Talon: The son of Zone-Tan

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'It was some time in the evening, a purple-haired woman was walking through the streets towards her home, her name was Zone-Tan. She wore black boots, black thigh-highs, a purple sweater with a blue and white skull on it, she also had a hair clip that seemed like a blue and white skull. She had a saddened expression on her face, it had been a few days since the incident involving Harry.

As she neared an alleyway she heard whimpering coming from inside. She raised her eyebrows and went to investigate, as she walked inside the alleyway she noticed a figure. The figure heard her footsteps and looked up at her with purple irises. Zone-Tan widened her eyes when she noticed that the figure appeared to be a young boy. He wore a grey t-shirt, black pants, and a black sweater.

The boy tried to back away, a frightened expression on his face.

"No, no, no, no, sweetheart. I'm not going to hurt you." she said then knelt down. "My name's Zone-Tan. What's your name?" she said. The boy looked down, a saddened expression on his face "I don't have a name." he said.

Zone-Tan stared at the boy in confusion, "Do you mind if I give you a name?" she said. The boy widened his eyes, he then shook his head. Zone-Tan then tapped her finger against her cheek and began to think of a name for the boy. Her eyes then widened and gave the boy a smile, "Talon?" she asked.

The boy suddenly launched himself at the woman, having her to widen her eyes. The boy then began to sob in happiness.

Zone-Tan then embraced the boy and stroked his back in comfort, "Talon it is." Zone-Tan said with a warm smile.

She then picked the boy up in her arms and cradled him against her body, she then walked towards her apartment.

She entered her apartment and then smiled warmly at the boy, who had fallen asleep against her body. She then walked towards her room and placed the covers over his body.

She began to walk out of the room, "Mommy." she heard the boy say, who had his eyes closed. Zone-Tan froze and widened her eyes in shock, tears began to form in her eyes. She then walked towards Talon and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Sleep well, my little Talon." she said then walked out of the room and closed the door.

Time skip

Two months had passed since Zone-Tan took the boy in. The boy had informed her that he was an incubus which had the woman to form a wide smile on her face. Since incubus's craved sex and she could relate to that.

The purple-haired woman was laying on her bed. She wore black pajama pants and a purple t-shirt. She fluttered her eyes open, stretched out her arms and let out a yawn. Zone-Tan walked towards the room where she placed Talon in, she opened the door and smiled sweetly at Talon, who was sleeping on the bed.

She walked towards the bed and gently shook him awake, "Wake up sweetie." she said. Talon fluttered his eyes open and smiled up at her, "Hello Mommy." he said.

"Let's go to the kitchen and make some breakfast." she said.

Both mother and son went into the kitchen and began making pancakes, Talon tried to flip a pancake but it went into the air and began falling towards the ground. Suddenly a tendril sprouted from his mother's back and caught the pancake. She then placed it on a plate and smirked at her son. But her smirk fell at seeing the upset expression on the boy's face.

"I'm sorry Mommy." Talon said, looking down. Zone-Tan then crouched down and gave the boy a comforting smile, "It's okay sweetie." she said then embraced him before ruffling his hair, having the boy to let out a giggle.

After eating breakfast the family went over to the studio where Zone-Tan worked. The child stood on the side of the studio while Zone-Tan sat behind the desk. "Greeting my little zonelings and welcome again to ZTV News. Your regular source for updates, feedback, and news here on Zone Archive. It has been a while since the last episode, and I'll explain to you as to why." she said.

"Does it have anything to do with Harry Partridge?" Dave said.

"Zone-Tan glared at Dave, "Dave, why don't you tell the audience why you're not allowed back at that petting zoo?" she said, then smirked.

"...Just open up the mailbag already." Dave said, irritated.

"That's what I thought." Zone-Tan said while Talon giggled.

Zone-Tan then looked towards the camera, "My little zonelings, I'd like to introduce to you someone that I hold dear. You can come here sweetheart." she said, motioning her child to come towards her.

The audience's and Dave's eyes widened in surprise at seeing a young child.

"Zone-Tan, what is this!? You can;t bring a kid in here!" Dave shouted.

Talon felt a little uneasy with how Dave spoke. He wrapped his arms around his mother. Zone-Tan felt her child tremble against her body and glared at Dave.

"You watch how you speak Dave." she said. The purple-haired woman then smirked, "Also, that's no way to speak towards my adoptive son." she said.

"What!?" Dave shouted.

"Allow me to introduce to you y adopted son and incubus, Talon." she said to the audience and Dave. Talon then waved shyly at the camera. The audience then heard a 'thump'. Zone-Tan giggled, Dave had fainted.

'Time skip'

Some time had passed since the recent episode of ZTV News. Zone-Tan was currently looking through the internet, as she looked through her email she saw many people send her emails that her son was adorable.

Some messages were, "Your kid is such a cutie!" and "I want to squeeze him, he's so adorable." having Zone-Tan giggle.

She then tapped her index finger to her chin, her expression seemed to show that she was in thought. A wide smile then formed on her face, she then ran towards her son's bedroom, her chair twirling as she left.

"Talon!" she said as she opened her son's door. Talon, who was using her laptop, let out a startled yelp. He then quickly closed it and pulled the covers over his body.

Zone-Tan widened her eyes at the scene, "Was he...?" she thought. She then picked up the laptop and noticed her son's nervous expression. She opened it and her eyes widened at what she saw. The woman stared at a hentai site, more specifically, an episode of a hentai series that was currently paused.

She then let out a squeal inside of her head, 'My baby's growing up.' she thought. She suddenly heard her son let out a whimper and saw that tears were forming in his eyes. She stared at Talon with wide eyes before she launched herself at him and embraced him, having the boy's eyes to widen. "You're not mad?" he asked her.

Zone-Tan stroked her son's back, "Of course not, sweetheart." she said. She then let out a chuckle, "Did you forget what I post on the archive?" she asked him. Talon widened his eyes and let out a blush, embarrassed. Zone-Tan let out a giggle and kissed him on his forehead.

"Why I came inside your room is related to something similar." she said, motioning towards the video. Talon then looked towards her in confusion, "How would you like to form a harem?" she said. Talon widened his eyes and let out a blush, he then swayed back and forth until he fainted. Zone-Tan stared at the scene and let out a smile then let out a giggle.'

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