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"Hee hee! No, YOU take it easy!" Homer Simpson was backing out of Moe's Tavern, yelling back at Barney, when he felt something bump against him and bounce off of his well-padded butt.

He turned around to find Herman, from the military surplus store, struggling to get up from the sidewalk. A plastic bag was lying next to him, and a few of what looked like flashlights with no lenses rolled away from it. He must have dropped those when he ran into me, Homer thought. "You must have dropped those when you ran into me," he said.

Herman sputtered angrily. "I ran into you? That's not how--never mind. You mind giving me a hand?" He reached out with the only hand he still had, and then pointed as Homer opened his mouth. "Don't even say it."

Homer bent down and grabbed Herman's hand, helping the other man to his feet. He bent down further and picked up the bag, starting to gather the flashlights, "Here, let me help you with these," Homer said. He put the flashlights into the bag, saying, "Wow, you must really be afraid the dark! These sure wouldn't put out much light, though--there's no light in the front."

Herman coughed nervously. Those "flashlights" were custom made knockoffs of a popular male masturbation device with a similar name and look. He couldn't risk Simpson looking in there and finding the biggest custom job of all--

"Hey!" Homer exclaimed, reaching into the bag and pulling out the one thing that definitely wasn't a flashlight. "This looks like my little Maggie!"

It was life-sized, Herman knew, because he had spent weeks with surveillance and measuring equipment both following Marge around to get a full 360 view of the baby, at his highest paying customer's request. He was pretty grossed out by what the order called for, but the guy paid top dollar and then some. Realistic, too - it looked just like Maggie Simpson had frozen in time, pacifier in mouth and all, in a real blue baby onesie.

What grossed Herman out was what was under the onesie. If Homer pulled out the pacifier, he'd find an open "mouth" that was really a fancy "flashlight" like the others, exiting (or opening if you went from the other way) in the middle of fake Maggie's little round bum as a sculpted, puckered butthole.

Homer held the doll like a baby, smiling almost as tenderly as he would at the real thing. "It's just like my baby," he said. He looked up at Herman. "Where'd you get this little statue?"

"St...atue," Herman stuttered. "...yeah, a statue. I had it made as... a surprise for you! I, uh, still feel bad about that whole hostage thing. Sorry about that, you know? So here's a... statue. Of little, uh... Doris..."


"--Maggie," Herman said, smoothly. "Little Maggie. So, yeah -- good thing I bumped into you! There you go," he said, snatching the bag with the "flashlights" from Homer and heading back down to his shop. Man, I gotta pay for another one outta my own pocket, he thought. Old man Burns would kill me if I asked for more money.

Homer didn't notice. Still a little drunk from his stay in Moe's, he dazedly smiled down at the perfect replica of his youngest and said, "Come on, Maggie. Let's go home."

The Simpson house awoke to the screams of young Lisa, who had gone down the hall to the bathroom half-awake and been startled in mid-stream.

"Lisa!" Marge burst into the the bathroom, panicked, taking in Lisa standing in front of the bowl with her panties around her feet, now soaked in a puddle of pee. She followed Lisa's shaking, pointing finger across the room to the sink, where Maggie lay facing out and almost ready to fall to the floor, staring without blinking once out at her sister.

Marge gasped. "Maggie! What are you doing in there?" She went to the sink and swept the baby into her arms, alarmed at the cool, plastic feel of the skin and the dead weight. She reached to pull the pacifier out, but whirled as she heard Lisa scream again.

"DAAAD!!" Lisa's horrified wail echoed flatly off the bathroom walls as her barely conscious father stood inches away from her where he would usually stand at the toilet, mumbling as he leaned back and held his prick at Lisa's forehead level, pissing for all he was worth. She flailed her arms and sputtered as urine splashed into her eyes and dripped into her mouth.

"Homer!!" Marge shouted angrily. "Stop going wee-wee on your daughter!"

Homer sleepily blinked as his final dribbles of piss escaped, and he looked around. He looked down in front of him at the sobbing, dripping girl and gave a girlish screech, hurriedly putting his cock away. "Eeee! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Lisa, get in the shower! Homer, help me with Maggie!" Marge opened her mouth to say more but stopped, cocking her head as she heard Maggie crying down the hall. She looked down at the baby in her arms, and then back up, blankly, at Homer.

Homer shrieked again. "Eeeee! Maggie can throw her voice!"

"No..." said Marge, slowly. "I don't think that's it. Homer... did you find a realistic doll of our baby and leave it in the sink in a drunken stupor?"

Homer thought for a second. "No."


"Yes," Homer answered quickly. He reached out and took the doll from Marge. He chuckled. "I forgot about you, Maggie 2!"

Marge sighed. "Homie, put that thing in our closet. It scares the children. I need to clean up..." She looked around at the toilet and Lisa's soiled clothing and sighed. "Well, just clean up."

Homer knew he had pressed his luck far enough this morning and didn't argue. He gently set Maggie 2 in their bedroom closet behind some old record albums in a box, and forgot about her about three minutes later.

"Gotta be around here somewhere," Bart muttered to himself. His search for his confiscated skateboard had taken him to every closet in the house, except his parents... until now. He reached around a box and his hand landed on something that felt almost like... skin?

He peeked around the box and jumped, yelling out. "Aaah!" He realized that the big eyes looking back at him belonged to his little sister, and he relaxed, smiling. "Hey, how'd you get in here, man?"

Maggie stared at Bart without blinking, or even sucking on her pacifier. He was starting to get freaked out... by now she would have given it a couple of sucks just by habit. "Maggie...?" he asked, reaching out. The hand he was holding himself up with slipped on the box and he fell forward, wincing when he felt his finger touch the baby's eye. He braced himself for her crying and when it didn't come, crawled forward, looking curiously at Maggie.

He moved his hand in front of her face and saw that her eyes didn't move to follow. He gave a little grunt of confusion and gently picked the baby up. He held her against his chest and realized he didn't feel her usual slight squirming to get comfortable or even her breathing. Panicked, he grabbed the pacifier and pulled it out, checking to see if she had anything blocking her airway...

He stopped. The inside of "Maggie's" mouth was pretty close to the real thing, down to the toothless gums, except that everything was the same color as the skin on her face and hands. Bart hesitantly touched her bottom gum and gasped - it wasn't warm but it was slippery - and his finger slipped down to the last knuckle into the doll's mouth.

"Hey, wait a minute..." he said, as he suddenly remembered that Homer and Marge had taken Maggie with them to the mall, and that was why he was free to roam the house. "If you're not Maggie, you must be some kind of--" He broke off as the air pressure shifted inside the doll's mouth and it seemed to suck on his finger as he tried to take it out.

Mesmerized, Bart fed "Maggie" the rest of his finger again and then pulled it out. The realistic feeling substance inside seemed to slowly release him when he pulled, causing a gentle yet definite friction.

An idea flashed into Bart's young mind and he immediately tried to make it go away. "Aw, gross, man!!" he whispered to himself, but his growing little doodle made a liar of him as he thought of shoving it into the doll's mouth. Soon it was straining against the front of his blue pants, so he set the doll on the box of albums and pulled his pants and underwear down with both hands.  His cock sprang out, the swollen purplish-yellow head poking the doll in the nose as he stood upright again.

Bart listened for a second to make sure Lisa hadn't come looking for him, sighed and shrugged, and spat in his hand, rubbing the saliva over his cock, making it nice and slick. He stepped forward, "Maggie" at the perfect height to allow him to slide himself into the doll's mouth.

It felt incredible! Bart had never felt anything like it before, a slick, firm but soft grip around his stiff little prick that felt what he imagined a real mouth must feel like. Not that he would ever have put his dick in his real sister's mouth... even though fucking little "Maggie"'s face felt so good... and watching his cock slide in and out of her cute little face while her eyes seemed to look up at him - that had to be his imagination - felt so wrong but turned him on so much--

Bart gasped as he grabbed the doll's head with both hands and shoved himself in all the way, its lips tight around his cock and its chin pressed against his balls, and shot a couple of jets of semen into "Maggie"'s throat. Once he had pumped out all the cum he had saved up into the doll, he let his softening dick slide out of the mouth and pulled his pants back up. He picked up the doll with both hands under its arms and looked at it. The doll looked back.

Suddenly, the doll seemed to "burp" as the air pressure regulated and Bart watched in horror as his cum threatened to drool out of the "baby" and onto the floor of his parents' bedroom closet. He quickly jammed the pacifier back into the mouth, and set the doll down, backing out of the closet.

Wait! What if mom and dad find it and see the jizz inside it? Bart winced. He ran back in, hand held over the fake Maggie for a considering second, then took it with him.

In his room, with the door shut, Bart took a look to see what kind of damage he had done. He took off the doll's sleeper and saw that it was wearing an actual diaper. He took out the pacifier and looked in its mouth, but didn't find any trace of his cum. There was a pearly sheen on the pacifier, but none in the mouth.

An idea suddenly struck him, and he grimaced. "Aw, man..." he said as he unfastened the diaper and saw that it was wet and sloppy with his cum. He looked at the doll and saw that the realistic little butthole glistened with the last traces of semen. "Gross, who made this thing?" Bart asked. It looked like it would drool out anything put into it, unless the pacifier was put in, and then--

"Poop," Bart muttered as he looked around his room for something to clean the doll with. He put the pacifier back in, grabbed the diaper and tucked the doll under one arm, and dashed for the bathroom.

Good thing Leece isn't peeing for once, he thought as he shut the bathroom door behind him. He took a few squares of toilet paper and gently wiped the doll's bum, and folded the used diaper into a little bundle and threw it and the toilet paper away. He then went into Maggie's room and grabbed a couple of spare diapers to take with him. Just in case, he thought.

He clumsily diapered "Maggie", dressed the doll again, and looked at it, eye to creepily realistic eye. "Gotta find a good place to hide you," he said. "We're going to have lots more fun together." He chuckled, then opened his closet, and tucked the fake Maggie away behind some old shoes.

(More to come)

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