Kim and her mommy's Beach Vacation

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Summary: Kim and Dr. Ann Possible arrive at the resort and explore their vacation home. Also, Ann brings along a couple of things to make the bond even more loving. 

After waking up to the alarm, Kim and her mother, Dr. Ann Possible put their swimsuits back on as they were thirty minutes from landing. Just an hour ago, the two fell into a new bond. A bond that was cute and loving. Thirty minutes later, they landed at their spot. After thanking the captain, they headed towards the resort. Luckily, it was only a short walk.

As they arrived at the resort, they were greeted by the amazing and beautiful sight all around them. Once they stepped towards the entrance, they were greeted by a man wearing a suit. "Kim Possible! How nice to see you again." The man said brightly. "Great to see you too, Mr. Parker." Kim replied.

Mr. Parker then noticed the young surgeon. "And who's this lovely lady?" Dr. Ann Possible just smiled at him. "I'm Dr. Ann Possible, Kim's mom. But, you can call me Ann." Kim smiled at her mom before turning back to Mr. Parker. 

"I just wanna thank you for letting us stay on your private beach resort, Mr. Parker." Kim said. "Oh, no problem Kim. It's the least I can do after you saved my life." Mr. Parker said happily. "No big. There were only four sharks." Kim replied. 

"So, you and your mother's bungalow is a three bedroom with a 44 screen tv, your own pool area and private strip of beach. All expenses, including food, spa treatments, pay per view are all paid for. Just one thing: have a great two weeks." Mr. Parker explained.

Kim and Ann smiled at each other. All they had to do is just have fun. "Oh we will." They said in unison. "Jinks. You owe me a soda." Ann said jokingly. "Mom..." Kim blushed. After Mr. Parker left, the two headed towards their bungalow. 

"He seemed nice." Ann said. "Yeah, he's really good once you get to know him." Kim replied as they reached the bungalow. Once they entered the den, the two started unpacking. As Ann unpacked her belongings, Kim grew curious at a red duffel bag.

"What's in that bag, mom?" Kim asked. "Oh, just some things to make our vacation even more special." Ann replied with a smile. "You're so full of suprises, mommy." Kim said sweetly. "I really love it when you call me that. It's so cute!" 

Kim then stripped out of her swimsuit. "What do you say we take a little private tour?" Kim asked as she removed the last of her swimsuit. Ann then stripped out of her swimsuit. "Great idea, princess." Ann said sweetly. 

Kim giggled as she walked towards her mother. "I love it when you do that." "What? This?" Ann then picked up her daughter in her arms. She then wrapped Kim's legs around her waist. "Yes." Kim replied with a shy smile.

"Good. Now come here." Ann guided her daughter's head towards hers as she leaned in for a short but sweet kiss, followed by a much longer, deeper one. "Wow... you're really strong." Kim said as the kiss broke. 

"Hey, why don't you carry me around the place? I bet you never get tired." "Great idea, Kimmie. Carrying my sweet Bubble Butt around our bungalow, naked as she is." Ann said sweetly. "Ready for the tour?" "More than ready." With that, the two explored their bungalow. 


After finding the basic rooms, the two nude women headed towards their pool area. Suprisingly, Kim was right. Ann never got wore out. The young doctor loved carrying her daughter like she was a little girl again. And Kim loved being carried by her mommy.

"I was right. You never got tired." Kim said with a smile. "I can carry my baby all day. I just love it when you are in my arms." Ann said sweetly. "Aww... I love it too." Kim said. They then found the door leading to their pool area. 

Once they stepped outside, they were amazed by the large pool area. It had basically everything, including hot tub, inlatables, water slide, waterfall, and a private sitting area. "Wow. I don't know how we're going to explore all this." Kim said.

"Oh, there will be plently time for that later, Bubble Butt." Ann said sweetly. "But first, why don't we finish with our private beach strip?" "Sounds great." With that, Kim and Ann headed towards their strip. 

Kim nuzzled her head on her mother's shoulder. "I really love you, mommy." "I love you too, princess." Ann said lovingly. "I really like Bubble Butt, but you can call me that too." Kim said. 

As they reached their private strip, Ann found two outdoor beds. "Let's lay down baby." "OK." Ann reached one of the outdoor beds and laid her daughter down. "How does it feel?" Ann asked. "Heavenly." Kim said dreamily. Ann then laid down next to the nude Kim and pulled her into a cuddle. 

"I really love this place." Ann said brightly. "Me too. All expenses paid for two weeks. We can do whatever we want." Kim said. The two giggled at that thought. "Speaking of which, I wanna get my red bag. Don't move." Ann said as she got off the bed. 

"Don't worry. Just get back before I get wonewy." Kim replied with her infamous puppy dog pout. Ann smiled and wiggled her butt at her daughter. Kim simply giggled at that. Ann then headed back towards the bungalow. 

Kim grew excited at the thought of her mother's red bag. She decided to get herself warmed up. The young teen started rubbing her pussy, making it really wet. She fantaized at whatever her mom has brought with her. Before Kim could start fingering herself, she saw Ann return with the bag.

"Is my princess getting warmed up?" Ann said with a playful arched eybrow. "Yeah. I'm really excited." Kim confessed. Ann put the red bag on the bed then climbed in to get next to Kim. "Well, good. Because momma's about to make you more excited." Ann then pulled her daughter into a deep kiss. 

"Mmm... Mommy..." Kim moaned. Ann then started sucking on her daughter's nipples. This made Kim even more wet. "Yeah..." Ann then led her lips right down her daughter's body, leading to Kim's wet pussy. Ann then started eating her daughter's hot button. 

"Oh god... Don't stop!" Kim moaned loudly. The young doctor then used her tounge to spell out her name on Kim's wet pussy lips. Clearly, Ann has had a lot of experience with pussies. "Mommy..." Kim squeaked. " feel so good!"

"Oh no, you're not getting off that easily, Bubble Butt..." Ann said sultry. She then used her thumb to finger her daughter's hot button. Kim was now close to orgasm. "Mommy!" Kim exclaimed. "I need to cum!" "And who do you want to make you cum?" Ann said giving Kim's clit a flick. 

"You!" Kim said with a gasp. Ann then pulled her thumb out of her daughter's pussy and reached into her red bag, but not before tasting Kim's juices first. Kim's pussy was now growing even more wetter. "Momma's got just the thing." Kim then gasped as Ann pulled out a small, purple rocket vibrator. 

"Mommy... what are you going to do with that?" Kim asked feeling a little more than excited. "Gonna make you feel good. That's what I'm gonna do. You ready?" Ann then turned on the vibrator. "Yes, mommy." Ann then ran the toy around her daughter's hot lips. 

"Oh god!" Kim exclaimed. "Just the tip." Kim refered to the tip of the vibrator. But before Kim could reapeat it, Ann plunged the vibrator into Kim's pussy, causing her daughter to finally erupt into orgasm. Kim didn't expect to cum so quick. 

"Ahh!! Mommy!!" Kim screamed. "My baby..." Ann whispered with a wide smile on her face. Ann continued to slowly move the vibrator inside of Kim. She wanted to send her daughter into overdrive. Kim loved every second of it. Ann then took another orgasm from her daughter.

"Mommy!!" Kim moaned. "Thata girl..." Ann said as she slowly took the now wet vibrator out of Kim's pussy. Ann couldn't help but beam at her post-colital daughter. "Mommy... that was great." Kim said as she finally regained her senses.

Ann gave her daughter a series of wet kisses on Kim's nose, cheeks and neck causing the young redhead to giggle at the tickling sensations. "I'm glad. I'd do anything for my princess." Ann then wrapped her daughter into a embrace. 

"If that little toy could make me cum quick, I can't wait to see what else is in your red bag." Kim said with a smile. "Mommy's got a lot of toys that I wanna try on you." Ann said with a small laugh. "This is gonna be a great vacation, Kimmie." 

"You better believe it." Kim said. The two then laughed before looking towards the ocean. "Let's lay here for a while. Then we can go back to our bungalow for more fun." Ann said. "Good idea, mommy." The two then cuddled together. Clearly, the bond is growing more stronger.


I hope this is an improvement. 

I'm gonna need you're help. Because I have to go to a meeting soon, I want you, LUNARSILVER to write the next chapter next week. The premise is that Kim and Ann spend the first night together in their bungalow. I really like the idea you posted in the review section so you can use that. Take as much time as you need. I'll check back in. 

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