Kim and her mommy's Beach Vacation

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Summary: Kim and Ann watch their sex tape and get so tunred on that they decide to do it again.


After changing into their matching pink sleepwear, Kim and her mother Dr. Ann Possible settle into their bed. Ann then brings out a dvd of their sex tape. Kim grew excited about watching it. 

"I can't wait to see our movie mommy!" Kim said happily. 

"Me too Kimmie. I can tell by the time it's done, we might want to do it again." Ann said jokingly. 

Kim and her mother both laughed at that. Ann then popped the dvd into the player then got back into bed and scooted closer to Kim, cuddling her baby. As the movie started, Kim and Ann couldn't take their eyes off the screen. They got turned on by the fact they were naked. 

"Mommy, you look so hot." Kim said lovingly. 

"So do you, Bubble Butt." Ann said returning the loving gaze. 

As they sex started on the tape, the two women were really turned on. Kim decided to take off her sleepwear. 

"You wanna just get naked mommy?" Kim asked sweetly. 

Ann smiled at her daughter. "Yes. That'll be better." 

The two women then took off their sleep clothes, leaving them completely naked. Ann then pulled her daughter into a deep passionate kiss. 

"Momma..." Kim said breathily as the kiss broke. 

"What baby?" Ann said kissing her daughter's sesitive neck. 

"Oh..." Kim gasped at the pleasure her mom gave her. "Nothing."

"Oh, I think I know." Ann said with a playful arched eyebrow. Ann then moved in between Kim's legs. Kim laid down on the bed to give her mommy better access to her wet pussy. Ann then licked her daughter's pussy giving Kim shivers of pleasure. 

"Mommy..." Kim moaned. "It feels so guhood..." Ann had her mouth deep in Kim's hot pussy using her tounge to dart in and out of her daughter's hot button. 

"Ahh!" Kim exclaimed. "Mommy!" Ann smiled to herself, proud of her experience to draw an response from her daughter. "Mommy... I..." 

"That's right... who are you?" Ann's muffled voice said.

"I'm a... baby girl..." Kim replied in between moans. 

"Who's baby girl?" Ann said giving Kim's clit a flick with her tounge which caused Kim to gasp.

"Your baby girl! Mommy's!" Kim replied with a gasp as her mother gave her tounge a deep thrust into Kim's pusy. 

"And what does my baby girl want?" Ann said her mouth deep in Kim's folds. 

"I wanna cum! Please mommy, make me cum!" Kim exclaimed close to orgasm. 

"Anything for my baby girl..." Ann moaned getting ready to send Kim over the edge. 

"Mommy!" Kim exclaimed. Ann gave her tounge one final push inside Kim's pussy sending her into orgasm. "AHHH!!!" 

Ann continued to give Kim's pussy licks, sending aftershocks of pleasure through her daughter. After giving Kim one final kiss above her shaven pussy lips, Ann rolls on top of a now giggling Kim. 

"My baby." Ann said lovingly giving her daughter a slightly wet kiss. 

"That was so fun!" Kim said. 

"It sure was. I love making my little princess feel good." Ann said cuddling her daughter. 

Kim then yawned. "I getting sleepy." 

"Bedtime then Kimmie?" Ann asked rolling off of Kim and onto her side.

"Yep." Kim said with a sleepy smile. She then rolled onto her side top face her mom.

The two then cuddled each other.

"Alright Kimmie. Sweet dreams. We're going to do a lot tommorrow." Ann said barely keeping her eyes open. 

"Anything you want. Night mommy." Kim said with her eyes already closed. 

"Night Kimmie." Ann said giving her daughter a kiss on the forehead before closing her eyes. 


Once again thanks to LUNARSILVER for suggesting this chapter. I would really like your idea for the final chapter. You can leave it in the review section. 

Next week, Kim and her mom explore the pool area and go skinny dipping. 

And coming soon, Ann has Kim try on vibrating panties, Kim faces the sybian and Kim and her mom reunite with two of Kim's old friends and share the bond with them. 



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