BFFS at Last

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Summary: Bonnie invites Kim to go to the water park with her on their Good Friday vacation. Kim is hestiant but she gives it a go. Once there, Kim and Bonnie start to finally put aside their rivialy and start an unique friendship. They become BFFS at last.


(Starring: Kim Possible and Bonnie RockWaller.)




In the hallways at Middleton High, Kim Possible stood at her locker, thinking about her plans for her Good Friday weekend. She was thinking of just doing the usual stuff with her boyfriend Ron; eat at Bueno Nacho, go see a movie and have a walk in the park. Just then, a familiar voice rang out. "Hey Kim!" 


Kim sighed as she recgonized the voice of the person who made her more nervous than any villian intent on world domination: Bonnie Rockwaller. Whatever Bonnie wanted to say to Kim, in her mind it was probably no good. Ever since they met, they haven't really seem to get along. But somehow in the past few weeks since Brick left her, Bonnie seemed to mellow. Even Kim noticed that Bonnie was actually playing nice. But, Kim always had a feeling that somehow, someday the other shoe would drop and Bonnie would be back to her mean, snarky little self. She just hoped it could wait until after graduation. 


Kim turned around to see Bonnie walking up to her with a smile on her face. Not a mean, snarky smile. But a warm, kind smile. Kim decided to play nice and smile back. "Hi Bonnie. How's it going?" Kim asked in the nicest way possible. 


"It's really going good Kim. That's a really nice top." Bonnie said noticing Kim's hot pink tank top. 


Kim couldn't believe what she was hearing. Bonnie never really made nice comments about her clothes. 'Is Bonnie actually being nice to me?' she thought. Kim felt akward, but flattered. "Thanks. It's the latest at Club Bananna." Kim said brightly. 


"Well good. Listen, you're not doing anything this Friday, right?" Bonnie asked. 


Kim thought that Bonnie was going to rub in Kim's face about some awesome plans she made for herself. "I'm probably just gonna hang with Ron and do our usual stuff. Why?" 


Bonnie didn't smirk but instead kept that caring smile on her face. "Oh, nothing. I just thought you might wanna do something different." She said reaching into her pocket to pull out two tickets.


Kim looked at the tickets not suprised, until she read the words on them. "Are those tickets to Wet N Wild?" Kim asked surprised. 


"Yep! The hottest water park in Middleton!" Bonnie said brightly. 


Kim couldn't believe it. She always wanted to go to Wet N Wild. It was her favorite water park. "No way! Those are so expensive! How'd you get them?" Kim asked in disbelief. 


"I won them at a radio contest." Bonnie said. "I got them for us!" 


Kim then took a step back. She hoped it wasn't some trick that Bonnie concoted. "Us?"


"Yeah! You're going with me this Friday. I mean, if you want to." Bonnie said unsure if Kim was willing to take up on her generous offer. 


"Um, didn't you ask anybody else first?" Kim asked nervously. 


"Nah. I figured they probably wanted to just throw up than rather go with me. And believe me, I would love to have your BF join us, but they are only two." Bonnie said waving the ticket playfully in Kim's face. "So, what do you say?" 


Kim thought hard for a moment. If she didn't take that ticket, she'll miss the ultimate opportunity of going to her favorite water park. Not to mention the even bigger opportunity of probably finally having a friendship with Bonnie. But, if she did take it, she'll probably fall right into a trap Bonnie laid out for her to humilate her one more time at school. The endless possiblities swirled around Kim's head before she finally came up with a option. "Ok. Look, since it's Monday and the fact that we only have four days till our vacation, why don't you give me till Thursday afternoon and I'll probably give you my decision before then." Kim said in a unsure tone of voice. 


Bonnie really wanted Kim to give her an answer, but she really thought it was a good idea to give her some time. "Sure. No problem. You got my digits?" 


Kim pulled out her phone. "No big." 


Bonnie smiled at Kim. "Ok. Great. Well, I gotta get to class or Mr. Barkin's gonna get all rowled up." Bonnie said jokefully. 


"We all know how that goes!" Kim said. The two girls then laughed together. "All right. Later, Bon." 




As Bonnie left the hallway, Kim sighed deeply. "What am I going to do?" She said to herself. She was in a state of uncertanity. Should she take up Bonnie offer or just say no? 




At luchtime, Kim told her boyfriend Ron Stoppable about her dilema. Ron grew excited about the mention of Wet N Wild. "Kim, you've got invited to Wet N Wild?! That's the bashiest waterpark all around Middleton! Boo-Yah!" 


Rufus then popped out of Ron's pocket and shared his same reaction. "Boo-Yah!" Rufus cried out. 


Kim wasn't done talking about her situation. "Don't get too amped up, Ron. I'm probably not going." Kim said grabbing her tray of food. 


"But Kim, it's Wet N Wild. The best slides, the great food and my favorite, The Waverider! What make you think you don't wanna go?" Ron asked. 


Kim faced her boyfriend with a serious look. "One word Ron: Bonnie." Kim said pointing to Bonnie's usual table. 


Ron really couldn't see why Kim was hestitant. "So? Come on Kim! It's Wet N Wild!" 


Kim grew agitated. "Look, I wanna go to that water park as bad as you want me to, but I'm worried it could be a trap!" Kim said angrirly, grabbing Ron's shirt. Luckily, Ron never lost his cool or grew scared at his girlfriend's anger.  


"Ok, I get it. You are worried that Bonnie has probably cooked up something to humilate you one more time at school. But, what if it's a sign that Bonnie finally wants you as a friend?" Ron asked calmly. Kim calmed down at her boyfriend's understanding gesture. 


"That's the worse part. If I say no, I'm probably never gonna have that chance again." Kim said sadly. "I told Bonnie I give her until Thursday to let me come up with my decision." Ron then pulled Kim in for a hug. 


"Don't worry KP. You just take the time you need." Ron said sweetly. Kim smiled at Ron. Then she leaned in for a romantic kiss. "AWW..." Rufus said sweetly popping out of his master's pocket to see. 




Hours seemed like forever, but finally the school day ended and Kim was back at home. Ron's words helped Kim a little, but the dilema was still in her head. She still didn't know whether to tell Bonnie yes or no. Kim thought that her mom, Dr. Ann Possible would have some good advice. "I'm home." Kim announced walking into the kitchen. There stood Ann at the table, looking over a x-ray.


"Hi honey. How was school?" Ann asked with a smile. 


"It was ok. For the most part..." Kim said nervously. Ann could tell that something was bothering Kim. She felt like it was her mission as mother to help her children out with all problems. 


"What's the matter, Kimmie?" Ann asked. 


"Bonnie invited me to Wet N Wild this Friday." Kim said.


"Wet N Wild? That's great! You've always wanted to go there!" Ann said brightly.


"I know! But, I'm worried it's a trap to humilate me one more time. If I say yes, she's probably gonna do just that. If I say no, I'm probably gonna lose the chance to gain a new best friend. What should I do?" Kim asked with desperation in her voice. Ann hated seeing her daughter upset. She decided to offer Kim the most encouraging advice any parent could offer a child.


"How would you know if you don't take the chance?" Ann asked. Kim then started to let up a little bit. "Remeber what I said to you when you were nervous about asking out Josh Mankey?"


Kim rembered. It was a time before she started dating Ron. "It was like jumping into a cold pool?" Kim asked feeling a bit more better.


"Right! Big breath, then take the plunge." Ann said brightly. Kim then thought for a moment. Her mom was right. She'll never know if Bonnie wants to either humilate Kim or be her friend if she osen't take up on the offer.


"You're right mom! I'm gonna tell Bonnie yes. I'm going to the water park with her!" Kim said with determination in her voice. 


"That's the way!" Ann said happily. Kim then ran to her room. Once she was there, she pulled out her cell phone and called Bonnie's number. "Hey Kim." Bonnie answers.


"Listen, I decided I'm going to the water park with you this Friday." Kim said.


"Really? That's great! Thanks Kim." Bonnie said sweetly. Kim wanted to go with her to their favorite water park after all. 


"No big." Kim replied with a beaming smile on her face.


"So, pick you up around 9:00?" Bonnie asked.




"Ok. See you then. Bye." Kim then hangs up. What's done is done. In a few days Kim would figure out if she was in for a big time prank to humilate her or if she was going to have a new best friend. All she knew was Friday was a long time away. 




The week past in a blur but luckily Friday finally came and Kim was getting her stuff ready for the water park. It was 8:35. Just 25 minutes till Bonnie would be there to pick Kim up. Just then, Kim's dad peered upstairs in Kim's room. 


"Hey Kimmie-cub, you wanna get some breakfast before you go?" Dr. James Possible asked.


"No thanks dad. I'm gonna eat lunch at the water park." Kim said reaching into her drawer to pull out her swimsuit. 


"Ok then. Have fun at the water park. Love you." James said leaving Kim's room.


"Love you too." Kim said. After packing the last of her stuff into her backpack, Kim sat at the edge of her bed waiting for Bonnie to arrive. She made a deal to herself that no matter what happens she would not back out on this. 


Minutes seemed like hours but Bonnie pulled up in Kim's driveway in her new white car. As soon as Kim saw her, she rushed down the stairs and out the door. "Hey Bonnie." Kim said with her best smile as she reached Bonnie's car. 


"Hey Kim. Hop in!" Bonnie said brightly. Kim jumped into the passenger seat and with that, they rode off towards the water park. "Thanks so much for coming with me today, Kim. I knew you wanted to do something different." 


Kim smiled brightly. Bonnie was actually being nice. "No big. I've actually been looking forward to this. I mean, how often do you come across a chance to go to your favorite water park?" Kim asked. 


"Really not that often. But, really thanks for coming with me. I was getting worried that you didn't want to go with me." Bonnie said sweetly. 


Kim now grew gulity at her idescion. "Well, to be honest I thought this was a trap to humilate me one more time at school." Kim finally confessed. 


"Kim... believe me. I'm not that mean. Really." Bonnie said with probably her nicest tone of voice anyone could imagine. "Besides, if I wanted to get you, I would have someone else do the dirty work." 


Kim couldn't believe what she was hearing. This wasn't a trap. It's a simple offer of friendship. "Well, that could be the thing that you would do." Kim said with a smirk. 


The two girls just laughed at that. It's actually good to laugh not as enemies but as friends. "So, how's cheerleading pratice been going? Like, how are the new recruits?" Bonnie asked.


"Oh, everyone's been doing fine." Kim said. "Tara's been helping out a lot." 


"Well, great." Bonnie said with a smile on her face.


The two girls spent the next ten minutes talking about the usual stuff: college, boyfriends, getting ready for graduation. As they were talking, Bonnie never made one mean comment or scarastic note. Kim was starting to warm up around her. 


Finally, the car pulled up into the Wet N Wild parking lot. "We're here!" Bonnie said brightly. 


"Finally!" Kim said excited. She was more than ready to explore her favorite water park. After presenting their tickets, Kim and Bonnie headed towards the changing room. 


"So, you wanna get changed first or should I?" Kim asked Bonnie.


"I think it's best you get changed first. I wanna see your swimsuit!" Bonnie said sweetly. 


Kim grew neverous. "Ok... but I don't think I should..." Kim started before Bonnie cut her off. 


"Don't worry Kim. Nobody's here right now. Just you and me." Bonnie said with a note of encouraging in her voice. 


Kim smiled at Bonnie. If Bonnie was ok with Kim changing in front of her, than she was ok with it too. "Ok." 


With that, Kim pulled her swimsuit out of her backpack. She then started taking off her shirt and pants leaving her in only her underwear. Bonnie couldn't help but beaming at Kim's amazing body. She defiently kept herself in shape. 


She then removed her bra and started to take her panties off. Bonnie noticed that Kim's pussy was really well trimmed. "You look great Kim. You have such a nice body." Bonnie said sweetly. 


Kim blushed at that comment, but smiled at her new friend. "Thanks Bonnie." 


Kim then started to put on her green swimsuit. Bonnie really liked the color Kim chosen for her swimwear. "Kim I really like your swimsuit. You look almost as cute as me!" Bonnie said brightly. 


Kim loved the comments that Bonnie gave her. It's been such a long time since Bonnie actually treated Kim nice. And she was liking every bit of it. "Thanks. Now, how about you get into your swimsuit?" Kim asked with a smile.


Bonnie couldn't help but beaming. "Ok." Bonnie then started taking off her clothes. She then pulled out her hot pink swim suit. Kim really thought that pink looked good on Bonnie. That and the fact Bonnie's body was really good. 


"Wow... you look amazing." Kim said brightly. 


Bonnie blushed at that comment. "Thanks Kim." Bonnie said.


"Ready to go?" Kim asked excited. 


"Defiently!" Bonnie replied excited as Kim was. 


"Let's go!" Kim exclaimed. 


With that, the two cheerleaders headed out towards the water park for a whole day of water, sun and fun. 




Over the course of the day, Kim and Bonnie had a blast riding the water slides, enjoying the wave pool and just having fun. The two girls have really grown closer than ever before. Kim loved the fact that Bonnie was actually nice to her. 


Around noon, the girls ate lunch. Bonnie just kept being nice to Kim. The girls then talked about Kim's latest adventure with Drakken and Shego. The two laughed at the fact that Kim gave Drakken an atomic wedgie. After they ate, the girls decided to take a raft and ride the lazy river. 


"Thanks again for coming with me Kim." Bonnie said with a smile as the girls started flowing down the lazy river. 


"No big. This is actually the best time I've ever had." Kim replied. "But, why did you choose me?"


"Oh, you know... I figured it would be nice to do something together. Not as enemies, but as friends." Bonnie said with a nervous twitch in her voice. 


"Bonnie... we're already friends." Kim said with a smile. 


"Really?" Bonnie asked with a gasp.


"Yeah. I mean sure, we've had our share of fights and pranks. But, you and I are friends. Maybe not best, but defiently friends." Kim explained. 


"Aww... thank you Kim." Bonnie said sweetly wrapping Kim into an embrace. Kim was taken back by the unexpected gesture but retuned it in kind. Two high schools girls, on a raft in a water park, hugging each other. 


Then, Bonnie pulled Kim into a passionate kiss. Kim grew shocked. "Bonnie?!" Kim asked as the kiss broke. 


Bonnie then pulled away from Kim. She was growing scared. 'What have I done?' she thought. "Kim... I'm so sorry." She said nervously. 


'She kissed me?' Kim thought. Kim wasn't angry at her, just shocked. "I'm not angry, but don't you have a boyfriend?" Kim asked curious. 


"Yeah. But, over the past few weeks I've discovered that I like both boys and girls. I'm bisexual." Bonnie confessed with a voice that was close to tears. 


"Really?" Kim asked curiously. 


"Yeah. I really think you are the most beautiful girl in school. I swear that I wasn't trying to..." Bonnie said before Kim cut her off. 


"Wait. You think I'm the most beautiful?" Kim asked suprised. Bonnie nodded. "Aww... Bonnie, that's so sweet." Kim said sweetly. 


"Really? You don't hate me?" Bonnie asked brighting up a bit. 


"No. Of course I don't. I was just shocked." Kim said with a laugh. Bonnie couldn't help but beam at Kim who was alright with her being bisexual. Just then, Kim rolled on top of Bonnie and gave her a deep loving kiss. Bonnie was shocked at this, but she didn't flinch. The two girls kissed for at leat 9 seconds. 


"Bonnie?" Kim asked after their kiss broke. "You ok?" 


"Yeah..." Bonnie replied with a smile. "But, you did kiss me though." 


Kim laughed. "True... but you did kiss me first." The two just giggled. 


"You're right." Bonnie replied with a smile. 


"Bonnie... don't tell Ron about this." Kim requested.


Bonnie just giggled at that. "Don't worry Kim. The first rule of bisexual is 'Never Kiss and Tell'." Bonnie said. 


Kim and Bonnie laughed at that. "So, friends?" Bonnie asked Kim. 


"Friends." Kim replied. The two then hugged each other tightly. They then got off the raft as they reached the end of the lazy river. "What do you wanna do now?" Kim asked her new friend. 


"You wanna try the WaveRider?" Bonnie asked.


"That'll be great!" Kim said happily. The two then headed towards the surfing simualtion. The WaveRider was a new thing where you would get on a boogie board and try to steady yourself in order to ride the wave just like at the beach. 


Once they reached it, the two high school girls saw a amature try but fail to stay on top of his board. Kim and Bonnie both chuckled at that. "First Timer." Bonnie said with a smirk.


"I know. No one's been able to stay on top of their boards for at least 30 seconds." Kim replied with a smile.


Then, Bonnie had an idea. "Bet you could stay on top for at least a minute." The young burnette suggested. 


Kim dimissed her. "Oh, really Bonnie. I couldn't do that!" She said. 


"No, really. You could do anything! Remeber?" Bonnie encouraged her new friend. 


Kim thought about this for a moment. "Well... I've always wanted to surf. What would you do if I did stay on top of the board?" Kim asks Bonnie. 


"I'll buy you a Beuno Nacho combo on the way back." Bonnie said with a smile. 


"Good. But, if I did fall off the board in less than a minute?" 


Bonnie thought hard before finally coming up with a suggestion. "You have to get naked with me inside the locker room." Bonnie replied micheviously. 


Kim grew nervous at the idea of being naked with her new friend inside the locker room, where someone might catch them. "Don't worry Kim. The next rule of bisexual is that the only people to see her and their friend naked are themselves. I won't let anything happen." Bonnie said with a caring gaze. 


Kim smiled at her friend. "All right. I'm willing to do it if you will." Kim said. 


"Great." Bonnie beamed. Kim was willing to get naked with Bonnie if she lost. 


Kim then headed to the WaveRider where the lifeguard gave her a boogie board and showed her the basic moves. Once she gotten them, Kim then went on her knees and started moving with the waves. Then, she got on her feet. Amazingly, Kim kept her balance. 


Seconds went by as Kim suprisingly kept her pace on the board. Bonnie just cheered her friend on. Kim was only 5 seconds away from winnning when suddenly, she lost her grip and fell right off her board. Bonnie came rushing to her. Luckily she wasn't hurt.


"You all right Kim?" Bonnie asked. 


Kim just shot an incredolus smile at Bonnie. "Told you I couldn't do it." Kim replied. She wasn't upset that she lost. In fact, she wasn't suprised that she fell of her board with no less than five seconds before winning. 


Bonnie laughed at that. "True. But, you did manage to stay on your board for at leat 55 seconds. That's good enough."


"Yeah, but not good enough for a Beuno Nacho combo." Kim said. 


Bonnie then helped Kim out of the water. "Well, since you lost, you know what that means..." Bonnie said micheviously. 


Kim blushed at Bonnie's comment. She was nervous, but a bet was a bet. "Ok. Let's go into the locker room." Kim said with a shy smile. 


The two girls then dashed from the pool area and ran towards the locker room. Kim actually couldn't wait to get naked. "Alright. Let's do this." Kim said with excitement. 


"I'll be right back Kim. Do take your swimsuit off." Bonnie said leaving the space. Kim started to take off her swimsuit. Once she was done, Kim sat at the bench waiting for Bonnie. She grew both excited and nervous. Finally, Bonnie returned to the bench and smiled at the naked Kim Possible.


"Hey, what took you so long?" Kim asked standing up to face Bonnie.


"I was just making sure that no one else was here." Bonnie said with a caring smile. 


"Aww..." Kim chided, smiling at her new friend. 


"Hey," Bonnie began, playing off the sentimentality. "It's like I said, the only one to see you naked is me." 


Kim leaned in and gave Bonnie a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Bon..." 


"Shut up," Bonnie said quietly, an embarassed smile on her face. She gave Kim's beautiful behind a squeeze as she leaned in for a hug, causing the redheaded teenager to squeak. 


"Hey, you already got me naked... what more could you want?" Kim asked bubbly with a playful grin. 


"Now, it's time to even the situation..." Bonnie said as she started to pull off her swimsuit. Kim couldn't help but beam at her new friend as she was finally naked. Bonnie then reached Kim and started to kiss her passionatly. Kim then laid down on the bench where Bonnie continued to kiss her. 


"Bonnie... touch me..." Kim moaned as Bonnie started kissing Kim's neck. 


"Where babe..." Bonnie asked her friend. 


Kim gestured Bonnie's hand to her now dripping pussy. "Down here..." Kim moaned even louder. 


"Anything for you Kimmie..." Bonnie said lovingly. She then started to tease Kim's wet pussy with her finger before she started fingering her. This made Kim moan even louder. 


"Bonnie!" Kim exclaimed. Luckily, no one even heard what was going on. Bonnie continued to move her finger slowly in Kim's dripping pussy as the young teen was growing closer to orgasm.


"You're really beautiful..." Bonnie said sweetly. 


"Keep going..." Kim moaned getting ready to reach the peak of orgasm. "I wanna cum!" 


"You can cum..." Bonnie replied. She then stuck another finger inside Kim's pussy finally setting off an orgasm. 


"Ahh!! Bonnie!!!" Kim screamed. Bonnie felt Kim's heavy breathing. She slowly stopped moving her fingers inside of Kim as she felt the spasms of ograsm around her finger. As Kim regained her senses she simply smiled at her new friend. "Thanks Bonnie..." Kim replied sweetly. 


"No big Kimmie." Bonnie said sweetly as she removed her fingers from Kim. She just beamed at her new friend. It was even more sweet that Kim was alright with Bonnie being a bisexual. 


"Bonnie..." Kim said sitting back up. "Sit behind me..." 


Bonnie did just that. Kim then turned around to face her friend. She then traced her hand down Bonnie's breasts all the way down to her stomach before putting her fingers inside her pussy. 


"Kim!" Bonnie moaned. 


"Time to return the favor..." Kim said with a michevious grin. Kim started to move her finger inside of her friend's wet pussy. To Bonnie, Kim's fingers were more than welcome. 


"Don't stop..." Bonnie moaned getting close to cumming. 


"I won't..." Kim replied with a loving glint in her eyes. 


"Kim! I'm cumming!" Bonnie screamed as she peaked towards climax. "Ahhn!!!" As soon as Bonnie came down, Kim beamed at her. "Kim... Thank you." Bonnie said with a smile as she regained her breath.


"Just returning the favor..." Kim said with a smile on her face. Bonnie sat up to give Kim a hug and a quick kiss on the lips before Kim slid her fingers from Bonnie's pussy. The two girls then laid down on the bench giggling.


"Kim, are you sure you're alright with me?" Bonnie asked unsure how Kim was feeling about the situation. 


"Yeah." Kim replied. Bonnie simply smiled as Kim continued. "I think it's good to try different things like liking both boys and girls, espically pretty ones like you. And I don't mind as long as you don't tell Ron." Kim said with a warm smile. 


Bonnie giggled at that. She then gave Kim a tickle which Kim actually enjoyed. "I always thought you were the most beautiful girl in Middleton." 


"Oh, really? I'm the most beautiful?" Kim asked with a playful arched eybrow.


"Yeah. You are also Little Miss Cutie today." Bonnie said with a smile.


Kim chuckled at that. "Thanks. It's actually kinda fun being with both a boy and a girl. I really look forward to this new experience." Kim said with a smile. 


"Well good. So, friends?" Bonnie asked inncoently. 


"Best Friends." Kim replied giving Bonnie a hug. Bonnie loved that. The two girls just laid on the bench loving their new connection. The two former rivals have finally buried the hatchett. They were BFFS at last!



Next week, Kim sleeps over at Bonnie's place for the first time and have more fun than at the water park. 


And coming soon, Kim and Bonnie have a threesome with Bonnie's sister Connie.


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