Kim and her mommy's Beach Vacation

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Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or any of the characters. I make no money from this story. This is just for entertainment purposes.

Summary: Kim and her mother ride in a private plane to a beach bungalow resort on a private island where they'll be staying for two weeks. Once up in the air, Kim's mom explains some feelings she's had for a long time towards her daughter. When they come out, Kim and her mom fall into a bond that only a mother and daughter could share. 

Authors note: If I don't add anything next week, feel free to add your own chapters. I have autism so this is my first time writing something like this. It may not be perfect, but none of us are.


On a private plane, world renowed teen hero Kim Possible is going to a private island to have a two week all expenses paid vacation with her mother, brain surgeon Dr. Ann Possible. The mother and daughter were really excited to finally have some time off. The two were always busy; Kim with saving the world, college preperations, her boyfriend Ron, and Dr. Ann Possible with her difficult job as brain surgeon. Luckily, Kim made some arrangements with a friend to rent out a private beach bungalow for some time off. 

"Wow Kimmie, This is really exciting. I've never been to a private island before." Dr. Possible beamed at her daughter. 

"No big, Mom. I was just lucky enough to convince Mr. Parker to give us an all expenses paid vacation in his resort for two weeks." Kim replied. 

The two started discussing their vacation plans; what to do first, where to explore, what kind of food to eat.

"Just too bad that your boyfriend Ron won't be joining us."

Kim loved her boyfriend Ron a lot, but she really wanted some family time. Not that she thought that Ron wasn't part of her family. 

"Yeah, but don't worry. He understands." Kim said. "Besides, he wouldn't really wanna go without Dad's promise that he wouldn't act goofy with me while I'm in my bikini."

"Yeah." Dr. Possible said when she remebered something. "That reminds me. I've got you a present." She pulled out a wrapped gift box.

"Mom, you shouldn't have." Kim said lovingly. 

"Oh, but I had to. Besides, when I saw it at Club Banana, I knew it would really fit you good." 

Kim unwrapped her box to reveal what her mother bought her: a stunning green bikini. "I love it!" Kim squealed joyfully.

"Wanna try it on?" Dr. Possible asked.

"Now?" Kim asked nervously. 

"Don't worry honey. We're pratically by ourselves up here." Kim's mom reassured.

"Well.... Why not?" Kim replied. She started slipping out of her top when her mom stepped in. 

"Here baby, why don't I help you?" Dr. Possible asked. 

Kim felt just a little bit nervous about it, but it was nice of her mom to help her. The doctor started undoing her daughters bra. "My baby feels so smooth...." Dr. Possible thought, sliding her hands down Kim's breasts. Kim felt uneasy at first. But then a few moments in, she actually enjoyed her mother's touch. 

"Thanks Mom." 

"Anything for my Bubble Butt." Kim's mom lovingly said as she started pulling down Kim's pants. Normally, Kim really would hate to be called by that nickname, but she really didn't mind. The young doctor then pulled down Kim's panties leaving her daughter naked. 

"Wow. I've never had this much fun undressing." Kim said with a smile. 

"Hey, why don't you help me fit into my matching swim suit?" Dr. Possible asked.

"Great idea Mom." Kim replied. Kim helped her mother out of her shirt and pants to reveal some stunning black lingire. 

"Wow," Kim said impressed. "That looks reallly good. When did you get that?"

"I've bought online for your father and I. Thought we tried something a little different." Dr. Possible said as Kim started undoing her mother's bra. Kim then started pulling down her mother's panties, leaving now both mother and daughter, naked on a the plane. 

"So, your swim suit first or mine?" Kim asked.

"If you wanna, we can do mine first." Dr. Possible said.

"That'd be great." Kim brightly said. The teen hero started by slipping her mom's bottom on, then finished at the top. Kim stood back at amazement. Her mother never looked stunning than ever. 

"You look amazing, Mom." Kim said sweetly. 

"Thanks, Kimmie. Now it's your turn." The young doctor started the same movements on her daughter. After she was done, she walked seductily towards Kim. In Kim's mother's mind, no one was more beautiful than her own daughter.

"Thanks Mommy." Kim said lovingly. 

"Like I said, anything for my Bubble Butt."  Kim's mom then leaned closer to Kim mouth. She wanted her daughter so badly. She couldn't help it. She started kissing Kim. Kim was shocked by what her mother was doing. As soon as she saw Kim's shocked expression, she pulled back.

"Mom?!" Kim asked shocked. Dr. Possible was also shocked by this. What was she thinking? 

"Kimmie.... I'm sorry." Dr. Possible replied. "I just.... wanted to let you know how much I love you. 

Kim thought back for a moment. "She kissed me?" The young redhead then sat towards her mom. 

"I really missed holding you, and touching you. I just missed the sweet moments we had together." 

"Mom, it's ok." Kim said reassuringly. "I'm not mad." She really wasn't. Just shocked. 

"Come here baby." Kim's mom then pulled her daughter into a warm hug. They felt their bodies get warmer. They could feel a special bond form between them. Then, Kim kissed her mother. 

"Mmm..." The young doctor moaned in pleasure. To Kim's surprise, her mother didn't protest. She let her daughter kiss her for at least 12 seconds. 

After the kiss broke, Kim asked her mom, "Mom... Are you ok?" Kim didn't want her mother mad at her.

"Yeah." Kim's mom broke into a smile as she continued, "You really made me feel better, baby."

Kim let out a small but cute giggle. "You did too, Mommy." 

"I love it when you call me that. Come here baby." The young doctor pulled her daughter into a embrace. "Are you sure you're alright with...." Kim's mom asked, unsure how here daughter feels. 

"Yeah. Just until we get back home from vacation." Kim said with a smile. 

"Speaking of which, how much time before we land?" Kim's mom asked.

"Luckily, an hour and a half." Kim's mom then started to pull her bikini off. 

"It's getting a little warm in here baby." The young doctor said. 

"You're right." Kim then started to pull her bikini off. Then she sat down as her mother continued to deliver a series of long, passionate kisses. 

"Where do you want me to touch you?" Dr. Possible asked. 

"Down here." Kim whispered, leading her mother's hand down her shaven pussy. The young doctor was only too happy to reply. She started by licking her finger and leading it to tease her daughter's wet pussy. 

"I love you so much, Kimmie." Kim's mother said lovingly as she started to put her finger in Kim's pussy. 

"Mmm... I love you too Mommy!" Kim moaned loudly in pleasure at her mother's touch. Ki'ms mom used her mouth to gently suck on her baby's nipples. As the young doctor started to speed up her finger motions, Kim was feeling more pleasure than she had ever felt before. She was getting close to orgasm. 

"Mommy.... Keep going!" Kim exclaimed. The brain surgeon had no plans to stop. "I wanna cum." 

"That's what Mommy's gonna do for you, baby." Kim's mother then put a second finger in Kim's pussy, setting off an intense orgasm. 

"Ahhh!!" Kim screamed. "Mommy!!" Out of all the times Kim pleasured herself, she never had a orgasm as intense before as the one her mother gave her. As the waves of orgasm washed over her daughter, Dr. Possible started kissing Kim as she pulled her fingers out of her daughter's pussy. "Thanks, Mommy..." Kim cooed.

"Anything for my Bubble Butt..." Dr. Possible said sweetly. 

"Mommy.... sit down." Kim said leading her mother to a seat. The young redhead then started licking her own fingers. 

"What are you gonna do, baby?" Kim's mom asked in amusement. 

"Time to return the favor...." Kim said as she plunged her fingers into her mother's own wet pussy. 

"Ohh.... baby... you feel so good..." Dr. Possible moaned in pleasure. At the same time, Kim used her free hand to rub her own pussy, leading both women orgasm. 

"You're so beautiful...." Kim moaned, feeling another orgasm rising. 

"Keep going.... Ahh!" Kim's mom exclaimed, as she reached orgasm. 

"Ahhh!" Kim moaned loaudly, setting off another orgasm herself. As both women came down, Kim's mom reached her daughters head. "Kimmie... Thank you." 

"Just returning the favor..." Kim cooed sweetly. 

"Come here, Bubble Butt." Dr. Possible said lovingly, gathering Kim in her arms. "Just years of working out." She replied as she saw how Kim was impressed by her mother's stength. 

"That was fun, Mommy." Kim said brightly.

"If you thought that was fun, I can't wait till we get to our bungalow." Dr. Possible said pulling her daughter in a embrace. 

"Yeah. We're going to have the best week ever." Kim then yawned. "I'm kinda of tired."

"You wanna take a nap?" Kim's mom asked, rubbing her daughter's bare behind. 

"Can I sleep with you?" Kim asked sweetly. 

"Sure." Kim's mom then carried her daughter to the couch and settled her daughter down gently. Kim then reached for her Kimmicuator. 

"I'll set my Kimmicutator alarm for a hour. That way we'll have enough time to get our swimsuits back on." Kim trailed off with a giggle. 

"Great idea, baby." Kim's mom then laid down on the couch and cuddled with her nude daughter as they both trailed off to sleep. For these two, a bond has just began and it's about to get even more sweet. 


Once again, I know it's not perfect, but hey, non of us are. 

Next week, Kim and her mother arrive on the island and explore their new vacation home for the next two weeks. 

If I don't post it next week, feel free to add your own. 







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