Bathtime with Bonnie

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"How hot do you like your water?" A blue bathrobe cladden Bonnie Rockwaller asks. 

"Not burning hot, like the magma Drakken tried to melt me and Ron with," Kim Possible wearing a pink bathrobe explains. "A nice, steaming hot, like something you would find in a spa." A great way to relax on a Friday night. 

"You got it." Bonnie said with a smile. She then turned the water to the right tempature. Kim and Bonnie have put aside their differences in the middle of senior year and began a unique friendship. Since then, they have become best friends. No fights, no insults. Just best friends. Tonight, Bonnie's mom is out of town for the weekend, so the girls have the place to themselves. "Would you like bubbles?" Bonnie asks.

"That would actually be great. Yes." Kim says. Bonnie then grabbed the bubble bath solution and poured it into the water. After mixing up the bubbles with the water, she then turned off the water. Bonnie then turned to face Kim and approached her with a smile. 

"You look cute in that bathrobe..." Bonnie said sweetly.

"You do too in yours..." Kim says which causes Bonnie to blush.

"Hang on. I got something that would go great with our bath. Jump in if you like." Bonnie said as she left the bathroom. As soon as she left, Kim pulled off her bathrobe to get nude. After that, she slipped her althletic body body into the steaming water. Kim let out a sigh of happiness.

"This feels good..." Kim said to herself. No Drakken, no Shego. Just a simple Friday night taking a hot bubble bath with her new best friend Bonnie. 'I can't believe that me and Bonnie actually get along better now. This would have been unthinkable years ago.' She thought to herself. She then saw Bonnie re-enter the bathroom. "Hey..." She said dreamily. Kim saw that Bonnie was carrying a bowl of strawberries, a bottle of champagne and some glasses. 

"Strawberries and champagne go great with any bath." Bonnie explained with a smile.

"Bonnie, I don't drink." Kim said. She had good values and Bonnie knew it.

"Don't worry. It's non-alcholic." Bonnie said. Kim smiled at that. After setting the items at the edge of the tub, she then pulled off her bathrobe leaving her naked. She then slipped into the tub on the other side facing Kim. After closing her eyes for a moment, she then re-opened them to see Kim smiling at her dreamily. This made Bonnie smile back. "Come here..." She said seductivly.

"OK..." Kim said, crawling over to Bonnie. She then gave Kim a lucious kiss. "Mmm..." Kim moaned into the kiss. She loved Bonnie's lips. "Defintly a good Friday night..." Kim said. She and Bonnie giggled at that. Bonnie then reached over for a champagne glass.

"Want some?" Bonnie asks with a smile.

"Yes, please." Kim replied. Bonnie then handed Kim a glass. She then opened the champagne bottle and pured some into her and Kim's glasses. "To BFFS." Kim said raising her glass for a toast.

"Defintly." Bonnie said with a smile. After clinking their glasses together, they then drink. It was Kim's first time tasting champagne. It wasn't that bad.

"It's good." Kim said with a smile. Bonnie was glad that Kim was actually willing to try it, just like she was willing to try her. "It's nice that your mom actually let us have the place to ourselves till Sunday." 

"Yeah. Sort of." Bonnie said with a blush. "Actually, we will be by ourselves, but my sisters might check in every now and then. Just a formality. Stop by, check to see if I haven't burned the house down or thrown a wild party and then leave." 

"Oh. Well, we got nothing to worry about." Kim said with a reassuring smile. Bonnie loved Kim's opitmistic attitude.

"You're right. They wouldn't even think to look in my bedroom or in here." Bonnie smiled back. She then reached for the bowl of strawberries. "Strawberry?" 

"You read my mind..." Kim said with a lustful smile. Bonnie then fed Kim the strawberry seductivly by circling it teasingly over her lips and popped it into her mouth. 
Meanwhile, outside the Rockwaller house, a car pulls up the driveway. After parking in the garage, the driver and passenger get out. After turning on the garage light, the two are revealed to be Bonnie's older sisters, Connie and Lonnie. "Why do we have to check on Bonnie and her spy friend?" Lonnie groaned.

"Because we promised mom." Connie said with matter-of-factly. "Just check if things are alright and get out. A formality. We're not babysitting." 

"I know. But, while we're here we could find some dirt on the twerp and use it to blackmail her." Lonnie suggested brightly. 

"As much fun as that would be, we just have one job. And I would like to get it done so we can go back out." Connie explained. She and Lonnie are supposed to go dancing with some friends from school. 

"OK. OK. I get it." Lonnie said. She didn't need go through this again. "Let's go." With that, the two Rockwaller sisters entered the house and checked through the kitchen. 

"Well, nothing is burned. Or no attempts to burn down the house." Connie said observing the room. 

"Fascinating." Lonnie said in a bored-out-of-my-head tone. They then headed into the living room. 

"No drinks, no weed or no edivdence of a wild teen party." Connie said.

"Yep." Lonnie said simply. "So, there's no need to check our old rooms, cause she knows not to go in there anyway." 

"And let's just not check the bathroom or her room. She might be taking a bath or sleeping with her friend." Connie said.

"What was her friend's name again?" Lonnie asks. 

"I looked it up online. Her name is Kim Possible." Connie explained.

"Oh yeah. The hero. She had Bonnie go to Sweden with here." Lonnie remembered. 

"So, I guess we're done here." Connie said. 

"When are we supposed to meet Alex and Miley?" Lonnie asks her sister.

"Not for at least an hour and a half." Connie said. "Why?" 

"Wanna watch some TV?" Lonnie asks with a smile.

"We didn't come here to watch TV." Connie tried to explain.

"There's a Friends marathon on now. Come on. Just two episodes. You're smart. You can do the math." Lonnie pleaded. Connie then thought about it.

"OK. Two episodes. Then we gotta meet them at the club." Connie agreed. They then sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.
"And he started rambling off some Scottish terms that I still can't understand..." Kim said telling Bonnie about her latest adventure with Duff Killigan. "I don't know if they were even curse words!" Kim and Bonnie just laughed at that. 

"That is so funny Kim. I really love your stories." Bonnie said. They were still in the tub. They had eaten all their strawberries and drank most of their champagne. Now, the two wet girls were sitting in the water just having a good time. 

"Thanks Bonnie. I'm really glad I'm here with you." Kim said with a smile. "So, listen. My parents are gonna take the tweebs to a inventors convention next weekend. They'll be gone until Sunday night. They said I could have a friend over. I want you to come." Bonie beamed at her friend.

"Kim! That's great. I can't wait to see your room." Bonnie said. 

"Really? Cause you said it's like a rainbow threw up the last time you were there." Kim said playfully.

"I know. But that was before. And I really want to see your Cuddle Buddy collection." Bonnie said. Kim smiled at that. 

"Do you have a favorite you would like to sleep with?" Kim asks.

"Do you have a Flamigoat?" Bonnie asks.

"Do I? They were so rare! It's right next to Pog and Pandaroo, my favorite." Kim blushed. She and Bonnie giggled. After the giggle fit, they then locked lips with each other and kissed passoinatly.

"Mmm... Kim..." Bonnie moaned. After the kiss broke, Bonnie had an idea. Something they haven't tried before. "You wanna try something with the foot?" Bonnie asks with a grin on her face and her foot in the air.

"Ok. Sure." Kim agreed. "What do you want me to do?"

"Lick it first..." Bonnie says with a seductive smile. Kim then grabbed Bonnie's right foot and licked it. She never tried foot fetish before. Another first for the girl who can do anything. Bonnie just moaned loudly.
Connie and Lonnie were still in the living room, watching Friends. Just then, Connie's cell phone chimes. She reads a text message and frowns. "Well, Alex and Miley are sick. They're not going." Connie says sadly. 

"Really? Bummer. I was looking forward to going out with them." Lonnie says.

"I know. Well, nothing to do but go back. We'll check on Bonnie tomorrow. No way I'm staying here tonight." Connie says, the older burnette moving off the couch. 

"You're right. Let's ditch this place." Lonnie says. As soon as they grabbed their bags, they then hear a loud moaning noise. 

"What's going on up there?" Connie asks curiously. 

"Maybe Bonnie's playing with her friend." Lonnie says with a michevious grin. Connie tried to fight the urge to go upstairs to check it out. But, the thought of her little sister naked in the tub with her friend was racing through her mind. 

"Come on. Let's check it out." Connie says tip toeing towards the stairs. "Be quiet." Lonnie then follows her sister. As they made their way around the corner, they saw the bathroom door a bit opened. It was enough for both sisters to peek through. As they peered into the corner, they saw Kim sucking on Bonnie's toes. They knew there was some serious foot fetish going on.

"Oh my god." Lonnie whispers. "Bonnie's making love to her friend." Both Rockwaller sisters were not shocked. They knew that Bonnie was a slut when it came right down to it. They also had their share of lesbian sex while they were in school. Connie and Lonnie were both turned on by this. 

"This is so hot." Connie says. After Kim sucks Bonnie's pinky toe, she then kisses her BFF. Both Rockwaller sisters couldn't hold it any longer. They reached down their pants and start playing with themselves. They were looking at a really great show here. And they wanted to join in too. Question is, how?


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