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BY : PsychoCandy
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Disclaimer: Reboot and it's characters belong to Rainmaker Entrainment and Mainframe Studios. I am not making any profit off this work, it is written for my own entrainment value.

Rating: Teen

Warning: Contains swearing, one sided attraction

Pairings: one sided MBxB, one sided HxB, MBxD, AndxM, BxD,

Authors note: This chapter is a transitional piece between Sacrifice and My 2 Bob's. This is my first reboot piece written in years so please excuse any mistakes in characterization. Comments, reviews, kudos are welcome!


Chapter 1: Not Your Toy

Song source: Not Your Toy, La Roux


Love, love is like a stubborn youth


He peered into the illumination of the rippling portal. Chocolate eyes narrowed at the golden sphere in front of him. The pseudo guardian’s core-com thumped rapidly in his chest, his blue fingers flexed in tight fists. He tapped a black boot against the rocky surface of the asteroid, while drowning out the strange dialogue coming from his new companion.  A sense of weariness swept over him as he remembered that eerie encounter with the cracked fanged mask. He figured he should take it as an omen, especially since it flaunted that familiar infuriating smirk.


That you'd rather just annoy


Curiosity filled him over his dear sister’s fate, but without her interference his scheme was sure to work. It was a gamble nonetheless. His mind raced with possibilities when he heard it, something faint echoed through the portal.

“Please don't go. Stay,” A soft, heart-rendering voice pleaded, “marry me.”

There it was, his opening. His eyes slid shut, a sigh escaped his blue lips.


              I'm walking on a broken roof


With a confident smirk, he marched through the portal with an air of familiarity. Crossing his arms, he thrust his hips to the side, eyes radiating with playful amusement.

“Marry him?” The virus in guardian clothing announced. “I don’t think so!” He detested that saying but it had the desired effect. All sprites immediately stared at him, breaking up that touching scene.


While I'm looking at the sky


They all gawked in astonishment; Phong his usual frail self. A pity, he was more tolerable as a head in that glass prison, he thought wickedly. Behind the old sprite was the burly renegade, who held his beautiful lover against him. Both had wide eyes and slightly parted lips.

Ah yes, the pretender and the game sprite. He inwardly winced, remembering the trident’s blow and the searing pain. They will suffer dearly for my humiliation and end file together, as young star crossed lovers should. 

Beside him was a young sprite in a navy guardian uniform. The boy? Another young pretender? Megabyte’s persona raised a silver brow at the boy, who gawked back with curious wide eyes. Then, he noticed the hacker who posed flirtatiously and winked at his strange companion. Ah the surfer must be a precious commodity of the hacker. That may prove useful later.


It's all false love and affection


Ah Dot Matrix, lovely as usual. There was Dot, outfitted in her military format and kneeling on the step. She cradled the real guardian close, her hand on his silver chest.  Her gaze roamed from the pseudo guardian’s short, silver mane down to his boots.

Poor, unfortunate Miss Matrix. You have yet to hide your true intentions, he thought with some sympathy.  Her violet eyes peered into bright chocolate; they reflected pain, suffering, astonishment, loss and weariness. That will be your undoing, my dear.


You don't like me you just want the attention


Megabyte’s new soft fingers tapped rapidly against his elbow. He peered down at her with tightly crossed arms, his foot tapped against the grey surface of the platform. He wanted to show some animosity towards her; after every scheme, every annoyance, every battle tactic, every infuriating plan. He couldn’t, instead he uncrossed his arms and flashed her a soft Bob-like smile.

“Hey Dot! How’s it hanging?” He greeted softly in his borrowed voice.


I'm not your toy


Dot’s ruby lips spread into a soft smile, her features softened in relief. “We’re..ok.” She returned, pulling the flickering Bob closer against her chest. “Welcome home Bob?”


This isn't another girl meets boy


Finally, he glanced at the real guardian, whose own chocolate eyes peered back with fear and shock. His arch nemesis seemed weaker then what he remembered; degraded, weak, broken, fatigued.

Pathetic guardian. The virus’ chocolate eyes narrowed at Bob then immediately blinked back to wide and caring. 

“What… in the net?” Bob questioned while his drooping eyes struggled to remain open. His silver form became translucent and the flickering increased. His eyes slid shut, his head rolled sideways to rest on the’s shoulder.

“Bob!” Dot cried, “stay online! Please!” She pleaded, slightly shaking his upper arms.


Love, love I'm in a smoky light


Without thinking, the viral guardian sprang into action. He wrapped an arm around his nemesis shoulders, softly removing his enemy out of Dot’s arms. “Allow me,” he flaunted that annoying trademark smile. “Come on,” he urged a little sternly, “sit up guardian.”

The real guardian sighed, struggling to raise his head. The pseudo guardian remained close as Bob sat up. He observed the quick rise and fall of the silver-plated chest and the translucency of lighter blue skin. Both chocolate eyes linked in that moment.


I can never find the truth


Don’t you dare delete on me. The pseudo guardian nodded at his counterpart. “Steady on,” he muttered, ready to transfer.  The real guardian nodded back, then arose. He slowly progressed forward. Not before I can bring about that deletion.


Boy, your touches leave me mystified


Megabyte’s borrowed hand clutched the silver armor, fingers caressed a shoulder plate in curiosity. He gazed at the guardian in his arms; the silver scales that adorned his strong blue face, his soft lips slightly parted, expressive chocolate eyes, lovely chrome hair that flowed to his shoulders. The guardian was even more beautiful in his maturity.


I wish I could believe in you


Both blue sprites slowly approached the stairs at the Principal Office’s platform, Dot hovered by. Bob rested his head on the pseudo guardian’s shoulder armor, shaky feet landed on the first grey step. Megabyte noticed the burly green sprite who paced over to the pair.

Oh, pitiful irony. The virus in guardian clothing resisted the urge to roll his eyes. The renegade’s wide eye reflected hesitation and weariness.  Must all Matrix’s share that same predictability? He cocked a silver brow and flashed a comforting smile to the renegade.

“Hey, a little help here?” He tilted his head towards the guardian in his arms.

The renegade’s features relaxed. “Oh right,” a large green arm wrapped around the silver guardian’s waist. “Bob, lean on me,” he reassured him.


Yes, it's all false love and affection


Megabyte observed as the real guardian nodded and leaned against the renegade’s large chest. Bob glanced up, his lips curled back in a weak smile.

“Thanks,” Bob muttered. The renegade nodded back.


You don't like me you just want the attention


The viral guardian ignored the compulsion to roll his eyes once again. He raised his silver brows, keeping a steady arm around the real Bob’s shoulders. “Yeah, thanks…uh...”

“Call me Matrix.” The renegade corrected, eye reflecting uncertainly then quickly looked ahead.


I'm not your toy


“Right... Matrix. Nice to meet you.” He averted his eyes and glanced over his shoulder, noticing tired violet eyes adorned with dark circles. He gave a flirty wink and smiled softly, she gave a tired smile in return. Bothersome Matrix’s.


This isn't another girl meets boy


Both sprites slowly escorted the guardian up the white stairs past their audience. He spared the gateway command a passing glance. So, that is how Hexadecimal discovered me. A weary sigh seeped from his lips and he shook his head, breaking character. You finally infected the net, dear sister. It must have been magnificent.


I'm not your toy


“So...” Megabyte trailed off, interrupting that line of thought. “Looks like I missed out on a lot of high-density action.” He remarked, making sure to add that annoying jovial tone the guardian was known for.

There were nervous chuckles from the sprites beside him. “You could say that.” Came a tired, weary response from the guardian as he ambulated slowly. His lips curled up in a small, sorrowful smile. “Completely random.”

“Random.” The viral guardian parroted. The sprites continued in silence, the sounds of their footsteps echoed through the barren halls. They arrived at the white door with a red cross on it. Matrix nudged it open with a shoulder and slowly guided the blue sprites inside. Megabyte slowly guided the fading guardian over to a hospital bed where there was an IV waiting for him. Both he and the renegade laid Bob supine while the doctor examined the patient.

“He’s losing energy, we’ll need to give him a transfusion.” The binome stated, clearly looking at the other Bob.

The pseudo Bob narrowed his chocolate eyes, crossing his arms. “I don’t think so,” he refused calmly. He raised his persona’s eyebrows in concern. “My code hasn’t been scanned yet.”

The medic nodded in understanding. Inwardly, Megabyte let out a sigh in relief. The burly sprite beside him slowly sat down to the chair by the hospital bed. He laid out his inner forearm, ready for injection.

“He can have my energy,” The renegade peered down at the sickly guardian, his lips pulled up in a small smile. “You saved AndrAIA, now I can return the favour.” Bob smiled back in appreciation.

This is going to be problematic. Megabyte’s persona raised a silver brow, his eyes still widened in concern.  He noticed Bob study him, the guardian flinched when the medic injected the IV into his hand.

“Who…are …you?” he asked, voice full of fatigue.

The viral guardian averted his eyes to the ground and scratched the back of his head. Then he glanced up, eyes narrowed. “I’m you.”

“That’s impossible,” Bob protested. The renegade next to him narrowed his eyes at the other Bob, his shoulders tensed up.


This isn't another girl meets boy


Megabyte blinked, leaning over the bed. His soft borrowed hand came to rest on the guardian’s shoulder, his fingers squeezed lightly. “Hey, take it easy.” He whispered, his eyes wide with concern.  “We’ll catch up at the diner.” Both pairs of chocolate eyes meet in silent agreement. “Stay frosty.”

Bob’s lips curl up in a small smile. “Can’t believe I use to say that,” he muttered, his eyes slid closed.


It's all false love and affection


Indeed, guardian. Megabyte observed the guardian’s skin returning to a healthier complexion. The rise and fall of the silver-plated chest ceased its erratic rhythm. “I should go.” He stated softly to both the doctor and the renegade. “I’ll go, go check on the others.” He suggested, averting his eyes to the exit.


You don't like me you just want the attention


The renegade’s facial features softened, his shoulders relaxed. “Thanks.”

The viral guardian nodded then turned to exit the infirmary. “Oh Bob...” He glanced back over his shoulder. “Welcome back.”

Poor fool. Megabyte’s lips curled up in a reassuring smile. “Just doing my job, Matrix.” He remarked, before turning back and striding through the white doors. He sighed in relief and closed his eyes, just as doors closed behind him.Dot stood outside, her eyes downcast and arms crossed tightly.


I'm not your toy


“Oh Dot.” He glanced up, immediately changing his composure.

“How’s he doing?” she asked, her eyes wide with worry.

“He’s fine,” the pseudo guardian reassured, “just low on energy. That guy…uh Matrix is with him.” Inwardly he praised his newly acquired acting skills. “Where are the others?” he asked, scratching the back of his head and looking around.


This isn't another girl meets boy


The other sprite uncrossed her arms to rest them on her hip. “Mouse and Phong are scanning the system for malfunctions, Ray is patrolling it.” She glanced up to gaze into his eyes. “AndrAIA, and Enzo…” she hesitated, “are back at the diner.”

“Malfunctions? That sounds bad!” Megabyte exclaimed, he once again congratulated himself on his newly acquired acting skills.


I'm not your toy


“Very bad,” The other sprite pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “It’s been an eventful few seconds.” She took a few shaky steps before him.

“I noticed,” he muttered and glared down at the ground with crossed arms. “I missed out on so much.”  A green hand came to rest itself on his forearm. The petite sprite inched closer, her face micro bits from his.

“But you came back,” he glanced back up at her. “You saved Glitch Bob and you’re here. That all that matters now.” She reassured softly, her fingers squeezed his forearm.

Glitch Bob? Slowly he inched closer; both sprites stared transfixed, lost in the other’s gazes. Perhaps things will run more smoothly then I anticipated.


This isn't another girl meets boy


Quickly Dot turned away, taking a step back. She gave a small but apologetic smile in return, “Care to walk me to my office, guardian?”  

“Certainly, ma’am.” Megabyte placed his hands on his hip and puffed out his chest, returning a playful Bob-like smirk. How ridiculous. “Anything to help a citizen,” he purred, causing the smaller sprite to chuckle.

“Good,” She spun on her heel, “I’ll fill you in along the way.” She glanced over her shoulder.

The viral guardian let out a chuckle, quickly catching up to the

And so, the charade begins.


I'm not your toy


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