Lust between Water Gems

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Chapter 1: Mirror Gem


'It was some time in the night, Steven quickly ran out of the house with a fearful look on his face. "Ahh! I'm sorry!" Steven cried out after slapping Garnet. The young boy held a mirror in his hand, which was the reason why he slapped Garnet.

The young hybrid quickly hid behind the side of the temple. "What am I going to do!? What's the problem with you!?" Steven asked the mirror in concern. It then communicated with the boy, using the voices of the people he met earlier today.

"Away from!" the mirror said.

"I don't understand!" Steven said.

Suddenly Steven heard Pearl call out your names, "Please, tell me how I can help you!" he said. The mirror then showed the boy how to do so, he then formed a look of determination on his face then flipped the mirror around staring down at the cracked blue gem attached to it.

He then grabbed a hold of the gem and pulled it out, shielding your face when the glass suddenly shattered.

Steven stared with wide eyes when the blue gem glowed and levitated off the ground, floating closer to the water before it began to take it's human form. The Gem took her form then fell to her hands and knees.

Steven ran up to the Gem and slowly inched himself closer until the Gem suddenly turned her head around to face the boy with eyes that showed his own reflection. "Thank you." the blue Gem said.

"You didn't..." she began to say until she was about to collapse but Steven quickly grabbed a hold of her.

She then looks at Steven with a grateful smile, "You actually talked to me. You helped me." she said.

The blue Gem straightens herself, "It's Steven, right?" she asks having the boy give her a nod.

"I'm Lapis. Lapis Lazuli." she introduced herself. "Are you really a Crystal Gem?" she asks him.

Steven smiles at Lapis "Yeah." he responds which confused the water Gem. "But you helped me." Lapis said to the boy, and it was Steven's turn to look confused.

"Steven!" the boy hears Garnet angrily call out and turns to see them summon their weapons. Steven gasps in horror then runs in front of the Crystal Gems.

"Wait!" the boy cries out. The group widen their eyes hearing the waves begin to move and see a large hand of water form behind Lapis. "You...You three knew I was in there, and you didn't help me. Did you even wonder, who I used to be!" Lapis said, angrily. The Gem then uses the water-arm and slams it down, having Pearl and Amethyst fly back but trapping Garnet.

"I am Lapis Lazuli, and you can't keep me trapped here anymore!" she shouts.

She then looks towards Steven, "They're not going to let us leave." she said, glaring at the three Gems. She then parts the waters of the ocean, making a pathway. "Steven, come with me." she tells him.

"Where!?" he asks, confused.

"Home." Lapis replies, a saddened look on her face. "B-But, I-I..." Steven stuttered, wondering what she meant. Lapis stared down at the ground before a look of annoyance replaced her features. "Fine." she said, having the walls of water to collapse.

Suddenly Garnet punched her way out of Lapis's water-arm and ran towards her, "Don't trust them, you two. Goodbye." she tells you and Steven then walks towards the ocean. She then has a wave of water throw you, Steven, and Garnet back.

Time skip

It took a while but Lapis managed to form a large tower of water, using the ocean of the planet. 'This would be so much easier if my gem wasn't cracked' she thought. The water Gem was so concentrated on her task that she didn't notice a figure land on the top of the tower and approach her from behind.

"Lapis?" the figure said.

Lapis widened her eyes at hearing the familiar voice and turned around, letting out a gasp at seeing who had spoken to her. "Azurite?" she said.

The figure had blue skin and dark-blue hair and wore dark-blue pants along with a black trench-coat. "You look just as beautiful as ever." Azurite said with a smirk then almost lost his balance when Lapis launched herself at him her arms wrapped around his neck.

Lapis pulled her head back, both Gems stared at each other until Lapis crashed her lips against the male Gem's, who returned the kiss. Lapis moaned as she felt Azurite twirl his tongue around her own and placed his hands on her hips, pulling her in closer.'

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