My Benders and Me

BY : blackthorn2004
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'It was some time in the afternoon, a teenage boy named Lance was currently watching one of his favorite television series, Avatar: The last airbender. He watched in awe at seeing Toph earthbend, the boy had formed a crush on the earthbender and Katara. Some time after the episode ended the boy let out a yawn, feeling tired. Lance put on his pajamas and lifted the covers over himself and then fell asleep

Lance fluttered his eyes open, his eyes widened when he noticed that he was laying down on the ground. He stood up and looked around, noticing that he was in a garden. He heard someone walking towards him and turned around, his eyes widened when he saw a young girl with black hair. She wore a dress and her green eyes were glazed over.

"Toph?" Lance said with wide eyes.

"Um yeah? Are you okay?" Toph asked the boy. Lance suddenly embraced the girl, having her to widen her eyes. "You're Toph Beifong." Lance said

"Hehe. The one and only." Toph said, giggling.

Lance then pulled back, staring at the blind earthbender. "You're beautiful." he said having Toph let out a blush.

"Not that I don't like the compliments, but you're acting weird lately. It's like you haven't meet me before now." Toph said.

"I-I haven't." Lance said, knowing that the girl could tell if he was lying or not. Toph stared at him in confusion, 'I'll speak to him later about this. Now, I need him for something else' she thought with a smirk.

She placed a kiss on Lance's lips, having his eyes to widen in surprise, She broke the kiss and gave him a seductive smirk, "My parents are out. Let's take this to my room." Toph said walking towards her house. Lance stared at the girl, 'Is this happening?' he thought then followed the girl.

Upon entering her room, Toph slipped her dress down with her back facing the teenage boy. Lance felt his member harden at the sight of her ass, Toph sensed the boy's heart beat faster having her let out a giggle.

"Looks like someone's excited." she said with a smirk, staring back at him. Toph then crawled on top of her bed then shook her ass at Lance, "What are you waiting for, come and get it." she said.

Lance blushed, 'T-This has to be a dream, right?' he thought. Lance felt his member tighter his boxers further, "Oh fuck it." he said. Lance slid down his boxers, his member springing out.

He got on top of the bed, on his knees. He stroked his member a little before positioning it near Toph's entrance. Lance groaned as the tip slid inside her snatch, Toph let out a moan.

"Ahh." she moaned. Lance then slid the rest of his member inside the girl's tight pussy.

"Ah fuck! It's so big!" she screamed out then rocked her body back and forth. "Uh, uh, uh, uh." she moaned. Lance groaned in pleasure as he held Toph's hips increasing their pace. The teenage boy thrust forward as he pulled Toph in, slamming into her repeatedly.

"Fuck yeah! Oh spirits, it feels so good!" Toph screamed.

"Ah..Your pussy is so tight!" Lance moaned as he shot his warm seed into her. Toph gasped as she felt Lance fill her small body with massive amounts of cum. The boy pulled out his member out of the earthbender having his semen drip out of her pussy. Toph collapsed on the bed breathing heavily.

Lance smiled at the girl then laid down with her,  and pulled her close to him, wrapping his arms around her. Toph widened her eyes at the sign of affection but then let out a warm smile before closing her eyes.'

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