A Crush on Their Brother

BY : Jrubas91
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Things don’t just “happen.” There’s a buildup, a progression. Luan Loud was smart enough to realize that. Cause and effect. Right? Or was that something different?


Looking back over the summer, she realized that she had been falling in love with her brother since at least June, maybe even longer. At the time, she didn’t know that she was falling in love with him, she only knew that when she looked at him, her stomach felt funny and her heartbeat sped up. She had never felt that way about a boy before, so it was a foreign emotion, one she couldn’t name. At first, she tried to avoid him. She stopped pranking him. She stopped seeking him out and trying her jokes on him. Absence, however, made her heart grow fonder. He was constantly on her mind. Sometimes, she even dreamed of him. In those dreams, they ran through a summery field. She was barefoot, and the grass tickled her ankles. Sometimes Lincoln was in front of her, running and laughing. Other times, he was behind, chasing her.


She didn’t know what to make of these dreams, so she ignored them. She tried to act as though everything was normal, but it wasn’t. She would look for Lincoln, and if he wasn’t there, bitter disappointment would come over her. She would trudge back to her room and sit on her bed, wondering where he was and when he would be back. When she heard his voice, she would jump up and go out into the hall just to see him, her heart crashing with joy.


Last night, she had the dream again. Lincoln was chasing her through the grassy field. The sky was clear blue. The sun was out. Birds chirped. She was giggling and trying to outrun him, but he was too fast, and he caught her, both of them tumbling to the ground in a heap. He was on top, laughing, and she was so happy.


Then, so quickly she couldn’t have stopped him if she wanted to, he kissed her, his tongue darting coyly into her mouth. Her mind told her to push him away, but her heart, and her body, told her to hold him close and never let him go.


So she kissed him back, taking his face in her hands and massaging his tongue with her own. When the alarm woke her, she could still taste his lips and smell his scent. Her stomach felt funny again. Her heart pounded against her breast. She rolled over and snuggled the covers, pretending they were Lincoln. When the alarm went off again, she got up, turned it off, and went into the hall. Lynn and Luna were waiting in line for the bathroom. Lana and Lola were bickering in their room over Lana’s snoring. She didn’t see Lincoln. She thought of going to his door and waking him up, but didn’t. What was she thinking? He was her brother! Yuck.


Maybe it was fate, maybe it was God, but he came out of his room then, his pajamas rumpled, his hair messy, and his eyes heavy. In that instant, she realized she didn’t care. She was in love with him and that was that.


“Hey, Linc,” she said nervously, “wanna hear a joke?”


“What?” he asked sleepily.


“What has nine arms and rocks?”




“Def Leppard!”


“That’s my joke, man!” Luna called from her station by the door.

Lincoln forced a fake laugh then shambled to the bathroom. Stupid! What kind of joke was that? He probably thought she was a dweeb now.


After showering and getting dressed, she went downstairs. At breakfast, she kept stealing glances at Lincoln, letting her eyes linger over his soft, boyish face. Her heart was pounding so hard that she didn’t hear Lynn asking her to pass the syrup until she leaned in and said, “What’s with you?”




“I asked you to pass the syrup like five times. You just sat there looking goofy.”


“Sorry. I have a lot on my mind right now.”


“You alright?” Lynn asked, concerned. “If anyone’s giving you problems, just say the word and I’ll wipe the floor with them.”


“It’s nothing like that. I’m okay.”


But she wasn’t. She was hopelessly in love with the most caring, thoughtful, handsome, and humble man on earth, and she didn’t care about anything else.


Later on, she caught Lincoln as he was coming out of his room. “Hey, Linc, wanna help me with my new routine.”


“I can’t,” he said, “I promised Clyde I’d go to the arcade with him.”


“Oh,” Luan said, her spirits falling. “Okay. Maybe later?”




She smiled. “Okay!”


Luan went back to her room with a spring in her step, unware that Lynn was watching her.


She wasn’t particularly close with Luan, but Lynn knew her sister, and she knew that something was different about her. Come to think of it, she hadn’t been herself all summer. Today it was really bad. She’d been floating around the house with a dopey little grin on her face and stealing glances at Lincoln. What was up with her?


Shaking her head, she went to her bed and laid down. She’d been on her way to ask Lincoln if he wanted to play football when she saw him and Luan in the hall. She couldn’t lie, she was disappointed he was hanging out with dumb old Clyde. Really disappointed, come to think of it.







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