The incubus among aliens

BY : blackthorn2004
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'It was some time in the morning, after eating breakfast, Talon walked into his room and summoned a red portal before walking through it.

Upon walking through the other side, he looked around and saw that he was in an RV. He turned around and widened his eyes when he saw a girl that had orange hair and green eyes. Her hair was held  by a blue hair clip and wore a blue shirt with a cat logo on her chest and white capris.

Talon smiled at her sheepishly and then rubbed the back of his head, "Hello." Talon said chuckling nervously.

The girl stared at him wide-eyed, "H-Hello." she replied, reluctantly. Talon then smiled at the girl, "My name's Talon and yours?" he asked then sprouted his wings and flew towards her. Talon then sat next to the girl.

The girl stared at the incubus in shock at seeing the wings. Talon leaned closer to the girl and sniffed at her having said girl to let out a blush.

"Gwen." the girl replied. Talon then pulled back and smiled at her, "It's nice to meet you Gwen." he said then crashed his lips on he girl's.

Gwen widened her eyes and then felt lust course through her body. She then closed her eyes and returned the kiss, moaning into the kiss. Talon shoved his tongue into Gwen's mouth which had her let out a moan, the both of them then twirled their tongues around each others.

Talon then broke the kiss and gave Gwen's cheek a lick with his tongue having her shudder. She then got down on her knees and pulled down the boy's pants and boxers. Gwen stared at the boy's member before taking it into her mouth.

"Mmmm." Gwen moaned, she then twirled her tongue around his member having the boy let out a groan.

Gwen then took his member out of her mouth then took of her pants and slid down her blue panties before straddling on top of Talon's lap and placed her hands on his shoulders. The young girl then positioned her entrance above Talon's member then lowered herself onto him.

"Aaaahhhh Talon." Gwen moaned while Talon groaned. Gwen then began moving up and down on top of Talon, "Uh, uh, uh, uh. Oh Talon, ah, so good!" Gwen moaned. Talon growled lustfully then grabbed a hold of Gwen's ass and moved her up and down faster and deeper onto him.


"Aahhhh! Aaaahhh!" Gwen screamed at the pleasure that she felt.


"So tight...." Talon groaned out then gave the girl's ass a squeeze. Gwen then wrapped her arms around Talon's neck, gritting her teeth as she tried to prevent the people outside of the RV from hearing her moans.

Talon then grabbed a hold of Gwen's face and brought her towards his. She let out a yelp before the incubus had her lips crash into his, she felt him growl as he moved his tongue around her mouth.

Talon then thrust upward, further increasing the pace of their session. Gwen tried to hold it in but she ended up letting out a moan while her mouth was still connected to Talon's.

She widened her eyes when she realized that her moans were muffled by the kiss and decided to let them out. She released her moans into Talon's mouth while he continued thrusting and having her go down on him, and while her ass bounced against him.

"" Gwen moaned. Talon suddenly broke the kiss, "I'm gonna cum Gwen!" Talon moaned then grabbed a hold of her hips. Gwen leaned her head against her arm and then closed her eyes in ecstasy. "Yes! Please, do it! I want to feel your cum inside of me!" Gwen moaned.

Talon let out a roar as he shot his warm seed into the girl. Gwen moaned loudly as she felt the semen fill her up, she then let out a softer moan as she had her own orgasm, her body twitching as she did.

Talon then wrapped his arms around her tightly as they began to breathe heavily. Talon then placed a kiss on Gwen's forehead having the girl let out a blush then let out a warm smile. She then giggled and got off of Talon. Talon tilted his head and stared at her in confusion.

Gwen smiled at him, apologetically. "Don't want my Grandpa or my doofus of a cousin to see like this." she said, she then gave Talon a kiss on his forehead. "How about we do this again some time in the future?" she told him with a smirk.

Talon then smiled widely and launched himself at her, Gwen widened her eyes and let out a yelp as she lost her balance and fell on her butt. She blushed when she realized that Talon was nuzzling against her neck, she gave him a warm smile then giggled.'





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