Time Out!

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With the time which had past, one would figure that Bubbles was used to the snapping exchanges from her sisters. However, it had now begun to occur far more frequently than before. From minor, sibling-related pet peeves of stealing hair brushes and hiding boxing gloves, to mentally mapping out attacks on invading creatures from the deepest reaches of the sea or space. The blonde was trapped and when she found their ramblings too much for her head, the waterworks started. All it took was a slight sob or frightened hiccup and the door busted open and everyone fell silent to the authorative instruction from Professor Utonium. It took the slightest, tired, yet agitated glance from him to deliver the message and, on command, the rivaling gals would ascend into the air and carry themselves off into a seperate room. Then, the Professor would call over the weeping mess to him and he'd take off on his usual lining, accordingly, repeatedly, as if scripted. No alternative tangents. He was a broken record.

Bubbles figured nothing would ever change, that her sisters would bicker and whine until the end of time and, unfortunately, Bubbles could see in the sentimental gaze of her father's eyes, he thought the same. Sighing, the blue hued puff hugged close to him and he consoled her with kind, gentle words.


"I can't seem to comprehend what the matter is with you girls" groaned Utonium, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

The two, Blossom and Buttercup, were confined to a space, similar to a form of Solitary Confinement. They had been tasked to sit on the provided stools and to seat themselves on them, positioned into opposite corners of the room.

"I'm sick to death of you two putting your poor sister between your childish arguements. So, you are to remain in this room until I come back and deem it necessary for you to come out. It's ridiculous it even has to come to this"

"But, professor..." Blossom protested.

"No, Blossom. I don't want to hear a word. I'm not taking any sides and I don't want to know who's done what. You can tell me, if you NEED to later. Right now, you need to talk out the issue you two are having. Some things can't be helped by a third party. So, you need to resolve this conflict you have on a near-to-daily-basis and learn how to deal with it. You're sisters and you're family. While you may think it's just a matter between you two, it's effecting others. So, until then..."

And with that final statement, he turned to leave and mechanical clicks and whirrs confirmed the locking of a heavy, metal door. The two blinked, staring at the door, then glanced around at the almost claustrophobic setting they were doomed to. Turning back to their gaze upon their corner, the girls eagerly waited for the silencing of their father's footsteps from beyond the door. The room was constructed to be sound proof, so no one else had to put up with their whinging. It was positioned at the end of the hall, close to their bedroom and was a rather small space on top of that, like a work-place cubicle, meaning despite their set positions being opposit of one another, Buttercup could just barely feel the tickling sensation of her sister's falling locks stroke against her ankle.

Using their X-ray vision, they could see that the Professor had taken off to his study in the lab and Bubbles was at work on another 'bunny' with her crayons on the living room coffee table.

Seeing that it would indeed be a while before they were bothered, Buttercup turned and delivered a cheeky, suggestive smile to her sibling. "So...?"

Still staring into the corner, Blossom felt an automatic smirk creep across her face and she returned the devious expression.

Unbeknown to anyone, the two had had the opportunity to indulge in these times together, when they were isolated, punished, told off. It was their only way of having alone time, without the slightest suspicion from anyone at all. The idea that if anyone had come to know of their secret, particularly the Professor, would flip their shit, only aroused their deep seeded intentions further.


The two came to know of each others feelings not long ago, and that's when their arguements became more frequent, to excuse themselves from everyone else. Blossom had discovered her raven-haired sister masturbating in the closet. Having heard restrained noises emerging from there, dreading it was the return of the blanket phase, the bookworm was gob smacked to find her sister knelt, rubbing between her legs, holding with a pair of familar pink panties; with white lacings and a red bow, held to her nose. Needless to say, they both freaked out. Buttercup tried so hard to cover her fully exposed self and actions with nonsenscial words and expositions, however, was dumbfounded to find her sibling embrace her in a hug. Blossom still re-called the rich smell of sweat from inside the hot closet and the sweet, tantalising scent from between Buttercups legs. They blushed furiously and Blossom could tell that despite the rough contortion of her sister's features, baring teeth and tightly wrapping her arms around her, she was holding back tears. Their hearts pounded rhytmically and when Blossom pulled away, she saw that the pupil's in Buttercup's eyes dilated with arousal, fear and confusion. An awkward muddle of emotions were held in those soft eyes and Blossom pressed her lips to her cheek.

The leader was unsure what her sister had been doing, it scared her, but when she found time, quiet and alone to ask, it made her ponder her own sanity when she admitted to herself that she was curious. To proceed in these activities, to encourage them, with her own sister, was immoral. It was considered repugnant, abnormal, dirty... and that's what made her all the more fascinated. Thinking that after all this time, after all the name-calling, the banter, teasing, mocking, bullying, that her sister loved her made her head spin. She was a girl loyal to the means of logic and these emotions capsized her sense of stability and comfort... and boy, did it make things exciting.


The girls looked to each other, expectedly, tense and finally the sign of confirmation, Blossom bolted herself out from her seat and tackled the tomboy to the floor.



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