Maiko: The daughter of Zone-Tan

BY : blackthorn2004
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'Inside of a large temple in a dark realm, was a certain purple-haired woman. The woman wore black boots, black thigh-highs, a purple sweater with a blue and white skull on it, she also had a hair clip that seemed like a white and blue skull. Her name was Zone-Tan, the woman was walking through the hallways of the temple along with her parents.

Her mother appeared to be a purple-haired woman with blue eyes. Her father however was a large figure that had a black and red body, he had four red eyes and seven mouths on his body.

Both females walked behind of the male, the mother of the she-demon had an excited look on her face while the she-demon herself had an annoyed expression on her face. The she-demon's mother noticed her daughter's expression and looked at her with a confused expression.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" the she-demon's mother asked.

Zone-Tan shifted her eyes towards her mother, "You seriously don't know?" she asked, annoyed.

"Well, I know but I just wanted to ask you." the she-demon's mother said then gave her daughter a sheepish smile.

"We don't need to start this argument again Lucy." the she-demon's father said in irritation.

"Oh I think we need to bring this up again Dad!" Zone-Tan shouted at her father.

"Sweetheart, calm down." Lucy said to her daughter.

Suddenly the dark figure turned around glaring at his daughter, "We have went over this and you shall do as you were told!" the figure said.

"I don't have to listen to you!" Zone-Tan said. Lucy shifted her eyes around nervously as she noticed the stares of the three hooded figures in front of them.

"You arrogant....ungrateful....child!" the figure snarled at his daughter.

" two are making a scene." Lucy hissed at them, but both father and daughter continued arguing.

"Child!? I haven't been a child in decades!" Zone-Tan said.

"Well your a child to me! And you shall make an heir for me to pass on my legacy!" Zalgo said. Both of their faces were inches from each others as they glared at each other.

"Why the fuck do I even need to, we're both immortal. I don't want to take care of some little brat that's gonna cry every few minutes and drool all over me! And I don't want to come home to it after I leave the studio!" Zone-Tan said.

"While we're on that subject, why did you even form that workplace! You could use the time you spend in that place to travel the multiverse and spread chaos and misery to the inhabitants." Zalgo said.

"I am doing that..or at least in my own way. I locked some people up in the basement and I torture Dave some times." Zone-Tan said, crossing her arms and rolling her eyes.

"That's not the same and you know that!" Zalgo growled out.

"Alright! That's enough you two!" Lucy said, getting in between the two beings.

"Now let's get back to the task at hand...." Lucy said, looking back and forth between his daughter and mate.

"But Mom!...." Zone-Tan began to protest.

"But nothing young lady, you're going to listen to your father and that's final!" Lucy said sternly as she glared at her daughter.

Zone-Tan recoiled from her mother as she stared at her wide-eyed. The she-demon then let out a sigh in annoyance.

The three of them then walked up to the three robbed figures, "Shall we begin?" one of the figures said, having Zalgo give him a nod. The figures then chanted in an ancient language having stone tablets descend from the air and move closer to the ground.

Zalgo gave his daughter a look having her let out a growl, she then walked closer to the tablets while the robbed figures moved out of the way.

Zone-Tan then began pressing the tablets, using them like holo-pads. The tablets acted like a control panel, having Zone-Tan be able to make certain preferences for the child.

"Okay, a little of this....a little bit of that....Alot of that....and some of this. Aaaannnndddd there." Zone-Tan said as she pressed the tablets, she then pushed them back before walking back next to her parents.

The robbed figures then chanted again having a pit of lava rise up from the ground. Suddenly dark energy shot out of the tablets and went into the lava. The figures continued chanting as the ground shook. Suddenly an orb made of dark energy and molten lava rose out of the pit. Lucy stared at the orb in excitement, while Zone-Tan stared at it uninterested.

The orb then began to take the form of an infant. Zone-Tan let out a sigh, 'Welp goodbye fun times and hello to taking care of a whiny, disgusting....bundle of cuteness!' Zone-Tan said, her eyes widened when she saw the infant.

The robbed figures continued chanting as they lowered the infant closer to the ground. Zone-Tan waked closer to it, staring at it with wide eyes. She then held the infant in her arms, noticing the strands of silver hair on its head. The infant fluttered it's eyes open staring at Zone-Tan with its purple irises. The infant then let out a smile and held its hands towards the woman's face.

The infant let out a giggle upon touching the woman's face, having  Zone-Tan's heart flutter. The woman then let out a squeal and held the infant close to her, "Aaaahh! You're so cute!" she squealed. Zone-Tan then checked the child's gender and realized that it was a girl.

"I'm going to name you....Maiko." Zone-Tan said.

"But, the girl's not Japanese." one of the robbed figures said. Not even four seconds after saying that he was met with a fist to his face.

"She's my baby, and I'm naming her!" Zone-Tan, standing over the figure while glaring at him.'


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