Kim and her mommy's Beach Vacation

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Summary: Kim and Ann spend the first night of their vacation taking cute naked pics. And then, Ann brings out a video camera and the two make a movie, sealing the bond. 




After getting out of the outdoor bed, Kim and her mother Dr. Ann Possible went back inside their bungalow and got dressed for dinner. Ann bought a couple of stunning matching black dresses for her and Kim to wear. Kim really loved the dress. And she loved her mommy for buying it. They knew that they were about to have the best vacation ever. 


After eating dinner, Kim decided to get a little naughty at the table. "Thanks for buying my dress, mommy." Kim said lovingly. "You're welcome, bubble butt." Ann replied. Kim giggled at that. "I really love it when you call me that." Kim replied with a smile. Kim then reached down to her panties. "Speaking of which, you don't care if I take off my panties, do you?" 


Ann just smiled at her daughter. "No baby. Not at all. In fact, why don't you let me take a picture of your cute bubble butt?" Ann asked. Kim flushed embarssment and excitement. "Great idea. Go get my phone from our room." Kim said. "Ok. Don't do anything till I get back, or I'll give you a spanking." Ann threatened playfully. "Well, I wouldn't want that!" Kim said scarcasitically. The two women then both laughed at that. 


After Ann left the dining room, Kim sat at the end of the table, trying to wait till her mom got her phone. The thought of have her bare bottom photographed went rushing through the teen hero's head. She was enjoying the new bond that she and her mother fell into and she was looking forward to every day of their vacation. Seconds seemed like minutes, but luckily Kim didn't remove her panties of fingered herself before her mother came with the phone in question. 


"You've been a good girl while mommy was gone?" Ann asked playfully. Kim giggled before saying sweetly, "Yes mommy." Ann smiled, then reached down to Kim's eyes to give her a passionate kiss. "Well... let me peek under to make sure." Ann said with a strong note of sexuality in her voice. "Ok mommy." Kim replied spreading her legs to show her mom that she kept her panties on. 


Ann then lifted Kim's dress up to look between her legs to see that her daughter had been good. Looking at Kim's black panties, Ann could see that while Kim didn't finger herself or removed her underwear, there were some wet spots. Clearly, Kim's pussy was starting to get wet. Ann smiled at her daughter. "Well, you have been very good. But, your panties are starting to get wet. You must be excited." 


Kim giggled before saying, "Yeah... I just love getting buck naked!" The two women both laughed at that. Ann then led her hands down her daughter's waist. "You ready, Kimmie?" Ann asked. "Yes mommy." Kim replied sweetly. Ann started pulling down Kim's panties down her legs stopping halfway to take a peek at Kim's shaven wet pussy. "So cute, my baby's pussy is." Ann said sweetly. Kim just smiled at her mother. "Aww... thank you." Kim replied.


Ann then pulled Kim's panties all the way off, leaving her daughter's bottom bare. Kim then stood up. "So, how would you like me?" Kim asked taking of her pantie hose. "Let's go into the living room and find out." Ann said giving her daughter a seductive smile. Kim giggled before asking, "Don't you wanna carry me first, mommy? Please?" Ann giggled at that. "You really like it when I carry you, don't you?" Ann asked. 


"Yeah. It's really fun." Kim confessed. Ann then smiled at her daughter. "Well, since you've been good..." Ann said before picking up her daughter in her arms. Kim then wrapped her legs around her mother's waist. "Thank you." Kim replied with a small smile. "Let's go pick a great photo spot." Ann said grabbing Kim's phone. The two then headed towards the living room.


As they reached the living room, Ann's eyes locked on the couch. "There's a good spot." Ann said. Ann then laid Kim gently on the large couch. "On my stomach?" Kim asked. "Yes. That'll be great." Ann replied turning on the phone's camera. Kim then rolled onto her stomach and pulled her dress up to give her mother a better view of her butt. "How's this, mommy?" Kim asked inncoently. "Perfect. My princess looks so cute." Ann said. Kim blushed at that.


Ann then spent the next four minutes taking pictures of a half naked Kim Possible. Kim really loved hamming it up under the attention of the camera. Ann just smiled at some of the erotic faces Kim made for some of the shots. Ann spent a lot of time in her daughter's butt. She really loved looking at it. Kim really had a great body and Kim's butt was really curvy but firm.


"These pictures are so cute." Ann said playfully tweaking Kim's behind. "My princess has such a cute butt. That's why I call you Bubble Butt." Kim just giggled at her mommy's touch. "I know. Now, let's take a few picutres of you mommy." Kim said as she rose from the couch and grabbed her phone. "Ok baby. How would you like me?" Ann asked sedcuctivly. "Take your dress and bra off. But, leave your panties on for now." Kim said with a michevious grin. 


Ann chuckled at that. "Ok. Anything for my bubble butt." Ann pulled her dress off to reveal a lacy black bra. She then undid the hooks to her bra and slipped it off, leaving her half naked with Kim. "You look beautiful mommy." Kim said sweetly. Kim then took a few pictures of her mom's breasts. She really loved her mommy's firm nipples. Ann could tell that Kim wanted a taste of her. 


"You wanna suck mommy's nipples baby?" Ann asked Kim who was still taking pictures. "Yes please." Kim replied. Ann smiled at her daughter. "Ok baby." Kim leaned in to suck her mother's beautiful breast. This made Ann moan with pleasure. "Mommy loves feeding Kimmie." Ann said sweetly. Kim smiled at that. "Tasty..." Kim said as she pulled away from one of the breasts. 


"Try this one too." Ann said pointing to her other breast. Kim did just that. The motion of Kim's tounge on Ann's beautiful tits made the young doctor moan even louder. "Kimmie..." Ann moaned. Once Kim was done, she took a few more pictures of Ann's wet tits. 


"Let's get even, baby." Ann said slipping her panties off. "Good idea. Besides, it's much better if we're both naked." Kim said. Kim then slid her dress off and then unhooked her bra, leaving the two women completely naked. "Let's get one more with us together with our boobs smushed against each other." Kim suggested.


Ann smiled at that. "Great idea." Ann said joyfully. Ann leaned closer to Kim's body, pushing her boobs into her daughter's. The two then looked into the phone camera. "Smile!" Kim squealed. As the camera flash goes off, the mother and daughter have never been closer than before. 




After a while, Kim and Ann laid down on the couch, cuddling and talking. "I can't believe you're going to college soon." Ann finally said. "I know, me either." Kim confessed. "Time just disapears like scenes in a movie." Ann then got an idea. 


"Since you mentioned it...," Ann said reaching into her red duffel bag. "...why don't we make a movie of our own?" Kim gasped as her mother pulled out a video camera. "That'll be great!" Kim squealed. "I thought so." Ann said with a smile. 


Ann spent the next few minutes setting up the tripod for her camera. Kim grew excited at the prospect of making a sex tape. "Mommy, I'm liking your idea." Kim said sweetly. "I knew you would." Ann said as she finished setting up her camera and sat down next to her daughter. "After all, what better way to know we love each other than watching it." Ann then turned on the video camera using a remote. 


Kim blushed as the camera started recording. "A really good way." "You know it baby. Momma's gotta go to the bathroom. But when I get back, we can start our fun." Ann said with a caring smile. After Ann left, the nude Kim offered a shy smile to the camera and mouthed the words, 'Hi mommy'. Kim then laid down on her stomach and made a couple of silly faces. She really loved the video camera. And she loved the fact that she and her mother were gonna make a sex tape that they could watch together. 


As Ann came back, she saw a beaming Kim laying on her stomach. "Hi mommy. How're you?" Kim asked sweetly. "I'm just great." Ann said brightly. Ann then adjusted the viewfinder so that they both can see and laid down on the couch next to Kim. "You ready, baby?" Ann asked. "More than ready." Kim said. With that, Ann helped her daughter settle on her back. Then, she planted a series of kisses on Kim's sesnitive neck. 


"Mommy... you feel so good..." Kim moaned. Ann then trailed her kisses down Kim's chest, stomach, and finally her wet pussy. This made Kim moaned louder. Ann then licked the young redhead's pussy with a tounge of fury. "Mommy!!" Kim moaned. Ann used her tounge to dart in and out of Kim's pussy, ocassionaly giving a flick or lick to her daughter's hot pussy lips. 


"My Kimmie..." Ann moaned, her lips buried in Kim's pussy. Ann smiled to herself, proud of her ability to drive Kim to orgasm. "I'm your princess..." Kim said in between gasps. "And what does my princess want?" Ann said giving Kim's clit another flick, knowing well what her answer would be. "Please mommy... I want you to make me cum..." Kim moaned growing closer to orgasm. 


"Ok. Anything for my baby..." Ann said, pushing her tounge deeper into Kim's pussy. "I'm cumming!!" Kim exclaimed. Kim felt the white hot rush of orgasm came over her once again. "Ahhh!!!" The young redhead screamed. As the waves of orgasm washed over her, Ann smiled to herself again continuing to give her daughter's pussy nibbles causing aftershocks of pleasure to Kim.


"Mommy... that was the best cum ever." Kim relpied with a post-colital smile. Ann then leaned in and gave Kim a deep, passionate kiss. "I'm glad..." Ann said once the kiss broke. "...I did it for my princess. That's you." Ann said sweetly. Kim giggled at that. "Hey... how about I get on top of you and you lick me while I lick you?" Kim asked seductivly. Ann smiled. "You mean an 69?" Ann asked. 


"Yeah." "Great idea. That way we both cum together." Ann said laying down on her back. Kim then laid on top her her mother, her butt in Ann's face. "My bubble butt..." Ann trailed off. Ann then felt Kim's tounge on her pussy. "Kim..." Ann moaned. Kim wanted to draw such a response from her mother. "Momma..." Kim moaned. Kim then felt her mother's tounge on her pussy, again with fury. "Mommy!!" Kim exclaimed. 


The two then licked each other's pussy with fury, each of them closer to orgasm. Kim has gained some experience, but her mommy was really queen when it came to pussies and making girls cum. "You're... cumming with momma..." Ann said in between gasps. She then dove right back into her daugher's pussy. "I'm cumming!!" Kim exclaimed as both women reached their climax. "Ahh!!!" 


As both Kim and Ann regained their senses, Ann laid on top of Kim and delivered a series of wet kisses each one shorter than the last. "Ok, I was wrong..." Kim confessed with another post colital smile. "That was the best cum ever!" The mother and daughter both giggled. "I bet it was. A great ending to our movie." Ann said. Ann then reached for the camera remote. "Bye camera!!" Kim said with a smile and a wave as Ann turned the camera off. 


Ann then wrapped her daughter into an embrace. "I love you so much mommy." Kim said sweetly. "I love you too Kimmie. Your my baby, my bubble butt, my princess." Ann said lovingly. Kim laughed at that. "So, when can we watch our movie?" Kim asked. "Later, before we go to bed. Right now, let's get into our sleep wear." Ann said. "Am I gonna sleep with you mommy?" Kim asked sweetly. Ann smiled at Kim. "Of course. This is our vacation." 


Ann then picked up Kim and carried her in her arms. Kim giggled as her mom carried her into one of their bedrooms. In just one day of their vacation, Kim and Ann have formed a special bond and now, they have sealed their bond. 




Thanks to LUNARSILVER for suggesting the idea for this chapter. Next week, Kim and Ann watch their video before the go to sleep. As they watch it, they get lovey again and decide to do it again. 

And coming soon, Kim and her mom skinny dip, Ann brings more toys and Kim faces her latest foe: The sybian!

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