Equestria Rumble

BY : Sir-WritesALot
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 Blazer City: A city of bright lights and towering buildings that rise high to where they almost touch the clouds in the sky.

 Nestled along Equestria's northeastern shores, it is here in this city...built by pony settlers a few hundred years ago...that a form of entertainment and competition was discovered and would become perhaps one of the most admired in all of the pony nation; A sport that involves two ponies and a form of fighting where both would engage in combat until only one was left standing...while the other was either knocked unconscious or had surrendered: Wrestling.

For over the many years that followed and into the next century, Blazer City Wrestling would become a sport that so many would come to revere: A chance of a lifetime to rise up and face many different challengers...all for the hopes of making it to the top. All manner of pony, minotaur, dragon, or otherwise of the male gender would give it their all...just for the chance at fame and the grand prize that they would wear across their waist for an entire year: The Double Alicorn Belt...which would be presented to them by Princess Celestia herself.

While the years continued on after each and every tournament held, the most strongest and determined would be standing in the ring while claiming the title of Champion along with the belt to wear until the next championship wrestling tournament the following year; Most wrestlers would lose it the next title match, while some would be fortunate to hold the title longer thanks to their ongoing resolve to fight.

 However, while the sport itself attracted so many...even to the Royal Family of Canterlot...the official rules banned mares from participating due to reasons that would seem sextist to said gender. It was not until a mysterious mare wrestler stepped forward to challenge the reigning champion for not only the title, but to prove to all of Equestria that mares could wrestle the same as any stallion could. Princess Celestia allowed this when she herself had enough of stallions denying mares to participate in a sport that should be loved and enjoyed by all. With that order given, the champion and the mare fought a long battle that ended with the latter victorious.

 From that day forth, all forms of female species were given any and all rights to wrestle in a sport that would soon give way to various mixed wrestling tournaments and events throughout each and every year. While some would never except mares as wrestlers, the world saw they had what it took to go all the way as the Masked Mare did.

Even after the time when mares were given the right to participate in a former stallion-only sport, along with the right to wear whatever attire they desire and the right to fight dirty in the ring, the Blazer City Wrestling League...also known by all as Equestria Rumble...every qualified wrestler of all species and genders would train their hardest to eliminate their competition in order for the chance to rise up in the ranks for the chance to face the current reigning champion.

But now during the middle of a new year...the next Equestria Rumble Championship Tournament...has begun!


Just a block away from the Blazer City Wrestling Staduim, a group of five young teenage ponies stroll their way down the sideway...with two slightly older ponies following close behind. Reaching to a halt upon the edge of the street to wait for the crosswalk light to change and allow all pedestrians on either side to cross onto the opposite, the eyes of the younger ponies become fixed upon what lies just a short walk across the street.

"The Blazer City Wrestling Stadium...!" The brown-coated teenage colt mutters in absolute awe; From the way his eyes of blue glance at the magnificent structure, along with his mouth hanging open without another word spoken, is all that is needed to explain just how impressed and excited his entire body is feeling.

"That's right, Courageous," The taller, sand-colored stallion concurs with the young colt almost half his size, "This is where ALL the action takes place: Here is where all the wrestlers come to fight and win..or lose...depending on who is the stronger and the weaker-"

"Edited...!" The red pegasai mare squeezes the hand of her coltfriend when she hears him blabbing again; Even while wearing short shorts and a tank top, this sexy mare seems to have great strength... which allows her to apply great pressure with ease to his hand, "I think Courageous already knows how wrestling works; Have you forgotten already that we taught him and the girls here a couple moves ourselves?~"

"I didn't forget...!" Edited Edition retorts in a gentle manner...all while grunting at how his marefriend and tag partner continues to squeeze his hand...crushing it a bit. "...I just didn't remember the other day on account I got hit in the head hard yesterday evening during my wrestling match. Now...please...let go. I give!!"

Downpour giggles to the recalling of said event, and smiles at her coltfriend's surrender...releasing his hand, "I remember that, sweetie. I was there...after all~"

Edited nods in agreement and rubs his hand with his undamanged one, "Damn! You are one strong mare...."

"Thank you, sweetie~" Downpour replies, pressing her red lips to his cheek...giving her beloved stallion a passionate peck. "I have to be if I plan to make it to the top in today's match~"

"I remember that match too!" The green-coated zebra standing just in front of Downpour speaks up, "It was such a great fight...until he got kicked in the nuts hard!!" She giggles and grins, "That always seems to work a lot when mares fight stallions. Maybe I should try using that move when I become a wrestler~"

"Perhaps you should, Rocki~" Downpour replies, supporting perhaps the toughest member of the five little ponies, "I kick below the belt most of the time too...hence why my ring name is "Downstrike". Maybe I can teach you a few moves that will help bring a stallion to his knees."

"Yeah...like Edited when he lost to that mare the other day?~"

"Hey...!" The annoyed stallion complains, feeling his sandy colored cheeks turning a shade of red, "I didn't know that mare would fight dirty...."

The only response his marefriend gives to those poor choice of words is but a rolling of the pretty, yellow eyes. "That is a sad excuse. You wrestle with me almost everyday...and I fight dirty ALL the time!" She crosses her arms, turning to face her apparently idiotic coltfriend, "One would think all those sparing sessions and learning from my attacks would help prepare you for mares such as whom you lost to~" 


Rocki snickers to the hopeless reaction of the tall, muscular stallion, "I bet he loves getting his ass...or in this case his balls...kicked by mares~"

"Rocki!!" Downpour turns herself to face said mare the moment such language is heard from the mouth of the little fifteen-year old, "We do NOT use that kind of language, young mare...especially in front of your friends!!"

Hanging her head in shame for speaking the same way the wrestlers do on television, Rocki's eyes only stare down upon the concrete while her chocolate colored mane hangs down in front of her face, "I'm sorry...." Rocki apologizes, realizing that she had been watching too much wrestling...and speaking like them may not have been the best move, "I didn't mean to...."

All while feeling the need to be strict to one of the five young teenagers she has been given privilege to watch over, Downpour also feels the need to resist taking away this one special day she and Edited have planned for them over something like this. With a small sigh, the caring foalsitter moves her right hand onto the head of the little zebra and rubs her mane, "Look...I will let it slide this one time...if you promise to NEVER swear like that again. At least not until you become a wrestler like Edited and myself. Okay?"

"O...Okay...." Rocki replies, noding her head to show she will be good on her promise and never talk trash again.

"That's my little wrestler~" Downpour approves and praises the little zebra, and the attitude that mirrors her own when she was at the same age.

"Look!!" Gunpowder, the only one of the five teeangers who seems to be paying attention to the crosswalk, "The light says we can walk now...!"

 Turning her head to glance upon the other side...Downpour notices how the little orange pegasai is correct: The crosswalk light has changed from "Don't Trot" to "Trot". She smiles and turns her sights on down to ther left and right sides...where two little brown ponies stand by her side: Iris and Despair, "Hold on to my hand, you two. We are crossing now~"

"Y-Yes...Downpour," The darker brown pegasai replies; Such a timid nature displayed makes it that much more difficult for her to gaze up at the adult mare, even as kind as she. The clasping of her hand onto the red hand of her foalsitter indicates she wishes not to let go...for now.

"Sure am!" Iris, the lighter brown unicorn replies with a smile, "Also...do I have to hold your hand like this? I am not a filly anymore...." She complains with a small pout.

"Just until we are across the street~" Downpour responds in the usual sweet tone she uses in the presence of the five young teenagers she loves as if they were her own siblings, "Besides, you ran off that one time when you saw something in a store display window...and I almost lost you. Not having a repeat of that, sweetie."

"Awwww...." Iris pouts, showing the very expression of frustration upon her face. "It was one time...."

Downpour gives the pounting little unicorn a reassuring smile and takes a step forward...walking down off the sidwalk and into the main street towards the other side where the Blazer City Stadium lies. The other young ponies plus Edited follow close behind...until the grinning orange pegasus moves a little faster towards the end.

"Race ya'll!!~" Gunpowder calls back to anypony wishing to race her.

"You're on, Gun!!" Rocki accepts the challenge and changes her speed from that of walking to running, using the hooves and leg strength that her long line of ancestors have used to run the plains of ancient Equestria.

"Same here!!" Courageous Heart joins in, dashing forward passed Downpour and the others...trying to keep up with the two mares who already have a great headstart.

"Hey! Dont go running off, you three!!" Edited shouts to the the one pegasai, zebra, and non-magical alicorn...but already figuring they have already ignored the words yelled forth at them. "Ugh...kids."


"I win!!~" The little orange mare chants in absolute victory the moment her left hoof makes contact with the sidewalk...being the first one to arrive it to the other side before the others even come close, "I, Gunpowder, win again thanks to my awesome speed!~" The prideful tomboy  grins and poses...flexing her muscles just a bit.

Rocki catches up and leans forward to place her hands upon her knees...desperate to catch her breath, "I...will never...know...why...you are...so fast...Gun...powder."

"Y-Y-Yeah...." Courageous concurs, panting so hard it feels though he has completed a long line of laps around his high school track, "...but...I guess that is why...you are...one of the best...athletes in school."

"You got that right, handsome!~" Gunpowder winks at him...flirting a little with the young stallion, "Just you wait and see: I am going to become the fastest wrestler ever! Nopony will ever keep up with me!~"

Both Rocki and Courageous find Gunpowder's bragging to be quite annoying, but let off a sigh once they regain their breath...realizing that they have a long way to go before they can match the agility of this young speed-demon.

"Okay, Okay...." Downpour says to the three teenagers upon arriving onto the sidewalk with Despair, Iris, and Edited Edition, "Gunpowder wins the race. But now, lets get ourselves on inside~"

"YEAH!!!" Gunpowder, Rocki, and Courageous cheer upon hearing those words they have been dying to hear all month long. The moment they turn around to see the great indoor colosseum in all its glory, their spirits fall into disappointment when their eyes gaze upon the long line at the front; Many ponies citizens of Blazer City and beyond seem to be standing and waiting to be let inside...where the match of the year awaits to be seen.

"Oh no...." Despair fusses upon what her innocent eyes behold, "Do we have to wait in line with them...?"

"Awwww...this is gonna su-" Rocki pouts, right before stopping herself from using language that might get her into trouble again, "-gonna stink!"

Gunpowder stomps her hoof and crosses her arms in frustration, "We came all this way...to have to wait in line?!!"

Noticing how upset his three friends are, Courageous Heart tries to calm them down with some of his own comforting words...at least the first thing that comes to his mind, "Well...at least the line is moving...a little." He points to how the great many ponies are walking towards the entrance...in a very slow pace.

"Not helping, Courageous...." Iris retorts with a rolling of her eyes. 


"Alright, calm down all of you...!" Downpour speaks up when she has appearently heard enough complaining, "Yes, it does get crowded at the staduim when there is a wrestling match going on...and only official wrestlers can get inside via the VIP Entrance on the other side~"

"REALLY?!!!" All five teenagers shout in utter shock and surprise; The very mention of an easier way into the greatest fighting arena ever already excites them all the more.

"That's right, kids!" Edited Edition steps up to continue where his marefriend leaves off, "While visitors and any other pony have to go through the main entrance, we wrestlers ALWAYS get to enter through one of the two side entrances and watch from the VIP Box...and Downpour and I just happen to be wrestlers~"

"So...you mean?" Courageous asks the obvious question, hoping for the answer that will answer all their hopes.

"YES!!~" Downpour says with a smile most assuring for the five little teenagers, "While everypony else has to watch the match from the many seatings with all the loud noises and such, we wrestlers get to sit up in the VIP Boxes and watch from there...with good food and more comfortable seating to keep us comfortable and entertained as we watch the fights that take place."

Already the five teenagers cannot bring their mouths to put together the correct form of words to describe just how lucky they are: Even though they are aware of their own beloved foalsitter and her coltfriend being proud wrestlers of Equestria Rumble, they never imagined they would not only be taken to see this years Championship Match...but get to watch it all in a VIP Box. Realizing just how fortunate they are, all five rush up to Edited and Downpour...embracing them.

"You guys are the best foalsitters EVER!!" Courageous, Rocki, Gunpowder, Iris, and Despair cling to the two twenty-year old ponies...thanking them with a warm, tight hug.

"Awwww...." Downpour leans down just a little to hug the little ponies in return, "You five have been the best yearlings I have ever had the privilege of looking after for your parents. I love you all so much...."

"So do we!~"

Edited gives the one zebra and alicorn a pat on the back with a smile, "Yeah! We may not be your foalsitters forever...but we still hope to be friends for as long as can be."

"Well said, sweetie," Downy says to her handsome stallion, "Now...shall we get ourselves on inside and prepare for the greatest Equestria Rumble wrestling match EVER?!!"

"YEAH!!!" Everypony cheers without a second thought...and follow Downpour and Edited Edition, who are both wrestlers and foalsitters, just around the corner of the stadium to where the VIP Entrance awaits.

A pair of double doors rest on the other side of the black-brick building of Blazer City Stadium; Bushes of green planted along the walls, decorating the outside with such beauty and peace where the inside is all about pain and rage. Despite how incredible and powerful the outside may look, this one of two side entrances remains guarded by two muscular stallions...dressed in the same color as the stadium to match it's strength as well as their own.

"Sorry...no entry allowed!" The blue stallion guard on the left snaps upon holding up his hand.

"The entrance is around the corner!" The white-coated stallion on the right retorts, pointing towards the direction the group of ponies came from.

 "But we-" Edited Edition tries to speak up, only for the feeling of a soft hand of his beloved mare touching his own.

"Honey...let me handle this~" Downpour whispers to her sexy stallion, kissing his cheek upon finishing, and leaves him with the kids...waltzing on up to to the guards...and all while shaking her hips as she goes; Such a sexy way of walking is in the hopes to have a certain sandy-coated stallion behind her watch with great interest.

"Did you not hear us, sweetheart?!" The blue stallion snaps at Downpour once she is standing before him, "Only wrestlers are allowed to enter! Leave now, or we will get rough on you!!"

"Oh really?~" Downpour crosses her arms while teasing the two apparently stupid stallions, "Because I happen to be a wrestler myself: Downstrike."

The two guards look at each other and then back to the mare who stands only a few inches shorter from them, "Look, we happen to be new here...even though we do know almost every wrestler here. If you really are the mare that will be taking on the champion today, prove it!"

"Yeah...and...you do look familiar," The other guard mentions, blushing at the sexy mare and the outfit she dawns. "Damn! Short shorts and a tank top that exposes her belly? I hope she is not with that loser stallion over there~"

"Well...if you are who you say you are...then show us some ID or proof you are the wrestler "Downstrike"~" 

"Proof? Okay, tough guy...you shall have your proof~" Downpour flirts with the one white stallion guard, walking up to him to run a finger across his chest.

"Oh hell ya!!!" The guard thinks to himself and blushes, "This is gonna be so damn hot!!"

Taking a few steps back, the red pegasai mare grins and flips backwards a little with her arms and hands behind her. Within a second of time, Downpour lands upon her hands to allow herself to remain balanced...and kicks her legs upwards. Each hoof aims for the target in between the legs of both guards...striking their "two little friends" with such untapped strength.

The pain reaches the two stallions within seconds...and their eyes become wide while their voices feel so high pitched upon the pain that brings them both to whimper like little fillies. With their hands now moving to clutch their lower areas, their legs loose ballance and they fall onto their sides...unable to overcome the agonizing pain; Despite having such muscular bodies, their private area is perhaps their one weakness...and the allowance of an attractive mare to have caught them off guard down brings a great deal of shame and pain to their pride...and nuts.

"So...you boys need more proof?~" Downpour teases with a wicked smile upon her face, rising back up onto her hooves and smiling down in pride at the two stallions easily brought down by her world-class ballbusting.

The two guards' only answer is a shake their heads; The pain is too great and has made them unable to speak for the moment...plus they dare not risk getting kicked again by the mare they now know it to be Downstrike: A mare who is known for her powerful ballbusting techniques.

"Good~" She says and giggles, blowing them both a kiss and turning around towards where her coltfriend and the five teeangers are standing. She motions her hand to let them know they can enter.

From what they just witnessed their foalsitter do to those unfortunate guards, Courageous and the four mares are shocked but at the same time impressed to how Downpour was able to bring them down with just one blow each. As for the tactic used, only three of them approve while the rest do not:

"Wow!!" Rocki admits, "That was awesome!! I am definitely gonna make that my signature move when I become a wrestler!!" She then winks at the brown stallion beside her, grinning wickedly.

Courageous shrugs and gulps a little to the hint given, "Well...if so, I guess I am gonna have to protect my nuts from you."

"Probably, hot stuff!~" Gunpowder flirts with the stallion she finds cuter than any she has known...which is not many, "While I prefer speed, ballbusting might come in handy at times."

"Not me!" Iris claims with such firmness, "I prefer fighting fair...and not have to resort to that!"

"S-S-Same h-h-here...!" Despair mutters, finding such dirtiness to be below her idea of wrestling.

Edited Edition walks past the five young ponies and wraps his arm around the body of his beloved mare and whispers, "Damn, I love you!"

Downpour blushes at how her muscular stallion embraces her from behind and compliments her ways of taking care of the "trash". A delightful giggle escape her throat for him to hear, "I love you too, sweetie. Maybe later tonight when we are alone...we can have ourselves a little fun on the mat...and in bed~"

Edited blushes with such red covering his face, followed with a bulging in his pants. He cannot find the right words to describe such a hot and sensual activity his naughty mare has mentioned...and tries to hide his excitment so the kids dont see it.

Downpour notice it and blushes...and turns her head around to look upon the the kids behind her, "Come on, my little ponies! You've got a championship tournament to watch me win!!~"

"YAAAAY!!!" Courageous, Gunpowder, Despair, Rocki, and Iris all cheer together and rush on through the double doors and into the Blazer City Stadium...which the greatest day of their lives await. Downpour and Edited follow behind the five teeangers, making sure they don't get too far ahead of them.

"Wow...did you see that, Chloe?!" Whispers the shocked teenage earth pony hiding in the bushes near the side entrance, "That was...Downstrike! She just just ballbusted those guards down onto the ground like that...in one blow! She is even more incredible...than I ever thought her to be!!!"

"Yeah!!" The teenage pegasai named Chloe agrees with the other earth pony beside her, "Damn...maybe we should try something like that the next time we wrestle somepony in the Underground Wrestling Ring, Painty!"

"I guess we could...but with the guards down and out...sort of...perhaps now is our chance to sneak in and see Downstrike fight?" The light pink pony reminds her best friend, pointing upon the guards still laying down and clutching their private areas.

The mare of blond hiding beside her best friend nods her head and grins, "We should sneak in now while we have the chance! We barely made it in the last time without getting caught, and this can be our only chance!" Chloe, pulling her beany down upon her blue and pink streak mane tighter, nods and smirks, "Lets go then...and if they try to stop us, we can claw their eyes out!~" She flexes her hands, showing off her sharp and manicured nails.

Painty nods in agreement...still feeling a little nervous "Yeah...I guess."

The two street mares sneak through the bushes carefully along the wall and then past the two guards laying on the ground, facing away from them. Successful, the two ponies named Painty and Chloe manage to sneak their way into the VIP entrance and into the stadium...and hope they can make it to the center of it all where the match of the year will be taking place.


After walking inside the VIP entrance, the excited group of eager wrestling fans and wrestlers alike arrive into a hallway where dozens upon dozens of pictures rest upon the walls in such perfect formation...as if they are meant to be seen with honor to the faces within said portraits.

"Wow...." Courageous Heart admits to what his eyes of blue gaze upon the hallway they walk down at a slow pace, "Are these...other wrestlers from...before?"

"They sure are, Courageous!" Edited answers upon glancing at the dozens of pictures lined perfectly across both sides of the walls, "This here is the Hallway of Heroes...where those who have been recognized as some of the greatest wrestlers of all time reside. Each and every wrestler that walks through here will always remember those who have gone the distance and won it all!"

"R-Really...?" Despair asks with such fasination to those that have earned the right to have their pictures placed upon the wall, "So...what are they famous for...exactly?"

Downpour smiles with pride whiling holding the hand of the timid, yet inspired, little pegasai...and answers, "Well...most of these ponies here have done more than what other wrestlers have accomplished...."

"And what might that be?" Rocki questions.

"Well...all that you see here are wrestlers who have earned at least one or more title matches in the championship tournaments held each year." Downpour explains to the five young ponies while walking at a slower pace in order to talk and explain everything, "It is one honor to participate, make it far, and come close to the Double-Alicorn Belt...but only those who have managed to earn that belt will earn the right to have their pictures mounted here."

"That is correct, sweetheart," Edited Edition butts in with respect for the intelligent and cunning mare he loves more than anything else in all of Equestria today, "You see, kids...winning the title is a BIG challenge for anypony who compete in the ring: Some may come close and some may not...but those who make it all that way earn their own individual portrait upon this wall...in the proper section."

Iris tilts her head, feeling a slight confusing question in aching at the tip of her tongue that tastes of something she wishes not to swallow...but spit out, "So...what are the proper sections?"

Realizing the best way to answer that is to come to a halt, Downpour stops dead in her tracks and turns herself around...pointing her finger over at the start of the hallway to their left, "Well...the first wall on the left we passed holds all those who won the Championship at least once; The ones across on the opposite sides are those who won it at least twice...either in a row or years later; The next one are those with three years cross across on the other side...with the four years upon the next across-

"And these here, I take it, are the five year winners?" Gunpowder points out at the wall that stands upon the end of the Hallway of Heroes before entering the interection of the corridor; Whichever way they lead beyond this hall that honors the many generations of wrestlers since the beginning is beyond her.

"Indeed they are, sweetie." 

"And...these three?" Courageous asks upon coming across the three larger portraits of three different wrestlers: A griffion, an earth mare, and a minotaur.

"Oh those...?" Edited mentions when he notices what the young alicorn is talking about, "Those happen to be the three most-famous wrestlers who have been known to win the title and belt five years in a row!"

"Five Years in a Row?!!" The five teenagers blurt out in utter shock and surprise at such an accomplishment.

Downpour can only chuckle to the reaction of those little ponies...and moves on up to the wall to explain things to them, "Indeed! No wrestler here has ever won the title five years in a row...except these three: Griff Van Dar was the first. Some time during the first one-hundred years of Equestria Rumble, this prideful and powerful griffin won five straight years thanks to his superior agility."

"Sounds like my kind of style for wrestling~" Gunpowder mentions, giggling in admiration of such a similar trait used to win at wrestling.

"Possibly~" Gunpowder giggles yet again before resuming, "According to Equestra Rumble History, Griff would have won his sixth year, since there was hardly any challenge, but unfortunetaly his pride caused him to injure his leg outside the ring...and he had to forfeit. Lesson in that one is you should never let pride get the better of you...or it will lead to your downfall."

The five teenagers listen well to this lesson...and find it hard to believe that the legendary wrestler Griff Van Dar lost his chance at a sixth-year win over pride. But in their minds, they hope they don't follow the same fate when they become wrestlers.

"The next one is, as any mare in all of Equestria would know, is the Masked Mare!" Edited points to the picture below Griff's portrait...showing perhaps the greatest legendary wrestler in all of Blazer City...and one of the most cherished in all of Equestria.

Downpour holds her coltfriend's hand and blushes, "That is correct, sweetie. She is perhaps the inspiration of all mare wrestlers...since she won the championship match about some time less than one-hundred years ago...and earned the right for all mares to participate in this sport. Since then, she held the title for five-straight years...but lost to another mare on the sixth; Not sure if she truly lost or purposely did it to allow the next mare the title, but either way she lost that day and disappeared...leaving behind such inspiration that we mares today carry in our hearts as we compete in the ring."

"Wow...." Gunpowder, Rocki, Despair, and Iris all admit in awe: Although they have heard the stories of the Masked Mare and her legend, never have they seen her picture like this and the story behind her victories in the ring.

"Yeah...but...if you think the next guy, Senior "Might" Tauro, is somepony greater...you are wrong!" Edited mentions with the sound and taste of disgust in his mouth, "He is by far...the worst! He is a brutal, selfish, sextist, and self-centered bas-" He halts his language and changes it to the next best word...for the kids' sake, "...jerk!"

"Wow...." The four teenage mares mutter in shock and disgust too. 

"...and he is also the current reigning champion whom Downpour will be facing tonight." Edited concludes, rubbing his arm...which indicates he once had an injury there. "I just hope she gives him what he deserves...for all of us who were hurt hard by that...freaking monster!!"

Downpour comes closer to the side of her stallion and rubs his arm, "Don't worry, my love. I will give Tauro plenty of payback for us all...so long as you and the kids are up there in the VIP Box cherring me on."

"I agree...." Edited smiles to his marefriend, feeling such inner pain fading away. "Come on, kids! Let's get ourselves up there and watch what may be perhaps the best wrestling match we may ever see in our lives!!"

"YAY!!!" The five little ponies cry out in such a cheerful mood, anxious to see what else may lie ahead.

"Follow Edited, kids~" Downpour instructs the young and eager wrestling fans. "I need to go change into my attire and get ready for what may be the greatest match of my life. I will be sure to wave to you all once I get into the ring...so be good and obey Edited~" 

 "Yes, Downpour~" The five yearlings of fifteen reply with a smile.

 Satisfied, the top-ranking contender departs down the right hallway towards the mare locker room...leaving Edited to guide the teenage ponies out of the Hallway of Heroes and down the front passageway straight ahead. Only a set of stairs before them just a little ways up...and the one place they all plan to watch the Championship Title Match above the crowd of everypony else attending.

"Are they gone...?" Painty whispers to her best friend, hoping that it is safe to move away and sneak about.

Peaking from behind a table up against the wall not far from the VIP entrance, Chloe notices the group of teenagers and two adult ponies walking away...giving them the perfect chance to walk out and enter the Hallway of Heroes, "Yeah...they are gone. I guess we can move on now."

"Okay...." Painty whispers in a hushed tone.

"Good. You ready for the next part: Sneaking around in here to find the best seats to watch the match?" 

Painty gazes upon the many great wrestling heroes to realize her best friend is talking to her.


"Huh...oh sorry," She whispers nervously while scratching the back of her head, "Not sure where we go now. Never been down this way before...so...I am guessing either follow those ponies, or take our chances left or right?"

Chloe sighs and walks with haste down the hallway, only taking quick glances at the famous wrestlers before coming to a halt at the intersection with the three possible choices. "Well...looks like we have three choices: Straight for the VIP Boxes, Left towards the Stallion's Locker Room, or Right for the Mare's Locker Room where Downpour went?"

Both mares look at each other and already know what answer to go with. "Right...!" Painty and Chloe reply in unison, giggling a little to how they think alike in more ways than this.

Once their little moment of giggling comes to an end, the two teenage tomboys move with caution down the right hallway towards the mare's locker room and anything else that may lie in wait. Wherever they may end up, hopefully it will be a secret spot to watch the wrestling match and see who will win it all this year.


Walking up the flight of circular stairs to the top, Edited continues escort the young teenagers into what is best known as the "Best Seats in the Stadium." Walking in a western direction as the ponies ascend further up the spiraling staircase, the top seems so close...yet still so far.

"Why couldn't we have taken the elevator...?" Iris complains outloud to her friends.

Edited shakes his head and scoffs, coming to a halt and turning himself around to face the complaining little mare, "What...? I thought you wanted to be a wrestler?"

"What? What does that-"

"Last time I checked, wrestlers don't complain about how far they have to walk, climb, or lift heavy weights." Edited Edition informs the little unicorn with a very understandable point, "How ever do you expect to overcome any and all opponents, if you cannot even overcome a spiral staircase?"

Iris's cheeks puff up, displying her pounting attitude returning...followed with a sigh, "Fine...point taken. Sheesh...."

"Good," Edited grins and turns himself back around to continue upward, "Besides, the elevator on this side has been out of order for some time...so if you want to take the easy way up, you can walk ALL the way around the stadium to the other side, take the working elevator there, and then walk around the upper walkway all the way to the VIP box here."

Iris and the rest just shake their heads as a response.

Chuckling while continuing on up, the top appears in sight and finally reached, "We are here."

Once the five teenagers and Edited arrive at the very top of it all, the little ponies all gasp to how high they are; With the audience and the wrestling ring all around below them, they rush up to the railing of the upper-walkway and gaze below upon the hundreds if not thousands who have come to watch this event live.

"WOW!!!!" Rocki exclaims with such awe, "THIS IS...AWESOME!!!"

"It...It sure is...!" Despair admits, finding not only Rocki a little loud when screaming, but that of the many below her that make it hard to hear herself talk.

Courageous looks out into the distance, watching each and every pony sitting down in their seats...or standing up in their seats; Some are even holding up signs...which is a common thing for the more excited fans cheering for their favorite wrestler, "We are so high up! It is incredible!!"

"I agree, Courageous!!" Iris smiles, only to blush as she stands close beside the young stallion she likes very much.

"Move aside! I wanna see!~" Gunpowder pushes her way in between Iris and Courageous...hoping to stand next to the cute stallion beside her. Her grin indicates how she does this on purpose.

"HEY!!!" Iris snaps, "I was beside Courageous! Wait your turn!!"

"You had your turn, shrimp!" Gunpowder snaps back at the mare a few inches shorter than her.

"Excuse me?!!"

Courageous gulps and blushes a little, sensing another catfight coming up; All while these four tomboy mares are his best friends, the understanding of something beyond friendship exists in them all...as he can see and sense with his eyes and heart. However, what might seem as an argument may turn into a fight soon.

 "Okay, knock it off!" The stallion-in-charge demands. "I know I may not be Downpour, but I know she would not want to see you all fighting like this...so knock it off before I take you all back downstairs and make you sit in the break room throughout the entire match!"

The one orange pegasai and the other sandy-brown unicorn face their foalsitter and hang their heads in shame. "We're sorry...." They both apologize at the same time...wishing not to be forced away from this moment they are so close to witnessing.

"Very good," Edited says and crosses his arms, approving of their apology when their words reach his ears...sounding that of sencerity. "Now let us get going! Right down that way lies the VIP Box we will be watching the entire match from."

The four teenage mares follow...with the relieved teenage stallion following close behind, happy that fight came to an end before it would have become worst. 


"Hey, everypony!!" Edited calls out to all the wrestlers and few young ponies within the VIP Lounge...once he and the group walk in through the double doors, "Edited "Upgrade" Edition...and company...have arrived!!~"

The moment this surprise greeting reaches the ears of each and every pony, young and middle-aged, within the VIP Lounge...the dozens of eyes turn away from where they were previously fixed on to glance at those who are now entering. At first...the expressions upon everyponys' faces seem to be surprised by the sudden interuption...but soon change into that warm smiles that display how welcome Edited and the five young ponies are.

"Welcome, you guys! So glad you all could make it!" A griffin wrestle of the male gender greets his fellow wrestlers, shaking the welcoming hand with his talons.

"Yeah, glad you could show up!" A zebra wrestler says as she smiles to her friend and rival, only to release a joyful gasp to the cute little ponies standing behind them both, "Awwwww...who are these cute little ponies?~"

"These here are the five young ponies Downy and I foalsit quite some time; A few years since before we became wrestlers." Edited Edition explains to his friends and rivals...then introduces each one of them from left to right, "This here is Iris...Rocki...Despair...Gunpowder...and Courageous Heart. Each one of them is not only a fan of Equestria Rumble...but are aiming to become wrestlers someday, just like us."

"Really?!~" The cheerful zebra questions with a smile before turning her attention from Edited to the teenagers before her, "Well, we hope all five of you will strive to be the best you can be...and I myself, hope you enjoy the Championship Match today. Should be so exciting!~"

"Thank you!" All five reply, returning the smiles given to them by the taller and more muscular wrestlers with their own.

Courageous, Rocki, Gunpowder, Despair, and Iris are soon guided through the VIP Lounge towards the couches that rest near the wide windows that have a grand view of the entire inside wrestling stadium. But all while they traverse passed the around a dozen or so wrestlers...who are currently partaking in fine food and conversation...the teenage ponies admire how beautiful and awesome this room is:

Pictures of what appears to be famous wrestling moments from the past hang up upon the walls in some areas; Potted plants and some flowers rest upon the ground or the tables...probably to give a more feminine display for the female wrestlers; Two large buffet tables that are loaded with food that they cannot quite see as they pass by it...but the scent smells heavenly. But the one thing that catches the teenagers' attention are the voices of the announcers heard over the speakers that reside up upon the ceiling; From what they hear thus far, it sounds as if the match is close to start.

"Alright then. Just head on down these steps and you five will have the best seats in the entire stadium." Edited informs with a smile.

Once the five teeangers walks on down the two steps to the lower part of the VIP box, they now see a pair of blue couches...that face the windows and the great view of the ring and the audience all around it.

"Wow...." Courageous and the four mares all mutter in awe. Never in all of their lives have they been to a wrestling match live...and never like this; To have the best view in all of the stadium, with great food and friends, makes this all the greater.

"Okay, you five. Make yourselves comfortable while I head on down to meet up with Downy. Since she will need me there to cheer her on, I will leave Mrs. Rainy Skies in charge of you...but mind her and behave, okay?." Edited Edition informs, hoping that the orders given will be obeyed.

 "Yes, Edited." The five little teenage ponies of various species all answer.

 "Good. See you all later." Brushing back his short mane of bright green, the earth stallion wrestler makes his way back towards the door leading back out from wence they all arrived from...anxious to see his marefriend out onto the ring for the biggest fight of her young life.


"This is already so exciting!!" Courageous admits to his four tomboyish friends, "This is gonna be the best day of our lives! I may have said that before...but this time I mean it for sure!!"

"YEAH!!!" Gunpowder, Rocki, Iris, and Despair all admit to their one stallion friend...expressing the utter joy in this wrestling match they are here to witness and cheer on.

"Um...Courageous? Is...that you?" A timid voice is heard from over on the other couch: A sky-blue unicorn teenager appears to be sitting there, only to rise up and turn to the brown stallion her eyes are fixed upon.

"Misty? Misty Skies...?" Courageous replies, surprised to see another of his best friends here, "By Celestia, it is so good to see you!"

"S-Same...here." She studders, feeling her cheeks turning red as she eyes the one young stallion she cannot help but blush around.

Some of the girls smile to the best friend they know from school...but inside they glare at the one who may be yet another potential rival in their quest to make Courageous Heart their own coltfriend...and theirs alone. Wishing not to seem rude, they swallow their defensive natures and smile, "Hiya Misty~" They all greet together.

Misty, at first felt a shiver go up her back when the four mares greet her, but then smiles back and returns the warm welcome, "Hiya Gunpowder, Rocki, Iris, and Despair!~"

Courageous continues to smile at this kind, yet timid friend from school and tries to keep the conversation going, "So...here to watch the final match of the championship, I take it?"

 Unable to hold back her giggling, the lovely little unicorn of bright blue twidles her fingers a little, trying not to stare at Courageous as they talk, "Well or course, silly. My mother, Madame Massage, has access to here after all." She explains and turns to the back, pointing over at the dark blue mare by the buffet, "She is over there talking with her old tag team partner Wild Dream."

"Cool!" Courageous replies, "Well, you are free to join us here on this couch...if you want to watch the wrestling match with your friends."

A light gasp escapes Misty's lips when a kind offer is given to her: The chance to sit with Courageous...and the rest of the girls too. "I...I...well, I would...love to."

Rocki, unable to allow this, shakes her head, "Actually, while you are welcome to sit with us, I am planning to sit next to Courageous."

"Who said you were?!" Iris snaps, "I already called to sit next to him before we even got here!"

"Um...actually...you didn't, Iris," Despair corrects, a little nervous to be muttering such, "I was...actually hoping...to be the one who can-"

"Nuh-uh! I am the leader here...so I get to choose who gets to sit with him!" Gunpowder states, "It will be me and-"

"Actually...." A familiar voice from behind the couch suddeny speaks up...revealing to be none other than Rainy Skies: Misty's mother, "As of now, I am in charge, and I say none of you four will be sitting next to Courageous if you are gonna argue like this."

The four mares cannot believe what they are hearing and while inside the urge to refuse such an order is present...the courage to do so will only land them on the lower floor in a room without any way of watching the wrestling match. In the end, the four obey the dark blue pony who is far older than Downpour and Edited...and a true parent.

"You four will sit next to me, while Courageous will sit next to Misty...who may sit next to him." Rainy states while she decends down to the couch with a few trays of food, "Do I make myself clear...young mares?" She raises an eyebrow and awaits their answers...which better be the ones she expects to hear.

Realizing that they cannot defy the sweet, yet strict mother and wrestler, the four teenage mares nod their heads as the spa earth mare and, "Yes, Mrs. Skies...."

"Good~" She smiles and accepts their obedience, "Now...lets enjoy ourselves for now...because I know for a fact the match is about ready to start~"

All of a sudden, the sound of the bell is heard down below in the center of the stadium; Such a signal means one thing and one thing only: The beginning of the final match of the year has come at last.

"Ladies and Gentlecolts!! Welcome...to the mane event!!!" The announcer in the center of the ring says into his microphone to all the roaring and applauding wrestling fans.

"Oh wow!! Its starting!!!" Courageous Heart informs the obvious upon the sounds of the bell and roaring crowd reaching his ears.

"Indeed~" Rainy Skies concurs to the teenagers sitting to her left and right, "This here...will be a wrestling match...you will remember for the rest of your lives!!"

Moving to the edges of where each of them sit, Courageous Heart...along with Misty Skies, Gunpowder, Iris, Despair, and Rocki all gaze out the window and below to where the wresting ring resides...awaiting the big moment when the wrestler they all have come to cheer on, Downstrike, will make her big entrance and take on the current reigning champion for a chance at the title.



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