The Doctor's Patient

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'It was some time in the night, dark clouds hovered in the sky as rain poured down on the town. All of the Crystal Gems were currently in their rooms. A certain gemling however was tossing and turning in his bed, not being able to sleep. Azurite groaned and sat up from his bed, he then sprouted his wings and flew out of his room. His eyes widened when he saw the thousands of droplets falling from the sky and stared at the rain in wonder. He had seen rain before and many times it fascinated him.

The gemling walked outside and held his hand up, stopping a few raindrops from hitting the ground. He then moved his hand around, manipulating the water and forming them into various shapes and forms. Azurite then flew down onto the sand and plopped down on his back giggling as the rain ran down his face.

'The next morning'

Lapis fluttered her eyes open and stretched her arms out as she yawned. The water Gem sprouted her wings and flew to her child's room to wake him up, her eyes widened when she noticed that he wasn't in his room "Azurite?" she called out but received no response. Lapis made her way out of the room and saw Pearl sitting on the couch next to a lump on the couch which was covered with a blanket, the other Gems and Steven stood around the couch with a look of concern. Suddenly the sounds of her child groaning reached her and widened her eyes as she flew up towards the group.

Lapis stared down at the lump, widened her eyes and gasped at seeing her gemling, who was sick. The gemling's face was a lighter grey while sweat ran down his face. Lapis placed her hands on on her child's head and felt that his body was heating up, "What's happening to him!?" she asked worried.

"I think the little guy's sick." Amethyst said, staring at the boy in sympathy.

"What's that?" Peridot asked in confusion. Steven widened his eyes in surprise and stared at the green Gem, "You don't know what being sick is?" he said.

"Gem's don't get sick Steven." Garnet responded.

"But why is it happening to Azurite?" Jasper asked.

Lapis let out a sigh, "Azurite's not like any other Gem. Being the first Gem that has been born for thousands of years, he's bound to have some differences." Lapis said.

"M-Mommy." Azurite whimpered out, his body shaking.

"Azurite." Lapis said, leaning closer to her gemling.

"My body feels terrible." Azurite said, then curls the blanket tighter around his body.

"How did this happen to you sweetheart?" Lapis asked him.

"I couldn't sleep, so I went out of my room and went outside while it was raining." Azurite said.

"That explains his illness." Pearl said, running her hand through the gemling's hair comfortingly.

"Well how can we get him to feel better?" Lapis said in worry.

"There's not much we can do in this situation. I think that he just needs to stay here and rest." Pearl said.

"What!? Isn't there anything else we can do!?" Lapis said.

"I could call Connie and ask if her Mom could give Azurite a check-up, maybe that could help." Steven said.

"Yes! Please Steven, go do that right now!" Lapis said, pointed towards the boy's cellphone. While Steven raced to the phone Pearl looked towards Lapis. "Lapis, I'm not sure how much Mrs. Maheswaran will be able to help Azurite." she said since the doctor's patients mainly consisted of humans.

"I gotta try something Pearl, I'm not just gonna stay here and see my baby suffering like this." Lapis said.

"Connie said that you could head to the hospital now, her Mom was on a break but she she'd be happy to see how Azurite's doing." Steven said.

Within seconds Lapis grabbed a hold of Azurite, who was still wrapped up in the blanket, and flew out through the door towards the hospital.

"Bring some lollipops for us while you're there!" Amethyst yelled at the mother.

"So, is he going to be alright?" Peridot asked Garnet. The fusion adjusted her shades and let out a smile before replying, "I think he'll feel better than alright before he gets home." she said then walked back into her room while the group stared at her in confusion.

'Beach City Hospital'

Lapis landed right in front of the entrance to the building and ran inside, racing past the doctors and patients that were in the hallway. She stopped in front of the desk and stared at the humans behind it. "I'm looking for Dr. Maheswaran!" she said.

One of the nurses told her where said doctor was and Lapis quickly made her way towards the woman's room. She barged in the door, which woke up Dr. Maheswaran who had fallen asleep on her desk. The woman shot her eyes open and sat up and looked around, startled.

Lapis held her gemling towards the woman with a look of concern, "Mrs. Maheswaran, please fix my Azurite!" she said.

Priyanka stared at the mother with wide eyes then looked down at the ill gemling. "Alright, place him on the bed over there." she said, pointing towards the bed in the room.

Lapis did so and stared in worry as Priyanka walked up to a sniffling Azurite. Priyanka held a tongue depressor in her hand and held it up towards Azurite's face, "Now say 'Ahhhh'." she said.

The gemling did so, Priyanka placed the tongue depressor into his mouth and on his tongue and looked inside the gemling's mouth. She squinted her eyes as she stared at the gemling's uvula, which was a light grey. "Hmm." Priyanka mumbled.

She then took the tongue depressor out of the gemling's mouth and checked his heartbeat. As the human woman heard the gemling's heart she began to feel a little drowsy, finding the little one's heartbeat to be soothing. The woman closed her eyes and for a brief moment thought about the gemling, thinking about his cuteness.

Azurite and Lapis noticed the woman's tired expression, Azurite tilted his head in confusion. "Miss. Maheswaran? Are you okay?" he asked the woman. Priyanka widened her eyes and shook her head, trying to get herself back awake.

"Huh!?" Priyanka said as she woke up. The woman stared at the Gem's and widened her eyes when she realized that she had dozed off, "Oh, I'm sorry. I haven't really slept well last night." she said.

"Why's that?" Lapis asked, which had a blush to form on Priyanka's cheeks.

"I'd rather not discuss it." Priyanka said, feeling embarrassed. "Anyway, Azurite seems to be fine. He has what we human's call a cold. Some of the effects are different than how a human would react to it. I suggest that he rests for a while and we'll see what happens." Priyanka said, giving the gemling a smile then ruffled his hair.

Azurite giggled then sprouted his wings, "Thank you Miss Maheswaran." Azurite said then flew back towards his mother. The gemling then froze for a moment before flying back over to the human and placing a kiss on her cheek.

Priyanka widened her eyes and blushed then stared at the blushing face of the gemling while Lapis giggled at the scene. Azurite then flew back towards his mother, both mother and son then made their way out of the hospital leaving Priyanka there.

For a moment the woman felt something for the gemling, something that she believed was wrong and shook the thoughts out of her head before going back to her desk.'

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