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Charleston, June, 1949

The high profile couple fled the party without so much as a single goodbye.  Brian had all but thrown his money at the bartender to pay his tab on their way towards the front door.  They exited the nightclub simultaneously, and despite the warm and thick summer night air that immediately engulfed them, they shivered with excitement from their chance encounter.  They parked closely on the street corner as they waited for their chance to merge into to busy downtown traffic, together stealing the attention and gawk of every male and female that passed by.

"So where are we going, handsome, what's the plan?" Tina Marie asked, fixing him with her alluring smile; her devilish ways just behind the trail of her smooth voice.  "Straight to your place?"

Brian flashed his eyes at her before returning his attention to the road.  "You must have forgotten who you're dealing with, babe," he said, knowing just the spot to take her for a secluded date.  He eyed the cars on the road before him and winked at a few who appeared to recognize his company.  "I've always got a plan, especially when it comes to you."  The green and black car heard her chuckle as he took an opening in the traffic, Tina Marie following quickly.  When the opportunity arose, the lavender car maneuvered next to him to drive side by side in unison with her lover.

The couple arrived at the nearest liquor supplier half a mile from the club.  The green and black car strolled into the store high on his shocks as he trailed up and down the aisles, browsing the shelves and selecting what he remembered to be her preferred drink.  "If I'm not mistaken, this is still your favorite?" He turned to show her a bottle of Hendrick's gin; when she nodded feverishly with a giggle he noticed that she was already holding up a bottle of his favorite vodka.  "Looks like we haven't changed much," he said with a hardy laugh, placing three bottles of gin into the cart and moving along to find the corresponding tonic.

When they arrived at the checkout counter they hurriedly placed all six liquor bottles and tonic onto the table, promptly bickering back and forth about who was going to pay for the supply.  "Darling," Brian purred, placing a large bill on the wooden counter. "you're my guest tonight and you're in my town - this is my treat." He growled playfully when she shoved the money back towards his side, fixing her with a gaze that electrified her senses.

Tina Marie slapped her own money on the table and flashed the green and black car a smile saturated with charm that matched his, maybe even exceeded in some ways.  "And my club is doing incredible these days, which means I want to celebrate in a few more ways than one," she quipped.  They turned their attention to the clerk who eyed the beautiful couple suspiciously, glancing back and forth between them rapidly.  "Go on," she said with a grin. "take my money instead..."

Not daring to make the wrong move, the clerk looked over at her partner for reassurance. The green and black car rolled his eyes with a sigh and nodded at the employee, deciding to give into her demands just this once.  

As the clerk processed their transaction and began to place the bottles into individual brown bags, Tina Marie reached out in front of Brian with a suggestive stretch to grab their purchase from the counter.  Brian smirked and popped open his trunk with a fake moan, causing Tina Marie to fall into a fit of giggles.  She returned to the clerk whose mouth was agape from their exchange, and pulled her change off the counter with a wink before following her lover outside.  Just beyond the entrance to the liquor store, she parked in front of the racer and propped her weight to one side of her chassis.  "Now we can go to your place?"

Brian flashed her an amused smile.  "To claim that you are being impatient tonight would mean that you had any restraint to begin with." Their relationship built on the foundation of sex and control, he expected her restlessness and the struggle for dominance that ultimately livened their lust for one another.  He kissed her in a way that tricked her into believing she may get her way, but tonight, he would let her have none.  He sucked on her lower lip softly before backing away ever so discreetly to encourage her tires to roll forward with him.  Now that she was moving, he broke the kiss, revealing his sly smile and delight at her shock as he turned to leave.  "C'mon, I wanna show you something…"

Tina Marie shook her hood with a smile at the sight of her departing lover, kicking herself into gear with a groan that turned into a laugh as she raced to join him.  Although she never cared for theatrics or courting for that matter, Brian was a romantic and prided himself in the craft.  She accepted his decision for their impromptu date, and as they continued to drive east through the city, she noticed the traffic steadily dissipated until they appeared to be completely alone on their drive.  

As they rounded the final corner, she discovered Brian led her to the Charleston harbor and the pier that overlooked the inlet.  With visible excitement she breathed in deep to enjoy the constant sea breeze from the distant shore.  A layer of clouds as thin as lace blocked the stars but exemplified the glow of the moon directly above them, creating a silver blanket across the night sky.  The crests of the waves in the pitch black harbor water glimmered and twinkled with white crests under the luminesce moon.  

When Tina Marie finally returned her gaze to the car she loved, she noticed he had already parked himself before the pier railing and was staring out over the water.  His resolute stance and the unmistakable amount of peace in his eyes  caused her to realize the harbor was much more to him than a location for a quick date; she was struck with a pang of regret for giving him a hard time when he clearly chose an impressive, thoughtful place to share part of their evening - and one that meant something to him.  The lavender car swallowed with difficulty, quickly plastering her usual grin back upon her grille before approaching him.  "I never expected you to trade the mountains for the ocean," she said, tapping on his bumper.

Brian knew her intent and complied by popping his trunk lid, not breaking his stare over the mesmerizing water that danced before him.  He felt her rummaging through his trunk to find the first few bottles to open, eager to start their party for two.  By the time she closed his lid and pulled up along side him, he still hadn't decided how to reply to her comment, but the way she leaned into his side conveyed more of a comfort that suggested she knew how he felt, and he gladly accepted the bottle still wrapped in the brown paper bag.  "I figured this was just the place for us to start our night…"

For over two hours, conversations spilled out from the couple with hardly any breaks in between subjects, reminiscing while they drank bottle after bottle until they were halfway through their supply.  With tires all over each other, and never more than an inch from their partner, they lost themselves into a drunken stupor and affectionate banter that increased with each passing minute.  Together they laughed in ways and stole glances between themselves they thought had been long buried.

No longer able to withstand the anticipation, Brian returned to her grille and pressed his tongue against her lips, beckoning her to open her mouth to resume the intimate moment the pair initiated at the party.  He quickly slipped his tongue into her and kissed her with expertise, knowing just what spots to stroke and explore inside her mouth and around her engine.  The lavender car pulled him closer to her by his fender to encourage the contact, and he responded with a vigor that he could not suppress.  Both cars being exhibitionists, he mused thoughts of taking her right here on the pier under the cover of darkness to deprive her of the chance to moan aloud in fear of being caught by the public.

The sea breeze changed directions at the right angle for Brian to smell her signature perfume and it unexpectedly knocked him backwards two years.  When he broke the kiss, he gained an audible protest from Tina Marie in the form of a deep sigh.  She peered at him through the darkness with the same cutting gaze and smile sweet like hot honey that never failed to dismantle him.  She made him nervous in all the best ways and it was apparent he was still wrapped around her tire.  Although he was aware that Tina Marie knew how he felt for her, it did not stop him from attempting to hide the agonizing ache in his engine behind his trademark smirk.  He was falling for her again and he turned his frame broadside to her before she could catch the soft gleam in his eyes.

At his odd choice of actions, but for reasons she very well could surmise and feel in the pit of her tank, she scoffed playfully and tugged at his tire.  "Oh what now?" she asked, feigning innocence. "Why are you shying away from me?"

Brian gave a light chuckle that drifted in the wind.  "You know why," he said in a low voice for emphasis, leaning his front end towards her to peer into her eyes better. A seductress by nature who made a career out of pleasing men, and with Brian being the only one to ever truly please her, it pained him to admit to himself she was his main squeeze in the midst of their complicated lives and the paths they chose.  She caught a glimpse of the unintentional seriousness that gathered on his expression and he rushed to follow his lingering statement with humor. "You're here to take advantage of me, aren't you?" he asked with a dramatic smirk.

Tina Marie narrowed her windshield at him with a devious grin. "Oh don't be a hypocrite, Brian," she jested, pushing him in the fender. "I may still be in Virginia but rumors of your slayings still drift up the east coast…"

Brian looked her up and down with eyes that revealed his voracious appetite for her. Her pistons fluttered involuntarily but she did not shrink back from his gaze which promised plenty and threatened more.  "Care to show me what you've heard about?" he asked, turning over his powerful engine.  Without another word he started down the road towards his apartment with Tina Marie at his quarter panel, quickly navigating through the city which had quieted as businesses shut down over the late evening.  By time the couple burst through the entrance of his flat they were completely sauced, the alcohol had mixed with the remainder of their gasoline and they unabashedly crashed into several pieces of furniture in his living room.

They fought their way down the hallway, laughing wildly as Brian promptly escorted her to the bedroom.  But when he turned to face her, he could discern a glossy haze over her windshield that he would have assumed as lust any other time, but suddenly felt askew.  He recognized a rare sign of insecurity deep within her, and he began to wonder if their exchange on the pier startled her in ways she was not ready to confront.  Never one to show her true fears, not even in front of himself, the green and black car suspected that her level of intoxication lead to the tears which threatened to well at any moment.

Recognizing the concern on his face, her broken smile flickered on her chrome lips.  She spoke before he could ask. "I've missed you, ever since you left me," she admitted, choking on a forced laugh.

With eyes shut tightly, Brian fought the urge to grimace from the onslaught of memories.  He swiftly closed the gap between themselves with a kiss that conveyed adoration more than desire, firmly pinning her against the wall with a passionate kiss to dispel thoughts of the contention that was once between them.  When he pulled away to look at her, he was less than an inch from her grille.  He gazed back into her pleading, beautiful eyes with lowered lids, and an insatiable longing that would always remain for her.  She trembled at the sight of overwhelming emotions gathered in his eyes.  "I don't think I ever really left you," he breathed with a deep sincerity, but never far away from his own nature, his suave smile returned. "now get on the bed and turn around," he commanded.

At the sight of his longing, her worries about the rift between them were gone just as quickly as they appeared.  Knowing what was to come, she complied with a grin, eagerly coasting over to his bed and climbing atop the layer of cushions.  When she settled, she dropped her front end down on the pillows to tilt her rear upwards.  She looked back at Brian through her side view mirror and smiled satisfactorily at the sight of him admiring her flawless, polished chrome undercarriage.  She swayed her chassis back and forth enticingly with an airy giggle.

He joined her on the bed and planted a solid kiss on her bumper, immediately slipping a tire underneath her frame to delicately trail the edge across one end of her axle to the other.  His treads teasingly grazed her entrance and she sighed at the much needed contact from him.  To toy with her patience further he mouthed his way along her bumper, every so often planting sweet kisses on her undercarriage, biting lightly at her axle to tease her and selectively avoiding the very place she yearned for him to touch.

Craving the feeling of his tongue again, the heat radiating from her entrance was now burning.  Tina Marie urged him to end the torture with a groan of disapproval and kicked out a back tire at him in frustration.  "You're killing me," she hissed, biting down hard on her lower lip.  

Brian chuckled through his open smile and he was sure his lover could feel the amusement on his lips that were still pressed to her frame.  His breath against her undercarriage caused the lavender car to tremble again which was followed by an irritated huff.  When he finally brought his mouth to her entrance, he discovered she was moments away from dripping and he hummed approvingly; she shuddered with pleasure from the brief vibration, releasing a sharp gasp as he curled his tongue in and out of her with a precise rhythm, every so often swirling over the parts he knew were most sensitive.

Tina Marie slipped into the bliss he created while he interchanged between his initial actions and butterflying his tongue over her clit.  Knowing her combination after countless nights and experiences with her, he had perfected the technique that quickly transitioned her bated breaths into soft moans which became increasingly loud.  Her familiar, primal sounds felt innate to him and went straight to his throbbing erection, and he quickened his pace much to her delight.  She squirmed with a pleasure he inflicted on her with prowess, placing a tire on her fender to hold her down and to keep her flush against his lips and the relentless tongue that ravaged her.

Knowing she was close, he rapidly circled her clit with his tongue to bring her to climax, but just before she saw stars, he pulled away from her entrance to leave her on the edge of orgasm.  She felt Brian climbing atop her with his usual ease before she could complain about his deceptive move, and she widened her back tires instinctively.  He grasped the sides of her cab between his two front tires and pressed the tip of his cock to her entrance.  To her dismay he did not immediately take her; instead, he paused to revel in the feeling he yearned for more than he realized, sliding his hard on across her slick surface to enjoy the sensation that was overdue.

Tina Marie growled.  "I wish you'd quit teasing your lady and--"  

She gasped as Brian plunged his thick member into her without warning.  Although quite familiar with how well endowed he was, the initial penetration never failed to take her breath away.  Brian slowly sank deep inside her, delighting in the warmth that engulfed each inch of his erection.  When he hit the top, she cried out at the rush of pleasure that coursed up through her frame.  "Is that better, baby?" he asked with a grin, knowing she was too lost in pleasure to answer.  He gently pitched his axle into her to savor how he filled her, eliciting a low and lengthy moan from the lavender car.  "Oh sweetheart," he breathed, caressing the side of her cab lovingly. "you are nothing short of heaven."  He moved in and out of her with long, deep stokes in a steady rhythm, increasing his speed every time he pushed back inside her to elicit the same moans from earlier.  He rocked his axle into her at the angle he knew would drive her crazy and she cried out again in ecstasy.

Brian started to thrust harder to give her the pounding she loved, and the one he needed.  She writhed beneath him from the sensations that were almost too much, crying out again and again as she pawed at the pillows to brace for her own release which was never short of breathtaking.  He felt her walls closing around his shaft and her frame tensing; she was back on the verge of spilling over and he smiled to himself.  "Mmm cum for me, babe," he breathed.  Her whole body shuddered underneath him as a single, lengthy moan escaped her.  Shortly after a slick new wetness coated his erection that was followed by a fresh wave of heat.  He continued to pump in an out of her, listening to her pant while she fought the urge to collapse onto the bed.

The green and black car gave her a momentary break while he adjusted atop her for the angle which would give him the most pleasure.  Knowing his intent, Tina Marie arched her frame to better receive him and cried out again from his initial thrust.  The sounds of her moans echoed in his mind and he lost himself inside.  He drove himself into her with strokes so rough and deliberate he shoved her grille into the pillows, muffling her.  Having gone so long without her, he soon felt his body succumbing to the pleasure he derived.  "Oh, fuck, I love what you do to me," he breathed through clenched teeth.  

Unable to hold out any longer, the room around him faded into tunnel vision and his rear tires curled inwards as his release drew closer.  He gave one final thrust before he climaxed, his guttural moan reverberating against the bedroom walls.  Wave after wave of pleasure continued to override his senses and his moans drifted into satisfied sighs.  The green and black car relished in the feeling of his shaft still pulsing inside her while he recovered atop her, his front tires trembling against the sides of her cab from the rush and approaching exhaustion.  After a few quiet moments, he carefully slid off her cab and collapsed onto the cushions next to his lover.

When Brian closed his eyes he felt Tina Marie settle on her own tires before leaning into him with a content sigh.  He returned the affection with his own nuzzle into her chrome laced fender. As he silently cherished the closeness with her which would not last, and knowing she completed him for all the wrong reasons, he realized  it was the first time in his life he was terrified to feel whole.

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