The Birth of Eclipse

BY : ExtraThicc34
Category: -Misc Cartoons > Crossovers
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Disclaimer: I don not own Zone-Tan, Fow-Chan, and Shadman. I do not make any money off of this story.

Inside of a darkened room, stood three robbed figures. A red light suddenly illuminated in the center of the room and landed upon a small well. The three figures walked towards the well and stared down, seeing a black ooze flowing around inside. One of the figures let out a sigh, "Can we take these things off now?" a female voice spoke.

"Ugghh! You just ruined the moment Fow!" another female voice spoke in irritation.

"Fuck that, it's a thousand degrees in this place and I'm wearing a business suit under this raggedy looking shit!" the other woman, Fow, said. She pulled back her hood and revealed a woman with pointed ears and pink eyes.

"Why do you even wear that! When people visit a porn site they don't wanna see you in those!" the other female figure said, pulling her hood back revealing a purple-haired woman with blue eyes and wore a hair clip that looked like a blue and white skull. Her name was Zone-Tan.

"Oh, so I should be more like you Miss No-Pants!" Fow shouted having the other growl at her in response.

"Enough! Let's not forget why we are here." the third figure said with a male voice, who then pulled back his own hood revealing that he was a skeleton-man.

Both women stared at each other and nodded, they then held their hands out over the well and scrapped their index fingers with their nails and let some drops of blood fall down into the well.

"Wait, how is this gonna work with you again?" Fow-Chan asked with a raised eyebrow. The skeleton-man, whose name was Shadman grabbed a hold of his index finger and broke it off of his hand and dropped it into the well.

Zone-Tan then pulls something out of nowhere, "What's that?" Fow-Chan asked.

The purple-haired woman smirked at her, "It's a shard of the Black Marker. That way the little guy can make Necromorphs." she said, tossing it into the well. She then let out a dreamy sigh, "Oh, he's gonna fuck shit up with them." she said rubbing her hands together mischievously.

"Alright, let's begin." Shadman said. The three porn mascots stretched their hands over the black mass and began chanting, as they did so a red glow illuminated from inside the well and it bubbled. Just as they ended the chant the black liquid shot up out of the well and dripped down onto the floor and a small lack orb floated above them and descended down onto Zone-Tan's hands.

The orb mewled having the she-demon give it a tickle with her index finger and cooed. Suddenly the orb popped having the three mascots gasp in horror but widen their eyes at staring down at what seemed to be an infant with pitch-black hair and pale skin. The child opened it's eyes slowly revealing it's left iris to be pink while the right iris was blue.

"Aww, our little Eclipse is so cute!" Zone-Tan squealed rubbing her cheek against the child's own having it let out a giggle.

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