Parent Teacher Conference

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Note: I know I said I wouldnt do KiGo, and I stand by my decision. But, in this story we're playing with Shego's good side. So don't think of this as a Kim/Shego thing. 

Chapter 1: Confrence
Teen hero Kim Possible sat in her biology classroom, listening to her favorite teacher, Ms. Go. Kim really liked her new teacher. Ms. Go was actually Kim's arch-enemy, Shego. Ever since getting de-evilized, Shego has actually turned good and started an unique friendship with Kim. They have become like BFFS. Kim couldn't believe that this was her arch-foe.
A few moments later, the bell rang. Class was over. "Alright class," Ms. Go began. "Have a good day and don't forget to bring in your assignments tomorrow." Half the class was already gone when Ms. Go grabbed Kim's attention. "Kim," Ms. Go said. "Can we talk?" 
"Sure. I have time for teachers." Kim said kindly. "What's the sitch?"
Ms. Go giggled at that. "That's so cute. You see, I feel it's important for parents to be involved in their children's school life as much as possible. So, I would like to have a parent teacher confrence with you and your mom on Saturday if you two can." Ms. Go explained. Kim grew confused.
"Just my mom?" Kim asked. Ms. Go nodded. "And on Saturday?" Ms. Go nodded again. Kim was perplexed at why her teacher wanted to meet with her mother on a weekend. But, she couldn't ignore a request from her teacher. "OK. I'll see if she has the weekend off." 
"Great." Ms. Go said brightly. She then writes something down on a piece of paper and hands it to Kim. "Take this. It'll show your mom that you are not in trouble." Kim then stood up and headed out the door. "See you Saturday, Kimmie!" Kim smiled back at her teacher. 'This is weird. A parent teacher confrence on a Saturday?' Kim thought. 
Kim headed down the streets to head home. School rang out and it was time to unwind. 'Better take care of buisness first.' Kim thought. Kim knew she had to tell her mom about the confrence for Saturday. Once she reached home, Kim called out, "Anyone home?" 
"Hi Kimmie." Ann Possible's voice rang out from the kitchen. 
"Hey mom. How are you doing?" Kim asked her smiling mother.
"Doing great honey. The hospital's fire alarm went off, so I didn't have to attend the amdrisation meeting. And, I got the last Snicker's bar from the machine. But enough about me. How was school?" 
"Same as always. That reminds me." Kim said. She pulled the note from her pocket and handed to her mom. "Ms. Go wants us to attend a parent teacher confrence on Saturday. Just us. You're not busy Saturday right?"
"You're in luck. I happen to have the weekend off. And your father and the boys will be attending The Rocket Science covention on Saturday and won't be back till Sunday night. So, yes. I'll go meet Ms. Go with you." Ann agreed.
"Thanks mom. I'll be in my room. Love you!" Kim said as she was heading upstairs.
"Love you too!" Ann said. 'That's weird. Why would a teacher want to meet me on a Saturday? Kimmie's not in trouble. I know that. Oh well.' Ann thought. 
The week rolled around slow, but Saturday finally came. Kim and her mother were driving to the school. Both were perplexed at why Ms. Go called for the confrence. But, decided to just ingore their suspicions. Ann decided to break the ice. "So, you and Ron good?" Ann asked.
"Yeah. We're great." Kim replied. "Trying to figure out what to do for his birthday next week."
"You know, I surprised your father for his birthday by dressing in this very sexy spacesuit. You could do something like that." Ann suggested.
"He does like The Fearless Ferret. Maybe I could dress up as Ferret Girl. That'll be fun." Kim said.
"Great idea. He'll really like it." Ann said brightly. A few minute later, they pulled up towards the school. No one was here. Except for Ms. Go's car. They then exited the car and headed into Middleton High. As they walked the empty halls, they were suprised to see Ms. Go waiting for them outside her classroom. 
"Hello, Kimmie. And, you must be Dr. Possible." Ms. Go greeted the two with a smile. 
"Nice to see you Ms. Go." Ann said returning the smile.
"Well, come on in." Ms. Go said gesturing the two into her classroom. As Kim and Ann entered and found seats, they sat down as Ms. Go begins the conference. "Well, I don't have to tell you much about Kim, but she happens to be my favorite student." Kim blushed at that comment. 
"Well, Kimmie has always been great at school. I'm hoping she'll go to a good college. She already has a array of choices ahead of her." Ann said brightly.
"Yeah. It's true." Kim agreed. 
"You know, at first Kim was against me being here, but she really gained a sense of trust with me being here." Ms. Go explained. Kim smiled to herself. After a few moments of talking about Kim's grades and overall behavior, Kim stood up.
"Excuse me. I have to go to the restroom." Kim said.
"It's ok honey. We'll wait." Ann said. Kim then left to the restroom, leaving Ann and Ms. Go by themselves. "Kimmie's just so good." 
"Yes. She sure is. So, Dr. Possible---" Ms. Go said before Ann cut her off.
"Please, call me Ann." She said.
"Ann. I really think the parents should be as much involved in the child's school life as possible. And I'm not talking about attending school board meeting or voulenteering." Ms. Go explained. "I'm talking about connecting with the teachers on a personal level."
"Really?" Ann asked.
"Yep. You really have a nice body. It's hard to believe you actually gave birth." Ms. Go said brightly. Ann was now confused. 
"Uhh... thanks. But I don't see how that has to do with..." Ann said before she caught on. She then looked at Ms. Go with the firery eyes Kim had when Shego was evil. "Wait a minute! I know what you're doing!" Ann said in a false angry tone.
"You do?" Ms. Go asked nervously. 
"Yes! And if you really want to do this in my daughter's own school..." Ann started with that false angry voice before smiling, " should have said something." Ann then unbuttoned her doctors uniform revealing sexy lignerie. Ms. Go was surprised that Kim's mother was actaully more than willing to do this. 
"Why, Ann. I'm surprised." Ms. Go said with a sigh of relief. 
"I hadn't been with a women since med school. And almost none of them are as beautiful as you..." Ann said sultry as she slipped out of her uniform.
"Wait... You mean you actually done this before?" Ms. Go asked.
"Believe me. I've been looking forward to this. It's actaully been a fantasy of mine. You have to promise not to tell my husband." Ann said as she was approaching Ms. Go who was taking off her uniform to reveal s*** lignerie of her own. 
"Don't worry. I never kiss and tell." Ms. Go giggled. The two then locked lips and kissed with passion. Ann and Ms. Go then rolled on top of the teacher's desk where they continued to kiss. Meanwhile, Kim was returning from the girls restroom. She grew curious at the sounds coming from Ms. Go's room. As she peeked through the door, Kim grew shocked at sight sight in front of her: Her former rival/teacher and her own mother making out.
"Oh my God!" Kim said shocked. She steeped back from the door. 'I don't believe this! My mom and teacher making out!' She thought. Kim was too shocked to hear it. But then, Kim calmed down at the prospect. 'Sounds like they are having fun. It's so eroitc.' Kim then started to please herself by putting her hand down her panties. As Kim moans in pleasure, Ann and Ms. Go started to get naked. Before they got their bras off, they heard a loud moaning sound.
"What was that?" Ms. Go said shocked. She knew there was no one at the school. It was a saturday. Even the jantitor didn't work that day. Ms. Go and Ann aprroached the door and opened it to see Kim pleasing herself. As Kim opened her eyes, she saw her mother and Ms. Go staring at her. She immiedatly covered herself in embarassment. 'I'm so grounded.' Kim thought. Ann and Ms. Go just smiled warmly at Kim.
"Hi Kimmie." Ann said sweetly. "Why don't you join us?" Both women approached Kim and escorted her into Ms. Go's room. As Ann carrased her daughters's face, Kim couldn't help but feel more embarassed. Not cause her mom and teacher were making out, but cause she was caught pleasing herself in a public place. "What's wrong honey?" Ann asked her daughter.
Kim expected to be yelled at and then grounded for touching her pussy in school. "Mom, I'm so sorry. I was just-" Kim began before Ann cut her off.
"Honey, it's ok to be sexually involved with girls and please yourself everynow and then." Ann reassured her daughter with a smile. 
"She's right Kimmie. It's totally natural." Ms. Go agreed. Kim perked up a little.
"So I'm not grounded?" Kim asked still unsure. 
"Of course you're not grounded. How can I ground my baby for just trying to feel good?" Ann replied. Kim offered a shy smile. 
"But, how come you two were..." Kim wanted to ask.
"It's ok Kim. I was just telling your mother that I think parents to be emotionally conncected with the teachers." Ms. Go said. 
"Me and Ms. Go were making a really personal connection." Ann said. "You could join us." Kim drew back a little.
"I don't know... I've never done this before." Kim explained her lack of lesbian experience. Ann smiled warmly at her daughter.
"Don't worry baby. It's fun!" Ann said brightly. Kim thought hard for a moment.
"You two won't tell anyone? Not even Ron?" Kim asked. Both women giggled. 
"Don't worry. We never kiss and tell..." Ms. Go said sweetly. Kim smiled a little more.
"Why don't you try me first, baby?" Ann asked. Kim couldn't believe kissing her own mother. But then she thought, 'Ok. Let's do this.' Kim leaned in closer and with that, Ann gave her daughter a passionate kiss. It was Kim's first time kissing a girl. And she actaully loved it more because it was her own mother. "Did you like that, baby?" Ann asked once the kiss broke. 
"Yes mommy." Kim said with a sweet smile. Ann and Ms. Go's hearts both melted. Kim was actually liking this new experience. She would always be faithful to her boyfriend Ron, but now she gained a new interest in girls. Kim giggled at her mommy's and Ms. Go's touch as they removed Kim's pink short sleeve shirt and green jeans to reveal a pink bra and cute boy shorts. 
"Now it's my turn..." Ms. Go said leaning to take a kiss from Kim. "Mmm..." Ms. Go moaned. "You're lips taste like strawberries..." 
"I use Kissy Girl... not the stinky kind..." Kim replied. Ann smiled at her daughter.
"Kimmie's got a good taste in make up." Ann said. 
"Alright girls, I want the two of you to strip tease..." Ms. Go said sultry. Kim and Ann nodded and teasingly started to strip their under wear. Moving in perfect rythm, Ann slowly helped Kim out of her bra, leaving her pert nipples exposed. Kim then did the same to Ann, revealing her large boobs. Kim and Ann stopped when all that was left of their clothing was their panties.
"Alright ladies, bend over." Ms. Go said. Ann and Kim did as they were told. As they bent over the teacher's desk, their boobs squished against the desk, Ms. Go took in the lovely sight of both Kim and Ann's butts. As she apporached Ann's ass, Ms. Go playfully rubbed it and gave it gentle pats. This made Ann even more wet. 
"Ms. Go... You are so good..." Ann trailed off with a giggle. Ms. Go smiled at Ann and then approached Kim's ass. She playfully rubbed it and gave it gentle pats. Kim just giggled like a little girl. 
"Alright Kimmie... panties off..." Ms. Go said tantilizing pulling Kim's underwear down, leaving her completely nude. Ms. Go then stepped over to pull down Ann's panties. Ms. Go stepped back to admire the sight in front of her. 'I have my cute former rival and her beautiful mother in school nasked. And I get to do whatever I want with them.' Ms. Go thought. "Alright ladies, I'll be back." Ms. Go then stepped away to grab something from her closet.
"Ms. Go happens to be a hands on teacher mommy. Whether it's lessons or punishments, she like to get creative. One time, Bonnie got in trouble for using her phone in class. So, Ms. Go spanked her in front of everyone!" Kim explained with a smile. Ms. Go returned with a large ruler. Both women grew excited at what Ms. Go was about to do with it.
"You see ladies, I'm a hands on teacher. And one way to make my students learn their lesson when they get into trouble, is to spank them." Ms. Go explained. "I figured you and your daughter might like a demostration Ann." 
"Just be careful with my Bubble Butt Kimmie." Ann said sweetly. 
"Don't worry mommy. I'm not scared." Kim said. 
"It's alright Ann. It won't hurt too much." Ms. Go said. "You ready?"
"Yes Ms. Go." Both women replied. Ms. Go then gave them ten spanks on each of their asses with the ruler. Kim and Ann didn't flinch. In fact, they actually enjoyed it. As Ms. Go was done, she simply smiled. 
"Now that wasn't so hard." Ms. Go said. She then tends to Ann's red ass. "Let me kiss it..." Ms. Go cooed. She then kissed Ann's bare bottom. Ann loved it. 
"Ms. Go... You defiently should be on the school board..." Ann moaned Kim grew a little jealous at the sight.
"What about me?" Kim pouted. Ann and Ms. Go smiled at Kim.
"OK Kimmie. Mommy will help..." Ann cooed. Kim smiled. Ann then kissed her daughter's bare bottom. "Ms. Go, why don't you join?" Ann asked. Ms. Go nodded and the two kissed Kim's smooth a** cheeks.
"Mommy... you and Ms. Go feel good..." Kim moaned. Ms. Go decided it's time to have some real fun. 
"Ok. You two on my desk..." Ms. Go said. Ann and Kim then crawled on Ms. Go's desk and turned to face her. 
"What do you want to do to us Ms. Go?" Ann said playfully which caused Kim to giggle. 
"Believe me Ann, there's a lot I'm gonna do to you two today..." Ms. Go trailed off. Kim and Ann's legs were now glowing with wetness and excitement of an already fun Saturday. "...but for now, I want you two to do each other while I watch." 
"Ok Ms. Go." Kim said sweetly. "Lie back mommy." Kim laid down on her right arm and Ann on her left. The two redheads then scooted to each other till their wet shaven pussies touch the others, leaving their chests exposed. Ms. Go sat on a students while the mother and daughter started scissoring each other. "Mommy..." Kim moaned. 
"Yeah baby..." Ann moaned. The two rubbed their wet pussies together while Kim's and Ann's new lover watches with passion as she takes her clothes off leaving her completely nude. The girl's boobs started bouncing as they sped up. This turned on Ms. Go more. "Kimmie!" Ann screamed. 
"I know! I'm close! Keep going. I wanna cum with you mommy! I love you!" Kim exclaimed. Hearing the women's moans turned on Ms. Go even more. 
"I love you too Kimmie!" Ann moaned. "Cum with me!" Ms. Go loved seeing the two women both close to orgasm.
"I'm cumming!" Both ladies screamed. The two felt the rush of orgasm and with that, they fell over the edge. "Ahhh!!" As Kim and Ann slowly stooped moving, the nude Ms. Go just beamed at the red heads that just came together. As Kim regained her breath, she crawled to her mommy and Ann welcomed Kim into her arms. "That was so good..." Kim said dreamily. Ann kissed her daughter playfully which caused Kim to laugh. 
"Kimmie..." Ann whispered. "I have an idea what we could do to Ms. Go..." Ann whispered her idea in her daughter's ear. Kim smiled widely at the idea. Ms. Go started walking sedcutivly towards the two women. 
"You two are so beautiful..." Ms. Go whispered. Ann and Kim smiled at each other before graabing the naked Ms. Go and pushed her on the desk. "Ahh!" Ms. Go exclaimed.
"It's our turn..." Kim said. With that, Ann and Kim both licked Ms. Go's pussy. They knew how to hit the right spots. 
"Hhhahh..." Ms. Go exclaimed, with each hand tangled in the other redhead's hair. "Kimmie, Ann, that feels so good..." 
“Hnnn…” Kim and Ann moaned in response, lapping hungrily at their new lover's shaved pussy and flowing juices. 
Ms. Go writhed under Kim and Ann's ministrations, thrusting her hips into both of their mouths, as much as she could as every desire she’d had for over a week was rushing out of her fantasies and into welcome reality. “Aah!" Ms. Go exclaimed, shivers running up and down her spine as she felt the heat between her legs growing at a fever pitch. "Kim! Ann! I..." 
"That's right…” Kim teased, pulling away for just a moment but still teasing her teacher's clit with her tongue. “Who are you?”
"I'm..." Ms. Go gasped. “Hnn… I’m a dirty girl…” she barely got out as Kim and Ann doubled their efforts on Ms. Go's pussy. 
"Really? Whose dirty girl?" Ann asked, gently nibbling on her new lover's clit to send a jolt up her spine. 
“YOUR dirty girl!” Ms. Go exclaimed, staring longingly down at the two Possible women who she called into school this morning, and wringing her hands through their disheveled red hair. 
Kim and Ann grinned in delight, with Kim darting her tounge in and out of Ms. Go's pussy and Ann still torturing her clit with her tounge. “And what does our dirty girl want?" Kim asked mischievously, knowing full well what Ms. Go's answer would be. 
“Please Kim and Ann...  I want you two to make me come…” Ms. Go said as Ann swept her tongue over her tingling pussy lips.
"What do you think mommy?" Kim moaned, her tounge still deep in Ms. Go's pussy. 
"Well, since she asked so nicely…” Ann purred. "I think we may just do that... Ready?" Kim nodded. 
"Aahh!" Ms. Go shouted as Kim and Ann once more pluged into Ms. Go's pussy with determination to bring their former rival and lover to orgasm while they felt their own pussy with excitement. “Kim, Ann, that feels so gu-hood…”
“Hnn…” Kim and Ann, pressing deep into Ms. Go's pussy, the vibration of Kim and Ann's voices was another push closer to the peak for the green-tressed woman. 
"Ann! Kim!” Ms. Go exclaimed as she felt Ann gave another flick on her clit and Kim’s tongue deep in her wet pussy. She opened her eyes to see Kim in between her legs and Ann on top of her clit, both women in effort to bring their girlfriend to orgasm. 
Listening to Kim and Ann's moans feeling them between her legs, Ms. Go felt the white-hot rush of orgasm building up her spine and finally, with one more thrust from both Possible women's tounges, Ms. Go fell over the edge and came harder than she ever had in her fantasies of this moment. “Aaaah!!” 
Kim and Ann pressed on, smiling to each other as they dragged out of Ms. Go's orgasm as long as they could. Kim pulled her tounge out of Ms. Go's clenching pussy and she, along with her mother started to tease Ms. Go's clit,  sending aftershocks rocking through Ms. Go's quivering body. 
“Hnnn…” Kim and Ann moaned, as they gently licked Ms. Go's pussy lips, giving one more nibble to her clit that drew a gasp from the panting woman before the two girls kissed just above Ms. Go's shaven pussy. "You ok there Ms. Go?" Kim asked.
"Hah..." Ms. Go panted, catching her breath before looking at her red haired lovers.
"Thank you..." Ms. Go said simply, the smile on her lips and in her eyes glowing.
"Just thanking our favorite teacher... Right Kimmie?" Ann asked her daughter.
"You bet mommy..." Kim replied with a grin.
Ms. Go giggled and sat up, pulling Kim towards the desk. "Come here you..." She growled playfully, and once Kin was lying on the desk, Ann pulled her daughter in for a deep passionate kiss. "Lick her..." Ms. Go said once their kiss broke.
"Yes Ms. Go..." Ann agreed. 'I can't believe this. It's like my honeymoon all over again. But it's more fun that I got my baby girl and her teacher. I'm loving this.' Ann thought as she started to lick Kim's pussy. 
"Mommy..." Kim moaned. Ms. Go watched with awe at Ann's amazing licking ability. Clearly she had a lot of experience with girls. "Ms. Go... will you please sit on my face?" Kim asked sweetly in between moans.
Ms. Go smiled. "Sure." She said as she sat atop Kim's face, allowing her to access Ms. Go's wet pussy. "Mmm..." Ms. Go moaned. Ms. Go started to ride Kim's face as she watched Ann teasingly licking her daughter's pussy. Kim sped up the motions of her tounge, which made Ms. Go moan more loudly. "Faster..." She begged. Kim did just that. 
"Mmm..." Kim moaned turned on by both her mother's and Ms. Go's moans as she brought Ms. Go closer to orgasm. 
"Ahh!" Ms. Go screamed, the motions of Kim's tounge giving her waves of pleasure. "Kim!" Kim used her nose to tease Ms. Go's clit. With one more plunge of her tounge in Ms. Go's pussy, Ms. Go felt the waves of her second orgasm. "Ahh!!" 
Kim then dragged her mouth out of Ms. Go's pussy. Now Kim was close to cumming. "Wanna help make my princess cum, Ms. Go?" Ann asked as Ms. Go moved off of Kim's face. 
"Yes. I will..." Ms. Go said with a grin as she moved to Kim's pussy, and the two women gave Kim the same double licking that they gave to Ms. Go before.
"Ahh! Mommy... I want you and Ms. Go so bad..." Kim moaned feeling herself rising to orgasm with Ms. Go licking her clit and her mother with her tounge deep in Kim's pussy. 
"We want you too, Kimmie..." Ann moaned. Ann and Ms. Go redoubled their efforts on Kim's wet pussy. They smiled to themselves as they brought Kim to orgasm.
"Ahh!! Mommy!" Kim screamed as she came. As Kim started catching her breath, she looked at her mother and teacher as the gave her pussy a series of quick licks, sending shudders to the teen hero. "Thank you mommy..." Kim replied with a post colital smile. "Thank you Ms. Go..."
"You're welcome honey..." Ann said with a smile before moving onto the desk to kiss Kim. "Mmm..." Ann moaned.
"Alright you two, back to back..." Ms. Go ordered. Kim and Ann did as they were told. Kim was on her knees on the right of the desk and Ann on the left. Ms. Go then reached into her drawers to pull out some leather cuffs and chains. Ann and Kim both gasped. 
"Ms. Go... you still have some evil in you..." Kim said playfully. 
Ms. Go giggled at that. "I'm not evil Kimmie... just michevious." Ms. Go said as she stepped around the desk to cuff Kim's arms behind her back. She then did the same to Ann's arms. "Now to make sure you two don't fall down..." Ms. Go said as she started to chain Kim and Ann's cuffs together with the chain she brought. 
"This is so fun..." Ann said happily.
"I know..." Kim said returning the smile. As Ms. Go hooks the last chain, she face the two cuffed and n*** women to explain her plans.
"You're proably wondering what I'm gonna do to you girls today, right?" Ms. Go asked. Both girls nodded. "Well, I had this little fantasy of mine for a while... My beautful student Kim Possible... and her incredibly hot mother Ann, all mine for an entire Saturday in school with no one around but us. I was lucky enough to convince Mr. Barkin to let me have the keys to the entire place. So, I want you two to spend the night with me here and I'll let you two go tomorrow. Would you like that?" 
Kim and Ann both looked at each other, both of their fantasies coming true. Spending the night in school with Ms. Go as their lover. "Yes!" Both women agreed happily.
Ms. Go beamed at the Possible women. "Great! Just one thing... I want the two of you to call me Mistress Go for the rest of the day. Can you do that?" She asked.
Kim and Ann both giggled at that. "Yes Mistress Go." Both women said in unison. 
"Good. Now, let's finish you up before we begin our real fun..." Mistress Go said grabbing two blindfolds. She then put the first one over Kim's eyes and with that, her world became dark. 
"Mommy? You there?" Kim asked.
"Yeah Kimmie. You look cute..." Ann assured her daughter which caused Kim to blush lightly. Mistress Go then put the second over Ann's eyes leaving both women blindfolded. "I haven't been blindfolded since my second anniversary..." Ann giggled. 
"We're not done yet..." Mistress Go mysteriously said. She then pulled out two ball gags, one purple one pink. She then reached Kim's side. "Open up princess..." She said.
"Ahh..." Kim said, feeling the ball gag slip into her mouth. As Mistress Go strapped the last strap, she looked at Kim in awe. "Thifs fpeels ghyud." [This feels good.] Kim said.
Mistress Go smiled at Kim before turning to Ann with the pink ball gag. "Your turn Ann..." Ann did what she was told and felt the gag slip in between her teeth. As Ms. Go finshed strapping it around Ann's mouth, Ann shot Ms. Go a warm gagged smile. "Bet you haven't been gagged by your husband before..." 
Ann shook her head. Mistress Go smiled at her prize; Her former arch foe Kim Possible and her mother Ann Possible, both nude, cuffed, gagged and ready to be taken for the day. Ms. Go then pulls out two double ended dildos, one blue one green. She picks up the blue one first. "You girls ready?" Mistress Go asked.
"Uh huh..." Both girls moaned. Mistress Go started inserting the toy into Kim's hot pussy. "HNNNN!" Kim moaned loudly. Once the end was inside of her, Mistress Go put the other end into Ann's pussy. Once both ends were in, Ms. Go picked up the green one. 
"Time to clean the back door ladies..." Mistress Go said. She then proceeded to lick Kim's ass. This made Kim moan even louder. She then proceeded to Ann's ass where she licked it with a tounge of fury. After making sure both girls asses were wet, she then inserted the green toy into both Possible women. Once Ms. Go was sastified, she picked up a small remote. When she pushes a button, the dildos sprung to life suddenly vibrating. 
"Ahh!!" Both Kim and Ann shouted. Ms. Go watched in awe as both blindfolded and gagged women fought against the vibrating double ended dildos as they both were closer to orgasm. 
"Mufmyy..." [Mommy...] Kim moaned. 
"Khimmie..." [Kimmie...] Ann moaned. Ms. Go then turned both dildos to high and both women were almost at their peek. 
"Ahhm kuhmming!" [I'm cumming!] Kim shouted into her gag. As both women pushed the two dildos into their pussies and asses, they reached peak and both came. "Mufmyy!" 
Both Possible women started to recover from their orgasms, Ms. Go turned off the vibrators and walked over to the two panting girls. She then gently removed the soaked dildos from their asses and pussies. She then removed the blindfolds and with a few blinks, Kim and Ann could see each other. Ms. Go then started to remove Ann's gag. "Ahh..." Ann moaned as the ball was removed from her mouth. "That feels so much better..."
Ms. Go then reached over to remove Kim's gag. As the ball was out of Kim's mouth, Kim started to giggle. Ann also giggled as well. "That was so fun!" Kim said happily. Ms. Go then started to undo the cuffs and chains, allowing Kim and Ann to stetch their arms and legs. As both women got off the desk, Ms. Go put the ladies into a triangle with Kim's left boob on Ms. Go's right boob, Ms. Go's left on Ann's right and Ann's left on Kim's right. And with that, the three women kissed each other passionatly tasting themselves and each other. 
"You girls ready for a fun Saturday?" Ms. Go asked her new lover as the kiss broke.
"Yes Mistress Go." Kim and Ann agreed. Ms. Go then opened the door.
"Ok. Let's go..." Ms. Go said and with that all three nude women explored the school. 

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