Raphael- clutched at the covers of her bed, alternately clenching his eyes shut and cursing, or staring silently at her with those golden eyes. She liked listening to him curse -he was quite skilled- but Day somehow found she liked it better when he looked at her.

Day licked and suckled along his penis, marveling at the texture of his skin and the size of the thing. One hand complimented the work of her mouth, expertly rubbing and stroking the length of his cock while the other hand played with his tail. The cursing started up again, and then abruptly cut off. Raphael’s tail flexed and his penis stiffened. Day moved her mouth over the again and sucked, scraping her bottom teeth along the flesh just as he gave a shout and came.

It professional experience that made Day swallow, but her own curiosity led her to clean the tip of his cock with her tongue. Again, salty, but not what she was used to in ways Day couldn’t explain, precisely.

Raphael lay on the bed, panting. His hands flexed and relaxed its grip on the cover of Day’s bed. She sat back and watched him for a moment before he managed to look up at her. Still short of breath he asked. “That… was the usual?”

She ran a finger along the length of his penis. It had lost some girth after he came, but she knew from experience that a man still this stiff could go another round, at least. Day smiled her most provocative smile. “Sugar, that was the warm up.”

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