Life and Lust in Middleton

BY : 2CRsgt
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from the Kim Possible show isn't mine. I make no dollars, euros, pesos, credit cards or anything like that.

Life and Lust in Middleton

By: 2CRsgt

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from the Kim Possible show isn't mine.


A/N: Events in the TV series are moved around to suit the author,

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BTW: This story is 7 chapters long.


Chapter 1

Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Zita Flores – 15 Years Old

Middleton Cheer Squad - 15, Middleton Football Team – 15 to 18 Years Old.

Ron and Zita

“Come on Ron. It’ll be fun,” Zita tugged on Ron’s arm.

“But I wasn’t invited,” Ron protested weakly.

“Neither was I. But we won’t let that stop us, will we?”

“Um… yes?” Ron wasn’t sure about trying to crash Bonnie’s pool party.

Zita leaned closer and whispered, “Didn’t you ever wonder what Kim doesn’t say about what goes on that nobody talks about but wants to be included.”


Zita grabbed the front of Ron’s tee shirt, “Come on. We’re going.”

“Yes dear.”

The Rockwaller Estate (a rather grand name for a large house and yard with swimming pool) was bordered by a shoulder high hedge.

Zita rattled the locked front gate. “I guess we’re not getting in. I thought for sure the gates would be unlocked with so many people invited for the party.”

Ron looked at the gate and hedges. He was sure he could get them in if he treated this if he treated this as another mission but with the added difficulty of no property damage.

He wondered if Bonnie’s home had a big red button, ‘Na,’ he decided. She was just high school evil. Ron waved for Zita to follow him, “Let’s walk a walk and see what we can see.” Soon off to one side he found an open space between two plants that were part of the hedge. ‘Probably some animal used this as a passage through the hedge on a regular bases maybe a cat or raccoon.’ Down on his hands and knees Ron was able to crawl through easily. ‘Poor security,’ he thought. Once through Ron led Zita the side of the stone house. At the corner near the noise from the back yard Ron dropped to his belly to peek around the corner.

When he didn’t move or say anything Zita stood over Ron so she could see what was so interesting.

It looked like there were approximately twenty or so people around the inground swimming pool. It looked like it was a football players/cheerleaders only pool party.

Zita could see only three people with swimsuits on. The rest were as naked as the day they were born. “Well I can see why nobody talks about what goes on at Bonnie’s pool parties. Who’d want to ruin a good thing?” Zita said softly.

Ron didn’t say a thing. He was shocked. He expected loud music, dancing and skimpy swimsuits. Instead he saw skin, lots of skin and so much more. His best friend, Kim Possible, was on her knees in front of an upright beck chair. A burly boy Ron had seen on the team but didn’t know was sitting in the chair his legs spread wide, his hands on Kim. Kim’s head was bobbing up and down. When Kim pulled her head back to smile at the boy Ron could see the boy’s wet dick jutting up.

“More,” the boy growled.

Kim smiled wider and swallowed his cock again. The same time Kim was feasting on the burly boy’s sausage another boy knelt behind her and was pounding her ass. Ron stared; he didn’t know his best friend liked this sort of thing. Ron looked away to see Zita’s ankle next to his head. His eyes followed her shapely brown leg up to the bottom of her short shorts. He hadn’t really thought about how pretty her legs were before, definitely something to be investigated later.

Zita watched Brick Flagg sitting in a poolside love seat, his arm around an equally naked Josh Mankey. ‘Never saw that coming,' She thought.

Ron looked for Tara. Kim had told him that Tara liked, liked him and he was curious what kind of bod she had. Oddly enough despite being Bonnie’s friend and a cheerleader Tara was nowhere to be seen.

Zita watched another Middleton cheerleader get screwed in her cunt, another boy shafting her ass, while she gulped a third boy’s cock, stroking a fourth boy until he shot his cum on her and the other boys. ‘Now that’s what I call going all out.’ She thought.

Ron recognized Crystal in the pool holding onto the edge of pool deck. From the sound of the splashing it wasn’t hard to guess what the boy behind her was doing.

Zita stepped back tugging on Ron’s tee shirt to get up. When he stood up she pushed him against the stone side of the house. She captured the taller Ron in a heated liplock, “That makes me so hot. Let’s get somewhere private, FAST!!!”

Ron could feel her hips grinding against him and agreed. Going out back was out of the question for obvious reasons. It would take too long to crawl through the hedge and try to find some place to make out.  Then he had a brilliant idea, “This way.”

Zita had no idea where Ron was going but followed him anyway.

“Bonnie’s parents won’t be home. Otherwise no pool party like we’ve seen would happen.” Ron explained. “The front door is too exposed to try but… ah… I was right…” Ron opened a side window. “Like a lot of people the Rockwallers close their windows but forget to lock them.” Ron cupped his hands to help Zita climb into the house. After he climbed after her in, Ron closed the kitchen window.


There was a set of stairs in the adjacent breakfast room. “Now let’s explore. Bedrooms are normally upstairs. Shall we?” Ron made a sweeping motion with an arm and a slight bow in an exaggerated formal manner. “If my lady would…”

Zita grinned making a pretend curtsy, “My lord,” and ran past Ron going up two steps at a time. Upstairs had a wide hallway going to her right and left, “Which way?” She asked Ron.

Ron looked to the right and saw a banister across the end of the hall with an opening on its left side. “That’s probably the fancy stairway at the front of the house. Let’s go left.”

To the wide hallway had another side set of stairs going up, under the stairs was a decorative arch going somewhere and at the end of the hall was a set of double doors. Ron slightly opened one of the double doors and peeked out. He was glad he didn’t open it any wider the doors opened out to a balcony overlooking the backyard and its swimming pool. ‘If I stepped out there everyone down there would’ve seen me.’ He had to admit he could see Bonnie’s poolside orgy far better from up here than he had from the corner of the house. It was easy to see there were more boys than girls so some of the girls were servicing two or three boys at the same time. Still no Tara Ron had been hoping she wouldn’t be down there. Ron watched Kim’s active participation; he didn’t know it was possible for a girl to do what Kim was doing. He didn’t think it was possible for any girl to be that flexible, even a cheerleader. Ron shrugged as he silently closed the door, ‘You learn something new every day, now to find Zita.’ His hardon was starting to hurt.

Meanwhile Zita went up the second floor hall stairs to see what was up there. The trap door at the head of the stairs opened up to a viewing platform on the house roof.

“It’s called a ‘widow’s walk,” Ron said from behind her.

“EEK!!!” Zita turned on the roof to slap Ron’s shoulder. “Well it’s a nice view from up here I wonder why more homes don’t have these?”

“You won’t,” Most ‘widows walks’ are regional. They’re found on the seacoast. These ‘walks’ are where wives stood watching for their husband’s sailing ships to come home. Now it’s a building thing. A lot of people don’t know why they were built on a house in the first place.”

“That’s sad. To wait and watch knowing your man might never come home.”

Ron hugged her, “Come back in. We’re looking for a private spot for us, remember?”

Zita smiled when locked the trapdoor after Ron had gone down below. It seemed he was in a better frame of mind than he was earlier in the morning. Now all she had to do was find a comfortable bed. Before going downstairs she tied the bottom of her tee shirt in a knot just below her bra. ‘That should get him hot and wanting.’ She thought with satisfaction.

Ron watched he come down the stairs and smiled at her.

Zita smiled back, ‘It’s working.’

However Zita forgot Ron was on the cheer squad as well as the second half of Team Possible. He was used to seeing bare midriffs every day. As well as see Kim changing clothes in front of him on a mission. He never did anything other than see her change clothes. What made Ron smile was Zita’s newly exposed midriff promised so much more.

They heard a scream followed by a splash from outside. Ron twitched to see what happened.

Zita grabbed his hand, “Nothing for Team Possible to do, just some horseplay. We have some more searching to do.” When Ron started to protest Zita placed his hand on her breast. Holding his hand there Zita pulled him through the decorative arch which led to as equally fancy door with a polished brass plaque.

“Bonnie Régime Laure Marie Rockwaller,” Ron read. “Figures, I wonder how she ended up with such an ordinary name like Bonnie for a first name?”

Zita opened the door, “Does it matter? If this is Bonnie’s room it’ll have the best bed.” Zita untied and started to pull off her tee shirt. This waiting was killing her but still… there’d be no going back. No do overs like in Everlot. Zita began to have second thoughts.

With what was going on outside, Zita’s innuendos, her short shorts, her starting to pull her tee shirt off. Ron was sure he knew what Zita wanted to do so he unsnapped his blue jeans. He pushed them down; his thumbs hooked his fearless ferret boxers at the same time. Ron had been hopping on one foot trying to get his pants off the other leg when he lost his balance and fell.

Zita heard the thump, thump, CRASH behind her. She turned to see what happened. Ron was sprawled flat on his back his pants down below his knees. She couldn’t help herself. She started giggling, he was down but his cock was up, proudly pointing up towards the ceiling. In her dreams she always pictured her first time seeing one in a sexy romantic setting not a comedy.

“Don’t stand there laughing at me. As long as I’m on my back, pull my jeans off.” Ron complained.

Zita pulled them off soon followed by his sneakers and socks. She helped sit him on the edge of Bonnie’s fourposter princess bed so she could help tug Ron’s two tee shirts over his head.

“It looks like someone’s overdressed,” Ron said in a low voice. Rolling back pulling his girlfriend on the bed. Once they were both laying on Bonnie’s bed Ron pulled Zita’s tee shirt up and over her head.

Zita shook her head after Ron tossed her shirt away.

Ron gazed hungrily at Zita’s chest. Sure, he had seen more bare breasts today than ever before. But hidden under the brassier in front of him were Zita’s. They were mere inches away. She was on her side facing him. Waiting for Ron to claim what she offered. They were his to see, to touch, to taste, they were HIS! Ron’s hand was shaking with excitement when he reached around her to unhook the clasp to her bra. It wouldn’t cooperate. He couldn’t get the blasted bra to open.

Finally Zita sat up and opened her bra with a flick of her fingers. With a shrug her shoulders the bra soon joined her tee shirt on the floor.

Ron reached up to run his fingers lightly over the skin of her breasts.

Zita closed her eyes, this felt so much better than when she touched herself. She arched her back towards Ron because of the tingles Ron’s gentle touch gave her. Instinctively Zita lowered herself over Ron making it easier for Ron to explore and hopefully taste. She found her mom’s hidden dirty books and read about how good having her breasts being kissed and licked was supposed to feel.

Ron slid one hand between them to unfasten and pushed her short shorts down as far as he could which was just past the swell of her ass.

Zita had to stop Ron’s sucking and licking nipple so she could wriggle out of her shorts and panties.

Once she was completely naked Ron pulled her down alongside him on Bonnie’s soft bed. He slid one hand slowly over Zita’s body. Her breasts were bigger than KP’s, rounder, Zita also had a narrow waist with a girl’s hips and she had an ass. What an ass, soft and round, more than a handful. In short she was what Ron thought a girl was supposed to look like.

Kim Possible had been his best friend since pre-k and still was. Ron had a tendency to think of Kim Possible as a guy with long hair and no dick.

Ron inched up to the head of the bed, taking Zita with him. Once they were where Ron wanted her he rolled Zita on her back with her head resting on one of Bonnie’s pillows.


Outside the party was winding down, many of the boys had dressed and gone home., they were tired and just couldn’t get it up any more. The few remaining couldn’t make their flagging cocks rise to the occasion either but still wanted to finger fuck and makeout with the Kim and Bonnie.

“Insatiable,” Kim said in a low voice to Bonnie who grinned. This is what a pool party was supposed to be, lots of naked people fucking and getting fucked.

Both girls had no less than four of the boy’s fingers in each of them, cunt and ass. While being finger fucked a third boy’s mouth latched on one of her (pick a girl) breasts Bonnie and Kim fought a tongue war that turned into an open mouth deep kiss.

“Ahhh, why do we fight so much at school?”

“Got to keep up appearances,” Bonnie answered. Then closed her lips around Kim’s tongue so she could suck on it for all she was worth. ‘That shut her up. I win,’ thought Bonnie triumphantly, ‘Kim talks too much.’

When they saw the two girls frenching with abandon, the boys fingered the girls until Kim and Bonnie came for what felt like the umpteenth time. The boys were too tired to even think about going home and collapsed where they were and soon fell asleep around the backyard pool.


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