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A part of Blossom had regretted showing her delinquent counterpart the slightest bit of consideration. Since their first encounter, the bookworm had maintained an odd relationship with her punk double. They had called for peace and, although the majority of their interactions were made through the mirror, there were rare instances where the rebel could transfer past the restrictive bounds of the mirror frame and enter Blossom's world.

It was during these occasions the egghead felt she could pursue in activities outside the imaginations of everyone else around her in her daily life; always having to live up to the dominant perception of herself as the smartest girl in all of Townsville. A problem solver, the leader and someone you can count on. However, Blossom felt, deep inside, she had an alter ego. Sure, she was always striving for perfection, but there lingered, undoubtedly, a dark side to Blossom that yearned for thrills. She had stolen, she had lied. The Blossom that everyone saw and knew was just a facade. 

There were points where the hero would be patrolling the city, overlooking every nuisance and every criminal act, and thought to herself “You know what? Let them rot”

People sucked. The citizens of Townsville wore at her conscious, like bickering, whining children. Of course, she couldn’t voice these opinions out loud. She kept it to herself and, when Berserk appeared, she unloaded a lot of baggage. They’d take off somewhere, without a sound, sometimes to the Townsville Dump, the Park, the Forest, even on the outskirts; by the train tracks or under the pier at the beach.

All the while, no one suspected her sneaking out at nightfall. Years passed, from Pokey Oaks Kindergarten to the final years of the Midway Elementary school. Berserk took up some of the antics seen by the Gang-Green Gang and Rowdyruff Boys: Loitering, making explicitly gory and sexual graffiti work by the train tracks, smoking, arson and theft. It was then Blossom felt she was starting to dig herself into a hole and, before it got too deep for her to find her way out of, she distanced herself from the rebel and went back to her books, pushing her dark desires back into her mind once again.


One night, the leader was up past her bed time, downstairs in the living room. Tests were approaching, everyone getting ready to move on to Middle School, and the bookworm had stayed up with her nose stuck in some math books. She’d ace it, everyone knew that, except for her of course. The slightest thought of any error occurring brought on some kind of panic. Everyone told her to chill out: Miss Keane, her sisters, even the Professor, but she didn’t listen. She COULDN’T listen. A stubborn voice was in her head that just wouldn’t go away. It had to be dealt with.

Struggling to keep her eyes open, the time moving on near to midnight, the redhead closed her books and drifted up into the bathroom. As she went to brush her teeth, her vision kept blurring at odd moments and she had to almost violently rub them to make it go away. Blinking, adjusting her sight again, she saw a familiar face in the mirror, arms crossed sneering directly at her.

“Oh, hi” muttered the weary hero, not in the least bit phased, reaching for mouthwash.

“Freaking hell, look at the state of you!” exclaimed the punk. “Yeah, I’m looking for Blossom. You might have heard of her: my height, same hair colour, pretentious as shit and-“

“Look, are you here for a reason?” whined the hero quietly, trying to keep her voice down.

“We haven’t seen each other in forever, you dork. I figured you’d want some company, even if it IS seemingly the equivalent of talking to yourself”

Blossom retorted weakly “Funny”

Her doppelgänger flicked back her jagged, spiked pony tail. The ribbons wavered and appeared to slither in the air like alerted snakes atop Medusa. She lunged forth, out from the mirror bounds, and seized the hero’s wrists, just as she was turning to make her leave.

“Cut it out, Berserk. I’m going to bed”

“Nuh-uh. I ain’t taking that shit, ya loser. Been bored outta my wits with you being chained to your school work. We’re gonna have some fun” the double pressured, her hissing voice alluring to the nerd.

“This isn’t the time” the leader growled, her hands now firm on her counterparts, trying to rip herself from Berserk’s grip, that was constantly switching places: from her wrists, to her collar, then to her hair. “Let go of me!”

“I ain’t gonna wait around forever, Blossom. Besides, from the looks of you, you could take a night off from all the stress”. The punk let her tongue slip out and stroke along her set of sharp canines. Her gaze upon the geek became more predatory by the second.

“I have tests coming up, dammit!”

“Yeah, yeah and as always, you blow that crap outta proportion for yourself, when you KNOW, just like everyone else, that you’ll get a good grade”

“Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups” responded Blossom, taking her double aback with the use of profanity. It was usually a one sided thing, on the part of the punk usually. Whilst the nerd would scold Berserk for swearing, there were times she would accidentally let a curse word slip. Rubbing off on each other they supposed.

“Touche” grinned the double, “So, take a night off and give your head a break. You’re gonna end up shutting yourself off from everyone again and probably wind up hurting yourself”

“Bite me!” shot the agitated leader, projecting a laser from her eyes at the mirror. Of course, instead of there being a blunt, successful impact, the shot darted about the tiled bathroom, until it took out a waste bin. The remains  a smouldering heap. Hands slapped over her mouth, Blossom turned to the mirror to see the punk blow a raspberry at her. Boiling, the tired Blossom left the bathroom in a huff. She’d have to explain the bin in the morning.

Ashamed at herself for letting her emotions get out of hand, the bookworm drifted into her room. She began undressing herself, staring over at her sisters who were sound asleep in bed. Panic evaded her mentality, having thought she had found some sense of calm, as she heard a wolf whistle from the bedroom mirror. Spinning round, looking to her devilish double, hovering beyond the frame, Blossom mouthed for her to ‘shut up’. However, her desires to find control of the situation were trampled on, as Berserk allowed for herself to move through the bounds of the mirror and into the Powerpuff Girls bedroom.

Blossom’s heart lodged tightly in her throat. The thought of her family finding out about her connection with Berserk sent waves of fear through her, paralysing her to the spot and leaving her helplessly face to face with her evil counterpart.
Was Berserk gonna be so cruel? Or would they just take off and find a place to hang for a while? Was she going to force her into her gradual steps of further destruction and crime in Townsville?

“W-w-what do you want?” whispered Blossom, almost inaudible. 

“Want? I NEED you to chill the fuck out” responded the punk angrily, snatching her counterpart’s wrist and bringing her into a fierce kiss.

Sensations rang wild and Blossom was totally frozen by the response. As her double wrapped her arms about her, embracing her, Blossom felt the both of them fall to their knees in the room. Although quiet, the kiss was intense. The leader shivered pleasantly, as she felt Berserk nip at her bottom lip and slip her tongue into her mouth. The nerd’s magenta eyes closed and she brought her hand up to caress Berserk’s cheek, suppressing the urge to whimper and squeak at her double’s aggressiveness. She didn’t understand what brought this about. She didn’t know if maybe Berserk was seriously attracted to her or whether she wanted to use the surprising action to catch her off guard and get her to shut up. Oddly enough, she found either way, she didn’t care.

Pulling away from the kiss, a string of saliva bridging between their tongues, the girls looked back over to the bed, seeing that Bubbles and Buttercup were both pretty much still in their state of slumber. A certain assurance was guaranteed, since Buttercup snored like a savage beast and tonight, the redhead was thankful she could use that factor as a ‘Green Light’. 

Smirking, the punk drifted towards the door, but rose her hand to Blossom, indicating for her to stop. Blinking, Blossom stared at her doppelgänger, then blushed furiously, as the double leaned against the doorway, tugging her own waist band on her plaid skirt and pointed to her, a sly smile on her lips. The leader gulped and peered over at her sleeping sisters. Slowly, ever so slowly, the nerd began removing her dress as she’d wanted to earlier. Taking the straps, she eased them down and slid her arms up through, then began inching the material down her body, petrified if ever Buttercup stopped snoring. All the while, Berserk stood there, watching her. A whole new emotion was found in the crimson eyes of the evil counterpart and Blossom felt a bizarre, tingling sensation between her legs. Thinking maybe it was part of just getting pins and needles in her leg, she ignored it. With her face a bright red, she stood there in her underpants and socks, her dress crumpled at her feet.

Taking a step forward, Blossom once again came to an abrupt halt, Berserk holding up her hand and motioning for her to finish the job. She didn’t really understand what the point of this was, but obeyed, hoping to just get out of the room before someone woke up. Taking the rim of her cute panties, she once again stopped and saw Berserk gesturing for her to turn around. A knot formed in the hero’s stomach, as she turned around, embarrassed and stripped her pants off and kicked them to the side along with her dress. If this was some ludicrous prank, she couldn’t imagine what the pay off would be. However, if there was someone she could trust, it was Berserk, strangely enough. She didn’t even really understand why.
Blossom shot an angry gaze, saying ‘Are we quite finished here?” at the double, who waited at the door with a condescending smirk on her face. The ribbons wavered lower than previously and inched towards the exposed Powerpuff. As if baited by the sounds of a bansuri, the tips rose up against the puffs legs, tickling her sides, and stroked along her thighs. If not for the snorts erupting from her sister’s snore, she could blatantly feel her head throbbing from the sound of her own heartbeat. It was loud enough for her to fear and think that Berserk could hear it. The tips rose higher, slithering against her bare skin, across her chest, just baring the tell-tale signs of emerging puberty. With the silk material grazing past her nipples, Blossom bit down on her lip, holding back a need to whimper at the feeling. The punk continued to tease and bully her; the ribbons stroking across her face, winding around her waist, playfully stroking her ass, until the puff delivered a desperate, yet irritated stare. Tears bore in the sides of her eyes from the pent up emotions and sensations pulsing through her.

“Bubbles, quit being such a baby…” mumbled Buttercup.

The following silence was sickly and wore down on the stomach of the leader, turning in worry over to the bed, only to be granted assurance as Buttercup started snoring again. She was talking in her sleep now? This was sheer torture.
With Berserk seeing the Puff at her breaking point, the ribbons tied themselves softly about her wrists and she delicately opened the door and began tiptoeing backwards and out of the room, guiding the timid Blossom along with her. 
As soon as the door closed, Berserk was snatched off the ground by the furious nerd, carrying her downstairs and into the living room. There, they switched on the light and the two tears of frustration that rested in her eyes finally broke free.

“Are you freaking CRAZY?” snapped the bookworm, baring her teeth. She was doing her utmost to keep her voice down. 

“Hey, you decided to make it difficult for yourself” shrugged the double, carefree as anything.

“All I wanted was to go to bed!”

“And all I want is for you to get your head back out of the ‘I must be perfect’ mentality. You’re gonna drive yourself crazy, you dumb dork”

“YOU’RE driving me crazy” the puff retorted.

“Shut up, Blossom. Don’t make me drag you out of that mindset” the doppelgänger growled. This whole process seemed like a chore. Since she appeared, Blossom had been kicking and screaming like a damn, stubborn mule.

“What the hell are you expecting from me? What do I have to prove to you just so I get some shut eye?”

Instead of receiving further banter, Berserk reached a hand up to cover the nerd’s mouth, stepping forward and softly pushing her down to sit onto the living room couch. Taking away her hand, their lips met once again, this time rather softly. The hero purred at the taste of raspberry soda on the other girl’s lips. Berserk always had a heck of a sweet tooth and would often tease her when passing by the shops on the way home, opening her mouth by her ear to force her to listen to the crackling of the popping candy she’d nicked. After that situation with Mojo and her sisters, Blossom did her best to just avoid sweets altogether. Now she was being teased again, as the punk forced her tongue into her mouth again and confronted her yearning tastebuds with the tantalising, achingly addictive sugars. 

Feeling the double pull away, she opened her eyes to look at her. “W-why” she barely managed, breathless and wanting some clarity. “Why are you doing this to me? Do you like me? D-do you hate me?”

“Bloss, if I hated you, I wouldn’t go so far to break you free from this bullshit. I just want you to relax your damn head and think about NOTHING for a while” the punk replied, her voice husky and her cheeks tainted a harsh red.

Saying that, Berserk slowly stripped herself off, seeing it being only fair silence she made Blossom do it.  Blossom’s eyes shimmered in confusion and some kind of awe. Her ‘frenemy’s’ boldness so admirable. She missed not giving a damn and feeling so free. She wished she could be Berserk, but she knew eventually her conscious would get back to her. Looking over the rebel, the leader blushed, her heart pounding again in her chest, admiring her: Admiring her wild hair, those stern, fierce eyes, her smooth skin and adoring her cute fangs that often protruded from her lips.

“So, I ain’t gonna hear any more of your griping about wanting to be perfect, okay?” hissed the punk, grabbing at the back of the hero’s head, at her pony tail, tightly.

“Nnngh, okay, okay!” hushed Blossom, looking at her pleadingly.

With that confirmation, Berserk lowered herself on the floor, kneeling and spread the leader’s legs. A soft whimper slipped from Blossom’s lips from the shame of showing her parts to another girl like this. Before she could protest, say that she’d changed her mind or question what she was even doing, a bolt of energy, a searing pleasure engulfed her. She trembled in shock and euphoria, feeling the punk lap her tongue at her pussy. Stroking along her groin with it and caressing along her soft labia, teasing her, resulting in the delicious gasps from the hero, Berserk then delved her tongue in past the soaked lips. 

The redhead yearned to be able to writhe about, cry out, at the alien but amazing sensation. Her hand found the double’s head and the punk smiled, feeling Blossom try to keep her head close. Recently, Berserk had come across the Rowdyruff boys raiding an adult store and getting booze. Puzzled by their fascination with the store, she pinched a magazine. At first she felt she was gonna puke, but found there was a particular purpose for them. The boys went into a ridiculously nervous huddle when asked about them, then they said it was to ‘relieve tension’. So that’s what she was doing. She looked it up, how she would go about relieving Blossom and now she got to put her learning into practice.

Blossom’s head was surely clear now. It was a blank slate. All she thought, all she experienced, was Berserk; feeling her ravage her private area with her mouth. She attempted to twist and turn. She was confused, thinking maybe Berserk was paralysing her with this strange act. Was this some attack? But… it felt so good. The leader found it harder and harder to keep quiet. Sitting up again, she grabbed the rebel’s hair and began thrusting into her face.

Berserk snickered at the budding enthusiasm in her counterpart and allowed her to take control. Getting more and more into it, she started nipping and sucking at the slick, pink lips, making Blossom squeak and whine. 

“S-strange… I’m starting to feel really weird”

Berserk knew what this meant and kept going, enjoying listening to the hypnotic begs. The nerd on the other hand started to panic, beginning to feel a form of tension in her tummy, in her waist. Something building inside, like a current. She didn’t need the bathroom did she?

“W-wait… Berserk, stop!”

But, she didn’t. She kept going, her pace getting quicker. Delving her tongue in past the moist lips, she flicked it back up and took Blossom’s erect clit into her mouth, reaching to massage and pinch the hood as she did. Whatever this feeling was, it completely rid the Puff of any strength in her. Whimpering and whining, unable to control the movement of her hips, she felt an intense wave. Something approaching and she couldn’t control it.

“S-something’s not right. Stop, Berserk! Pull away. I’m… I’m… “ she peeped, her voice breaking, until she slapped her hands across her mouth, falling back onto the couch, crying out into her palms. Her orgasm unfolded like the anticipated crash of a coming wave. Her back arched and she pulled more on the rebel’s hair, urging her to stop her work on her throbbing clit. Berserk moaned in delight, feeling the pulsing of the Puff’s clit against her tongue. Keeping her leg’s spread, she pushed herself up off the floor and moved between Blossom’s legs. With their hips meeting, she slid her arms around the dazed bookworm and proceeded to drive her hips into her, creating numerous noises of slapping, sweating skin, squeezing the last delectable, sweet noises from the leader out of her, like a a tube of toothpaste. Blossom was spent, falling weak in the punk’s arms and allowing her to buck into her aggressively, like a rabbit. Her nails fragged through Berserk’s back, urging rough grunts and groans from her lips. Finding the end of her drive, with the previously tensed puff now laying panting and like spaghetti in her arms, Berserk brought her thrusts to a stop and laid with the Puff. 
After a moment, Blossom, reached between the punk’s legs and Berserk snatched her wrist, shaking her head.


“Not now” said Berserk. “Not tonight”. She had already deprived her counterpart of needed sleep.

With that, however, Blossom grinned cheekily “Another night then?”


After another day at school, Blossom lingered behind, helping to put away and manage books for the library. Her sisters had taken off and would be expecting her back for dinner. 

With the sun soon to set, Blossom shot off into the air and flew towards the park. There she landed and met a pair of familiar eyes from the darkness of huddled trees.

“How’s it going?” queried the egghead.

Looking around, the punk came over and kissed the puff of the cheek. “Feeling a little tense” she whispered, suggestively.

Dinner would have to wait.


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